The 8 Best Camera Cleaning Kits of 2019

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Maintaining your camera in perfect condition is important for it to function well in the field. Cleaning it regularly is required as the outdoors can be pretty harsh to the delicate components of a camera, especially to the lens. It can gather dust, debris, and dirt or it gets fogged with mist and sea spray residue. Your skin can also bring unwanted oils and smudge the glass. You might also be interested in our articles about the best phone camera lenses and the best instant cameras.

A good solution for this problem is a camera cleaning kit which contains all the essential items for thoroughly cleaning the camera but not only that, it also provides the correct items to do it. If you’re in the middle of a shoot and you have to quickly wipe the lens with a tissue, that can potentially scratch it so it’s strongly advised to avoid this kind of situations.

There are some rules regarding the cleaning process of a camera:

1. Don’t clean the lens unless it’s necessary

Although glass is durable, there are advanced coatings and certain chemicals that can be found on the surface of the lens. This makes the lens more vulnerable to scratches so it’s best to avoid repeated physical interaction as well as to keep fingerprints and dirt away as much as possible. Storing the camera in a bag and always using the lens caps is recommended to keep the optics clean.

2. Dust will always find a way

Dust is basically everywhere and no matter how hard you try to be careful with your camera it will find a way to constantly get on and inside your lens. Even though it may seem like a really bad situation, dust isn’t such a huge issue. A lens that sits for a long time on a shelf will collect a very thick layer of dust and it’s pretty obvious that it will have a huge impact on the quality of the photos. But, a few specs of dust that occasionally find their way inside the lens or on it, will not affect the image quality.

3. Watch out for rear smudges

Because of the narrow focus of the light through the back of the lens, you need to be extra careful of smudges and oily fingerprints on the rear element as this will have a very large impact on the quality of the produced images. The rear element of the lens is not as prone to getting oily or dirty though but it’s still important to keep this in mind.
If you want to get the most out of your camera, you need to choose wisely and go for a camera cleaning kit that’s worth the money. A lot of research went into the creation of this list which contains the best cleaning kits for your camera, the most cost-effective options on the market right now so take a look.

Best Buy Camera Cleaning Kit

1. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

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The professional camera cleaning kit from Altura contains pretty much everything most camera users need to get a solid cleaning job done. Besides the alcohol-free solution, there are lots of goodies included such as a lens cleaning pen, a lens brush, and an air blower cleaner among others. The price is one of the best you can find considering the overall value of each individual item.

The first kit component that you will probably notice is the cleaning solution which comes in a very ergonomic bottle and it’s easy to use and clean all of your sensitive lenses. The solution doesn’t contain alcohol, ammonia, and a big plus is also the fact that it’s completely odor free. It cleans without leaving any residue and it’s able to dissipate static without relying on harmful detergents.

The bottle has been designed to be used more comfortably and for avoiding any accidents that can damage your camera lens. The button used to operate it is spring-loaded to ensure that you’re spraying the right amount and don’t go overboard. The tight threading will prevent any leakages and the material is durable enough to withstand the test of time.

Among the items provided in this kit, we can also count the MagicFiber cleaning cloths. There are three pieces of them and they are perfectly safe for lenses and all surfaces as the extremely fine microfiber won’t leave any scratches or marks.

Altura also supplies a lens cleaning pen that has a retractable soft brush to stay clean when you’re not using it. It can be helpful for dusting off any debris and particles. For some extra cleaning, you can try the cleaning brush too and Altura provides a booklet containing 50 sheets of high-quality tissue papers.

The last item from this set that you can take advantage of is the air blow cleaner that directs a nice stream of air to remove all that dirt from lenses and those difficult specks.

This kit is highly recommended to anyone who owns a DSLR camera. It’s very fairly priced and contains many essential items that shouldn’t miss from the arsenal of anyone who cares about maintaining their camera in perfect condition. The included brushes are truly helping to keep the lenses clean and the blower will remove all that dust from any camera. All in all, this represents an excellent value bundle.

Key Features:

  • Alcohol-free, Ammonia-free, and Odor free
  • MagicFiber Microfiber
  • Contents: Cleaner Bottle, Lens Cleaning Pen, Lens Brush, Air Blower Cleaner, Cleaning Sheets, Cleaning Cloths

Best Camera Lens Cleaning Kit

2. CamKix Professional Camera Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

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One of the most appreciated sets out there, the CamKix cleaning set is a very comprehensive kit for taking care of a dirty DSLR camera. It provides a solid variety of handy tools to ensure that the camera is always spotless and functions correctly. The low price seems very attractive for what it offers and this is perhaps the primary reasons why this one is recommended.

Cleaning a DSLR is not an easy job, and this cleaning kit should make the process much more comfortable even for those unfamiliar with the way you have to care for a camera. It has an air blower to eliminate the dust and dirt that inevitably accumulate on the lenses and the camera sensor. Thanks to a powerful stream of air, you will get cleaner components in no time.

Another interesting item from this kit is the double ended pen with its retractable brush. It’s used to remove dust and dirt found at the edges of the lens or in those hard to reach crevices and the main advantage of it is that it’s gentler and more accurate. It’s a safer alternative to just using basic tissues or cloths to clean the lens. This is mostly due to the fact that it has a carbon cleaning tip which removes fingerprints and grease and doesn’t leave behind any debris or fibers.

The re-usable spray bottle from this set is another great item to check out. It’s filled with a nice cleaning solution that’s alcohol-free and it can be refilled when you’ve used up all of the liquid. Microfiber cleaning cloths have also been provided for your convenience and CamKix generously includes five of them.

Taking into account all these great items and the affordable price, the CamKix camera cleaning kit is an excellent purchase for everyone with an interest in taking better care of their delicate DSLR equipment. It’s great for cleaning lenses and it can also be a great gift for someone who’s into professional photography. Overall, this is definitely a highly recommended product.

Key Features:

  • Air blower for removing dust
  • Re-usable spray bottle with alcohol-free cleaning fluid
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths
  • 50 Sheet Pack of Lens Tissues
  • Double sided lens cleaning pen

Best Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

3. Altura Photo Professional Cleaning Kit for Cameras and Sensors

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Altura is specialized in the manufacturing of cleaning kits for cameras and sensors. This kit is destined for those who wish to take better care of the sensors of their camera. It includes lots of handy tools but the main highlight is the pack of six cleaning swabs that are designed specifically to remove the dirt from APS-C sensors. In terms of cost, it’s understandable to see a higher price tag for this kit, but it can be worth the investment if you want a more professional-grade cleaning solution.

The cleaning liquid is based on natural ingredients as Altura avoided the use of alcohol, solvents, detergents, and ammonia. It’s perfectly safe for all electronics and it should work best for digital imaging sensors and multi-coated lenses. The fact that this solution is also made in the USA it’s another reason why you can be more trusting of this kit.

Designed to tackle the problem of dirty camera sensors, this set contains six individually wrapped cleaning swabs. They have been vacuum-sealed and fabricated in a sterile environment to ensure the best quality and for doing the best cleaning job.

Among the additionally included accessories, it’s worth mentioning the MagicFiber cleaning cloth for the lens, the powerful air blower, the cleaning brush, and the lens cleaning pen. Altura also supplies 50 sheets of lens cleaning tissue paper which are of exceptional quality.

To store everything in one place and for extra protection, the manufacturer offers a carrying case with a hard shell. You can use it to take all of your camera and sensor cleaning tools anywhere you go and it’s very helpful to keep things neatly organized.

With so many premium items in this pack, the camera cleaning process will become much more enjoyable. This is especially recommended for cleaning camera sensors and if you have a slightly bigger budget. The cleaning kit is well thought out, everything seems to be of high-quality, including the swabs and the large, durable case which is a nice bonus.

Key Features:

  • 16 mm Dry Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  • All-Natural 2 oz. Cleaner
  • Lens Cleaning Pen
  • Hard Carrying Case
  • Air Blower
  • 50 Sheet Lens Tissue Paper
  • Large Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

4. UES APS-C Frame (CCD/CMOS) Digital Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

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Cleaning the sensor of any DSLR camera is an important job if you want to keep your equipment in excellent condition. With the help of a good cleaning kit that’s intended precisely for that purpose, this job can be dealt with more efficiently. A nice example is this camera sensor cleaning kit by UES which at a first impression looks like it’s totally worth the money.

Damaging the sensor is one of the primary worries for any camera owner who decides to clean their DSLR. You have to use a special swab that’s compatible with your camera’s sensors. In this kit, you will find 12 cleaning swabs that have a width of 16mm and should be compatible with basically all APS-C frame sensors. The head of the swab is very soft and each comes in a vacuumed package to guarantee that you don’t introduce more dust into your important camera components.

Besides the cleaning swabs, you will also find a special sensor cleaner liquid which has been formulated for camera sensor cleaning. It’s made from ultrapure water, it dries very fast, is 100% non-toxic and doesn’t contain alcohol. The solution is stored in a leak-proof bottle to prevent any spilling problems during shipping.

To achieve the best cleaning results, it’s essential to follow certain recommendations. It’s usually a good idea to work in a bright and clean area so that you can do a more effective cleaning job. Drip 1-2 drops of cleaning solution on the head of the soft swab and gently drag it on the sensor from the left to right. You will achieve a spotless sensor in no time as you turn the swab around and this time drag the clean side from the right to the left of the sensor.

It would have been nice if UES included more tools in this kit but if you only want the swabs and the special liquid for sensor cleaning, it makes more sense to get this pack instead of one that contains unnecessary items. In conclusion, this is a nice little kit for those that specifically want to deal with a dirty camera sensor and don’t want to spend too much on a bigger kit. Highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • 12pcs 16mm cleaning swabs
  • 15ml Sensor Cleaner
  • Swabs made in dust-free environment
  • Super soft and flexible swab head
  • Sensor cleaner made from ultrapure water
  • Safe cleaner for CCD and CMOS image sensors

5. Tycka Professional Camera Cleaning Kit TK005

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Doing a solid cleaning job is only possible if you purchase a more professional camera cleaning kit. The Tycka TK005 is one of the best options on the market and there are many reasons for that. It contains everything you could possibly need including a waterproof protective carrying case, sensor cleaning swabs, and a very strong air blower.

The cleaner solution is made using good ingredients, without alcohol that could be damaging. You’ve got 30ml of cleaning liquid which safely removes oil, dust, and fingerprints from the lenses and sensors. The air blower is really impressive for the cost. It’s designed with a uni-body nozzle to prevent it from falling off when blowing a strong stream of air. It does a nice cleaning job removing the dust from the delicate camera components.

Tycka includes a microfiber cloth which was made to clean optics and it’s extra soft and gentle to ensure that it leaves no scratches or marks. Cotton swabs are provided and they are manufactured out of a special cotton fiber which doesn’t produce any dust and it’s therefore ideal for the cleaning process of the edges of a camera’s lenses.

The water-resistant hard-shell case is a nice addition, good for attaching it onto a knapsack and not having to worry about the sudden rain. It’s also great to keep all the kit’s components into a single place to get through a cleaning session quickly and efficiently.

A slight issue with this kit is perhaps the size of the kit itself. It is a little too big to carry around very comfortably but considering the price, it’s still a great bargain. If you want something that offers a complete set with everything needed to clean your camera, the Tycka TK005 is worth a shot. The materials used are of very high quality, especially for the swabs and the case and it can definitely be a pleasant surprise for any DSLR enthusiast who needs to maintain his equipment in perfect shape.

Key Features:

  • Non-Toxic Alcohol-Free Formula
  • 6 x Sensor Cleaning Swabs
  • Powerful Air Blower
  • Extremely fine Microfiber
  • Water-resistant Protective Carrying Case

6. LS Photography Photo Camera Cleaning Brush Kit

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The LS Photography camera cleaning kit is a decent set which contains some nice items for the money. The price is the main highlight of this kit as it’s incredibly low for what it offers. Don’t expect outstanding quality but you can be pretty satisfied with the lens cleaning pen, cleaning brush and many other interesting additions which we’ll further discuss below.

One of the essential items found in basically any camera cleaning kit is the cleaning liquid. It’s also present here and even if it doesn’t seem like anything special, it does a good job at removing dirt, smudges, and oily fingerprints from your delicate lenses. A cleaning brush is provided and it can be used on sensors from digital cameras and not only that. It efficiently cleans telescopes, microscopes, and other precision equipment that requires it.

A lens cleaning pen has been included and it’s designed to clean lenses, scopes, night vision goggles, and binoculars. LS Photography added in total six SuperFiber lens cleaning cloths which are particularly gentle to keep the surfaces of lenses safe from scratches or streaks. There are no threads, coarse edges or strings which is good news. These cloths are perfectly safe for DSLR lenses but they should also do a solid cleaning job for other objects like eyeglasses or LCD screens.

Finally, the last item worth your attention is the air blower which initially looks promising but then you might get a little disappointed with its blowing power. It’s not a very powerful air blower but this is somehow understandable considering the low cost of the whole kit. If quality compromises have been made, they’ve clearly been made on the blower.

When everything about this set is considered, the final conclusion is that it represents a decent pack of cleaning tools for camera lenses. The LS Photography kit is not exactly impressive but it should definitely find some happy customers who aren’t willing to spend too much. A small downside would be the lack of a storage pouch or case but at this price, you can’t really ask for too much. All in all, this is worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Double Tipped Cleaning Brush Pen
  • Super Soft Cleaning Cloth
  • Rocket Air Blower
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Lens Cleaning Paper Tissue Pack

Best DSLR Camera Cleaning Kit

7. UES Camera Cleaning Kit Essential Package for DSLR

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UES offers some quality cleaning kits for DSLR cameras and this is one of their best. It contains lots of great items to clean both the lenses and the sensor. The lens pen, in particular, is very effective and the air blower is powerful enough to take your cleaning to the next level.

This package contains all the essentials for those who want to get serious with their camera cleaning work. The most interesting items are probably the cotton and sensor swabs. You get 8 anti-static treated cotton swabs that are guaranteed dust-free and lint-free and these are highly recommended to deal with the cleaning of the edges of a lens.

The sensor cleaning swabs are made in a controlled environment without dust and each swab comes pre-packaged in a vacuum bag for your convenience. They are compatible with virtually all APS-C type sensors and they work well for both CCD or CMOS sensors.

An air blower has been added to the kit for blowing those light dust particles off the lens and is important when you first start cleaning your camera. It’s always recommended to use it instead of blowing air with your mouth as there’s a risk of coating the lens with saliva. The nozzle on this air blower is extra soft for avoiding accidental damage from contact with the lens.

UES provides a quality lens pen with active carbon powder that’s capable of absorbing oil stains, dirt, and fingerprints from any lens. It has a retractable design to make sure that the brush stays clean when it’s not used. A super fine and soft brush is also included to remove the dust in the seam.

Other notable additions are the two wet wipes, a microfiber cleaning cloth, 50 sheets of special tissue paper for camera cleaning and a convenient portable bag to keep everything in one place. As you can see, UES created a truly valuable kit by adding so many useful items for thoroughly cleaning lenses and sensors of DSLR cameras. If you need a decent camera cleaning kit in all regards and at a good price for what it offers, this is for you.

Key Features:

  • 2 APS-C sensor cleaning swabs
  • Professional lens pen
  • Hurricane air blower
  • Sensors packed in individual vacuum package
  • Small convenience bag

8. AmazonBasics Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras

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The last kit worth looking at is the one from AmazonBasics. It’s a good little set which has some valuable tools for facilitating the cleaning process for any camera. There are probably better options out there but this deserves a spot on this list considering its low cost. You get a cleaning pen, lens brush, 50 sheets of lens-cleaning tissue paper, 3 microfiber cleaning cloths, and an air blower.

The first item that you are going to need to execute a correct cleaning process is the air blower. The one offered in this kit is actually surprisingly good at removing dust particles especially when you need to clean the sensor. When it comes to the brush, things aren’t looking that good though. It has lint-free bristles to ensure a soft touch, but it’s a bit too rough to touch filters. Still, it can do a decent job of cleaning the lenses.

A cleaning pen is supplied for reaching those difficult places and it comes with a soft brush on one end that’s retractable as well as a soft pad on the other end to clean smudges and remove fingerprints.

The sheets of tissue paper are completely safe for the multicoated lenses of DSLR cameras leaving no scratches or residue behind. With a good level of softness, the three microfiber cleaning cloths ensure a safe cleaning and a refillable empty spray bottle completes the package. It would have been nice if the kit contained a cleaning solution but for this cost is not really an issue. You can use your own which can be considered an advantage for some.

DSLR cameras are sensitive pieces of equipment and should be properly maintained. This kit will help you with that as it contains everything needed to clean the lenses safely and thoroughly and nothing extra that you probably wouldn’t use anyway. Taking into account the fair price and the good quality of the items included, this kit is recommended.

Key Features:

  • Cleaning pen with retractable soft brush
  • Lens brush
  • 50 sheets of lens-cleaning tissue paper
  • 3 microfiber 6-by-7-inch cleaning cloths
  • Easy to use