The 7 Best Android Car Stereos of 2024

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A new car nowadays has many modern features including an in-dash touchscreen unit which enables you to do some cool things and to connect your smartphone. But unfortunately the industry is not so quick to integrate the new technology and those who are still running older cars may not benefit from the entertainment provided by these in-dash devices.

Thankfully, there is a considerable number of suppliers that create all kinds of fancy third-party in-dash units that allow you to interface with your Android smartphones. With these advanced car stereos, you can do more things than just play radio or CDs. They have multiple connections for playing your own music or videos. As most models come with big touchscreen displays, you can navigate more comfortably through the functions and enjoy some quality video entertainment with ease. You can basically have a big tablet in your dashboard.

There are lots of useful options for driving too. Navigating using Google Maps or similar software is a breeze as well as connecting through Bluetooth for some hands-free conversations. A quality Android car stereo can allow the installing of apps and such so it is definitely a must-have accessory for your car. Check out our other articles about best android tv boxes and best CB radios.

In this article, the market for these devices has been thoroughly analyzed and only the top units have remained. These are the best car stereos for Android in terms of what value they offer and what you need to spend. Only the most cost-effective options have been assembled. In case you’re still not convinced, take a look at the products and see for yourself if they are worth it. Choosing one of these means you’ve made a solid investment.

1. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Car Play/Android Auto Media Receiver with Bluetooth

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Sony is offering a lot with its XAV-AX100 Android car stereo as you can communicate with your contacts, navigate with ease, and control audio playback through voice commands. Thanks to its 4 x 55 W amplification, the sound is crisp and dynamic which makes for a much more comfortable music listening experience. For this price, this device has quite a neat package of features. Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you are able to get directions, control audio playback with just your voice and quickly communicate with your contacts. It offers a clear sound due to its strong 4 x 55 W amplification that enables a solid audio quality even at high volumes.

A 6.4” touch screen allows for responsive control and to see everything clearly. With it, you can bring up maps, make quick phone calls, and look through your playlists comfortably. With a special ergonomic rotary dial, you’ve got many handy functions accessible when driving. Changing the volume or going through the sound control menus without really taking your eyes off the road is possible. For more freedom, you can also activate voice control commands by holding the button. Another great function of the XAV-AX100 is the ability to see how you park if you have a rear camera installed. Bringing the video feed on the display is simple as Sony added a rear camera icon for this purpose. It also activates automatically when you’re putting the vehicle in reverse.

The sound of the Sony is further enhanced by the Dynamic Stage Organizer which calibrates the frequency output of the speakers in your doors to make the sound as if it’s coming through the speakers on your dashboard. A built-in graphic equalizer gives you a lot of sound sculpting options to get your music to sound right and it also includes three pre-outs for expanding your sound system. Ensuring an easy install process, and providing a very solid and responsive touch screen, the Sony XAV-AX100 is a winner among Android car stereos. For this price, you will be hard pressed to find a better option. If you don’t need a CD player, this one has basically all the features you need including the highly reliable Android Auto voice control and the impressive Dynamic Stage Organizer.

Product Highlights:

  • Voice control with Android Auto and Apple Car Play
  • 6.4″ touch screen
  • 4 x 55 W Dynamic Reality Amp
  • Dynamic Stage Organizer
  • Ergonomic rotary dial
  • 10-band equalizer

2. Pioneer AVH-2300NEX Android Car Stereo

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The Pioneer AVH-2300NEX represents a very powerful option for an Android car stereo. It’s equipped with lots of applications for boosting the entertainment in your car as it works with Pandora, offers dedicated Spotify control, and is ready for SiriusXM radio playing. One of the most appreciated features of this model is the Android Auto support. This ability basically transfers the advantages of the Android platform to your car so you can do many things you’d normally do with your phone while maintaining adequate focus during driving. Keep in mind that Android Auto is only compatible with devices running Android Lollipop or later.

While primarily designed for Android users, this doesn’t mean that iOS fans should feel left out. This is because this car stereo features Apple CarPlay which allows those with iPhone devices to access various functions with just a simple touch. Voice commands are available as well to listen to music or make calls. Audio content from the Spotify app can be managed directly through the car stereo. Whether you wish to browse playlists or play/pause tracks, all this and more is available via the interface of the stereo. If you’re a SiriusXM subscription user you will also appreciate the ability to quickly connect to a dedicated tuner and obtain quick access to over 140 radio channels.

Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth, any compatible device can be paired and you will be able to stream audio without having to deal with cables. There’s also an improved level of control for music playback and with the help of the newWideband Speech Handsfree Profile, your calls will also sound much clearer. Considering all of its abilities, it’s safe to say that the Pioneer AVH-2300NEX deserves an important position on this list. It packs many great features for a car stereo with a very clear and intuitive user interface. The compatibility for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay makes this unit a reliable competitor at this cost.

Key Features:

  • 7″ WVGA display
  • Appradio mode+ compatible
  • Great for both Android and iOS
  • Hands-free calling
  • Spotify app control

3. Premium 7In Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth and GPS Navigation

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This versatile dashboard entertainment system offered by Pyle can become one of the most important accessories on your travels. With an included dashboard camera, Wi-Fi wireless streaming, GPS navigation and Bluetooth connectivity, this integrates all the essentials for a quality road experience. A 7” touchscreen with ’tablet-style’ functionality is also provided as a practical user control interface. This excellent quality Double-Din car stereo is equipped with Android 4.4.4 KitKat and has the Google Play Store and Maps integrated. The Quad Core 1.6 GHz Cortex A9 processor offers full HD 1080p support. Searching and surfing the Web is done quickly as the device comes with Wi-Fi streaming connectivity.

Lots of options are provided by Pyle to play your favorite music or to watch videos. Besides the included SD and USB readers, there is also Bluetooth for wirelessly streaming music and paired with the built-in microphone, it can also enable convenient hands-free calling. GPS navigation through the touch screen interface is a pleasure and the unit provides Talking Turn-by-Turn Voice Direction Assistance. It can work with Waze, and maps are integrated on the included SD card. Other notable functions worth mentioning are the Visual Map Guidance and Statistics Display.

A rearview backup camera with an extremely durable construction can be found in the package for this premium car stereo. It has an adjustable camera lens angle and built-in distance scale lines. There is also a DVR dash camera that can be mounted effortlessly and it has a very compact and unobtrusive design. It’s capable of recording full HD video and it has an adjustable angle tilt and rotation.

Taking everything into account, this Pyle Android car stereo works wonders for those in need of more advanced technology during their travels. The installation is fairly straightforward, the dash cam is of decent quality and the GPS and Bluetooth work flawlessly. Apps and games seem to function without problems too so all in all this is a recommended choice for a quality car stereo.

Product Highlights:

  • Hi-Res 7” touchscreen display
  • Dashboard camera included
  • Full HD 1080
  • GPS navigation
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Backup Camera & Dash Camera

4. ATOTO A6 Android Car Stereo

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Using a strong quad-core CPU combined with dual Bluetooth chips and a very bright screen, the Atoto A6 delivers lots of helpful qualities for those looking to purchase an Android car stereo. There are multiple models in the A6 series and this review will focus on a more low-cost model as it seems it manages the best value per cost. This particular unit has a capable operating system which has been developed from Android Marshmallow with a few extra customizations and optimizations for vehicles. Some of the highlights of this model include the FM/AM radio tuner, Bluetooth, quick booting, and steering wheel control.

One thing that’s been revamped compared to the previous versions is the wireless reception. Some performance tweaks now allow you to talk normally during hands-free calls. There’s no longer a need to yell to your car stereo to be fully heard by your interlocutor. With the integration of dual Bluetooth chips comes an important advantage. You can connect two Bluetooth-enabled devices simultaneously which can be very convenient. For example, you might add your audio streaming device and Bluetooth gamepad at the same time.

When it comes to storage space, this model seems to get things right. While the internal 16GB of space isn’t that great, the unit accepts microSD cards up to 256GB without issues. This means you can get your whole music collection with ease when you hit the road. The display is worth mentioning as it’s just the right size (7 inches) and bright enough to deliver relevant information efficiently. Overall, the ATOTO A6 with its customized operating system, pre-amplifier, dual Bluetooth, and reliable GPS navigation offers everything needed for a quality traveling experience by car. Taking into account its reasonable cost and the hassle-free install process, this unit deserves some more recognition.

Key Features:

  • Quad-core 1.5Ghz CPU
  • Dual Bluetooth chips
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • MicroSD storage support
  • Constant firmware updates

5. Kenwood DDX416BT Android Car Stereo

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Kenwood is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of electronics and they also specialize in car stereos. One cost-effective model of theirs to consider is the DDX416BT. The ‘BT’ part in its name stands for Bluetooth as this unit is designed to assist you when you wish to make hands-free calls or stream wireless music.

The user interface is an important aspect for any car stereo. You need to quickly be able to access the feature you’re looking for without getting distracted by confusing menus. This model doesn’t allow for icon customization, but all the icons are easy to understand and access via its touchscreen. Whether it’s adjusting the volume or making a phone call, this unit is very user-friendly.

Connectivity-wise, the car stereo won’t disappoint. It’s quick to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device and then you just need to activate the Bluetooth function on that particular device and the connection happens automatically. If you don’t want a wireless connection, there’s still the classic audio cable option. USB connections are also managed by this car stereo.

When it comes to audio quality and overall media experience, this Android car stereo has a lot to offer. You can view album art and control the music in multiple ways. The sound can be adjusted with the help of the powerful equalizer. There are lots of presets included as well as a user-configurable preset. Other handy abilities for audio sculpting are the bass boost, loudness, and volume offset.

Factoring in all of its features, including the multimedia versatility and excellent audio quality, the Kenwood DDX416BT has some great potential in the world of Android car stereos. It’s fun to use with all the important features quick to access and intuitive to figure out. The screen resolution is a bit lower than other models, but you’re not supposed to look at the screen all the time anyway.

Key Features:

  • Built-in internal amp
  • Fits double-DIN dash openings
  • Integrated Bluetooth
  • 6.2″ touchscreen
  • Solid audio quality

6. JOYING 7 Car Stereo 2GB 32GB Android 6.0 Head Unit Double Din Touch Screen

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With many powerful capabilities, the JOYING JY-UL135N2 is an Android device which will bring a new level of entertainment and practical functionality to the dashboard in your car. With its powerful Quad-Core Intel CPU with 2 GB RAM, a 7-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth abilities just to name a few, this fairly priced Android car stereo has good potential.

This unit comes with a standard double DIN dimension and the install process is not very hard. Just make sure you check the size of the panel carefully to see if it fits in your car. This Joying Android Car Stereo operates using Android 6.0 Marshmallow and has an impressive 2 GB RAM paired with a solid Intel CPU. The large RAM certainly makes a difference as the unit boasts a really fluent response. There’s also 32 GB of internal space for storing more apps.

The large 7-inch touch screen display comes with support for full HD video playback. A GPS is provided with the unit and it offers support for a wide variety of map software. It also allows for mixing music/radio with navigation and comes with Google Maps pre-installed. For a faster connection, Bluetooth 4.0 delivers the support for hands-free calling and the high-quality music streaming.

In terms of entertainment, Joying equipped this car stereo with Easy Connect for mirroring the image and sound of your smartphone directly to the head unit. An EQ equalizer allows for more precise sound adjustments as well as offering support for subwoofer audio output. Surfing the web can be done easily thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module. Other great features of this device are the Picture in Picture function for playing videos while keeping other windows on the screen and Sleep Mode for saving some battery power.

Even though it lacks a DVD/CD player, the unit compensates through the intuitive navigation abilities, the simple installation, and the surprisingly good sound quality. Overall, the functions work without issues and the user interaction goes very smoothly. In a sea of expensive not-so-good Android car stereos, this one can actually offer some serious competition.

Product Highlights:

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wide GPS support
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • 7-inch display
  • 2GB RAM

7. JOYING UO135N4PX5S Android Car Stereo

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Those with more generous budgets shouldn’t overlook the JOYING UO135N4PX5S. This is an Android 8.0 car stereo which offers compatibility for double-DIN dash openings and the latest Bluetooth 4.2 technology. There are lots of other goodies integrated here which we will analyze a bit more in-depth.

The most impressive feature is probably the performance of this unit. Thanks to its powerful octa-core 1.5GHz processor with 4GB RAM, this model brings you the latest technology for quicker reaction times and smoother entertainment in all situations. The 64GB flash storage is also great for adding all your favorite content.

If you have steering wheel buttons, this unit can work with them providing powerful audio control without taking your hands off the steering wheel. You can quickly skip tracks or adjust the volume. The screen used in this model is a 7-inch display with a reasonable 1024×600 resolution. It’s decent, but not spectacular considering the price.

The helpful Android Auto feature is supported by this car stereo, so all those beloved functions of your Android device are now accessible via the stereo’s interface. Check the map or fire up the music player. Voice commands are also available for a seamless hands-free experience.

The Bluetooth version used in this model enables users to make fluid calls and stream audio in the best quality possible. Speaking of audio quality, there are many enhancements made here in that regard. The most impressive is the equalizer which expands the functionality in multiple ways. There’s complex audio adjustment available as well as separate subwoofer audio output.

With such a capable combination of hardware and software, the JOYING UO135N4PX5S represents the next step in car entertainment. The only problem to be aware of is that all this performance can generate too much heat, so the device gets occasionally a bit hot. Even so, this Android car stereo offers a lot for the money.

Key Features:

  • Android 8.0 support
  • 4GB RAM
  • Octa-core CPU
  • 64GB storage space
  • Bluetooth 4.2