The 8 Best GPS Trackers of 2018

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When you first hear the name GPS tracker, the two things that’ll probably come into your mind are a CIA agent or a stalker. However, GPS trackers have become not just important but also a necessary part of our everyday lives. They simply offer security that wouldn’t be available without them. There a lot of different uses for GPS trackers. Protecting your car from theft, protecting your kids, or even taking it with you while you go for a hike in the woods are some of those benefits. That is just the tip of the iceberg, as it doesn’t come anywhere near the endless applications that GPS trackers have.

So, what kind of safety does a GPS tracker offer? Some GPS trackers come with magnetic covers allowing them to be attached easily to your car. In case of theft, it would be very easy to locate your car. If you ever happen to give your car to your teenage son or daughter, who might be exceeding the speed limits without you knowing, some GPS trackers have a speed sensor that notifies you if that ever happens. Want to protect your kid if he ever leaves school? Some GPS trackers also have a system that can notify you when they leave school and when they arrive home, assuring you that your children are safe and allowing you to track them wherever they go. You might also be interested in our articles about the best satellite phone and the best wireless security cameras.

Want to go for a little adventure in the woods and you want people to be able to easily send your location in case of an emergency? This GPS tracking system will do just that and then some. Even if you want to know that if your pet ever wanders off, you’ll be able to easily do that. Some are designed to be attached to your pet at all times, which allows you to be aware of their whereabouts. To make GPS trackers able to fulfill these different roles, they come in various different forms and sizes. For example, some of them are made to be portable, and others are made to be put somewhere and completely forgotten about. The differences don’t stop there. If you want to get a GPS tracker model that works best for your specific needs, the following are the most important thing that you need to keep in mind when you’re choosing one.

1. What you want the GPS tracker for

Before you make your purchase, you should ask yourself what you want the GPS tracker for. Do you have young children and would like to get notified when they arrive home safely and know wherever he goes? Would you like to attach it to a pet so you would never lose it? Maybe you’re a business owner who has many trucks on the go and you want to make sure that you’re able to track them at all times.

Considering why you want a GPS tracker is important because each is built for a specific reason and would straight out suck if you used it for a different one. Before making a purchase, know what you need the GPS tracker for to make sure you get one that best suits your needs.

2. Portability

If you want a GPS tracker for your son and you get one that gets installed in the dashboard, chances are you’ll end up feeling really disappointed. If you want one for your truck and you get one that needs to be charged every few days, you will also feel disappointed. When it comes to GPS trackers portability, there are many factors that come into play. For example, one that is built for cars is connected to the dashboard so you won’t have to worry about charging it every few days.

Another one that’s designed for your pets will be small and lightweight so it can be easily attached to your pet’s collar without it even knowing its there. Unless your pet has a dashboard that charges GPS trackers, and your son loves wearing collars, you should definitely consider the portability of the GPS tracker that you purchase to make sure its suitable for whatever it is that you’re buying it for.

3. Durability and ruggedness

A tracker that is placed under a vehicle must be able to endure moisture, water, dust, sandstorms and so on. One built to withstand such harsh elements may, at first sight, seem unnecessary for the normal everyday life conditions. But if you spend a day under a vehicle that is moving at high speed, you’ll definitely understand why it has to be durable. Thinking about durability, portability and what you want to use your GPS tracker for will definitely help you get the right one.

Now that you’re familiar with GPS trackers, what they are used for and what to consider when getting one, it’s time to have a look at the best models that are currently available on the market.

1. Spy Tec STI GL300 Mini Portable GPS tracker

This is a compact GPS tracker that fits virtually anywhere that you put it in. With dimensions of 0.9 x 1.5 x 2.7 inches, this is one of the smallest models out there. With its real-time tracking, you’ll be able to locate the exact location at any given time.

The compact size means more possibilities. You can easily put this device in your child’s backpack, knowing when he safely gets to school and when he leaves. It can also be easily placed inside a vehicle, so you can locate it wherever it goes. If you’re a business owner and have a lot of trucks on the move, this model can be really useful. You can even keep it with elderly people so you can ensure their safety and well-being.

You can even customize this device in a way that sends you text messages when the GPS tracker reaches a particular location or leaves it. With its accelerometer, this smart device turns on when the tracker is moving and turns it off when it’s not, assuring the longevity of your battery life which lasts up to 2 weeks.

The device is also equipped with an SOS button, which can be easily used to ask for help. When you press this button, it sends out a notification with the current location of the device, ensuring safety and protection.

The Spy Tech GPS tracking website is another thing that definitely makes it stand out. Offering a variety of different features and options to its users, it definitely adds a lot of value to its device.

Product Highlights:

  • Compact size
  • Long lasting life of up to 2 weeks
  • Accelerometer that detects movement

Best GPS Tracker For Cars

2. Vyncs GPS Tracker, Real time Car GPS Tracker

When it comes to car GPS trackers, this is hands down one of the best ones out there. With dimensions of 2.6 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches, this tiny device can be easily attached to your dashboard into your OBD-II port, needing no charging of any kind. You just connect this tracking device to your OBD-II board and you forget it’s even there.

This model gets powered directly by the car. It turns on when the engine is ignited and turns off when it isn’t. However, don’t have to worry even if the car is turned off. This incognito tracking device wakes up every 1 hour to notify you of the exact location of the car. In case of theft, you know that your car will be safe, and will report its location even if it’s just parked there.

You can also set geo-fences with this tracker, which allows you to get notified of starting and stopping points, so you would know the exact location of the car. With a single click of a button know the entire driving route of the car on any trip.

In addition to that, you’ll also be notified if any “adventurous driving” takes place. If the speed limit that you set is being exceeded, or the brakes are being hit suddenly, you will be notified so you can take the proper action.

If you’re an employer with lots of drivers on the go whom you would like to assess and evaluate, this GPS tracker will help you do just that. With its driver score and performance index, each trip will be evaluated and scaled in terms of safety and security.

Product Highlights:

  • Charges directly from the car
  • Compact size
  • Excellent tracking capabilities

Best GPS Tracker for Kids

3. Americaloc GL300W Mini Portable Real-time GPS Tracker

This is another device on the more portable side of GPS trackers. When it comes to tracking different assets, this device is just perfect. Its small and compact size allows it to be placed comfortably in a safe, or even luggage so you can locate them in case they get lost or stolen.

Aside from assets, it’s also a perfect investment for protecting elderly people or even children. Having one of those with them means that you’ll always be able to track them and know that they are safe. With a location update that is configurable to 10 seconds, you will be able to know the exact location of the tracker every 10 seconds.

When it comes to cars, this system is also equipped with sensors to notify you in cases of speeding. By setting geofences, you can get notified when the tracker leaves a particular zone or enters another one, so you can always aware of everything that’s going on. The versatility gives it an edge when it’s compared to other models. Being able to use your tracker for different tasks as effectively is definitely an advantage when you’re choosing a model to buy.

Unlike the other versions, this device is hands down one of the best when it comes to battery life and coverage. So you can have peace of mind knowing that the tracker is awake, and always on the grid.

Product Highlights:

  • Longer Battery life
  • Long tracking history of up to 1 year
  • Updated version for better coverage

Best Dog GPS Tracker

4. Whistle 3 GPS Tracker and Activity Monitor

Pet owners are really protective when it comes to taking care of their beloved companions. This GPS tracker will do just that while sparing you the hassle of having to run after your dog wherever it goes.

This device is designed specifically to be attached to the collar of your pets, so they wouldn’t even know that it is there. The Whistle 3 notifies you whenever your pet leaves the safe zone that you have set for them. Before your dog goes too far and gets himself and even you into trouble, you’ll be able to locate him in a blink of an eye with its accurate locating technology.

Built with your little companion in mind this GPS tracking system is water-resistant built to stay on your dog and locate him, even if he goes for a swim. No matter how adventurous your pet is, you won’t have to worry about them damaging this tracker.

When it comes to battery life, this device ranks on top when compared to similar products. With a battery life that lasts up to 7 days, charging it is something that you won’t have to worry about. However, it is worth mentioning that the battery life depends on a number of factors like the wifi connection’s strength along with the coverage in general.

With all that in mind, when it comes to the best tracking device for your pet, this is by far the best when it comes to durability, battery life, and even convenience.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed to fit in your pet’s collar
  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant

Best Buy GPS Tracker

5. Linux OBD GPS Tracker With Real Time

As a business owner with a lot of trucks or vehicles on the move, you’ll definitely need to monitor their activity to make sure that they are on track and that everything is going as planned. That’s where this GPS tracker truly shines.

When it comes to tracking vehicles, this GPS tracking system can do that for an entire fleet of vehicles. You can monitor all of your vehicles simultaneously on your PC, tablet or even phone, which gives you more control of your vehicle fleet and in turn, your business.

Being connected to the dashboard means that you don’t have to worry about charging this GPS tracker. Once it is installed, it stays there and doesn’t need to be charged, since it gets its power from the car. With its smart geo-fences technology you can set a geo-fence around locations that are of significance, like the delivery site that the trucks should arrive at, restricted areas, or any other area that you would like to choose.

By sending you a notification when a vehicle arrives at the geo-fence or leaves it, you’ll have way more control over your drivers. You can even set the working hours of the vehicle, so if a driver thought about taking the vehicle out off-hours, you would be informed.

If you’re like most people, you might find yourself forgetting about the maintenance schedule every now and then. This GPS tracking system makes this problem a thing from the past. With its maintenance management system, you’ll get notified whenever the maintenance date is due, ensuring that your fleet is efficient and in its best state.

Product Highlights:

  • A perfect solution for fleet control
  • Smart geo-fences technology to better track your fleet
  • Innovative maintenance management system

Best Motorcycle GPS Tracker

6. MOTOsafety OBD GPS Tracker Device with 3G GPS Service

Designed for teens, their security and safety is the MOTORsafery GPS tracker. Using this GPS tracker, you can easily monitor your teenage son’s driving with extreme precision. You’ll be able to know their location, speed and much more.

Driving report cards that are provided after every drive allow you to see if your child has been speeding or even rough breaking and telling you exactly the location where such occurrences happened. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it’ll also allow your child to learn from his mistakes.

With the Geo-fence technology, you can simply set boundaries on locations and the device will notify you if your child leaves or enters such zones. At the end of the day, you can see the full history of your teenager’s driving journey for that day, along with the areas where any unsafe driving might have taken place.

Attached easily to the OBD-II port that is available on the dashboard in almost all vehicles, this device doesn’t need to be charged, since it gets all the power it needs from your car. For every parent who cares about the security and safety of their children behind the wheel, this device is definitely a lifesaver and a must get.

Product Highlights:

  • Extra safety for teenagers
  • Provides a driving history of the entire day
  • Excellent alert system

7. Key finder, Esky Wireless RF item

Do you often lose your key, wallet or even your bag? Does that often happen when you’re in a real hurry? Well, you no longer have to go through that hustle with this GPS tracker, which is built specifically to help you locate your missing items. In other words, you’ll never lose your keys again!

Those GPS trackers can be easily attached to your keys, placed inside your bag, or even the cover of your glasses, so you wouldn’t keep looking for it over and over again. With such a small profile, using it is possible with virtually anything.

As each tracker has a different color, all you have to do is simply press the key that matches your color, and you’ll be able to find your belongings in no time. As it produces a sound of 60-80 dB, you’ll surely hear the tracker beep locating the item for you. The tracker can detect the signal from as much as 30 meters away, allowing you to locate your devices no matter where you place them around the house.

Even if you’re looking for your items in the dark, this tracker has got you covered. As they are equipped with LED lights, locating your items is super easy even in the darkest places.

Product Highlights:

  • 4 key finders
  • Trackers are equipped with an LED light
  • Remote with color coding
  • Produces beeping sound to help you locate your items

8. Aspung Key Finder Wireless Anti-Lost Tracker

This is another GPS tracker that’s built specifically for keeping track of your beloved items. With this tracker, losing your personal items is something that you no longer have to worry about. It’s small and smart design that is roughly in the size of a coin,  which allows it to be attached to a variety of different things with ease and convenience.

All you have to do is download the tracker’s smart application, which can be easily installed on an iOS or an Android system. With such a simple and easy-to-use interface, finding your way around the application is super-easy.

Lost your phone and can’t find it? Don’t worry. All you have to do is double-click the device and your phone will ring. This means that you can use your phone to find your device, or your device to find your phone. For people who constantly lose their stuff, this is an awesome solution.

If you’re a person who forgets his phone a lot wherever you go, this tracker is a lifesaver. If you ever get up and move without your phone, the device will make a loud noise to alert you that you’re leaving your phone behind. So, in short, you’ll never lose anything again with this smart device.

It’s also worth mentioning that by accessing the app you can identify the location where the device got disconnected, making it that much easier to track it.

Product highlights:

  • You can locate your phone using the device
  • Very small almost the size of a coin
  • Smart app with a variety of options