The 8 Best Electric Scooters in 2024

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With the resurgence of clean energy solutions everywhere, it’s no surprise to see electric scooters gain more and more traction as excellent means of personal transportation. There are many interesting electrical cool gadgets that flooded the market in recent times, but the simple and fun electric scooter still remains extremely popular. Want the best

There are many options for kids and adults alike, for those who value portability and design as well as for the more dedicated users who prefer some extra speed and performance. In this list, all the best models of electric scooters have been selected based on their cost-effectiveness to simplify your research and help you find the right electric vehicle for your needs. It doesn’t matter what budget you have, just the right spirit to enter a world of freedom and fun created by the reliable and practical electrical scooters.

Best Buy Electric Scooter

1. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

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If you’re searching for a capable electric scooter, you can’t go wrong with the Razor Power Core E90. This is a well-designed model that offers an impressive runtime of 80 minutes. It’s a considerable improvement compared to the old E90 model thanks to the addition of the Power Core technology. Aside from increased battery life, the scooter performs better in terms of torque and motor efficiency.

As this electric scooter is intended for kids aged 8 or more, you can’t expect it to pick up speeds greater than 10mph. That’s more than enough for an enjoyable ride. The ride is equipped with a hand-operated front brake and boasts minimal maintenance requirements. Learning to use the electric scooter is a breeze as there’s a convenient push-button acceleration control. The electric motor is very quiet and the scooter comes with a retractable kickstand. Another great feature is the rear-wheel-drive for improved traction.

Best Fast Electric Scooter

2. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Scooter

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Anyone who wants to make an investment in a high-end electric scooter should check out the Segway Ninebot MAX. This is a fitting option for adults who want a premium scooter to cover their urban transportation needs. The unit provides an extremely comfortable level of riding while the 40.4 miles range ensures that you don’t have to charge the scooter very often. The 551Wh battery takes only around 6 hours for a full charge.

In terms of construction, this can be considered a heavy-duty electric scooter. It shows off IP7 water resistance and benefits from multiple durability enhancements. The design of the wheels seems to stand out thanks to the use of 10-inch pneumatic tires that can manage more than a few punctures. This electric scooter has great potential when it comes to uphill climbing and is strong enough to accommodate a weight load of up to 220 pounds. The top speed can reach 18.6mph.

Best Electric Scooter For Adults

3. Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

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Razor has lots of interesting electric scooters for people who want to go green and reduce their gas emissions. Take a look at the EcoSmart Metro model that can deliver an enjoyable riding experience for a reasonable cost. It’s crafted by fusing together modern design elements with traditional ones like a bamboo deck. The scooter represents an eco-friendly way to travel anywhere in silence and without a trail of noxious fumes.

Although it may not seem very powerful at first impression, the electric scooter packs quite a punch. Its 500W motor can offer a top speed of 18mph while the reliable battery system allows it to work non-stop for a maximum of 40 minutes. The large pneumatic tires provide excellent traction while the padded seat makes the ride more comfortable compared to other options. All in all, this Razor electric scooter can revolutionize the way you’re getting around the neighborhood.

Best Electric Scooter For Kids

4. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

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Another great Razor product, this one for kids only, is called E100 and features a smaller deck and a smaller frame too that’s suitable for children eight and up. This one is a quiet running electric scooter that reaches maximum speeds of 10 mph. It brings a fun riding experience for the price and that’s why it deserves a spot on this list.

E100’s materials are of decent quality and it seems Razor engineers incorporated the latest technology to create an electric scooter fitting for cruising around in the neighborhood without disturbing the neighbors. The electric motor is a super quiet chain driven model which makes for a great experience for everyone and not just the rider.

The decently sized 8-inch pneumatic tires add a lot to the comfort and smoothness of the ride. This scooter has a twist grip throttle and provides a strong front brake that’s operated by hand. Another useful feature is the retractable kickstand, perfect for riders off and on the go.

A capable 24 V sealed lead battery system which is fully rechargeable should offer prolonged fun for your kid. Razor promises around 40 minutes of ride time on a single charge which is not a spectacular value but still quite acceptable for the price of the scooter. Keep in mind that 40 minutes is calculated at full throttle so for general usage you should comfortably manage to reach one hour before the need to recharge appears.

If you are looking to purchase a great fun vehicle for your children, there’s hardly a more entertaining option out there than an electric scooter. The Razor E100 comes with four color choices including red, purple, and pink and taking all its great features into account, it’s safe to conclude that it is a very satisfying option for the price.

Product Highlights:

  • 24V rechargeable battery
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand front brake
  • 8-inch pneumatic front tire
  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • 40 minutes of continuous use maximum

5. Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter

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Offering solid performance and practical one-step fold design, the Hiboy MAX is an excellent electric scooter for the money. Whether you want one for commute or recreational travel, this could be the right solution. The electric scooter relies on an upgraded 350W motor that can reach 18.6mph. Aside from respectable performance, this model makes a great impression in other aspects as well, such as safety and comfort.

The scooter has an efficient braking system that’s engineered to be ultra-responsive. Thanks to the use of a front shock absorber, the scooter provides a more comfortable riding experience. Another great user-friendly aspect is the folding design. After a bit of practice, it shouldn’t take more than a couple of seconds to get the scooter in a folded position for convenient transportation. We also like the intuitive LED dashboard where you can check the battery level and speed modes at a glance. More complex riding statistics can be quickly accessed with the help of a dedicated smartphone app and Bluetooth connection.

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

6. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter

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Glion is a company created with a single goal in mind, to end boring commutes. Their patented vertical Dolly-Fold electric scooter is the company’s best bet for achieving this purpose. It’s a highly practical and flexible personal transport tool and comes with an exceptionally low price for its performance.

This electric scooter will dramatically increase mobility in urban areas thanks to its rechargeable 36v lithium ion battery that forms a powerful combination together with the potent 250-watt brushless motor. It can deliver enough boost to take you to reasonably fast speeds of up to 15 mph. The range of 15 miles is pretty good too. It only takes about 3.5 hours to reach a full charge so you can be ready to go quickly.

The aspect where this Glion electric scooter truly shines is the durability. Its frame is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum which has been specially treated to resist corrosion. The 8-inch tires of this vehicle are developed with a honeycomb interior, a design choice which ensures that they will never go flat. All the controls of this scooter are water resistant for your convenience.

Another strong point of this electric scooter is its portability. Foldable in seconds, this 28 pounds vehicle can be rolled with ease behind you and can be kept safely standing up in a closet. Besides the flexibility, Glion’s scooter is very fun and practical too. Adults are sure to enjoy gliding down a gentle hill and navigating around town. Learning to use the scooter is a breeze, the controls are quite straightforward. You have the twist-grip accelerator on the right and a twist-grip brake for securely stopping the scooter on your left.

The package of the Glion electric scooter contains a pedestrian bell and a cover bag. At this price point, this vehicle is an good option as an alternative means of transporting as well as a great solution for outdoor recreation. It offers all the features you would need for an efficient and portable transportation tool and therefore it’s strongly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Safe, durable, maintenance free
  • Lithium-ion battery-powered motor
  • Lightweight and folds easily
  • 15 mph max speed
  • Range Per Charge: 15 miles
  • 3.5 Hours Battery charge time

7. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

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Known for always providing quality electric scooters for adults and kids alike, Razor quickly became one of the most famous names in the industry. Their products manage to embody the spirit of freedom and fun and a great example is the E200, a very balanced option in terms of performance versus cost.

It’s designed to fit all ages starting from 13 and it can travel at a maximum speed of 12 mph. Not exceedingly fast but decent for everyday use in urban settings. It has a full-size deck and a steel frame and fork. The electric power engages a considerably quiet chain driven motor, a fact that’s definitely going to be appreciated by your neighbors.

It manages to offer a thrilling ride but Razor made no compromises on comfort. The rear brake delivers smooth stopping power and the 8-inch pneumatic tires enable smooth rolling on most surfaces. Operating the scooter is simple as the manufacturer included the controls for throttle and brake in a twist grip.

The battery can provide long lasting charges allowing for approximately 40 minutes of constant ride time. The actual run time may vary significantly but this is a pretty balanced value at this price level. Recharge times are a bit long, you have to leave the scooter to fully replenish its energy reserves for 12 hours. Razor includes in the package tools required for a light assembly, but that might vary depending on the seller and other factors

If getting a reliable electric scooter sounds like the right investment for you, you can’t go wrong with the Razor E200. It offers excellent performance for the money and its features are designed with the best riding experience in mind. An absolutely recommended choice all around.

Product Highlights:

  • Speeds up to 12mph
  • 8-inch pneumatic tires
  • Super quiet motor
  • Full-size deck and frame
  • Up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Hand operated rear brake

8. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

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Available in many fun colors such as blue, pink, and green, the Gotrax GKS is a great electric scooter for kids. This is a suitable recreational scooter for 6-year-old to 12-year-old children. While the 50.4Wh rechargeable battery offers a decent runtime, the electric scooter can also be used as a regular kick scooter once the battery is empty. The maximum speed of this scooter reaches 7.5mph which can translate to some thrilling rides.

While the electric scooter is quite powerful, it’s nice to see that Gotrax made no compromises in terms of safety. The unit features assisted motor acceleration to create a smooth riding experience. Kids will learn how to handle the scooter in no time. Braking can be done using the rear of the unit or simply moving the foot from the integrated gravity sensor. This electric scooter is UL certified to be as safe for children as possible.