The 6 Best 4K Projectors of 2024

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Do you want the full cinema experience in the comfort of your home? There is no lack of options. Just spend a few minutes to search for 4K projectors and you will be loaded with products. But that may be a problem by itself, right? You might not know what to pick from the multitude of options available on the market. That is why I worked to bring you the best 4K projectors reviewed and easy to explore.

We spent hours, reviewing different projectors, after short-listing the best ones. It wasn’t an easy task. But finally, we found what we were looking for, the best 4K projector. You can read our reviews of these projectors below. We wrote articles about the best hdmi switch and best android tv box if you are interested.

Best Native 4K Projector

1. Sony Native 4K HDR 3D Home Theater Projector

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The Sony Native 4K Home Theatre Projector is ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy native 4K clarity in the comfort of their own home. It delivers a sharp and clear picture and you will praise the picture clarity and detail. This projector has a spectacular dynamic contrast range and 1500 lumens brightness.

The Reality Creation feature upgrades DVD and Blu-ray movies to 4K quality so you can enjoy fantastic HDR content with higher levels of brightness and a wide range of contrasts.


  • 3 Screen Size Ranges
  • Full Native 4K Resolution
  • 1500 Lumen Brightness
  • Professional cinema projector at home

It is one of the most incredible projectors that uses the SXRD technology for offering the true 4K resolution without any enhancements. Due to natural pixels, you will see the details clear without any visible corners. The images produced by this projector look clear with rich, deep blacks and bright highlights due to its 1500 lumen contrast and brightness.

It is HDR compatible so you can watch the latest content with a higher range of brightness levels and an incredibly wide contrast. Benefit from the latest technologies and enjoy a smooth and fluid action with the response rate which is better than most other products. The Motionflow technology allows you to watch movies with minimal annoyance even during the rapid movement portions.

The Triluminos technology reproduces a wider range of colors than a regular product. You will experience the difference with reproduced textures and tones as well as greater color realism and purity. It captures projected image at 60 frames per second in 4K due to its features thus you will see the images with superior color and realism.

You can enjoy this tremendous quality because of Sony’s HDCP 2.2 compatibility. Reality Creation is a technology from Sony that upgrades DVD, Blu-ray and even 3D movies to 4K. This projector contains a RF transmitter that you can pair with any 3D devices, so you don’t need an external gadget. Overall this is the 4k projector that I would recommend the most.

Best 4K Projector with Enhancement

2. Epson Home Cinema 3LCD Home Theater Projector with 4K Enhancement

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The Epson Home Cinema delivers a great scene experience with the fantastic colors that it produces. You can also watch HDR videos with deep blacks and a nice brightness level. It is ideal for all types of rooms because it delivers 2500 lumens of brightness. The lens delivers fantastic visuals while the dynamic contrast provides rich details in dark and bright scenes.


  • 4K Enhancement Technology (Not truly native 4K)
  • HDR Compatible
  • Expansive Color Gamut

Enjoy extraordinary color experience and 4K resolution

The Epson is made for people who want to enjoy an immersive experience of extraordinary colors. Thanks to the 4K Enhancement Technology, this projector is one of the top picks in the somewhat thin 4k projector market. As you can expect from any 4K projector, you will be able to watch videos with four times the pixels of Full HD resolution. The resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels while Full HD resolution only has 1920 x 1080 pixels that we watch every day.

More pixels ensure clear details with an extreme range of colors. High color brightness ensures a brilliant quality of images and videos so the brilliantly bright results deliver optimal visual entertainment. The Epson 5040UB projector has three times more brightness than a lot of the ordinary projectors available in the market. It has 2500 lumens of brightness so you can watch any movie with near-to-life quality.

The system of this projector has an optical engine that ensures a fast speed projection of 3D, HD and even Blu-ray contents with a high-quality resolution. You will be enjoying the same experience of the cinema in your room with this Epson. Definitely one of the best 4k projectors in our opinion.

3. Optoma 4K Ultra High Definition Home Theater Projector

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Optoma is one of the leading projector manufacturers in the present market. It offers a synthetic 4K Ultra HD resolution that enhances 1080 pixels for four times so you can enjoy a similarly native 4K experience. It delivers sharp and clear images at 3840 x 2160 pixels and it is perfect for HDR content so you can enjoy more movies filmed using this type of video enhancement as well.

Moreover, the wide color palette ensures rich and lifelike colors with deep blacks and bright whites. It allows easy installation with the vertical lens and it is ideal for home theater amateurs who want to get an ultimate viewing experience.


  • 3840 x 2160 Pixels Synthetic Resolution
  • 3000 Lumens Brightness
  • 1000000:1 Contrast

Enjoy true 4K UHD display

The True 4K UHD Resolution is one of the top features of this projector that offers a great number of pixels on the screen so you can watch movies or images with a much higher quality. It uses the HDR image improvement technology to display images with an extensive range of colors, luminous whites, and deep blacks.

It provides a bigger screen picture for an immersive viewing experience. For the optimum picture quality, you can sit 10 feet away from the screen whereas the TV allows you just 5 to 6 feet. It uses a DLP 1-chip system for easy installation and full coverage.

Extensive color depth with HDR

It is compatible with HDR, and this feature delivers brilliant whites, darker blacks, and extensive color depth so you can enjoy the same elevated viewing experience of cinemas in the comfort of your home.

It makes use of an UltraDetail Technology that does adjustments for the clear videos and their details. The vertical shift lens allows easy and flexible installation of the projector. More pixels mean a fantastic experience with high picture quality. All of these features make it an ideal projector for home and office.

Best 4K Projector from BenQ

4. BenQ 4K UHD Home Cinema Projector

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This BenQ is a great home cinema system for anyone looking to buy a THX projector. It offers a scaled 4k resolution and delivers a razor-sharp picture so you can expect this projector to meet any professional grade needs. It is capable of displaying 8.3 million pixels in its projections and it has an amazingly high contrast of 50,000:1. That means you will get a picture that your eyes will believe to be real.

The THX certification guarantees that this projector will never disappoint you. It is given to products that meet the highest quality and performance standards. Expect nothing less than professional results from this home cinema projector.


  • 4K UHD projection
  • High contrast (50,000:1)
  • THX certified for performance and quality

Feel special with world’s first DLP 4K UHD home projector

When you buy this projector from BenQ, you can be sure of one thing: the picture meets digital cinema quality. You won’t feel any difference in the quality and realness of the picture. This model is the first home cinema to bring native DLP 4K UHD quality picture to home users. When projecting movies, you will be able to see how the director wanted you to visualize his creation. It doesn’t get better than this.

BenQ has managed to produce a jaw-dropping contrast of 50.000:1. This means it will deliver a crisp picture with every detail glaring with clarity. You will truly immerse in the cinema experience at home with this projector and we definitely recommend it even with this price tag.

Loaded with features to enrich your viewing experience

Before everything, it delivers high-quality images. It comes loaded with so many features that you will forget other options that you have considered in this price range. You can also adjust the screen alignment which is something you don’t see in many other projectors. With this feature, you can move the lenses without ever moving the projector itself.

The projector also comes with a 1.5X zoom that makes it easier to expand the visual field to your desired level. Other features include support for the latest standards, HDMI support, expandable viewing angle, and THX certification.

5. JVC DLA-X550R D-ILA Projector

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The JVC DLA-X550R projector is a fantastic product. It delivers crisp and clear 4K picture. The projector supports data transmission at a speed of 18Gbps to deliver 4K pictures at a high frame-rate for an enjoyable viewing experience.

Even if you decide to play a 1080p source with this projector, you will get a picture that would match 4K quality. The projector up-converts 1080p HD resources to 4K quality for a smoother and brilliant visual treat. There is no flickering and the image will be stable and clear. It’s due to the D-ILA components that align perfectly with each other to produce a stable image.

This projector can compete with most commercial cinema projectors. It has a contrast ratio of 40,000:1, which makes it one of the contenders for the best cinema experience at home.


  • Enhanced 4K video
  • Stable and flickering-free picture with D-ILA devices
  • 40,000:1 contrast delivers brilliant picture

6. Sony Native 4K HDR 3D Home Theater Projector

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Sony’s Native 4K Projector offers the resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels so that you can watch lifelike scenes any time on demand. This high resolution will make you feel like watching the real objects live. You will enjoy the same thrill of cinema in the comfort of your home and it is ideal for both homes and offices because you can watch movies from a short distance. The scenes look clear from the corners even if you are sitting in a small room.

It offers a dynamic contrast of 35000:1 so that you can experience stunning realism in your videos. It has a strong video processor coupled with iris lens control that offers vibrant colors and deep blacks. The higher contrast ratio and superior brightness deliver fantastic accuracy and sharpness in all images.


  • 5 Screen Formats
  • Full 4K Resolution
  • 1800 Lumens White and Color Brightness

Enjoy the latest features you expect from a professional projector

It stores picture position settings in the memory and the zoom and shift settings of the lens allow the adjusting of the screens for up to five types. The picture position feature keeps key setting inside the temporary memory so you can watch movies in the preferred format. You can manually change the format as per needs or simply recall your earlier set formats from the picture position memory of projector.

Realism and vibrant images in 4K quality

A lamp produces the required brightness for the amazing images on the screen. The Reality Creation feature can make your DVDs or Blu-rays to resemble 4K quality. Sony has an ability thanks to their advanced technology to project contents in 4K quality with 60 frames per second so you can view images with fantastic realism and quality. This response rate with the SXRD produces images with rich details and deep blacks.

The Motionflow technology ensures the high quality of scenes during fast actions. It creates extra frames so you experience the action with added details. The Triluminos feature reproduces textures and tones during the projection so you get stunning colors and vivid videos.