The 6 Best 80-85 Inch TVs of 2024

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Best 85 Inch TV

For those who want to get their hands on the largest 4K TVs available right now, the best way to do it is to purchase an 80-inch model or larger. At this size, TVs are rarer to find and they will generally come with very large costs. There are certain things required for getting this kind of TV. It goes without saying that you need a lot of money, but there are other aspects too. You need to make sure that you have enough space in your living room to fit in such a huge TV. Extra space is required to maintain a good viewing distance to benefit from the optimal viewing experience. If you’re determined to take the television entertainment at home to the maximum level possible, let’s see what the market has to offer. You might also be interested in our articles about the best 40 inch tvs and the best 70-75 inch tvs.

There are some key factors to consider when purchasing a 4K TV, no matter whether it’s a 32-inch or an 85-inch model. The most important one is viewing distance. How far away from the TV determines if you’re going to see pixelation with your naked eye. There’s a certain ideal distance you need to figure out to keep the balance between avoiding pixelation while at the same time being close enough to take advantage of the immersive capability of such a large screen. This is why you need a big entertainment room dedicated just for placing the TV. It’s important not to make any compromises in this regard because otherwise, you won’t be able to benefit from the full potential of a large TV. There are lots of great applications for this type of TVs, including gaming and using it as a PC monitor. By far the most impressive way you can use it is for watching movies in a truly cinematic fashion. When paired with a powerful home theater system, this will revolutionize your home entertainment.

The following products have been selected as they represent the best investments if you need a high-quality 80-inch (or more) TV. You can enjoy individual reviews for them to decide which one works best for your needs. While any 4K TV should be able to deliver stunning picture quality, it’s important to check the way the incorporated technologies play their roles in achieving the maximum enjoyment possible. Without any further introductions, let’s see which are the best 80-inch+ TVs on the market.

Best 83 Inch TV

1. LG C1 Series 83-Inch 4K TV

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Anyone looking to make a serious investment in their TV entertainment should check out the C1 Series from LG. This is a 4K OLED TV of the latest generation that offers a huge screen with a size of 83 inches. It can provide an outstanding home cinema experience considering the multiple innovations and image optimizations. The use of self-lit pixels can truly bring to life any displayed scene and elevate the image quality.

Compared to typical LED TV screens, this model offers ideal contrast and ultra-accurate colors. It’s the ideal television for watching movies and shows but you can also enjoy high-quality gaming sessions. That’s thanks to its integrated Game Optimizer feature that promises exceptional responsiveness and eliminates input lag as much as possible. The α9 GEN 4 processor takes control of fine-tuned adjustments automatically to deliver flawless visuals and consistently great audio performance.

Best 85 Inch TV

2. Samsung AU8000 85-Inch 4K TV

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There are many large 4K TVs on the market that can be considered great choices in terms of image quality. If you’re searching for a more reasonably-priced model, check out the Samsung AU8000. This 85-inch model provides all the necessary features that you can expect in a high-end TV while focusing on big-screen entertainment. The TV is packed with technologies such as Dynamic Crystal Color and Motion Xcelerator to enhance colors and boost image clarity.

While the image quality is quite impressive, this is also a fairly slim TV. It features an ultra-thin profile that can easily complement any modern décor setting. Having this kind of large TV screen will typically require 4K content so it can show off all of its image enhancement potential. However, the advanced processor can optimize pretty much any image, even lower resolution scenes with the help of powerful upscaling technology to never miss any crisp detail.

3. TCL Class 4-Series 85-Inch 4K TV

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Affordable and easy to use via voice control, the TCL Class 4-Series is an ideal 4K TV for those who simply want a huge screen without fancy and expensive technologies. The image quality is quite standard but it won’t disappoint considering the HDR performance that simulates lifelike colors and 4K resolution that boosts clarity. TCL designed this television to feature a sleek and modern look to match the style of most living rooms.

Getting quick and convenient access to your favorite content is a breeze thanks to the Roku TV interface. You can access all your subscriptions from a single place without bothering with difficult menus. There’s only an intuitive home screen that can be personalized to your liking. Things, such as switching the input to a game console, can be done easily from this user-friendly interface. For hands-free control, you can also use voice command features.

4. Samsung QLED Q70A 85-Inch 4K TV

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Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to large TVs. Check out the Q70A 85-inch model that offers premium QLED technology to take picture quality to a new level. Fitting for a TV of this size, the device can really bring the feel of a real cinema into your home. This is possible thanks to the Quantum 4K processor and Quantum Dot color innovations. Fluid motion is achieved through the Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ technology.

While it appears to be just like a regular TV, this model stands out not just due to its impressive screen size. It’s packed with Quantum HDR that revolutionizes the color performance of the display. Dual LED backlighting provides excellent contrast qualities to showcase any important detail in your TV shows or movies. Alexa voice control features have been fully integrated for extra convenience. The 1.1” thinness of the screen makes this modern 85-inch 4K TV a must-have addition to your home.

5. Sony X85J 85-Inch 4K TV

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If you’re looking for a premium 4K TV that can bring a strong cinematic vibe into your home, consider getting an 85-inch model like the Sony X85J. This elegant TV is engineered with a focus on multiple image quality optimizations to complement the huge screen diagonal. It’s equipped with an advanced X1 4K processor to guarantee consistent quality in any scene. Colors are brought to life through the Triluminos PRO technology for the ultimate precision.

Gamers or fans of action movies will appreciate the Motionflow XR technology that helps the TV maintain utmost clarity during the most intense scenes. With the help of Google TV, this model lets you gain quick access to various content sources without getting lost in menus. The TV is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for managing various tasks using just your voice. It also works well with Apple AirPlay 2 for simple streaming when using iOS devices.

6. Samsung QLED QN85A 85-Inch 4K TV

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With high-end features such as Quantum Matrix technology, the Samsung QLED QN85A represents an excellent solution if you’re looking to upgrade your television experience. It boasts a very large screen measuring 85 inches for an authentic cinema-like feeling. The TV is equipped with advanced neural network technology so it can deliver outstanding content quality in any situation. It also packs the usual suite of abilities that you’d expect in a premium TV such as built-in voice control and ultra-slim design.

Thanks to the Quantum HDR 24X, this 4K TV revolutionizes the contrast and range of luminance for flawless picture quality. The intensity of each detail is vividly captured through the small hyper-focused mini LEDs that create a stunning matrix for uncompromising visuals. This TV includes some features that won’t be found on typical TVs such as OBS that stands for Object Tracking Sound. It synchronizes the audio with the image more fluidly to improve immersion.