The 8 Best Android Projectors of 2022

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Android projectors have been around for some time and they are a great way to turn your smart device into a home theater. These devices are geared towards users on the go as they are compact and usually have very lightweight designs. They are especially intuitive for those who use Android devices as they have the system incorporated to easily access your favorite apps. Although many mini projectors are created with entertainment in mind, they can also be valuable tools for displaying presentations quickly and more efficiently. You might also be interested in our articles about the best 4k projectors and the best portable projectors.

The picture quality of this type of small projectors is nothing amazing, it’s not really the stand-out feature. Perhaps the key abilities are more in terms of versatility and portability. Despite this assertion, you can often be surprised at the solid projecting quality of some of these devices, something that you wouldn’t expect on a device with this size.
If getting a capable Android projector seems like a great idea to you then you should first understand a few things so you can make a more informed decision when it’s time to purchase. The key aspects that you need to evaluate are:

1. Brightness

When it comes to the quality of the projected image, brightness is an essential factor to consider. It matters especially for those situations when you find yourself in a non-traditional environment, like outdoors for example. To be able to create a clear picture, a bright projector is a must-have. Usually, somewhere around a minimum of 250 lumens should be a good starting point as it can create images bright enough to be viewed in most environments. If you plan to use the projector mostly at home and in full darkness, then brightness is not such a critical aspect.

2. Image resolution

As this directly affects the picture quality, it’s important to pay attention to a projector’s built-in default resolution. It varies from unit to unit and it can be comparable to the standards used in television. Even if some projectors have a lower default resolution, they can still enable the viewing of high-definition content like video games or Blu-ray movies. Keep in mind that the quality will still suffer as the image has to be downsized.

3. Throw distance

The projectors with small throw ratios are capable of displaying large images when they’re close to the surface where you intend to project on. Other models with larger ratios for throw distance have to be further away to make such a large display. Finding the ideal throw ratio can be a bit difficult but the basic idea is that it depends on how you want to use the projector and the size of the room. With these aspects in mind, let’s take a look at the best Android projectors found on the market today.

Best Projector For Android Phone

1. Anker Mars II Pro Android Projector

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Although a bit pricy compared to other android projectors, the Anker Mars II Pro should be strongly considered if you want a reliable level of quality. This model shows off a radiant 500 ANSI lumen performance to maximize video clarity. It’s equipped with Android 7.1 that provides unlimited possibilities in terms of enjoying fresh content. There are countless apps that can be added including popular ones like YouTube and Netflix.

From smartphones to gaming consoles, TV boxes, and USB drives, this android projector provides extensive compatibility. Screen mirroring is supported via Miracast while the projector can be turned into a remote control using a dedicated app. In terms of sound quality, this small projector won’t disappoint as it shows off dual 10W speakers to cover all your cinematic immersion needs. As this Android projector is designed with portability in mind, it can last around 3 hours of continuous video playtime.

Best Mobile Projector For Android

2. Optoma UHL55 Android Projector

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Optoma is a reputable brand in the world of high-end video projectors. Check out the UHL55 4K model that offers way more features compared to regular Android projectors. This model integrates a reliable UHD DLP chipset and HDR10 technology in a relatively portable design. The projector promises a bright picture quality with superior color vibrancy. Experiencing excellent clarity and fine details can be done thanks to the 4K resolution and 1,500 lumens.

When it comes to connections, this projector can certainly meet your expectations for the price. It arrives equipped with multiple inputs to project videos from various compatible devices. There’s solid HDMI, USB, and VGA support while the Android OS and Optoma Marketplace allow you to discover more content. The projector offers intuitive voice control and will complete your cinematic experience due to its built-in premium speakers capable of omnidirectional sound. Overall, the Optoma UHL55 is worth the considerable investment if you’re looking for a high-quality 4K Android video projector.

Best Mini Android Projector

3. Anker Nebula Capsule II Android Projector

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The Anker Nebula Capsule II is one of the latest Android video projectors from Anker. It won the Reddot Design Award for its ingenious capabilities. While it may not be that budget-friendly, this little video projector could be well worth the money. It features a strong DLP technology that promises a bright 200-lumen viewing experience. The Capsule II shows off an incredible level of image clarity given its reduced size.

Users favoring portability should definitely consider this Android projector. As long as the environment isn’t too bright, the unit’s cinematic potential can truly shine. The proprietary autofocus technology provides razor-sharp clarity while the premium Scan-Speak transducers deliver a solid audio experience. This model features Android TV 9.0 that gives you plenty of apps to access a large universe of entertainment. Other notable abilities include Chromecast compatibility, universal connectivity, and extended battery life.

4. Epson EF-100 Android Projector

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Elegant and performant, the Epson EF-100 is an excellent Android projector to consider if you don’t have budget concerns. This model is capable of creating an unforgettable cinematic experience without compromising on portability. It can project an image that can reach 150 inches. There’s no need to worry about lighting conditions with this high-end projector as it can perform great thanks to its 2,000 lumens rating. It’s compatible with many devices including smartphones, TV boxes, and Chromecast.

Android TV integration represents one important highlight of this video projector. You gain the ability to watch multiple streaming channels and discover fresh content. There are different control options as you can either rely on voice search or the included remote. The compact design of this Android projector makes this a premium, attractive choice. With the help of its 3-chip design, the unit delivers superior color accuracy while the built-in audio system makes this projector a portable cinema powerhouse.

5. Anker Nebula Capsule Android Projector

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The original Nebula Capsule from Anker has a lot to offer in the world of Android video projectors. This model is capable of creating a fairly bright image by relying on the advanced IntelliBright technology. It’s not as performant as other models from Anker’s Nebula series but it delivers great value for the cost. The projector runs on Android 7.1 OS that enables convenient streaming and media apps access.

Thanks to its incorporated 360-degree speaker, the projector will also fill the room with sound to complete your immersion. The video quality is quite decent but you need to find a place with low-light conditions for best viewing results. One advantage of this projector compared to its more expensive counterparts involves the battery life. This Android projector can let you watch 4 hours of video on a single charge. Despite its small and compact design, the unit can project an image measuring 100 inches.

6. XGIMI MoGo Android Projector

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One underrated Android projector comes from XGIMI. The MoGo model won many design awards for its innovative features packed in such a compact style. Although it’s so portable, this projector delivers a truly cinematic experience anywhere. It makes use of an advanced lamp rated at 210 ANSI lumens. The projector has an HD native resolution but it supports Full HD and 4K content as well. Thanks to its increased level of brightness, you can enjoy a colorful and detailed picture.

With the help of its high-capacity battery, the projector can be used for a maximum of two hours of continuous video playtime. While the video projecting features sit in the spotlight, this model will also impress you with its Harman-Kardon quality speakers. As this is an Android projector, you can benefit from a vast selection of premium content from more than 5,000 native apps. Videos can be cast via Airplay or you can physically connect devices through multiple universal inputs.

Best Pocket Projector For Android

7. VANKYO GO300 Android Projector

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Providing a nice selection of reliable features for a very reasonable cost, the VANKYO GO300 is a tiny yet powerful Android projector. It operates with the help of the Android 7.1 OS that lets you access lots of apps to boost the entertainment potential of the projector. This unit is powered by a bright lamp that’s capable of reaching 150 ANSI lumens. With the help of a native resolution of 854 x 480, you should be able to project movies with a solid amount of detail and vibrant colors.

The Bluetooth connectivity allows the projector to connect with compatible devices more conveniently. Together with the integrated battery, this model can easily become an ideal companion during camping. It’s great for outdoor entertainment thanks to its advanced optimal brightness technology that ensures a cinematic feel anywhere. We also like the Auto Keystone correction feature to make it easy to set up the small projector. A reliable off-axis technology also helps to display images as accurately as possible.

8. Profitech Ptech100 Android Projector

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If you’re looking for an inexpensive Android projector, the Profitech Ptech100 could be an excellent choice. While it might not blow you away with its spectacular image quality, it can definitely improve your on-the-go entertainment. The projector uses a lamp rated at 200 ANSI lumens and provides support for Full HD resolution despite its smaller native resolution. You can connect it to various devices like computers, gaming consoles, and TV boxes.

One of the most appreciated features of this video projector is the Android OS integration. The familiar platform isn’t just easy to navigate but will also expand your entertainment possibilities. Downloading and installing various apps can be done quickly if you rely on a Wi-Fi connection. Wireless screen sharing is supported through Miracast and Airplay but it’s also possible to use a classic USB connection. Other notable abilities of this Android projector include auto Keystone correction, 150” projection size, and multiple supplied accessories like the tripod and remote control.