The 6 Best Dumbbell Racks of 2018

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If you’re assembling your own little gym at home, you need a way to organize your weights. This is where dumbbell racks come into play. These provide a convenient storage solution and they come with multiple layouts to cover different needs. When you start to get further in your weight lifting training exercises, you will definitely need a simple method to keep your dumbbells in one place. Having them lying around everywhere could be very impractical and unsafe so with the help of an adequate rack your weights are convenient to access and use. You might also be interested in our articles about the best pilates reformers and the best vibrating watches.

Dumbbell racks aren’t really entry-level products. If you’re just starting out, you won’t be using enough weights to justify the investment yet. For anyone who’s finally ready to take it to the next step and get themselves a sturdy dumbbell rack, there are some good options on the market. The secret is the way you choose. To make your job simpler, let’s take a look at the most relevant things to consider when shopping for a dumbbell rack:

1. Type of rack

To figure out which type of dumbbell rack works best for your needs, the first step is to pay closer attention to the dumbbells you use. Some common types of dumbbell racks are ‘A-frame’ and ‘3 Tier’. The first is called that way because it resembles the shape of the letter A. It’s more compact when compared to the 3 Tier rack and it’s recommended for those who rely on mostly small or light weights for their exercise sessions.

A 3 Tier rack is bigger in size and more expensive than an A-frame rack. It’s intended for those who need multiple rows to place heavier dumbbells and they can come in different designs, either straight or angled.

2. Storage capacity

Some people are just starting so they don’t have high demands in terms of storage capacity. Others are constantly expanding their sets of weights so this is why you need to consider the storage capacity of your desired dumbbell rack. If you plan on adding more weights in the future, it’s recommended to get a rack with a larger storage capacity.

3. Budget

More basic dumbbell racks cost less so they’re better suited for those with limited budgets. If you can afford to get multiple sets of weights you can probably invest some more in a 3 Tier rack that’s usually more costly but offers greater expanding possibilities.

Finding the best dumbbell rack on the market is not a very complicated task. All it takes is knowing more precisely what to look for. With these considerations in mind, let’s dig into the best dumbbell racks for the money. Check out individual reviews for the products that represent the most cost-effective ways to cover your needs.

1. Marcy DBR-86 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Marcy has a well-known reputation for providing dependable fitness equipment. When it comes to dumbbell racks one of their most appreciated models is the DBR-86, a 3-tier unit which would fit great in a home gym. Some of the highlights include a strong welded construction, ergonomically designed structure, and a matted surface due to its powder-coat finish.

Thanks to the angled design of this 3 Tier dumbbell rack, you will benefit from extra convenience when picking up your weights. The rack can be positioned in various places in your home gym and the accessibility remains the same. It’s also worth adding that this is a very compact dumbbell rack for a 3 Tier model.

The whole structure of the rack stands firm thanks to the commercial-grade steel used to reinforce the construction. You can expect the frame to accommodate heavy loads securely and it won’t have issues even if you use it intensively over time. The secret for this impressive damage resistance lies in its powder-coated finish.

This finish has been designed to reinforce the matted surface of the dumbbell rack so it can maintain its robustness in time. The frame is resistant to scratches which can happen by accident pretty often. Even if gear that’s really heavy is implicated, tarnishing this rack will not be easy.

When it comes to maintaining stability on the floor, this model’s equipped with rubberized feet. These will prevent floor damage and they are also dependable when you re-stock the rack with dumbbells which add a noticeable impact that needs to be absorbed somehow without causing the whole structure to slide.

Considering Marcy’s history in creating capable products for keeping you in shape, the DBR-86 is an excellent dumbbell rack in all regards. From the ingenious design choices to its impressive robustness and stability, this rack deserves a high spot on this list. It’s perfect to keep all your important weights in one secure place.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Durable powder-coated finish
  • Compact design
  • Multi-level storage
  • Rubberized feet
  • Accommodates dumbbells of various sizes

2. XMARK XM-3107 Heavy-Duty Dumbbell Rack

One model that’s particularly attractive is the XMARK XM-3107, a 3 Tier dumbbell rack capable of holding even the heaviest weights with ease. Besides its reliable steel construction that resists scratches, this rack also offers angled shelves and a particularly tall shelf lip.

If you’re serious about a full body workout you will need dumbbells of different weight. You need a very sturdy and versatile rack to keep all those weights firmly in place and this model seems to be able to achieve just that. It stores almost any weights, from pairs of 5 pounds to heavier 50 pounds dumbbells and it relies on an angled design.

You can retrieve your weights easier thanks to the slight angle and because safety matters too, the racks have anti-slip properties. The fact that this is a large dumbbell rack can be very advantageous to many who dislike having to crowd multiple weights together. This could be quite unsightly so that’s why this model offers plenty of storage space.

There are tough rubberized feet provided for ensuring the best protection against floor scratches. This model also features a baked-on powder-coat finish that makes the entire structure less prone to any kind of damage. The width of each dumbbell tray is 4 feet and the total weight is 80 pounds.

Besides making your exercise area feel more spacious, this dumbbell rack could be considered a superb addition in terms of aesthetics. Its sleek appearance is sure to be suitable if you wish to integrate it with the rest of your home gym equipment.

Great for this cost considering the quality, the XMARK XM-3107 is a dumbbell rack that has a lot to offer. It’s highly capable of holding almost any kind of dumbbell without too much effort and it works particularly well for hex dumbbells. This one’s definitely sturdy though you will need some room to keep it as it occupies quite a lot space.

Key Features:

  • Angled shelves
  • Tall shelf lip for secure storage
  • 14-gauge steel mainframe construction
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Holds 5 to 50 pounds weights complete sets

3. Marcy DBR-56 Rack Free Dumbbell Rack

Another Marcy dumbbell rack that can cover well the needs of those who plan on creating their own gym at home is the DBR-56, a model which provides various trays to fit dumbbells of different sizes without any extra effort. It’s geared towards those who need to save some space and are looking for a good balance of durability and compactness.

Free space could be very important for many people so investing in a more compact dumbbell rack like this one is a smart solution. This rack has an ergonomically designed structure and it’s slim enough to be placed with ease in any home gym area. It has various trays which fit dumbbells of different sizes.

Despite the cost, this model shows off the same kind of solid construction that you can expect from Marcy. You can rest assured that your weights stay safely in place as the rack is manufactured using strong steel which doesn’t shy away from heavy loads.

This is a product intended to be used for a long time as evidenced by the special finish applied for enhancing the durability. The structure is reinforced with this coating for guaranteeing that its surface won’t be affected by scuffs and scratches.

Among the dumbbells that this model can safely accommodate we can number weight plates, kettlebells, or any other dumbbell style. It works particularly well for hexagonal dumbbells but it doesn’t really matter because the rectangular frame can easily manage to deliver superior support and stability for a wide range of gym accessories.

Considering the great value offered by the Marcy DBR-56, the final conclusion is a highly positive one. While it doesn’t seem as sturdy as some 3 Tier models, this dumbbell rack has enough strength to support even multiple heavy weights. It’s small but it does the job as expected so this is why it’s highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steelwork
  • Slim and space-saving design
  • Durable frame
  • Polished anti-scratch surface
  • Powder coating

4. CAP Barbell Two Tier Dumbbell Rack

One solid dumbbell rack to take into account is this one made by CAP Barbell. It only offers two racks but it boasts a strong steel construction with a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. It has a stylish blend of black and white to fit in nicely in any home gym. Let’s see this 2 Tier rack’s features a bit more in-depth.

Among the dumbbells that this model has been created to handle we can count hexagonal cast iron/rubber coated, pro-style, and chrome. The total capacity of 500 pounds is possible thanks to the heavy-gauge steel used in the manufacturing process. Even if this is only a 2 Tier rack, it still offers plenty of space to deposit your training weights without too much overcrowding.

Lifting the dumbbells from the lower level with less effort is done thanks to the special angled design. The full length of the racks is 20” making this an ideal setup for anyone trying to build their own gym at home. The weights can be easily grabbed without pinching your fingers and the same can be said about putting them back on.

As this model contains phthalate chemicals, you might have some issues with getting this model if you’re from California so keep that in mind. That’s about the only drawback you can find for such a great all-around dumbbell rack.

If a 3 Tier dumbbell rack is too much for your needs, this 2 Tier model from CAP Barbell could be exactly what you were looking for. It’s more affordable and it promises the same level of sturdy quality as more expensive units. Setting it up is easy so if you have a small set of dumbbells in need of a new home, this one should be considered.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Black and white finish
  • 40″ storage space
  • 500 lbs. weight
  • Angled design

5. Body Solid GDR363 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

For anyone who got tired of leaving heavy dumbbells on the floor, a powerful solution comes from Body Solid. The GDR363 is a reliable 3 Tier dumbbell rack that acts as a horizontal display for all your important weights. No matter the types of dumbbells that you own this seems more than capable to handle them.

Whether against a wall or centered in your room, this dumbbell rack can feel at home in lots of places. All the sides of the rack’s frame have welded construction using heavy gauge steel. Some of the best precautions have been taken to ensure the optimal safety of this model.

When it comes to hex dumbbells, you can expect the frame to hold one pair each of 5-50 pounds. It can basically accept a total of 9 pairs of hexagonal dumbbells. Taking into account the 40 x 30 x 20 inches measurements, it’s safe to say that this would fit well in a room without occupying too much space. Keep in mind that this is still a 3 Tier dumbbell rack so it’s designed to meet the needs of more advanced users.

This unit is both strong and space-efficient. You can fit exactly the dumbbells you need with ease. Safety is also important, so the manufacturer took extra care to have the welded construction deburred both inside and out. To keep the frame in good shape, there’s a container of touch-up paint included which is a nice bonus.

Considering the robust frame, spaciousness, and user-friendliness, the Body Solid GDR363 represents a strong competitor on the market for 3 Tier dumbbell racks. It would have been nicer if the tiers had a staggered layout to simplify the access to the lower tiers, but all in all, this is worth the investment.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-gauge steel
  • Welded construction
  • Can hold multiple pairs of hexagonal dumbbells
  • Deburred inside
  • Space-efficient design

6. Marcy DBR-0117 Combo Weight Storage Rack

The last Marcy product that’s worth some attention is the DBR-0117 model. This one’s a combo-weights storage rack as it allows for safekeeping of other weights besides dumbbells. It’s helpful to have a multi-purpose rack like this one if you use a wider range of equipment such as kettlebells and weight plates.

The steel tubes used in the manufacturing process are strong enough to withstand various weights and overall the construction doesn’t disappoint. The whole structure has been created with smart ergonomics in mind. A good mix of compactness and stability is achieved through the versatile rectangular frame.

This multi-purpose rack delivers in terms of both functionality and elegance. It’s protected from accidental scratches through a hammertone-finish which has been added to increase the durability of the structure over time. The dumbbell rack comes with 4 storage posts to keep more gym equipment in the same place.

Another thing that’s important when it comes to scratches is to protect your floor. This is why the manufacturer included rubber base caps. Say goodbye to ugly scratches or other marks left on the floor from heavy gym tools. It’s nice to see how the manufacturer paid extra attention to details like this.

The assembling process for the whole structure won’t take very long. As the instructions are fairly comprehensive, pretty much anyone can figure it out how to put the parts together, especially when you have all the tools needed already supplied in the package.

If you wish to start fully enjoying your exercise routine, there’s hardly a better way than maintaining your weights in perfect order. Any strength training program at home can benefit from the Marcy DBR-0117, a reliable multi-function weights rack. Having just one piece of equipment to hold together everything you use could be very convenient.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Hammertone finish
  • Rubber base caps
  • Ideal for home use
  • Four easy access posts