The 12 Best Ethernet Cables of 2024

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There are lots of aspects that can affect the stability of your Internet connection. One of them is getting a high-quality Ethernet cable that can handle high-speeds while maintaining a sleek design. Just a simple search for Ethernet cables on the market will provide you with countless options. It’s not surprising if you find it difficult to figure out which cable works best for your needs. You might try to purchase a very expensive one if you’re looking for a quality cable only to end up overspending on a cable that has unsuitable specifications for your Internet connection.

While Ethernet cables serve a basic purpose, there are important differences that play a role in the performance of your network. It’s important to be aware of other elements such as the router and find out if it can support a high-speed cable because otherwise, it would be pointless to invest in a more performant Ethernet cable. If you want to get the best Ethernet cable for the money, this article should help you by showing you a special selection of products. These cables earned their spot into this list thanks to their superior performance and design.

Best Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

1. Mediabridge Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Built for maximum performance and reliability, the Mediabridge Cat-6 is an outstanding Ethernet cable in all regards. It’s much more performant compared to the usual Cat-5e cables offering compliance to the TIA/EIA 568B.2 standard. This unit is UL listed and has a decent bandwidth that reaches a maximum of 550 MHz. That translates to speedy data transfers and suitability for various demanding applications.

The Ethernet cable is made using 4 insulated twisted pairs. Thanks to gold-plated contacts, the RJ45 connector offers optimal performance. You can insert the cable in older Cat-5e ports without experiencing compatibility issues. The cable measures 50 feet and comes with an adjustable Velcro strap for convenient organization. Overall, it looks like Mediabridge did an excellent job with this Ethernet cable considering the nice mix of durability and networking performance.

Best Snagless Ethernet Cable

2. Cable Matters Snagless Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Reasonably-priced with a very user-friendly design, the Cable Matters snagless Ethernet cable features Cat-6 performance for a reasonable cost. In fact, the price can be easily compared to some Cat-5e cables on the market while the data transfer speeds are vastly superior. Built using premium 24 AWG copper wire, this Ethernet cable makes a great team with all kinds of compatible devices such as computers, printers, VoIP phones, and more.

The snagless molds of this cable make it more comfortable to use. There’s increased corrosion resistance and the gold-plated contacts ensure a stable connection. This cable is both flexible and durable promising a maximum bandwidth of 550 MHz. You can purchase the Ethernet cable in multiple length options from smaller versions measuring 1 foot, 3 feet, and 5 feet to longer ones that reach 100 feet, 125 feet, and even 150 feet. Considering the performance per cost, the Cable Matters snagless Cat-6 Ethernet cable is strongly recommended.

Best Budget Ethernet Cable

3. AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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If you don’t want to invest too much in an Ethernet cable, this Cat-6 model from AmazonBasics represents the top inexpensive option. The RJ45 connectors offer universal compatibility and you can connect various devices and network components together. Not everyone has high demands, so this Ethernet cable represents a cost-effective solution. The cable is available in different sizes from 3 feet to 50 feet. Data can be transferred at a maximum speed of 1Gbps.

While the 250 MHz bandwidth may not seem very impressive, it’s fairly decent considering the reduced cost. It’s definitely a considerable improvement over Cat-5e cables. The outer jacket is built from PVC while the gold plating ensures more efficient connectivity. All in all, this is a very well made Ethernet cable that promises a decent level of performance. The attractive cost is definitely the main highlight.

Best Cat-5e Ethernet Cable

4. RiteAV Cat-5e Ethernet Cable

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While upgrading to the newer Cat-6 Ethernet cables seems like the obvious choice nowadays, there are still many situations where it’s not worth the investment. If you don’t have a very fast Internet connection, you’re probably better off with a standard Cat-5e Ethernet cable as they’re more cost-effective. Check out this model from RiteAV that offers decent performance at a very competitive price.

This is a blue Ethernet cable designed for users who value flexibility. It can be purchased in lots of length options to suit different applications. From 1 foot and 3 feet to 200 feet and 300 feet, this Ethernet cable will easily cover your connectivity needs. The snagless construction makes this a comfortable cable to use though the durability isn’t very impressive. It makes use of standard materials so you need to take good care of it to withstand the test of time.

Best Long Ethernet Cable

5. CableGeeker Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Some applications require a very long Ethernet cable that offers reliable connectivity. Take a look at this Cat-6 unit from CableGeeker. It measures 100 feet and can connect various devices such as PCs, switch boxes, and routers. The cable manages a solid balance between sturdiness and flexibility offering a maximum bandwidth of 250 MHz. Whether you’re an online gamer or video streamer, this looks like a fitting solution.

As opposed to other Ethernet cables on the market, this model scores high in terms of construction features. It has a flat design to minimize tangling as much as possible and for convenient placement. You can tuck the cable underneath a carpet and adjust it to look less conspicuous. CableGeeker makes use of 100% bare copper wire with snagless molds and gold-plated connectors. This model complies with UL specifications and adheres to all Category 6 performance standards.

6. KabelDirekt Top Series Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Providing blazing-fast connectivity in a sleek package, the KabelDirekt Top Series Cat-6 Ethernet cable has a lot to offer for the money. Thanks to thinner and more flexible materials used inside, the cable is a breeze to install. Snagless RJ45 connectors ensure that your locking tabs stay secure and prevent any frustrating disconnections. This is a Cat-6 cable that’s fully compatible with older Cat-5 and Cat-5e devices.

As this is a UTP cable, there’s no stiff shielding inside. The unit is designed to provide a dependable Internet connection without worrying about corrosion or other durability problems. There’s minimal network interference you can experience and connection speed can reach up to 250 MHz. Similar to other Ethernet cables on the market, KabelDirekt offers this model in various sizes from 1-foot units to extra-long 100 feet cables.

Best Outdoor Ethernet Cable

7. Ultra Spec Cables Cat-5e Outdoor Ethernet Cable

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Those searching for a quality Ethernet cable that can be used outdoors should check out this Cat-5e model from Ultra Spec Cables. The durable construction represents the main feature of this cable. It’s fully waterproof and can be buried in the ground if needed. The cable is also impervious to UV rays and can pretty much handle any harsh weather conditions.

There are lots of applications that require a wired network connection outside your home and this Ethernet cable should fit the bill. The outer jacket is well designed and the plastic boots seem very sturdy. Keep in mind that this isn’t like other flexible cables out there and can be more difficult to install. That’s a small price to pay considering the increased level of durability. While the cable itself is tough to handle some abuse, you can’t really say the same about the tip which doesn’t have the same heavy-duty construction.

8. Belkin Cat-5e Snagless Ethernet Cable

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Belkin is a popular brand of electronics that offers some quality options when it comes to Ethernet cables. Their snagless Cat-5e patch cable has a molded design available in a wide range of colors from black, gray, and blue to flashier options such as pink, yellow, orange, and red. This is a small 3-foot Ethernet cable designed for connecting devices that are positioned close one from the other.

Considering the reduced size, this cable is portable enough to enjoy a fast network connection anywhere. Performance-wise, the cable works just as you’d expect given the standard Cat-5e design. It makes use of stranded copper wires and gold-plated contacts for efficient data transmissions. The cable is more durable compared to other options thanks to its strong PVC jacket, snagless style, and strain relief construction. You can expect speeds of up to 1Gbps.

9. Matein Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Anyone searching for a durable and performant flat Ethernet cable should take a close look at this Cat-6 unit from Matein. This is a 50 feet patch cable that comes complete with clips for simple installation and organization. Whereas usual Ethernet cables can stand out too much in your home, this model has a flat design to hide it under the carpet more effectively.

Similar to other Cat-6 cables on the market, this model performs well offering a satisfying bandwidth of up to 250 MHz. You can count on this cable for both Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet. There’s no shielding as this cable contains 100% bare copper wire. It’s designed for minimal noise interference offering gold-plated contacts for its connectors. As long as it has an RJ45 port, virtually any device out there should work flawlessly with this Ethernet cable. Flexible and affordable, the Matein Cat-6 patch cable is highly recommended.

10. Cmple Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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Available in a multitude of colors such as green, purple, yellow, and blue, the Cmple Cat-6 Ethernet cable represents a great connectivity option for the price. Even though it keeps the cost low, the construction quality can easily exceed your expectations considering the reliable level of durability. You can purchase the cable in different sizes according to your needs.

Whether you need wired connectivity for hubs, switches, or routers, it doesn’t matter as this Ethernet cable should be perfectly compatible. Compared to Cat-5e, this Cat-6 model is in another league performance-wise. If you need high-speed Ethernet connections, this patch cable has been engineered to cover your needs. It offers a maximum bandwidth of 500 MHz and reduced signal interference. While it has molded strain relief, the manufacturer opted for a classic design instead of a more flexible flat one.

11. Link Depot Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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The world of UTP networking cables has many attractive models to consider. One unit that stands out, in particular, is this Cat-6 cable from Link Depot. It provides various color options and offers compliance for the most important performance standards such as TIA/EIA 568B.2. The cable reaches a length of 50 feet and has a fairly flexible construction. It’s an essential networking component that can be used at home or in at the workplace.

Thanks to the superior 550 MHz bandwidth speed, this cable will let you breeze through any demanding networking applications such as video streaming and online gaming. This is an ideal model to use if you wish to unlock the true potential of your Internet connection. There are 4 pairs built of 24 AWG copper wire that work together to maximize the performance of your data transmissions. When you factor in the balanced cost and quality construction, it becomes very clear that the Link Depot Ethernet cable is worth the money.

12. Monoprice Cat-6 Ethernet Cable

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If you want to go for a quality Ethernet cable, choosing a brand like Monoprice can be a safe bet. Their Cat-6 patch cable uses pure bare copper wire for extreme data transfer speeds. The cable is designed to reach even 550 MHz but a more important reason to consider it is the superior endurance. Even though it has a higher price tag, there’s a noticeable bump in construction quality that will guarantee a more satisfying networking experience.

One of the best features of this model is the quality of the connectors. Just by taking a close look, you will notice the sturdy and dependable design of the tips. This Cat-6 Ethernet cable comes in a vast range of length options. Choose a small 0.5ft or 1ft model if the length isn’t an issue for you. Go for a longer 75ft or 100ft model instead if needed. It’s also recommended to pick a more noticeable color such as yellow or red to avoid accidental damage.