The 7 Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses of 2022

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If you feel fatigued after working long hours at your computer, you should probably consider the impact of blue light. This type of light can contribute to common eye issues such as irritations and straining. With the help of specially designed glasses that protect against blue light, you might be able to benefit from greater comfort whether you’re working at the office or engaging in long gaming sessions. Considering the link between blue light and many fatigue-related issues like headaches or sleeping troubles, it’s worth giving blue light blocking glasses a try.

Choosing the best pair of glasses to stay safe against the persistent exposure to blue light can be a difficult task. Many models on the market do a decent job to filter out this high-energy visible light but few can be considered worth the investment. This is because you need to consider other factors such as durability and overall comfort. Some glasses are built better compared to others and can also perform better at the task of blocking blue light. Check out our selection of the best blue light blocking glasses on the market to work more comfortably when using any kind of digital screen.

1. Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Featuring Spectrum Control Technology, the Uvex Skyper represents one of the best accessories to use for blocking blue light. The glasses are capable of reducing the level of eye fatigue by absorbing a maximum of 98% of the incoming blue light. The lens can be inclined in different positions to find the best viewing comfort possible. This means the glasses can also prevent neck strain.

When it comes to other construction features, this unit is built in a very reliable manner. The Duoflex temples can be conveniently adjusted and come with soft tips that make wearing the glasses a very comfortable experience. There’s also a nicely molded nose bridge that contributes to the same effect. These glasses have orange lenses that will protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by all kinds of screens such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Best Budget Blue Light Blocking Glasses

2. TIJN Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Available in a decent assortment of colors, the TIJN blue light blocking glasses should be strongly considered if you need adequate screen protection for your eyes. This affordable model features some excellent enhancements in terms of durability as it comes equipped with a particularly lightweight frame boasting increased abrasion resistance. You can depend on the glasses to feel comfortable against the friction happening during normal movement.

The lens of this blue light blocking glasses offers a yellow tint designed for providing great relief for various eye-related problems. You can watch TV, browse the web, or text on your smartphone while staying protected from the harmful blue light. When it comes to design style, the glasses will appeal to retro fans who like a modern clean finish. They look chic and have a balanced frame for optimal comfort during everyday use.

3. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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If you need a reliable pair of blue light blocking glasses fitting for both men and women, this model from ANRRI can be considered an ideal solution. With the help of their powerful lenses, you can enjoy your digital time for longer without having to deal with eye strain or headaches. The glasses can cut down on approximately 90% of the harmful blue light ensuring that you can sleep more peacefully at night.

The glasses have a classic Wayfarer design and provide some extra benefits such as UV400 sunlight protection. There are many accessories supplied in the package to make it a worthy investment. Besides the black case, the glasses arrive together with a cleaning cloth and a simple testing card to see the abilities of the glasses in action. This is a cost-effective model that has been engineered to reduce various symptoms of eye strain including sore eyes or irritations.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Gaming

4. J+S Vision Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Whether you’re an avid gamer or tend to use your smartphone a lot, having blue light blocking glasses can be considered a gamechanger in terms of eye health. A pair of anti blue light glasses such as this one made by J+S Vision should be part of your essential everyday accessories. The glasses can shield your sensible eyes from a wide range of blue light sources like laptops, televisions, and tablets.

Given how many people don’t like the distorted visual effect created by bright amber lens tints, the manufacturer opted for low color distortion lenses. Your viewing experience shouldn’t be as affected when relying on these blue light blocking glasses. This model has a stylish black rectangular frame that can be successfully worn by either men or women. Thanks to the use of spring-loaded temples, the glasses can be comfortably adapted to different head sizes.

5. LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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The LifeArt blue light blocking glasses represent another excellent ally in the fight against excessive blue light. This kind of accessory can make your screen time much more pleasant and you don’t have to sacrifice your sense of style. The glasses feature a nice tortoise frame design that has wide appeal. There are multiple color choices and the glasses show off some decorative metal bits for a more stylish look.

There are various lens options available for this pair of glasses. You can choose between having no magnification to adding from +0.25 to +5.00 magnification. Depending on your more specific needs, the glasses can be further customized to get the best viewing experience for your eyes. When it comes to supplied accessories, LifeArt provides silicon ear hooks, a testing tool, and a cleaning cloth. There’s also a protective case included for keeping the blue light blocking glasses safe when not in use.

6. Livho HD Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Preventing digital eye strain can be done easily if you select the right pair of blue light blocking glasses. Check out this model from Livho HD that alleviates eye fatigue and discomfort thanks to its powerful anti blue light abilities. Aside from superior comfort when using digital screens, some additional benefits are the glare-reducing effect for night driving and UV400 protection for bright sunlight.

These blue light blocking glasses are so lightweight that you will quickly forget that you’re wearing them. The TR90 nylon frame seems to strike an ideal balance between flexibility and durability. The glasses feature a casual and simple design that’s fitting for users who want a professional look regardless of the activity. In the package for this model, you can expect some extra goodies such as the soft cleaning cloth and blue light testing card.

7. ElementsActive Fitover Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Those who wear glasses already and want blue light blocking functionality should consider investing in this model from ElementsActive. The glasses can be safely fit over your existing pair of Rx prescription or reading eyeglasses so you can enjoy a clear viewing experience with the added benefit of reduced eye strain. Thanks to the use of intense amber lenses, these anti blue light glasses do a more effective job compared to low color tints.

The glasses are specially designed with a larger frame so you can wear them over the existing glasses without difficulties. The unit features a flexible frame material to ensure a satisfying experience during long-term usage. If you’re looking to save your eyes from potential blue light damage, this is a must-have accessory that provides an excellent level of protection and clarity. The ElementsActive fit-over glasses are highly recommended for the cost.