The 10 Best 40 Inch TVs of 2024

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Best 4K 43-Inch TV
Best Smart 43-Inch TV
Best Affordable 40-Inch TV

TVs with a size of 40 inches are considered relatively entry-level these days. Many people would regard a 40-inch panel as just the right size for the bedroom or the kitchen. It’s kind of the optimal ‘second TV’ size. There’s also the possibility that a larger TV would simply take too much space for your home. If you’re in the market for a 40-inch TV or for models close to this size, there are a few things to be aware of. You might also be interested in our articles about the best 70-75 inch TV and the best digital tv converters.

1. Resolution

Even though many claim that there’s barely any noticeable difference between Full HD and Ultra HD resolutions at a screen smaller than 55 inches, this is simply not true. After some careful observation, you can really see a difference and this will affect your overall enjoyment in the long run. If you’re serious about image quality, getting a 4K model is a must.

2. Smart or not

As Netflix and YouTube constantly rise in popularity, it’s no wonder that many TV manufacturers go the extra mile to include an operating system and turn dumb TVs in smarter ones. If your TV is not smart and you plan on streaming those services, you will have to get a separate device such as a Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV. Therefore, getting a smart TV is worth the extra investment and to make sure that you’re getting a stable operating system in time, it’s recommended to get a well-maintained one like Samsung’s Tizen or Roku TV.

3. Connectivity

When it comes to connectivity many people don’t pay attention but this could prove important down the road. It could be frustrating to realize that your shiny new TV has only one HDMI port. Having more of these ports, including RCA connectors and optical audio out options, can help to connect more devices and make for a more enjoyable experience overall. It’s not fun when you have to keep switching cables around every time the input needs to be changed.

These are the basic yet essential characteristics needed to make a solid 40-inch TV. It does depend on your particular budget if you can fit the best features in. Some people will also not have very high demands and would be more satisfied with a more budget-friendly unit. For them and everyone else, the following list has been created to assist them. Only the best options, those TVs that are truly worth the money have been selected to help you decide. Let’s take a look at them.

Best 4K 43-Inch TV

1. Samsung 7 Series Flat 4K 43-Inch TV

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Combining a 4K processor with powerful HDR and PurColor technology, the Samsung 7 Series 43-Inch TV delivers a brilliant image quality. This is a flat model packed with Smart features such as Alexa voice compatibility, OneRemote functionality, and a universal guide for all your entertainment content. The TV seems promising in terms of value for the money. It makes use of an advanced 4K processor for efficient image upscaling.

You can enjoy a new level of clarity that’s simply not comparable to regular HDTV. With the help of millions of beautiful shades of color, it’s possible to experience a new dimension of vibrancy through lifelike pictures. Thanks to HDR, separate shades of color will be easier to distinguish. Besides the performant impression of the screen, the body of the TV stands out due to its elegant design and stylish thinness. The crisp look is accentuated by the great cable management solution.

Best Smart 43-Inch TV

2. Toshiba 4K 43-Inch TV

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Providing a comprehensive Fire TV experience, this 43-inch model from Toshiba shouldn’t be missed. The television delivers 4K UHD visual entertainment complete with Dolby Vision HDR. More than 8 million pixels work together to show off an impressive level of image clarity and depth of colors. When it comes to Smart functionality, this TV will impress you with many intuitive features to enjoy.

Controlling this TV is a breeze thanks to the Voice Remote that features the built-in voice assistant Alexa. It can be much more convenient to navigate through various functions using just your voice. This includes the process of discovering new shows or movies to watch. The Fire TV Edition comes with live over-the-air TV and puts all your favorite streaming apps at your disposal in one place. Other highlights of this model include the quad-core CPU, 3 HDMI inputs, and HDR-compatibility. Overall, this is a must-have 4K TV for the money.

3. Insignia Smart LED 4K 43-Inch TV

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Insignia’s Fire TV Edition 43-Inch TV brings many interesting qualities to consider if you’re ready to upgrade your television to 4K quality. The image quality of this model may not be as breathtaking as more expensive models but it’s very satisfying with deep contrast and vivid colors. Thanks to the Fire TV built-in functionality, you’ll have an easier time when it comes to finding quality content to enjoy.

The TV provides quick access to many streaming channels allowing you to keep your favorite subscriptions in one place. While other TVs only offer Alexa compatibility, this model features this voice assistant built-in for extra convenience. It makes it easier to control the TV as well as other smart home devices connected. With the help of a strong quad-core CPU and performant GPU, the TV is quick to respond and simple to use.

Best Affordable 40-Inch TV

4. TCL 3-Series 1080p 40-Inch TV

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If you’re searching for an inexpensive 40-Inch TV, the TCL 3-Series 1080p model should be among your top choices. While it won’t win any awards in terms of image quality, the TV offers a decent experience for a reasonable cost. It’s powered by the Roku TV interface that provides quick access to an incredible amount of content ready for watching. The TV is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

In terms of connectivity, the TV doesn’t disappoint as it features 3 HDMI 2.0 ports that come with HDCP functionality. Devices can be added to the TV via RF, Optical, and Composite ports as well. While the resolution is just full HD, the picture quality is quite solid thanks to the direct-lit LED technology. This is a simple but well-designed TV with plenty of Smart features to make it worth the investment. The included remote control is among the most user-friendly we’ve seen.

5. Sony X800G 4K 43-Inch TV

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Anyone searching for a high-quality 43-Inch TV shouldn’t miss the Sony X800G. As opposed to other 4K TVs in its class, this model packs some more advanced technologies for taking the image quality to a new level. It’s equipped with Dynamic Contrast Enhancer which makes both light and dark scenes come to life. The 4K X-Reality PRO processing chip ensures that picture quality is improved dynamically.

In terms of action scenes, this TV won’t disappoint. The unit comes with Motionflow XR, which is an innovative refresh rate technology to minimize blur and maintain superior clarity for moving objects. Besides the brilliant and vibrant image quality, this TV stands out in other regards as well. It has an ingenious cable management system for an elegant design and the Smart features include Alexa and Google Home compatibility.

6. TCL 4-Series 4K 43-Inch TV

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Delivering a stunning picture quality for the money, the 4-Series from TCL is geared towards users who want a reliable 4K TV without breaking the bank. There are multiple screen size options for this series, including a 43-Inch model. With the help of a smart and intuitive interface provided by Roku TV, this television can easily become the main entertainment center of the living room. It brings you quick access to the best streaming channels available while it’s also cable and antenna friendly.

In terms of image processing performance, this isn’t the most impressive TV on the market but the direct LED technology with HDR should satisfy most users’ demands. The TV has a total of three HDMI ports and many other connectors for other devices. Whereas other models focus on complex technologies for image quality that bring the cost up, this model seems perfect for those who just want an easy-to-use 4K TV with excellent Smart features.

7. Samsung Q60 Series 4K 43-Inch TV

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Samsung has many capable 4K TV models in the 40 to 43 inches range. Check out the Q60 Series that goes a step further in terms of image processing technologies. It relies on Quantum dots that can create a much more lifelike scene with brilliant details and vivid colors. The smart 4K processor will ensure that you always benefit from the best picture quality possible. Thanks to HDR10+, the contrast is significantly enhanced for maximum visual enjoyment.

One interesting feature of this TV is Ambient Mode. This ability makes the television an essential component of your living room’s décor. The screen can be customized to fit the surroundings and display various mesmerizing visuals when you don’t want to watch something in particular. When it comes to its Smart TV abilities, this model shows off a complete package to keep you in control of your entertainment. There’s OneRemote, Bixby voice command, and SmartThings pairing with other smart devices.

8. TCL 5-Series 4K 43-Inch TV

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Although more expensive compared to the 3-Series and the 4-Series, the TCL 5-Series could be worth the investment if you want a noticeable bump in image quality. This is another 4K 43-Inch TV that comes with some extra abilities to cover more entertainment ground. For example, it has the Auto Game Mode that will be appreciated by gamers. This feature keeps the input lag to a minimum to ensure smooth performance when playing games while adapting the colors for maximum immersion.

Thanks to the Dolby Vision HDR, the TV has a more striking brilliance in terms of image quality. Colors appear more lifelike due to TCL’s NBP Photon technology. The extra cost of this TV is worth it over the more affordable series not just because of the increase in picture quality. The TV itself is also more attractive thanks to the stylish FullView display that makes for a more sophisticated home theater look with minimal bezels.

9. Samsung LS03 Series 4K 43-Inch TV

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The Samsung LS03 Series of 4K 43-Inch TV can be considered unique due to its elegant frame design. This isn’t your regular 4K TV as it comes equipped with a customizable frame that will truly elevate the look of your living room. You can take your pick from different frame styles to suit your preferences. When the TV isn’t in use, you can turn the display in an impressive artwork using Art Mode.

When it comes to the performance of the TV, you can expect a vivid image quality with stunning details thanks to the integrated Quantum technologies. Besides HDR 4X and the 4K processor, the TV keeps the color volume 100% with the help of Quantum dots. Samsung made it so you can enjoy the captivating picture quality in a seamless manner due to the invisible connection and special wall-mount that leaves almost no gaps if it’s installed properly.

10. Hisense 43R7E 4K 43-Inch TV

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Affordable and user-friendly, the Hisense 43R7E is a simple 4K 43-Inch TV that represents a great upgrade for regular Full HD models. This television performs quite well when it comes to offering a satisfying image quality with deep colors and detailed contrast. The HDR10 makes all the necessary improvements for light and dark scenes. Motion Rate 120 keeps the action flowing in a smooth manner.

This TV comes with some solid audio abilities as well. It reproduces sound more accurately thanks to the DTS Studio Sound feature. There are many inputs available to allow users to connect various devices. You can enjoy cable, satellite, antenna, and streaming effortlessly. This Smart TV has a simplified interface powered by Roku TV that provides convenient access to free and paid content. The remote makes it a breeze to navigate the TV’s functions as it offers quick shortcuts to popular channels such as Netflix.