The 10 Best Boomboxes of 2024

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The golden age of boomboxes is coming back as more and more interesting models have appeared on the market. Lots of companies direct their attention on resurfacing those nostalgic-looking boomboxes which give you some classic features for more old-fashioned people. Others insist on getting with the times and infusing more advanced technologies into modern looking boomboxes meant to be taken to the skate park or add life to any party.Read my other articles about the best DAC and best bluetooth receivers.

Regardless of your preference, the market has become flooded with options for portable speakers. It’s hard to find the exact product fitting your portability, budget, and sound quality needs. There are lots of great boomboxes in this list and quite varied price-wise though they do have something in common: they all represent excellent investments. The trend of boomboxes is rapidly gaining traction, especially in the summer so if you find yourself tempted to buy one, take a look here, at the result of hours of research which only gives you the best boomboxes on the market.

Best Big Boom Box

1. G-Project G-BOOM Wireless Bluetooth Boombox

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If getting some solid bass for the money is your main objective, you will be hard pressed to find a better value option than the G-Project G-Boom Boombox. This is definitely a very promising portable Bluetooth wireless speaker outputting big sound for quite the affordable price.

The design resembles an improvised explosive device initially but if you get over its strange look, you will discover some solid performance under the hood. When powered on, three LED lights shine brightly on the front. An integrated carrying handle makes it easier to transport the G-Boom. At 5.7 pounds, it feels pretty sturdy, the two tweeters and two woofers along with the dual bass ports found on the back contribute to the weight.

G-Project added a protective elastomer base for the bottom to improve the adherence of the speaker on slicker surfaces. A full set of playback buttons has been mounted on the top of the device along with the addition of a special button for toggling through the equalizer presets. This is a good thing for those who tend to set their devices aside.

Streaming audio is possible from any Bluetooth-enabled device from a maximum range of approximately 30 feet which is quite generous. G-Project includes in the package a 3.5mm cable for the purpose of connecting non-Bluetooth audio devices through the line input found on the back of the unit. The lack of microphone could be considered a disadvantage but a USB port is conveniently placed on the G-Boom useful for charging your smartphone. Battery life is not incredible but the speaker should last around 6 hours after getting charged with an AC adapter.

The sound of the G-Boom is decent, perhaps a bit too bass-oriented but if that fits your needs, this won’t disappoint you. In terms of clarity, the boombox won’t sound amazing especially at higher volumes where you might experience some distortion with certain songs. For its price bracket, the G-Boom delivers good audio performance.

There’s not much else to say about this boombox. It’s intended for a youthful audience or anyone trying to get the most sound quality for what they spend. The design could be a hit or miss but taking everything else into account this is a great solution for your big portable speaker needs and is therefore highly recommended.

Specifications list:

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Quality housing structure with rubber base
  • Integrated handle for easy carrying
  • Standard headphone jack
  • Playback buttons
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Easy to set up with one-touch pair button

Best Home Boombox

2. Sony CFDS50 Portable CD Cassette & AM/FM Radio Boombox

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For those looking to buy a more classic looking boombox that delivers long-lasting performance in the audio department, then look no further than the Sony CFDS50. It’s highly portable, fits well in any home or on the go and can deal with almost anything you throw at it including CDs and Cassettes.

Sony is an iconic brand that needs no introductions so the quality of this boombox is almost a given. One of its most striking aspects is the Mega Bass option which offers extended bass response for a truly enjoyable listening experience. With just a touch of a button, you can significantly enhance the performance of lower frequencies thanks to advanced bass boost circuitry.

The convenience of owning a portable speaker like this boombox is definitely hard to match. Thanks to the battery operation, the user can take the device anywhere they please and play their favorite music for a considerably long period of time of up to 19 hours. The battery can be swapped quickly and hassle-free with the help of a battery compartment designed to rapidly click open.

FM/AM radio playback is also possible with this model. It has a built-in Stereo Tuner that comes preloaded with a preset memory of 30 stations 20 for FM and 10 for AM. There’s enough space for variety for programming your favorite stations. For more musical possibilities, the auxiliary audio input will allow you to connect digital music players directly to the speaker dock though keep in mind that you have to purchase the cable separately.

The audio quality of this boombox is pretty good, the stereo speakers are encapsulated in a special bass-reflex design for the best listening experience. Sony CFDS50 can play with no issues any CDs personal discs and can deal with the most popular formats including MP3 files. The package for this boombox contains everything needed to get you started. Sony offers an AC power cable and an operation manual.

Boomboxes are more popular than ever and the Sony CFDS50 is a very suitable choice for those looking to make sure they get a quality product that’s reliable in the long run. Picking this model is a smart decision as it incorporates plenty of functionality at a very attractive price.

Specifications list:

  • Cassette tape deck with recording function
  • FM/AM tuner with digital tuning and 30 stations presets
  • Audio-in jack for connecting MP3 players

Best Portable Boombox

3. JAM Party Wireless Boom Box HX-P730GY

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Bringing quality sound products and constantly innovating the consumer electronics market, JAM Audio strives to offer the technology to enjoy your music according to your own style. Their HX-P730 Boombox works wirelessly to deliver quality tunes everywhere you take it. Great for parties or fun events, this is one of the best boomboxes on the market right now in terms of you get versus what you pay.

No matter the genre you prefer, the HX-P730 can offer solid bass performance to ensure the best sound possible thanks to its two stereo speakers. Connecting to this boombox is done through a Bluetooth-enabled device from which music can be streamed wirelessly from quite a long distance – up to 30 feet away. The lack of cords is a great plus for portability coupled with the HX-P730’s reduced dimensions which turn it into a great audio companion wherever you go.

JAM provides a few colorful variants aside from the usual gray. There are purple, blue and yellow variants you can choose from. The design includes an integrated handle for more convenient transporting of the speaker.

This wireless boombox comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can deliver continuous playback for approximately 12 hours. To charge the device you only need the AC adapter included in the package. Another useful ability is the line-in capability for connecting those devices that don’t have Bluetooth.

The control panel situated on the top of the unit is accessed with ease and the controls are very intuitive. Despite the size, the boombox feels very sturdy and the case finish has a nice rubbery texture. The audio quality is on par with what you pay for. Obviously, you aren’t going to be pleased if you are a truly meticulous audiophile but even if you don’t have high expectations you can be surprised. The sound is not bad at all in fact. Highs and mids aren’t just blending in a haze and have the right snap. Lower frequencies are defined and have a sense of deep reverberation usually found in larger speaker although admittedly is more subtle.

It’s quite clear that this boombox is more youth-oriented and that’s fine. The sound is nothing to brag about to your audiophile friends but it definitely packs a surprising punch considering the price. An absolute best buy for a highly portable wireless boombox. This model by JAM seems to really deliver on its promises.

Specifications list:

  • 2 stereo speakers that sound fantastic
  • Up to 12 hours of wireless play
  • Works on AC or rechargeable battery
  • Wireless up to 30 feet
  • Works with most Bluetooth devices
  • Line-in for connecting non-Bluetooth devices
  • Handle for easy carry

Best Sony Boombox

4. Sony ZSRS60BT CD Boombox with Bluetooth and NFC

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Sony is usually the first brand that comes to most people minds when they look for quality audio equipment. The choices they provide in the market for boomboxes are quite varied and another excellent model is the ZSRS60BT that takes portability to the next level. With a staggering selection of sources, this device is sure to please many potential customers looking for versatility and reliability.

The ZSRS60BT makes use of a pair of powerful stereo speakers each capable of putting out 2W of power. To get more bass Sony uses a special bass-reflex design and as such delivers a real punch. For those who are still not satisfied, the Mega Bass button can further enhance the lower frequencies and achieve the ultimate bass. The range of the sound is acceptable considering the reduced size. Quality-wise, the audio output is not anything that stands out even with the extra bass, but for those who don’t really mind, this is still a solid option all-around.

Considering the compact size, the options for playback are really diverse. It can pair with an Android or iOS device or any Bluetooth-enabled device much quickly thanks to the built-in NFC connectivity. The ZSRS60BT plays CDs of all kinds including personal recordings and also accepts music from other sources such as a 3.5mm AUX input and through a USB port. In case you prefer listening to your favorite radio stations on the go there is also an integrated AM/FM radio with digital tuning.

One small issue that could be encountered with this model is the lack of displaying the track titles for some CDs but that’s something that Sony mentions as a disclaimer in their user manual. Other than that, the CD functions do their job reliably.

This classic Sony boombox offers a lot for the money in terms of features and the sound is decent quality as expected from a Sony product. It is perfect for any office desk or kitchen and has a great build quality that’s definitely going to stand the test of time. A highly recommended boombox for the balanced capabilities and the reasonable price.

Specifications list:

  • Bluetooth connectivity and NFC
  • USB playback, 15W
  • Play CDs or record them on USB sticks
  • Mega Bass
  • Includes 2 x 2 speakers
  • 30 Radio Presets

Best Boombox with CD Player and Radio

5. Panasonic RX-D55GC-K Boombox High Power with 2-Way 4-Speaker

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Another Japanese brand worth considering for a boombox is Panasonic. One of their best portable audio devices is the RX-D55GC-K, a capable radio cassette recorder that brings decent performance for the money. It has that classic boombox feel that some may prefer and comes with a remote control.

On the front panel, you can also discover a USB port for digital audio playback. Besides MP3s, it can play CDs and for radio fans, there is an AM/FM radio and a cassette recorder to complete the package.

The remote control adds a lot of functionality such as a tape mode and a play mode. Selecting radio stations for the AM/FM tuner, EQ presets and toggling many other handy settings can also be done thanks to the remote control.

The sound of the Panasonic RX-D55GC-K is matching to our expectations for this price bracket. With the help of the natural surround of the MP3 re-master coupled with a sound virtualizer as well as a bit of tweaking, you can achieve a considerably great sound for a boombox. The sound has a rich sound reminiscent of the older Sony boomboxes so overall no complaints about the audio quality.

It plays CDs well as long as they’re cleaned properly. Something I thought was a bit odd was the placement of the CD player at the bottom of the device. Some of the more old-fashioned music lovers who still have cassettes laying around are going to be very pleased with the ability of this Panasonic boombox to play them.

Considering so many strong points of this boombox, the performance, the versatility, the ease-of-use with the remote, then it’s easy to conclude that Panasonic has done a great job in making a quality product that should last reliably in time. It’s a very convenient boombox from all points of view, and the price is also fairly decent.

Specifications list:

  • Digital Tuner
  • 2 Channels for output
  • Music Port (3.5mm): Yes
  • Headphone Output (3.5mm)
  • Display: LCD with Backlight

Best Compact Boombox

6. Pyle PBMSPG50 Street Vibe Bluetooth Portable Boom Box Speaker

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If you’re looking to add some of that street vibe into your life, you can’t go wrong with the Pyle PBMSPG50 portable boombox that comes enhanced with many connectivity options including Bluetooth. The sound is surprisingly thunderous for its compact size and taking its features into consideration is easy to see how this would be a great buy for a portable speaker.

The first thing that’s noticeable at a glance is its small size. It’s obvious that the PBMSPG50 Street Vibe was made to be as portable as possible, lightweight and compact enough to take it with you wherever you need to blast your favorite tunes. There are many occasions and events where having a portable boombox like this one can turn you into the center of attention and get everyone into a party mood.

One of its most prized features is the Bluetooth wireless music streaming functionality. In just a few steps you can get your Bluetooth-enabled device connected and you can start enjoying the convenience of a high-definition musical experience with no wires. There’s also no lag as long as you remain within a wide range of 28 foot without too many interferences. Pairing through the NFC feature of an Android smartphone is also possible for the fastest connectivity.

Bluetooth definitely adds enough versatility into the mix as you can connect pretty much any supporting device you own. For some extra flexibility, Pyle implemented even more options. There’s support offered for Micro SD cards and transmitting your music to the speaker can also be done via a USB Flash drive. With so many options you can keep going for longer so this is definitely a strong point.

The sound quality seems very promising thanks to Pyle’s ingenious ported tube design which should provide an extended bass performance. In terms of stereo sounding, this boombox delivers a full range reproduction for a well-defined sound with plenty of textures and more dimensionality. If you are expecting the typical mediocre sound of a regular boombox you are in for quite a surprise as this one takes the audio quality a level above the competition.

Controlling the unit is easy thanks to the intuitive buttons and the rechargeable battery can give you approximately 4.5 hours of continuous play so there are plenty of reasons to love the Street Vibe from Pyle. For the price, this one is definitely a steal if you prefer the more modern looking boomboxes that bring advanced technology to the table for a superior sonic experience.

Specifications list:

  • 2 Stereo Speakers
  • FM Radio & Sleep Timer Function
  • Digital LCD Display with Adjustable Brightness
  • Touch Button Controls
  • Lightweight, Portable & Compact
  • Bluetooth and NFC
  • USB Flash and Micro SD Memory Card Readers
  • Aux In Jack
  • Incredible Bass Performance
  • Full Range Stereo Sound Reproduction
  • Large capacity Rechargeable Battery

Best Bass Boombox

7. iHome iBT4GC Bluetooth Rechargeable Boombox with FM Radio

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The iHome iBT4GC is a solid Bluetooth rechargeable boombox that integrates an FM radio and has a very interesting retro-looking design that’s sure to appeal to some music lovers. In particular, fans of Apple’s minimalistic design are definitely going to appreciate the sleek elegant look of this portable music box.

Part of iHome’s growing portfolio of Bluetooth speakers, the iBT4GC features very convenient wireless pairing with any device with Bluetooth capabilities. It comes with a wall adapter but the boombox has a built-in battery that can be charged allowing for great portability. On the top of the unit, there’s a screen used for tuning the FM radio. The big control buttons along with the round volume dials can be found here too. A very solid handle is also present for easier transporting of the boombox.

The design may give a strange vibe to some, looking very industrial and inorganic somehow but honestly, the combination of the circle shapes and the basic box is truly fitting. Coating the iBT4GC with a soft to the touch rubber seems like a good idea as this is a more budget-friendly option for a boombox.

In the sonic department, iHome’s device doesn’t offer any spectacular thrills but it’s certainly competent enough to please most casual listeners who need a portable music solution. You can kind of get the feeling that it was made to be turned up loud quickly without many adjustments and simply let the music be enjoyed anywhere. Using regular volume levels, the general audio impression is nice, without any audible distortion, there’s a decently treble-offset sound though is hard not to notice the tendency for bass domination. Concerned audiophiles should most likely look elsewhere but for bringing loud music with balanced sound quality outdoors, this boombox does a great job.

At this price point, this portable speaker manufactured by iHome offers a good package of features and a pleasant design. The sound quality is more than reasonable too so if you’re in the market for a boombox that’s worth the money, this might be a strong candidate.

Specifications list:

  • SRS TruBass and Bluetooth technology
  • 100V-240V universal voltage AC adaptor
  • Aux in jack
  • Aux out jack to connect multiple speakers
  • Sturdy construction with pivoting handle
  • Durable rubberized cabinet finish

8. Sony ZSBTY50 Portable NFC Bluetooth Wireless Boombox Speaker System

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A great all purpose boombox, the ZSBTY50 is another decent model from Sony. It’s a more modern looking boombox and it comes equipped with Bluetooth and NFC pairing to ensure a wireless music listening experience. The size seems to be just right and the price is certainly very tempting for a quality product such as this one.

Bluetooth audio streaming is nowadays essential for any modern portable speaker and the Sony won’t disappoint as it allows easy one-touch Bluetooth pairing with NFC technology. This function works as intended and the range won’t pose any issues. The lighting effects can be synchronized with your music thanks to the Light Sync capabilities of this boombox. It works with 6 R14 batteries which are included for your convenience.

Considering the size, the sound is very powerful, satisfying to listen to both indoors and outdoors. For some people, the volume could be a bit low but for general purposes, it’s loud enough. The bass too feels strong enough for such a small unit and it can be enhanced further with the Mega Bass option. It can be said that this one is a safe bet for a solid audio quality Bluetooth boombox at this price.

The included FM tuner can be set up quickly and painlessly for those who prefer listening to their favorite stations on the go. A slight complaint about Sony’s design choice would be how they managed to add such a tiny antenna for an otherwise excellent FM tuner in this unit.

The quality of the build is quite sturdy, the modern looks are well complemented by a convenient carry handle placed in the front. You’ll find the play/pause/skip/prev buttons for controlling the speaker handy at your fingertips. They click well and the thick plastic of the case is very solid adding good weight to the boombox.

The ZSBTY50 from Sony can cover all your portable entertainment needs in style. Some people might miss the presence of a USB port but considering how smoothly the Bluetooth pairing goes, it’s all good. Taking everything that’s been said about this Bluetooth/ FM radio boombox combo, we can conclude that this is a device worth the money spent on it because it’s highly portable, offers excellent audio quality and looks very pleasing to the eye.

Specifications list:

  • Bass-reflex design
  • Bluetooth and easy to pair through NFC
  • Powerful Bass
  • Lighting effects synchronize with the selected music source
  • AM/FM Stereo Tuner with 30 stations already in memory
  • 16 hours of battery life depending on usage

9. Bem HL2021B Boom Box

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Bem Wireless is focused on bringing the quality sound with you anywhere with their HL2021B boombox which looks promising in all regards. The most interesting feature is the audio output which is set on delivering clarity on all volume levels and precision-tuned beats. The design is also very nicely finished giving a very sleek and classy feel. There’s a lot to look forward to in this boombox considering its very affordable price tag.

The HL2021B is made of a sturdy front and back metal casing to withstand some harsher conditions from outdoors. Despite the durable impression, it feels surprisingly soft to the touch thanks to Bem’s material choice for the finish. The size is quite adequate, the HL2021B is keeping a low profile and yet manages to remain distinguished in the crowd of boomboxes on the market through its rounded stylish looks. On the device, there are many LED indicators found which are useful for making you aware of the status of the power level, charging, and the Bluetooth connectivity.

This one’s a Bluetooth capable device, able to pair with any supporting devices. Connecting to the Bem HL2021B is done very fast and hassle-free. The wireless life is definitely preferable to using limiting wires but still, Bem allows for more flexibility in its connectivity options. In case you need more options for connecting to this boombox you can rest assured as Aux In and Out are provided for plugging in nearly any portable device.

In terms of audio quality, the Bem HL2021B offers 2.1 channel stereo playback which delivers amazingly clear highs and tight, well-defined bass. Looking at the price of this boombox, it’s no exaggeration to say that the sounds produced by it are exceeding expectations. The bass response, in particular, is great for the size. This is still a portable speaker though so the sound won’t please die-hard audiophiles. In spite of that, it still represents an outstanding choice for those hoping to buy a boombox with a very balanced sound and deep bass.

Another aspect that needs to be mentioned because it adds a lot to the value of the HL2021B is the big battery life. It can last easily for 10 hours which is quite generous. If you don’t crank up the volume at very high levels it might even last longer so overall only good news. At this price, this one is hands down one of the best choices for a boombox. Powerful high-quality sound and plenty of features create a bright picture for the Bem HL2021B.

Specifications list:

  • Stereo sound
  • 25feet wireless range
  • Touch-sensitive buttons
  • Power level, charging and Bluetooth indicators
  • Aux in and out
  • Metal casing
  • Soft-touch finish and low-profile design
  • About 10 hours of battery life
  • Auto pair

10. Ematic EBB9224BK CD Bluetooth Boombox

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Ematic’s very portable and balanced feature-wise boombox called EBB9224 gains a spot in the list of the best boomboxes for its excellent quality for the money. It can connect with Bluetooth-enabled devices and its portable design with a solid carrying handle makes this model an ideal solution for the on-the-go user.

Besides streaming music wirelessly, you also have the option to play CDs and thanks to an integrated FM tuner you can also sit back and enjoy the radio. Thanks to its built-in microphone you are also able to take calls easily as long as you remain within the 30 feet range of the Bluetooth. For those who need more connectivity possibilities, Ematic added a line-in for plugging in those devices without Bluetooth. A line-out is also present for connecting your earphones or a larger stereo system.

The size of the portable speaker is tinier than you’d expect but if you value a more compact boombox, this one fits the bill. It’s not very heavy so you can also easily take it with you in your travels. There are also different choices for the colors, you can get one in blue and red beside black, more variety is always a good thing. Don’t be deceived by the size in regards to the sound quality. The EBB9224 packs a considerable punch offering a reasonably clear and crisp sound above its competitors in the same price bracket.

The radio reception is decent, a telescoping antenna considerably helps with catching your favorite local stations. The reduced loudness is perhaps its weakest point though it’s not surprising for such a tiny boombox. It’s not a good idea to listen to louder levels of volume with such devices considering the distortions you might experience. Ematic focused on portability and versatility above all else so it’s understandable.

All in all, this one is a solid option for a budget friendly boombox which has Bluetooth, a CD player, and a radio tuner. The audio quality is fairly balanced for the small size of the speaker though it seems that portability is its main strong point. Overall this is a recommended choice for the money.

Specifications list:

  • Speakerphone functionality for answering calls
  • Jack for connecting devices without Bluetooth
  • Line-out for earphones or for using a larger stereo system
  • AM/FM radio
  • CD player
  • Carrying handle
  • Telescoping antenna
  • Bluetooth 2.0