The 7 Best Atomic Watches of 2018

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Considered the most accurate wristwatches around, atomic watches are radio-controlled devices that will automatically adjust the time using signals from a central unit for atomic clocks. They will always maintain a precise time and it’s also great that they don’t require for you to reset them. You might also be interested in our articles about the best projection alarm clocks and the best wifi radio.

If you’re tired of seeing variation in time which always happens with non-atomic watches, then choosing an atomic model is the way to go because it will always show the correct time. This article presents the best models on the market in terms of how good of an investment they represent. You will find both affordable and premium models to suit more budgets and preferences. Before we go over the reviews for each individual atomic watch, let’s see which are the most important features that you need to be aware of before you make a decision.

1. Reliability

We all want to buy a reliable watch and if you’re in the market for an atomic model, there are some good indicators of reliability that can help you in your research. Getting a watch from a reputable manufacturer can be a solid mark of quality craftsmanship. Brands like Casio, Citizen, Seiko, and others are usually the most respected when it comes to this type of wrist watches. It’s strongly recommended to invest in a brand-watch if you wish to enjoy your product for longer and have fewer chances of quality issues.

2. Value

Assessing the value of a particular atomic watch can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. Look closer at the product’s details and make sure that you read all the little details besides the overall features, such as the primary materials used in the making of the watch. When you buy a watch online, it’s a bit different from personally being able to evaluate the item. If you’re not too careful, you might even end up getting a watch that’s not even capable of atomic timekeeping because the huge variety on the market can quickly become too overwhelming. Thankfully, this article solves this issue, as you will see later.

3. Personal needs

Do you want to get a very stylish, more premium looking atomic watch or are you only interested in getting your hands on a basic, utilitarian model that does its job well and nothing else? Personal preferences and needs obviously come into play so before you hit that “purchase” button, double check to see if it fits your style and particular needs. Now that you have a general idea about what to look for, try going over this list first and see if anything captures your attention.

1. Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Solar Watch

The Casio G-Shock GW-9400-1CR also known as the Rangeman is one of the toughest timepieces on the market as it has been created to withstand the most difficult conditions you can imagine. This is an atomic watch built with ruggedness in mind but it doesn’t back down when it comes to performing various functions. It’s equipped with lots of goodies for the price so it’s a very attractive option.

This model makes use of a triple sensor for monitoring your altitude, temperature, and barometric pressure. It will also give you the right direction readings conveniently at a simple glance. As this is a multi-band atomic timepiece, it’s capable of receiving radio signals to keep the most accurate time possible. It has an auto-receive function which works for up to 6 times per day and it can also receive the signals manually.

Operating this model is a breeze thanks to the cylindrical buttons that provide improved resistance to impact. There’s a metal cover over the frequently used sensor button found in the center-right. It protects it against lateral shocks and will keep dust and debris out. To go to a sensor screen just press the sensor button in any mode. There’s a special audible tone for each sensor mode so you will always be aware of the entered mode without even having to look at the watch.

Other interesting functions of this watch are the sunrise and sunset data, one-touch elapsed time measurement, one-touch time recording, and obviously the famous G-Shock durability. This watch resists pretty much anything you throw at it so it’s ideal for rangers and various professionals or anyone whose activities demand a rugged watch that you can count on. It’s also a stylish timepiece with the red accents on the dial that contrast nicely with the black resin band.

Considering that this one is a solar-powered model and it can also resist water depths of up to 660 feet, it’s certainly a solid choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a rugged atomic watch. The Casio G-Shock GW-9400-1CR is not exactly cheap but it incorporates pretty much all the characteristics that a high-quality atomic timepiece should have so if you want to make a solid long-term investment, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Product Highlights:

  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Solar-powered
  • Quartz movement with analog display
  • Digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet
  • Textured pushers

2. Casio Men’s WV58A-1AV

A stylish and durable atomic watch for sports enthusiasts of all types, the Casio Men’s WV58A-1AV represents a good choice if you’re on a budget and just want a quality atomic model without any fancy features that you don’t even use. It comes with all the basic features like world time, daily alarm, countdown timer, stopwatch, and it looks good encased in a sleek blend of rubber and metal.

Keeping accurate time is essential for anyone with an active lifestyle so if you want to make a better investment, getting an atomic watch is definitely the way to go. This model offers multi-band atomic timekeeping as it receives calibrated radio signals telling it to adjust the time with perfect accuracy.

Reading the time in the dark can be frustrating on a conventional watch but this digital unit comes with EL backlight with afterglow so it’s easy to read. World time is provided for 29 time zones and a total of 48 major cities so even during your travels you will always be aware of the correct time at a glance.

Another handy feature is the pre-programmed auto-calendar which will tell you the date until 2099. For all your sporting needs you have a full arsenal of little tools that can be quickly accessed such as a countdown timer and a powerful stopwatch with 1/100 second precision. If you want a reliable alarm to wake you up in the morning, you can try the daily alarm integrated into the watch. It’s decent for helping you maintain a steady schedule.

Lastly, it’s worth discussing a bit about the design of the watch. Although it’s not particularly impressive, sometimes you can prefer a simpler watch that doesn’t really stand out but one that just does what it’s supposed to without issues. The rubber band feels good to the touch and the metal surrounding the dial gives off a nice effect and helps a bit with durability too.

Factoring in all these good features offered by the Casio WV58A-1AV, the final conclusion is that this is a highly functional and decent looking atomic watch. It’s fitting for sports activities and it keeps the cost in a reasonable range so all in all, it’s a recommended timepiece.

Product Highlights:

  • Shock-resistant sport watch
  • Quartz movement with digital display
  • Auto EL backlight with Afterglow
  • Water-resistant to 165 feet
  • Mineral dial window
  • Resin band with buckle closure

3. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E

Ever since its inception in 1930, Citizen has been a powerful force in the watch industry thanks to many engineering innovations and the promotion of excellence and creativity. One of their best atomic timepieces is the Citizen Eco-Drive AT4010-50E, an elegant watch that comes encased in a solid titanium case and has lots of powerful features for the money.

The main highlight of this model is probably the design. With a nice combination of silver tones and a black tachymeter top ring, it makes for a truly elegant look. When you also take into account the round guilloche dial with three beautiful chronograph subdials, this watch offers a visual feast.

It’s interesting to observe that Citizen made no compromises on other aspects. Durability is one aspect that any premium watch should have to be considered a worthy long-term investment. The 42 mm titanium case has an anti-reflective sapphire dial window that boasts increased resistance to scratches and the watch has been designed to resist water depths that reach 660 feet. Generally, this watch should be fitting for professional marine activity as well as serious surface water sports, although Citizen doesn’t recommend taking it for scuba diving.

Handling this watch is a pleasure thanks to the titanium link bracelet which comes with a fold-over clasp that presents a hidden double push-button closure. Perfect accuracy is maintained by automatic timekeeping and synchronization to the atomic clock to make sure that you’ll always have the exact time at a glance.

Another feature of this watch is regarding its power source which is solar. The battery storage will keep it running for a long time even if you’re in the absence of light but if you’re worried about how much juice you’ve got left, the watch offers a convenient power reserve indicator.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s AT4010-50E represents a considerable investment but if you want a watch that feels very comfortable and looks amazing, this is a solid buy. Besides the stylish design, it’s also suitable for many activities and in many circumstances, nicely filling the role all the way from a formal to casual and a leisure watch.

Product Highlights:

  • Black tachymeter top ring
  • 42 mm titanium case
  • Antireflective sapphire dial window
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet
  • Titanium link bracelet

4. Citizen Eco-Drive AT9010-52E

Another Citizen watch with atomic timekeeping that you should check out is the Eco-Drive AT9010-52E. It’s a gorgeous stainless steel watch that features orange contrasts and alternating numeral and markers shaped like a baguette. It comes with a sapphire dial window, great water resistance, and the price is actually decent for such a high level of quality.

The most striking feature of this watch is definitely the looks. Modern and brilliant, this timepiece can be an ideal accessory for any stylish attire. The stainless steel construction adds a distinctive feel that will make you stand out at any formal event. In terms of water resistance, this watch can withstand depths of 660 feet and it can be a suitable choice for marine activity and some surface water sports.

This watch has a date window at 3 o’clock and the hands are illuminated to be able to check the time during low-light conditions. Besides the 43 mm stainless steel case you can find an antireflective-sapphire dial window that contributes to the overall durability of the watch. Looking closer at the face of the watch you can discover the world time cities presented around the outer rim. There are three sub-dials where you can check the GMT, 24 hours and power reserve or day of the week.

Designed with superior accuracy, this model provides synchronized time adjustment available for 26 time zones. Whether you are running to catch a meeting or hitting the trails, this model will keep you on time. The chronograph of the watch features eco-drive movement and there’s a hidden double push button as well as a date display. If you’re wondering whether the watch will adjust automatically to a new time zone the answer is no but manually adjustment can be done very easily, so this is not a big issue.

In conclusion, the Citizen Eco-Drive AT9010-52E is a dream come true for anyone wishing to get their hands on a high-quality atomic watch. It has plenty of features to justify the price but the main attraction remains the superb design which has a lot of appeal for many watch enthusiasts.

Product Highlights:

  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • 43 mm stainless steel case
  • Stainless steel watch
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet

5. Casio Men’s G Shock Stainless Watch MTG-M900DA-8CR

A solid upgrade over its predecessor, the new Casio G-Shock MTGM900 now has the ability to connect with China’s radio transmitter for updating the time and date of the watch. Additionally, this model comes with more cities added to its world time mode, 18 more to be precise. There are a couple of other changes too but the G-Shock quality that you can expect from Casio is definitely still here.

Perhaps the first aspect that you will notice about this watch is the cool-looking face of the watch. As opposed to the previous model, this one has a more neutral face in shades of dark metallic grey but the silver stainless steel band complements well the rest of the color palette. This is a digital model so it has an LCD display which shows the day, date, and month. An electroluminescent backlight with afterglow has also been integrated to facilitate the using of the watch at night.

Powering this watch is done by solar charging. You will need to find a light source periodically to recharge your watch but this isn’t something that you need to worry about. During normal usage, the battery should maintain itself well charged. Casio affirms that the battery life is around 9 months on a full charge even if you never take it out in the sun.

Keeping an accurate time is what everyone looking for an atomic watch desires and this G-Shock is certainly capable of accurate timekeeping. There’s also a total of 48 different cities for which it can display world time.

If you want to take this watch to the swimming pool or when you shower, you can rest assured that it’s possible and water will not harm it. It boasts a resistance to approximatively 660 feet which is great at this price.

This watch is geared more towards active users and considering the stylish and rugged sports design, it can be a suitable choice for anyone who has this kind of lifestyle. There isn’t really a downside to the Casio MTGM900 as it’s a nice all-around watch. It doesn’t have any fancy abilities like a Triple Sensor but it works flawlessly out of the box and it can be a very satisfying purchase.

Product Highlights:

  • Tough Solar Power
  • Full Auto EL Backlight
  • Shock Resistant
  • 660 feet water resistant
  • Mineral dial window

6. Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s CB0020-50E

The final Citizen atomic watch that gets a review in this list is the Eco-Drive CB0020-50E, a premium looking timepiece that features a multi-textured black dial, a strong sapphire dial window, and a sleek stainless steel case. If you’re looking for an elegant watch that will always keep the most accurate time, this one shouldn’t be missed.

Design-wise, this watch makes use of a stainless steel case paired with a stainless steel bracelet and a fixed bezel. The black textured dial definitely stands out in contrast with the luminous hands and stick hour markers. Around the outer rim, you can find the minute and world time markers for lots of major cities. It provides atomic time for a total of 26 world time zones. At the 3 position, you might also notice the date window.

At this price, you can expect some high-quality mineral used for the dial window and Citizen doesn’t disappoint. It incorporated a sapphire window for the dial which has antireflective properties and it also doesn’t scratch very easily. Another piece of good news is that the watch is extremely easy to read in the dark thanks to the combination of the patterned depth of the black dial and the luminosity of the hands.

Turning over the watch and looking at the stainless steel band you can discover a fold-over clasp that contains a hidden double push-button closure. If you decide to take this watch on water sports adventure, it’s good to know that it features water resistance up to 660 feet. It represents a decent choice for most marine activities though it’s not recommended for scuba diving.

As this timepiece boasts both radio controlled technology and solar power, it can be a solid choice for anyone looking to considerably improve their elegant outfit. For those that just want a watch that looks good and performs its task flawlessly, there’s no point in looking any further as the Citizen CB0020-50E is a handsome atomic watch that’s worth every cent considering the outstanding craftsmanship and the premium quality.

Product Highlights:

  • World time bezel
  • 43 mm stainless steel case and band
  • Quartz mechanism
  • Antireflective sapphire dial window
  • Water-resistant – 660 feet

7. Casio G-Rescue Solar Atomic Classic Color Watch GW7900B-1

The G-Shock line of watches from Casio is well-known for constantly delivering atomic watches loaded with impressive features and the GW7900B-1 is an excellent addition to the G-Rescue series from G-Shock. It’s just the right blend of toughness and technology as it sports solar charging, a jet black design, and enough durability to endure the most difficult conditions you encounter.

One key aspect of this watch is the shock resistance which makes this model a very durable timepiece. It features a 50mm by 18mm built extra thick to protect the important components of the watch from any impacts. There are no compromises when it comes to comfort either as Casio added a black resin band that fits well most wrists and it provides a pleasant experience even during extended wear periods. In addition to the sturdiness of the watch, you can also expect a decent level of water resistance. It can tackle depths of maximum 660 feet without breaking a sweat.

Some of the more interesting abilities of this watch are the moon data and the tide graph. The first one informs its user of the moon age of the specific date and it also shows a moon phase graph. The tide graph provides relevant data regarding the level of the tide for a specific date and time. This is all nice and all, but what most users are interested in is probably the atomic timekeeping. The watch comes with multi-band atomic timekeeping capabilities (US, Germany, UK, Japan) and it receives radio signals for calibrating the time and maintain the most accurate time.

The world time is displayed for 31 time zones and 48 cities + UTC. The storage battery can be recharged by exposing the watch to the sun as this is a solar-powered unit. There’s also a battery power indicator to make sure that you don’t run out of juice in critical moments as well as a power saver function. If you prefer a silent button operation there’s a setting for turning off the tone.

The only disadvantage of this atomic watch is the mineral dial window which is not of very high-quality and can be a bit prone to scratches. Still, this is a more budget-friendly solar-powered atomic watch so if you’re interested in a very sturdy and utilitarian timepiece, the Casio G-Rescue GW7900B-1 is recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Solar-powered sport watch
  • World time in 48 cities
  • 50 mm resin case
  • Japanese quartz movement
  • Mineral dial window
  • EL backlight
  • Water-resistant to 660 feet