The 6 Best Folding Wagons of 2018

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Wagons have been around since the ancient times when people would haul goods and people through villages. They offer a safer alternative to holding heavy items in your hands or carrying large bags on your back and over the years, wagons have evolved into feature rich haulers that perfectly accompany camping adventures, seaside vacations and any other outdoor activity when you need to lighten up the load. Foldable wagons are highly portable and multipurpose by nature making them a must have product to ease back pain caused by carrying items in uncomfortable positions. While most of the folding wagons on the market feature similar characteristics, there are specific features you need to know to help you find the best wagon for your needs. Some folding wagons are more suitable for pulling children and are designed with padded cushions for maximum comfort, while others are manufactured with all terrain wheels and canopies for outdoor activities like camping, live concerts and picnics. You might also be interested in our articles about the best rolling backpacks and the best adult tricycles.

Before we roll in to the best six folding wagons, it’s important to understand the core features so you can make a well informed decision about which wagon will be best for you and provide the most value for your money. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the market of folding wagons so you can evaluate the features before deciding which style to buy.

1. Weight Capacity

You need a strong and durable folding wagon that doesn’t wobble on the road when it’s loaded up with coolers, umbrellas and sports equipment. The best folding wagons on the market today offer a large 150 pound limit and are assembled with strong aluminum frames to deliver a smooth rolling experience. Some of the all terrain folding wagons can support more than a 150 pounds, so first do some thinking on how you will use the wagon and be sure to go with a higher weight capacity if you’ll use it to pull kids or heavy garden equipment.

2. Extra Features

While most of the folding wagons include a simple to pull handle that folds the wagon up for easy transportation, some models include extra bells and whistles that may be useful in certain situation. For example, if you live on a house on a hill or plan to buy a folding wagon for camping trips, the foot brake feature will be very useful. Some models even come with a canopy to protect your items from the rain and the wheel types vary from wagon to wagon. The best folding wagons for the beach feature wider wheels that roll through the sand easier than skinny wheels, but make a lot of noise when pulling on flat pavement. If you’re in the market for a wagon to bring home for family fun with the kids, skinnier wheels are a better option. Keep an eye out for other special features such as telescopic handles, cup holders and carrying cases that each bring a unique convenience of their own. This is a diverse list that covers a wide range of the best six folding wagons that can accommodate all kinds of budgets.

1. The Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Wagon

Since 1993, the Mac Sports brand has been dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacturing of recreational furniture and equipment and it’s not hard to see that the folding wagon is one of their flagship products. Firstly, there is absolutely no assembly required so you’re able to load it up and haul whatever you need the moment you receive it. Available in seven unique colors including camouflage, this folding wagon is a heavy duty and spacious transportation device perfect for camping, live music events, concerts and any type of trip where you need to bring more accessories that are too many to carry in your arms or around your back. The large capacity inside dimensions of this folding wagon are approximately 32.5” x 17.5” x 10.5” which easily fits coolers, bookbags, lawn chairs and other supplies. The total weight of 22.6 pounds really gives it a solid and sturdy feeling as you pull it across any surface and the durable rubber wheels provide all the traction you need to prevent it from sliding back and forth. While strolling it down a loose path of gravel I noticed it did not vear side to side even though it was shaking and vibrating because of the bumpy terrain. 22.6 may seem a bit heavy, but since it folds up into a small eight inches making it easy to grab from any side, it feels lighter than you think.

Rubber wheels feature deep groove tracks that give the folding wagon plenty of traction when you’re carrying heavy loads. The manufacture says the total weight capacity is 150 pounds which is among one of the highest load limits on the marketing for folding wagons. The durable and thick fabric is easy to clean and it drys fast if you keep it out in the sun. This is a folding wagon designed exactly how it should be. When you’re on the go and wheeling a load for a distance, removable parts, clamps or buckles are the last thing you want to deal with. This folding wagon folds up in a cinch. There’s a small black piece of fabric attached to the inside and all you have to do is pull it up to fold the wagon over.

The ergonomic functionality of the folding wagon is emphasized by an adjustable handle that easily extends and clicks into place. Located to the right and left of the handle are mesh cup holders for you to stash bottles. This handy pockets are convenient to place more fragile items that you don’t want to have bumping around in the larger area.

A helper on four wheels. The little wagon that will make you wonder how you lived without it. Whatever name you give it, this folding wagon is by far one of the best on the market and known for its reliability, sturdy and long lasting frame and simple but valuable functionality. There isn’t a specific feature that stands out among them all, but it represents a great product for the cost.

Key Product Features:

  • Adjustable handle
  • Heavy duty load limit of 150 pounds
  • Durable rubber tires for extra traction
  • Simple pull up strap to fold it up
  • Easy-to-clean fabric

2. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon

Wheeling in at a total weight of 23.8 pounds the Timber Ridge Folding Wagon is available in blue and red. The Timber Ridge brand has been creating reliable and easy-to-use sports and recreation equipment for awhile, bringing together the true sense of ‘form follows function’. Whether you need to carry a load of watermelons down to the lake shoreline or portage through the woods on an off road adventure with all of your camping supplies, this folding wagon has a 150 pound weight capacity and heavy duty tires that help you effortlessly get the job done. The 600D tough polyester material is easy to clean and it’s said to not fade after long term use in the sun.

The folding wagon is a cinch to open and close and only requires that you push and pull up on the nylon handle in the center of the wagon bed. The handle also extends and retracts in a telescope style and locks into place so you’ll never worry about the wagon being too close behind you. Another benefit of the adjustable handle is that you have more control when the wagon bed is kept closer to your body. For heavier loads that you can’t afford to spill, it’s recommended to shorten the handle and pull it close behind.

This folding wagon is very easy to maneuver, but the rear wheels do not move in a 360 motion like the front wheels. So moving around sharp corners takes a bit of practice, but it’s still possible. It includes a carrying case that doubles as protection for storing it in the garage. All in all, the Timber Ridge folding wagon is worth the money and it comes in two variations – one with a mesh bag on the outside and one without.

Key Product Features:

  • Telescoping handle
  • Heavy duty load limit of 150 pounds
  • Durable rubber tires for extra traction
  • Cup holders
  • Rotating front wheels

3. Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon For Kids And Cargo

The timeless and nostalgic Radio Flyer brand puts a unique twist on the folding wagon with a multi-mode design and comfortable fabrics that’s fun for kids and convenient for carrying cargo up to 150 pounds. The Radio Flyer folding wagon is not only a reliable brand name you can trust, but it’s a versatile product that makes carrying cargo and kids fun for the entire family at a great price. There is a basic, canopy and ultimate version of the wagon which gives you plenty of options to choose. If you’re in the market for a wagon for house chores and camping trips that is also comfortable and suitable for kids entertainment then this is the perfect choice.

It has three different modes – hauling mode, 2 rider seating and bench seating. The engineers of this folding wagon combined the best of functionality with ease of use. The telescoping handle can be adjusted to accommodate people of all sizes and the DuraClean fabric is durable and easy to wipe clean. A special little touch for the ultimate convenience and safety is a magnet placed on the inside of the handle. Just lean the handle against the front of the bed when you take a break. This feature keeps the handle from hanging on the ground, which can become a tripping hazard for children. Load up the healthy juice and store it using the 2 cup holders on the front. The read side features storage loop that you can attach other items like shoes or towels. If you’re worried about reliability, it’s worth considering that this folding wagon doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the wear and tear of children at play. The fabric is very tough.

A simple zipping of the side panel and removal of the velcro strap transforms the folding wagon into a bench that’s perfectly for relaxing. The total weight of the wagon is 22 pounds and it’s very easy to fold into place – just pull on the nylon handle in the middle of the wagon.

Compared to some of the best folding wagons on the market, the wheels on the Radio Flyer are not as rugged and don’t provide as much traction as tires with a true tread, but they offer a unique quiet ride experience with a very smooth roll. You might have a harder time pulling it through wet grass or sandy beaches, but if you need a wagon that folds up in seconds and can be used for various occasions, the Radio Flyer is a fantastic choice at a valuable price.

Key Product Features:

  • 3 wagons in 1 design for hauling, 2 rider seating and bench seating
  • Telescoping handle for easy transport
  • Quiet ride wheels
  • Two cup holders
  • Padded seat cushion for comfort

4. The Seina Collapsible Folding Wagon

Despite looking similar to the previous models of folding wagons on our top best list, the Seina Folding Wagon has a few key differentiating characteristics that make it a heavy duty and durable cargo tool. It’s available in both a blue and red color, each with a vibrant shade on a durable polyester fabric that’s easy to clean. The handle stays secure when it’s folded up and it also extends to a longer length when you’re pulling it around. The nylon handle is one of the most common and convenient mechanics of folding wagons that make it easy to transform the product from open to close in one fell swoop and this model features a strong handle with grip.

There’s zero assembly required before using and the durable frame is made of powder coated steel. The construction of the frame is sturdy and can hold up to a total of 150 pounds with a spacious carrying area of 32.66″ x 19.67″ x 20.07″. It’s not the best option if you plan on using this at the beach because the wheels are just 7” and are known to get stuck in the sand. However, if you have a long driveway, or find yourself parking long distances away from your home, this folding wagon will turn your trips to the grocery store into a joy ride. Just fold it up and place it in the back of your car and unload your groceries into the wagon for a stress free stroll home. The entire wagon is just 13.5 pounds, a comfortable amount of weight for most people to lift.

The telescoping handle allows you to personalize the length of the handle when pulling the folding wagon and you never have to worry about it slipping or extending when you’re on the move because it locks firmly into place once you set it. This is a perfect folding wagon for camping trips, picnics and any other outdoor activity when you need the utility of a convenient travelling assistant – the durable fabric is easy to clean and dirt and mud can be removed with a washcloth and water. The fabric does not remove from the steel frame, but it’s easy to reach every angle to clean when it’s fully expanded.

The ergonomic curved handle comfortably fits your hand to make even the heaviest loads easy on your wrist. All in all this is a very spacious folding wagon that you can utilize for a variety of tasks and the price is on point.

Key Product Features:

  • 7 inch all-terrain wheels
  • Heavy duty steel frame holds up to 150 pounds
  • Telescoping handle for smooth pulling
  • Lightweight 15.7 pounds
  • Durable High Strength 600D Polyester Fabric

5. Mac Sports Collapsible And Terrain Folding Wagon

The Mac Sports Collapsible All Terrain folding wagon is our top all terrain pick for one of the most rugged, versatile and heavy duty wagons on the market today. The wagon is comprised of the best features you’ll need in a wagon and there is no assembly required. With extra large wheels, you’ll realize that hauling your luggage, food or supplies is a breeze. If you need an extremely heavy duty wagon then this is going to be your best choice because it has a huge weight limit of 150 pounds. Whether you need a simpler way to carry garden supplies around your house or something to transport camping supplies on an outdoor adventure, the extra large wheels are engineered to roll smoothly across any terrain surface. This is a perfect option for a folding wagon to take to the beach because the wide wheels have more surface area to move through rocks and sand, versus the other models that have thin wheels.

Speaking of the beach, this wagon was made for the surf and sand. The cool blue fabric wraps around a white steel frame and features a fun ‘Beachcomber Macwagon’ logo. No matter what you find strolling along the beach, you can rest assure this folding wagon will help you get it back home safe. The wagon sets up in seconds from a folded position that is 31.5″ x 21.4″ x 9.7″. It includes a handy carrying case with a fabric strap that zip arounds the folded wagon making it very easy to transport. If you have the budget for a high end folding wagon and require a spacious area for storing large items, this is a highly sufficient choice. The large interior dimensions of the fully expanded wagon are 36.2″ x 21.4″ x 24.6″ and it folds up in seconds by pulling up on a handle on the inside.

The wagon width is just 9.7 inches when it’s folded up, making it one of the most compact wagons on the market. You can tell plenty of quality engineering was applied to each feature of the product, especially the layout of the wheels and frame. The front two wheels are positioned closer together and the rear wheels are spread apart to give the wagon superior maneuverability through any terrain. Sharp corners and navigating tight spaces is not a problem thanks to the wheel layout. This also allows the wagon to fold up into a compact mode because the front two wheels fit perfectly in between the real wheels when it’s folded.

To top it off, there are two cup holders to secure your beverages on the front side of the wagon and an ergonomic and adjustable pulling handle for easy transport. The heavy duty functionality and compact versatility of this model result in a price tag that’s slightly above other folding wagons, but it deliver the biggest bang for your buck.

Key Product Features:

  • 150 pound weight capacity
  • Extra large all terrain wheels
  • Folds into super compact 9.7 inch size
  • Two cup holders
  • Telescoping pull handle with comfortable grip
  • No assembly required

6. WonderFold Outdoor Collapsible Folding Wagon

Welcome to the WonderFold. We didn’t purposely save one of the bet folding wagons for the last spot on the list but this is a high-end and extremely versatile wagon packed with all of the features you’ll ever need, and more. From safety, convenience, durability to the ease of use of this folding wagon, you’ll be delighted by value it delivers. Plus, it’s available in four unique colors: brown, purple, red and blue. It boasts a new era and modern look with a nice canopy to protect your items from the rain, making it a great choice for outdoor activities. The canopy is adjustable and easily locks into the steel frame thanks to the retractable pole. This is a patented system by the WonderFold brand that will keep your luggage dry in rainy conditions. The canopy is very secure and doesn’t wobble around when pulling the wagon. The steering performance is enhanced with an easy telescoping swivel handle and auto lock system to control the front wheels better no matter how much weight you’re pulling and it has a weight capacity of 165 pounds. The telescoping handle features a spring bounce design to ensure the handle always is within arms reach and never falls to the ground. The telescoping handle swivels from left to right smoothly for added control around tight corners.

A main feature of this folding wagon that makes it the ultimate all terrain transporting product is the safety brake system. This gives you peace of mind when you need to take a break from pulling it up or down an incline as you’re able to simply step on the foot brake to activate it. This keeps the wagon firmly fixed in place without needing to place a stick under the wheels. The all terrain 8 inch diameter wheels feature smooth rolling bearings that improve the rolling experience through any type of terrain. From gravel, mulch, sand, grass and dirt paths the wheels deliver a smooth roll that requires a minimum amount of effort.

The unique design of the fabric on this folding wagon allows you to remove the polyester shell with buckles and velcro. You’re able to completely remove the fabric and clean it thoroughly whereas most wagon fabric is not removable and requires you to clean it when it’s fully expanded.

The unfolded dimensions offer a spacious carrying area at L-45.25 x W-21.65 x H-23.62 inches and it folds up into a compact and easy to transport size of L-23.62 x W-5.9 x H-32.28 inches. The total weight, with the canopy included is 28 pounds. There is no assembly required and it comes with a zipper pouch to attach on the rear end of the wagon to give you even more carrying space.

With 10 inches of clearance space underneath the wagon, you’ll never have to worry about it ‘bottoming out’ when you pull it through rocky paths and over roadside curbs. All in all this folding wagon is a top of the line product that emphasizes utility, convenience and durability with the best features that a wagon can offer at a reasonable budget.

Key Product Features:

  • 165 pound weight capacity
  • Extra large all terrain wheels
  • Adjustable canopy included for rain protection
  • Safety brake system
  • Spring bounce and adjustable pull handle
  • Removable and durable fabric