The 9 Best Gaming Mouse Pads of 2022

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Gaming mouse pads are nowadays very different and advanced in terms of functionality compared to regular mouse pads. They went through some stages of evolution from the days when they were just slightly fancier fabric-covered foam pieces. Anyone who has a gaming computer and wants to play competitive games knows the importance of a smooth-moving mouse. Chances are that you already own a capable gaming mouse so it’s obvious that it needs a reliable companion to ensure the best comfort even in the most intense moments. You might also be interested in our articles about the best trackball mice and the best laptop cooling pads.

If you plan on getting a solid mouse pad for gaming, you can be quickly overwhelmed by the number of products that populate the market. Even if you have a rough idea regarding your needs, it’s not easy to make sense of such a saturated market. In this article, we’ll discover a selection of the best gaming mouse pads, but before that, let’s see the main features that you need to analyze to make a smarter choice.

1. Size

All mouse pads out there come in different sizes. Some people might need some extra space to execute certain wider maneuvers so getting an extended mat could be a solid idea. Most gamers should be satisfied with just a standard-sized mouse pad. There are also more portable options for those who want something more compact to fit a smaller desk.

2. Texture

The best texture for a gaming mouse pad can depend on the types of games you play and your particular style. A model with a denser texture can help with the overall grip and it will also impact the way the mouse glides on the surface of the mat. While smooth surfaces increase the ease of movement, textured surfaces can deliver that pleasant tactile feedback that many gamers like. FPS gamers will probably prefer the extra flexibility of smooth surfaces that allow them to react more quickly. Those who value precision will likely favor the second option, the textured mouse pads for that extra control.

3. Material

Should you go for a plastic, aluminum, or cloth mouse pad? This comes down to whether you prefer to trade comfort for durability and vice versa. Cloth surfaces are better for overworked wrists but they aren’t as resistant to spills like the solid aluminum mouse pads. Another important point in favor of choosing a harder surface is if you have a mouse with laser sensors as these work better on this type of surface.

To simplify your decision, take a look at this list of the best gaming mouse pads on the market. Maybe you’ll finally find that one ideal model that perfectly caters to your needs and budget specifications.

Best Buy Gaming Mouse Pad

1. SteelSeries 63391 QcK Prism Gaming Mouse Pad

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One of the most impressive options for a high-quality gaming mouse pad is the SteelSeries 63391 QcK Prism. It boasts full range RGB illumination and combines the best of both worlds in terms of surface texture. Gamers can choose between a hard polymer and soft micro-textured cloth surfaces to adapt to different games and situations.

The illumination on this mouse pad is truly impressive as it shines beautifully across a total of 12 separate zones. Envelop your desk with seamless RGB lights with the help of the Prism Surround ability. You can also sync dynamic illumination effects if you own other SteelSeries Prism devices through PrismSync.

With the help of the GameSense feature, the lighting actually responds to events that happen in your game such as low health or cooldown timers. This makes for a more immersive overall experience. The illumination settings can also be modified to suit different tastes.

Having a cool-looking mouse pad sounds great but what you’re probably more interested in is a high-quality surface. A nice solution to deal with both types of gamers who prefer either hard or soft surfaces is the integration of a dual-textured surface. Select between a strong polymer which is ideal to make the mouse glide during action scenes or take control of precise shots with the help of a micro-textured cloth surface.

Underneath the mouse pad, there’s a durable silicone base designed to be truly anchored to the desk. Any slight movement can affect your gameplay so this is why the base has been engineered to never slip. Another great construction choice is the way the cable has been located so as to not get in the way and maintain the elegant looks of the gaming mat.

When you consider the innovative technology of switching between different types of surface, the SteelSeries 63391 QcK Prism represents a great solution for demanding gamers. There’s also the superb RGB illumination which can be easily customized. A smart design optimized for maximum precision and comfort, completes the whole package. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Full range RGB illumination
  • Dual-surface texture
  • Game Sense Reactive
  • Smartly designed cable
  • PrismSync

Best Large Gaming Mouse Pad

2. Glorious PC Gaming Race Large Gaming Mouse Mat

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The Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad has a lot in store for gamers who wish to obtain the right balance between speed and control when maneuvering the mouse. A fairly large gaming mat, this unit boasts great features focusing on a comfortable experience above all else. Let’s take a more in-depth look.

When it comes to construction, this unit makes hardly any compromises. The mouse pad is designed to have low friction allowing for excellent speed and control as you slide the mouse on a smooth surface. On the bottom of the gaming mat, there’s a special rubber base which boasts anti-slip properties.

To increase both the aesthetics and lifespan of the mouse pad, the manufacturer created a stitched frame which completely surrounds the mat. This should prevent fraying which inevitably appears on cheaper cloth mouse pads during prolonged usage.

As this one’s a cloth-surface model, it will work best if you favor precise targeting. The friction is also low enough to ensure a comfortable experience in more fast-paced scenarios too. In case you get the mouse pad dirty you can clean it using a washing machine.

The packaging for this gaming mouse pad looks premium despite the relatively low cost. If you plan on making a gift to someone who’s into gaming, they’ll definitely appreciate it. Another interesting thing worth adding about this mouse pad is that the logo has been revamped over the previous version and is now much smaller to improve the aesthetics of the gaming mat.

Taking into account the full set of abilities that this Glorious PC Gaming Race mouse pad has to offer, it can be said that it represents a solid investment. It’s not really that huge of an investment anyway considering its affordable price tag. With such a quality construction and smooth surface, this has excellent potential for a gaming mouse pad.

Product Highlights:

  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Anti-Fraying stitched frame
  • Smooth cloth surface
  • Low Friction
  • Machine washable

Best Gaming Mouse Pad For FPS

3. CORSAIR MM600 Gaming Mouse Pad

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Corsair is a reputable manufacturer of all kinds of computer components and gaming accessories. If you’re looking for a premium gaming mouse pad it’s essential to check out their lineup. One model that’s especially geared towards those who favor hard surfaces is the stylish MM600, a durable and lightweight mouse pad suitable for various types of games.

There are two distinct surface choices available for this mouse pad. Matching your particular gaming style is easier when you can choose from either a textured polymer for enhanced control or a low-resistance finish geared towards those who prefer quick gliding. A durable aluminum frame completes the overall design.

There are rubber grips for maintaining the mouse pad’s stability and they’ve been engineered to provide maximum grip with minimal interference. The tracking on this mouse pad is very precise, ideal for various situations that you can encounter in games. A reliable aluminum core should keep things rigid to guarantee a more consistent gliding.

The surface of the mouse pad is quite large though it doesn’t feel oversized. What’s interesting regarding the design of this model is that the patterns for the two surface options are different to fit the texture feel. On the speedy side, you’ve got multiple shapes in different shades of gray which leaves off an impression of quick movement.

On the other side, the precision-engineered one, you’ve got a more pronounced texture. The gray pattern is no longer here and the overall appearance is classier and somewhat less exciting. The white Corsair logo with the yellow stripes can still be found at the bottom of the mouse pad.

A great mouse pad in every way, the Corsair MM600 has all the qualities you can ask from a premium gaming mouse pad. It’s sleek and durable, capable to take the way you use your mouse in games to a new level. Just from handling it and carefully analyzing its construction details you can obviously see that it’s built with extremely high-quality materials.

Product Highlights:

  • Solid aluminum core
  • Consistent glide
  • Two surface options
  • Accurate tracking
  • No-slip rubberized corners

Best Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

4. Razer Firefly Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

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Those who want to get their hands on a powerful gaming mouse pad with a hard surface should consider the Razer Firefly. It has been designed using an intricate micro-textured finish which allows for flawless gliding and superior accuracy. There are lots of things to be excited about in this model including the customizable RGB lighting.

Thanks to its hard micro-textured finish, this mouse pad ensures that you won’t have any issues when you need a speedy gliding. There are also no compromises on accuracy as the surface remains consistent for seamlessly translating every mouse movement into smooth cursor movement.

This mouse pad has been validated by eSports athletes and is optimized to work with any sensitivity settings you prefer. It doesn’t differentiate between sensors either as it functions well with both laser and optical mice. A lab-tested coating provides reflective quality for superior responsiveness in any game conditions.

Something that this model gets right is the RGB lighting. There are countless customization options available and you can also sync the effects with other Razer Chroma devices. The lighting delivers an immersive colorful experience which integrates well with your gameplay. The total spectrum of visual effects delivers 16 million colors.

Enhancing the mouse pad’s abilities more to your liking is done via the Razer Synapse configurator. It can be used to calibrate the surface and adjust the sensitivity. Settings are saved in the cloud and the software can be used to control other Razer products as well.

If you wish to get both the cool looks and the reliable performance, you can’t go wrong with the Razer Firefly hard gaming mouse pad. It can enhance the way you use the mouse in many games allowing for greater responsiveness and superior precision. Considering the customization potential for the RGB lighting this model can be an essential gaming accessory.

Product Highlights:

  • Hard micro-textured finish
  • Precise and consistent surface
  • RGB customization
  • Optimized for any sensitivity
  • Ultra-thin design

5. Reflex Lab Pro 15 Heavy Gaming Mouse Pad

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The Reflex Lab Pro 15 Heavy is packed with lots of attractive features suitable for any gamer who wants a reliable companion for their mouse. If you prefer gaming mouse pads with a softer surface, this ultra plush 5mm thick cloth model delivers a much more comfortable experience as it allows for smooth gliding on a silky smooth surface.

Gaming sensors will be able to work to their full potential on the smooth surface provided by this gaming mouse pad. Many optimizations went into ensuring the least possible resistance for quick response times and fluid mouse movements. As it comes in a large size of 15″x11″, this model should offer enough space to have some extra room without feeling like you’ll fall off the edge.

Speaking of edges, Reflex Lab tweaked them with professional stitching to increase the durability over time. Other mouse pads are vulnerable to fraying after a long use but this one should be safe. If you accidentally get it wet or dirty, simply wash the gaming mat using a washing machine.

Compared to conventional mouse pads, this model has an increased thickness which prevents sore wrists if you play for extended periods of time. On the back of the gaming mat, you can discover a heavy duty rubber material with anti-slip properties for securing the overall mouse movements in place. Some people can be annoyed by logos that seem to take away from the looks of the mouse pad and this is why this unit comes with a small unobtrusive logo in the top left corner.

It’s rare to see such a decent level of quality for a gaming mouse pad at this price, but it looks like the Reflex Lab Pro 15 Heavy managed just that. All in all, it’s an excellent product when you take into account the large size, smooth surface, and the elegant stitching. Particularly recommended for those who value comfort above all else.

Product Highlights:

  • Comfortable and thick
  • Smooth and accurate surface
  • 15″x11″ large size
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • Waterproof top
  • Professional edge stitching

6. CORSAIR MM800 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad

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The Corsair MM800 is one of the most appreciated gaming mouse pads as it offers a hard, durable surface, and cool RGB lighting effects. That’s not all though, you also have a special non-slip rubber base and a convenient USB pass-through port to add your mouse. The price is a bit higher but it’s certainly worth it.

To display an accurate palette of colors, this mouse pad relies on the True PWM lighting technology which works by using pulse width modulation. There are 15 zones where you can benefit from the shiny RGB light effects which can greatly increase the aesthetic appeal of your battle station. It’s possible to customize the zones and access limitless combinations of vibrant lights.

The CUE software that comes with this model allows for convenient customization via lighting profiles. If you own other Corsair RGB products you can try the Link mode which syncs them all together for a truly immersive experience. In case you want to connect your mouse more conveniently you can use the built-in pass-through USB port.

Tracking on this mouse pad feels precise and fast. The low friction surface has been calibrated to deal with any kind of gaming mouse, laser or optical. The surface area is large, perfect to move comfortably and the non-slip rubber base maintains the kind of stability you’d expect from a premium gaming mouse pad.

Anyone who’s into LED immersion will definitely like the crisp lighting effects of the Corsair MM800. Considering all of its abilities, it can be said that this model is a winner on the market for gaming mouse pads. It provides hardcore gamers the right levels of tracking and precision and covers an ample surface area. A solid buy for the ultimate gaming setup.

Product Highlights:

  • 15-zone RGB lighting
  • True PWM lighting technology
  • Low friction micro-textured surface
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Built-in USB pass-through port

7. CORSAIR MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad

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If you are more interested in soft cloth surfaces for your future gaming mouse pad, perhaps the Corsair MM300 could be a better match for your needs. It comes with surrounded stitched edges that protect the textile-weave surface and is designed to handle any gaming mouse, whether it’s a laser or an optical unit.

The type of surface used for this mouse pad has been carefully designed to enhance precision so you can aim with less difficulty. The friction is kept to low levels and this mouse pad has been also optimized to work alongside all kinds of gaming mice, no matter if they use laser or optical sensors.

Surface peeling can be a problem for mouse pads that use a cloth surface but Corsair tackled this issue with this model by implementing stitched edges. This medium-sized gaming mat has an anti-skid rubber base that ensures robust stability even during action-packed scenes.

The mouse pad has been engineered to serve the needs of gamers so it’s probably best to use high-DPI gaming mice to create a good combination. There are multiple variants you can choose from in terms of size. There are small and extended choices, though the medium size feels like the most balanced one.

When it comes to the looks, the mouse pad doesn’t stand out in any special way but it does look good and the quality materials really add to the overall design. It can be a good match for a Corsair gaming mouse. There are no frills like RGB lighting or LEDs so it’s a better choice for those who just prefer a more classic look.

Overall, the Corsair MM300 is strongly recommended to those who look for an excellent value-per-price ratio. This is a gaming mouse pad that scores high on comfort without making too many compromises on endurance. It will allow you to aim with more precision and to make the whole mouse-using experience more enjoyable.

Product Highlights:

  • Textile-weave surface
  • Optimized for both optical and laser mouse types
  • Anti-skid rubber base
  • Medium size
  • Designed for precise control
  • Stitched edges

Best Cheap Gaming Mouse Pad

8. Redragon P001 ARCHELON Gaming Mouse Pad

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Gamers on a budget should take a look at the Redragon P001 ARCHELON. It’s a gaming mouse pad which offers a nice combination of a silk-processed cloth with a naturally processed foam rubber. There’s clearly a focus on comfort here due to the high-density materials and the advanced multi-layer integrated process.

To obtain decent performance when gaming, it’s important to have a consistent level of quality for all the components of the mouse pad. This gaming mat offers a comfortable 5mm cloth surface with anti-curling properties which manages a good balance between hardness and softness.

The red and black design with the Redragon logo looks great, especially if you have other Redragon gaming accessories. Your mouse moves easily though it doesn’t glide extremely quick, just the optimal sliding for a controlled movement. Precise tracking is obtained with help from thousands of microscopic points provided by the multi-layer process.

The bottom contains rubber that’s been naturally processed for adapting to all kinds of desk surfaces. The grip feels steady and firm so you can play games at your leisure without feeling the slightest instability. Durability-wise, the mouse pad has a high-density surface which can be cleaned without too much hassle and is also waterproof.

On the edges of the mouse pad, the manufacturer reinforced the surface with a stitching process mainly for durability reasons, to prevent deformations over time. It also looks better as the mouse pad feels well polished.

While this is a very capable gaming mat, it will require a few days to adjust on a flat surface as it arrives rolled up in a sealed tube. All things considered, the Redragon P001 ARCHELON looks and feels great, there’s no doubt about it. It packs a serious punch for its inexpensive price tag when it comes to design and overall material quality. The mouse glides with ease as the surface is pleasantly smooth.

Product Highlights:

  • Silk-processed cloth surface
  • Foam rubber on the bottom
  • Waterproof and simple to clean
  • Anti-curling and sliding design
  • Stitched edges

9. Razer Goliathus Portable Gaming Mouse Pad

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Another Razer gaming mouse pad that could be a fitting choice is the Razer Goliathus. There are many variations of this model but this one’s the portable version which is fitting for those who prefer a more compact solution. It has a un ultra slim design that doesn’t have warping problems and is engineered with superfine micro-textures.

Carrying around this gaming mouse pad is very simple to do considering its thin form. If you feel like gaming on-the-go this one seems like a good companion as it can be easily fit between a laptop screen and keyboard. Alternatively, you can roll it up and put it next to your other accessories. It doesn’t experience any kind of warping issues.

As with other Razer mouse pads, this one too adheres to the high standards for eSports athletes when it comes to the quality of the surface. Precision is key no matter what game you play so this one has been engineered to let you focus on fine details. The size is a bit small for doing large moves, but the low resistance helps with the overall speed.

If you’re wondering what are the ideal types of mice to pair it with this gaming mouse pad, it’s worth noting that all models should work well. There are extra fine micro textures integrated into the soft surface and these have been designed to accommodate different kinds of sensors for optimal gliding. No matter what kind of move, whether slight or large, it will be translated on screen with superb accuracy.

In conclusion, the Razer Goliathus portable gaming mouse pad is a worthy competitor if you favor models with a minimal footprint. The texture allows for effortless mouse sliding and despite the thinness, the durability seems to be on par with what you pay. Recommended for those who wish to obtain a small travel-friendly gaming mouse pad.

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra-slim 1.5mm thickness
  • Superfine micro-textures
  • Precise tracking
  • Razer Synapse
  • Compact and portable