The 10 Best 70-75 Inch TVs of 2023

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Best 75 Inch 4K TV
Best Budget 75 Inch TV
Best 75 Inch TV For Gaming

If you’re looking for the ultimate TV experience, 75-inch TVs definitely have something to offer. In addition to the size, these TVs usually have top-tier specs that make them the best choice for TV, movies and video games lovers alike. You might also be interested in our articles about the best digital tv converters and the best ultrawide monitors.

Being relatively costly, picking the right 75-inch TV is definitely important. In this list, we’ve put the best options that are currently available on the market. You can’t really go wrong with any of these TVs as they are all of premium quality. However, you might have specific needs that make your perfect 75-inch TV different from that of someone else. Since these are all 75-inch TVs, size is irrelevant here. Asides from that, the following are the top things that you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing your new TV to get the one that’ll deliver the experience that you’re looking for.

1. Screen resolution

Asides from the screen size, this is probably the most important spec to look for when you’re buying a new TV. Simply put, the screen resolution is the number of pixels that it has. When it comes to the screen resolution, more is always better. Higher resolution always comes with a higher price tag so you should aim for the highest resolutions that you can get. When you’re buying a TV in the 75-inch size category, you should try to get something that has 4K resolutions -if you can afford it. If not, a high-resolution display that’s not 4K will also provide you with a great image quality with a more affordable price tag.

2. Display technology

This is another key point that you should definitely pay attention to when you’re choosing your new 75-inch TV. Without going into unnecessary details, TVs with OLED display technologies usually have the best picture image quality. If it’s not OLED, TVs in this category will usually have some type of an LED display. Generally speaking, LED displays offer a pretty decent image quality, which is despite not being as good as OLED displays, is good enough. If you can afford an OLED display then you should definitely go for it. Other than that, LED is your best bet.

3. Color accuracy

When it comes to TV color representation, this is more of a personal preference. Unlike some computer monitors that might be used in tasks that require a high level of color accuracy-such as graphic design, TVs are usually used for entertainment purposes. Some TVs might have warmer tones while others might have some really popping colors. Which one you need to choose depends mainly on what you like most. You should just know that colors might differ slightly from one TV to the other.

4. Smart TV functionality

It’s 2018, TVs can do much more than just display your favorite shows now. Nowadays, most TVs come with some sort of a “smart TV” functionality. This might include anything from downloading apps to one of the most popular voice assistants like Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. These can be really awesome to someone and the last thing that someone else could ever care about. Whether you want a TV with similar functionality depends on your personal preference. If you want something specific, you should definitely look for it. Other than that, you could just not use any of this added functionality if you don’t want to. Now that you’re familiar with the key things that you should look for in a new TV, it’s time to have a look at the best 75-inch TVs that the market has to offer.

Best 75-Inch 4K TV

1. Samsung TU-8000 Series Flat 75-Inch 4K TV

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If you’re looking for a great balance between image quality and cost, the Samsung TU-8000 Series of flat 75-inch 4K TVs should be strongly considered. This is a stylish modern TV with a polished sleek construction that boasts the latest technologies for enhancing visual entertainment. From the 4K processor that upscales any scene to the PurColor ability for bringing out millions of shades of color, there are many aspects that make it worth the investment.

While this TV excels in terms of picture quality, it won’t disappoint in other regards either. Thanks to the SmartThings technology, the unit offers seamless connectivity for various devices in your smart home. The TV comes with a smart guide to find the best content currently available while the OneRemote feature gives you excellent control. We also appreciate the Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility to make the entire viewing experience more convenient.

Best Budget 75-Inch TV

2. TCL 5-Series 75-Inch 4K TV

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Those who don’t care that much about big brands and just want a more affordable large TV will find it hard to find a better option than TCL’s 5-Series. This is a 75-inch TV that provides solid image quality for a reasonable cost. It also comes with smart features via Roku TV so you can use it to its full potential. Achieving a lifelike impression for each scene is possible with the help of special LED backlighting with precise zones to optimize images regardless of brightness.

While the picture quality of this 4K TV isn’t as stunning as more expensive models, TCL did quite a solid job with this one. There’s HDR technology and decent 4K upscaling. The TV makes up for its lack of high-end technologies by integrating a very intuitive user interface and remote control. It’s worth mentioning the addition of multiple inputs such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, RF, and Composite. The TV works with Alexa voice control.

Best 75-Inch TV For Gaming

3. Sony X900H 75-Inch 4K TV

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Anyone looking to invest in a capable 75-inch 4K TV can’t go wrong by choosing the Sony X900H. It has many promising features to deliver a remarkable level of image quality. One of the standout abilities is the X1 Extreme Processor which brings the latest performance enhancements to each scene on the screen. Combined with the brilliant TRILUMINOS display, the 4K processor will ensure that even non-4K content benefits from extreme clarity.

Thanks to the X-Motion Clarity technology, moving images get a proper treatment to keep blur to a minimum. The TV is compatible with HDR entertainment and its X-tended Dynamic Range PRO provides a fabulous contrast to your movies. This model is also recommended for gamers as it’s designed to work ideally with Playstation 4 consoles. Google Assistant arrives built-in while the TV features multiple inputs. The Echo Dot device can also play nice with this television to benefit from Alexa voice commands.

4. Samsung Q60T Series 75-Inch 4K TV

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Samsung’s Q60T Series has a lot to offer for fans of premium 4K TVs. This is a performant 75-inch model featuring a new dimension of enhanced detail thanks to advanced HDR processing. In terms of color brilliance, this TV doesn’t disappoint as it makes use of countless shades of color to recreate any scene with utmost realism. The Dynamic Crystal Color technology allows you to immerse in an ultra-vivid palette of colors.

This TV comes with the very appreciated UHD upscaling ability as the 4K processor can optimize non-HDR content to match the high-end level of image quality that you’re normally used to. A great feature of this model is the game enhancer which reduces screen tearing when playing fast-paced action games. As opposed to more affordable models, this TV boasts wide viewing angles and performant Slim Array backlighting. The television brings some solid smart TV functionality to the table including Universal Guide and OneRemote.

5. TCL 6-Series 75-Inch 4K TV

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One of the most advanced TVs from TCL comes from the 6-Series. This is a 75-inch 4K TV packed with excellent smart functionality and striking picture quality. The colors are enhanced by the NBP Photon technology while Dolby Vision HDR takes care of the contrast for a satisfying visual experience. There’s a powerful image processor at work that optimizes localized areas of contrast for the most accurate color reproduction.

Gamers will also appreciate the relatively low input lag that enables them to immerse themselves into rich gaming universes with ease. When it comes to connectivity, this 75-inch television features three HDMI inputs and many others for adding your favorite devices. There’s a rich selection of content available via Roku TV that boasts a very user-friendly interface. To simplify the navigation process, you can also rely on Alexa voice control if you pair it with an Echo Dot device.

6. Sony X800H 75-Inch 4K TV

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If you want to take advantage of a more natural picture quality and enjoy big-screen entertainment, the Sony X800H could be a great fit for your needs. This is one impressive 75-inch 4K TV that allows you to uncover more details by upscaling images dynamically. The result is lifelike clarity with minimal screen noise and crisp action scenes. Displayed objects can appear more realistic thanks to the precise contrast engine that makes a huge difference compared to standard TVs.

Thanks to a distinct lack of unsightly wires, the TV looks more attractive allowing you to enjoy the sophisticated image quality without any nuisances. It can create a beautiful presence in any living room as it has an ingenious cable management system. This TV doesn’t have any dedicated sound technology so that can be considered a slight drawback. It seems to make up for this by bringing out lots of capable smart TV functions including Alexa and Google Home compatibility.

7. Samsung Q80T Series 75-Inch 4K TV

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Another great 75-inch 4K TV from Samsung comes from the Q80T Series. This is a flat QLED TV that offers a selection of premium Quantum technologies to enhance picture quality. One of the standout features is the full array backlighting that takes contrast clarity to a new level. The Quantum 4K processor and Quantum HDR 8X abilities will bring out the sharpest details and most vibrant colors possible.

While this is an impressive TV on its own, the Quantum technologies will make you see the difference clearly between it and other 4K TVs in its class. The brilliance of this performant TV is nicely accentuated by the smart TV features, gaming enhancements, and ambient mode. Thanks to a boundless 360-degree design, this is also a visually impressive TV in terms of construction. It has a clean back and minimal bezel dimensions enabling the unit to become a stylish centerpiece of the living room.

8. Sony X950H 75-Inch 4K TV

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A premium 4K TV from Sony, the X950H boasts many stunning qualities for anyone who wants to upgrade their television. It’s equipped with full-array local dimming that intelligently optimizes brightness levels depending on the scene. This is to ensure that you can enjoy the best level of contrast and the most lifelike colors. The X-tended Dynamic Range Pro, together with the 4K X1 Ultimate processor, creates an impressive pairing for a more realistic image quality.

While many high-end TVs pack great technologies nowadays, not all of them can be enjoyed in the same way. This model makes use of the reliable X-Wide Angle technology that allows you to benefit from its sharp clarity even if you view the TV from a more awkward angle. There are other great features that will complete the overall entertainment experience. The sound gets more immersive with the help of Acoustic Multi-Audio synchronization while Alexa voice command compatibility provides superior control.

9. Samsung Q90T Series 75-Inch 4K TV

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While it’s among the most expensive 75-inch 4K TVs on the market, the Samsung Q90T Series is worth a look if you don’t have budget considerations. This model incorporates only the best Quantum technologies from Samsung to outperform pretty much any competitor in terms of colors, details, contrast and viewing angles. One of the most impressive abilities is the Quantum HDR 12X that offers breathtaking realism for every scene.

Thanks to the precise Direct Full Array 8X technology, the TV guarantees that you benefit from deep blacks and crisp whites in any situation. The advanced Quantum processor upscales image quality in real-time to vivid 4K for your viewing pleasure. This TV has been carefully engineered to take into consideration multiple viewing angles so that all your friends watching the movie can get the same level of enjoyment regardless of position. Ambient mode, Alexa compatibility, and gaming enhancements complete the entertainment package.

10. LG Smart AI ThinQ 75-Inch 4K TV

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Although LG isn’t as popular as other brands when it comes to 75-inch 4K TVs, you shouldn’t underestimate this model equipped with AI ThinQ technology. This is a fairly well-designed TV that comes equipped with 4K Active HDR, Quad-Core image processor, and Bluetooth. There are many great features found here while the cost is kept in a more affordable range. The TV features great viewing angles as it makes use of a sophisticated IPS panel.

Thanks to the Active HDR’s careful optimizations, the television ensures that you will enjoy any content in premium style. Movement and objects on-screen feel livelier and more vibrant as the α7 Gen 2 Intelligent Processor takes control of each scene. When it comes to audio quality, the TV brings an extra immersive layer through the Ultra Surround sound technology. The powerful ThinQ AI from LG gives you more personalized control. There’s also Google Assistant and Alexa integration available.