The 10 Best Hammocks of 2018

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There’s nothing like the relaxing feeling of sitting in a hammock. Essential survival tools with a very long history, hammocks can offer a very pleasant sitting experience in a wide variety of environments. They’re great for your body but they can also help with keeping you in a more relaxed mental state. Due to the fact that hammocks are usually used in the garden or on the patio, you can take advantage of fresh air and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of nature. Hammocks are also ideal for taking naps when you feel like it’s time for a well-deserved break.

At a simple search for hammocks online you will be greeted by an incredible number of options. This level of diversity can be easily overwhelming, and this article tries to make some sense from this crowded market. First, let’s understand which are the most important features that a high-quality hammock should have. You might also be interested in our articles about the best multi tool and the best bunk beds.

1. Type

The most common types are the Brazilian and the spreader hammocks. The first is a cocoon style bed while the second resembles a wide flat bed. There are certain differences when it comes to materials and color patterns. Choosing one over the other depends on your preference, but most people consider Brazilian hammocks to be more stable.

2. Comfort and materials

As hammocks are designed with the promise of relaxation, it’s completely reasonable to expect a certain level of comfort from them. Some models are better than others in that regard and the secret lies in the materials used. The quality of the materials can also impact the hammock’s capability to withstand the harsh weather. Some hammocks are actually not at all designed to be left outdoors due to their sensitive materials that can fade or suffer some damage.

3. Strength

The way a hammock’s been built shouldn’t be simply glanced over because it can matter a lot in some cases. Any good hammock requires strong materials and a sturdy construction. Durability is critical for those who plan on taking the hammocks on their outdoor adventures, but it’s important for everyone who plans on securing a long-term investment.

4. Weight

Many people can underestimate the importance of weight in a hammock. It may not seem like much, but those few extra ounces can really make a difference when it comes to your overall enjoyment during outdoor adventures. It’s not fun to carry around a heavy pack so it’s recommended to get a light model if you go camping.

While other characteristics can definitely play a role when choosing the right hammock, the ones covered here should cover the basics. Now that the guide is done, it’s time to look at the best hammocks on the market. The following selection of products has been created with careful regard to build strength, comfort, and overall quality. The hammocks should be fitting for different budgets too.

Best Backyard Hammock

1. Vivere Double Hammock with Space-Saving Steel Stand

The best way to relax in your backyard is by using a comfy hammock like the Vivere Double which delivers many exclusive features for your maximum enjoyment. It’s crafted using durable polyester end strings, has a stand with zinc-coated legs, and the woven cotton is thick enough to offer support for two adults.

While the model reviewed here is the cotton one, there are actually other fabric choices. You can also choose from polyester or Sunbrella. For the best comfort per cost, you should probably stick with the cotton model which can create a very relaxing sensation. Just make sure you bring it inside when it starts raining.

The polyester version provides a saturated color that’s resistant to fading. It’s a good balance between softness and durability because it can face mildew and rot. Cleaning it requires just a bit of soap and water. After scrubbing it with a sponge and rinsing, it can be left outside to dry.

The last option to consider is the Sunbrella fabric which has been specifically designed to be extremely weather-resistant. It’s quite comfortable too, great for an afternoon nap in the backyard. There’s no need to worry about stains or atmospheric chemicals either if you choose this type of fabric.

All types of fabric in this cotton provide enough strength for two adults as the weight limit of 450 pounds can attest. This Brazilian-style hammock has a sturdy stand included which weighs a mere 35 pounds and is built to last considering the heavy-duty steel used. It’s very simple to assemble and you can quickly maneuver it and enjoy your stylish hammock anywhere you want.

There’s a good variety of colors available for all the fabrics. The price for the cotton version makes this one of the best picks for a high-quality double Brazilian hammock. It’s a cost-effective way to relax in the backyard and the fact that includes a reliable 9-foot steel stand makes this a very strong competitor on the market.

Product Highlights:

  • 63 x 94-Inch bed size
  • 9-foot stand
  • Sturdy construction
  • 100% cotton
  • Multiple color options

Best Camping Hammock

2. Wise Owl Outfitters Double Hammock

Those who frequently go camping need a reliable hammock that’s both portable and comfortable to relax after a long trip. One such model to take into account is the Wise Owl Outfitters double hammock that’s compact and provides just the essential features needed for a pleasant camping experience.

Manufactured using a tough 210T Parachute Nylon, this hammock has no issues with holding two adults. It’s rated at 400 pounds for its maximum supported weight. The fabric used is the one trusted by skydivers so you can be sure that this is a highly durable material. That doesn’t mean it compromises on comfort. The hammock delivers a reasonably soft feeling enabling a decent relaxing time when you’re far away from civilization.

For some added strength, the hammock is firmly held together by a special kind of stitching called triple interlocking. Despite all this durability, the weight and compactness aren’t heavily affected. The hammock weighs only 26 oz and when it’s packed and ready to go, it confines to 5″x8″.

The drawstring stuff sack has been integrated into the hammock for easier packing. In the package for this double model, you can also discover all the required items to set up your hammock. You’ve got two robust steel carabiners and nautical ropes – a solid combination to ensure a secure and firm support. No extra tools are needed which is definitely convenient when going camping.

From fuchsia and crimson to navy blue and olive green, there are lots of interesting colors to suit an adventurer. All in all, the Wise Owl Outfitters Double Hammock is our top recommendation for a well-designed camping hammock. It’s also available in a smaller size if you don’t need a large one. Considering the affordable price tag, this is a very nice bargain.

Product Highlights:

  • Made of 210T nylon
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to install and use
  • Great stitching
  • Decent color variety

Best Portable Hammock

3. Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock

A particularly portable hammock comes from Bear Butt, a company designed to appeal to those who love quality features at reasonable costs. Their double hammock model comes in multiple color options including khaki, lime green, orange, and red. Let’s see what it brings to the table in the world of hammocks.

The most interesting aspect about this hammock is the comfortable hanging design. Whether you’ve got posts, poles, or two sturdy trees at your disposal, this hammock can accommodate to them. Place it anywhere you have the support and enjoy the relaxation in no time. Setting up camp takes just a few minutes.

If you’re the type of person who frequently goes in spontaneous excursions, this hammock could be an ideal solution. It doesn’t require a stand so this means you can have it placed almost anywhere. The hammock suits well adventurers on camping trips but it can be comfortably installed in your backyard or even placed indoors if you have space.

To help with the set-up process, the manufacturer includes some necessary accessories such as 10-foot lengths of rope and two carabiners. The tough nylon fabric has also received certain reinforcements such as the anti-ripping straps. You’re definitely safe against falling as long as you don’t go over the 500 pounds limit. That’s enough to handle two adults and a pet at the same time.

With just 1.5 pounds in terms of weight, this compact hammock is easy to carry if you’re traveling. Pack it quickly in your backpack and rest assured that whenever it’s needed, you can enjoy a comfortable relaxing spot. The 75D Nylon Taffeta used is also a fairly soft material to make sitting in the hammock a pleasure.

A great hammock in all regards, the Bear Butt Double Parachute is worth every cent taking into account its portability, versatility, and, most importantly, its dependable strength. The market has a large selection of various hammocks and while others are a hit or miss, this one’s definitely a winner.

Product Highlights:

  • Comfortable design
  • Doesn’t require a stand
  • Lightweight, ideal for travel
  • Made of robust nylon fabric
  • Carabiners and rope included

4. Best Choice Products Quilted Double Hammock

The hammock market is dominated by Brazilian-style models, so if you’re struggling to find a solid spreader-type hammock, you need to dig quite a lot. One excellent choice comes from Best Choice Products. Their classic-looking quilted double hammock could be exactly what you’ve been searching for if you favor spreader hammocks.

With a large 450 pounds weight capacity, this hammock doesn’t have a problem if two adults decide to relax on it together at the same time. A double-wide frame provides plenty of room to accommodate two individuals. Enjoying the fresh air perfectly relaxed in your backyard or patio can become an everyday thing.

All that’s needed to be done before you can benefit from the comfort of this hammock is to properly set it up. The manufacturer supplies two convenient chains to help with this process and for transportation, there’s a basic case provided.

To make things easier when sitting in it, the hammock includes a convenient pillow which can be detached. It’s a nice little bonus that can provide decent neck support. If that’s not enough for you, simply replace it with a softer one. The cotton material of the hammock feels luxurious and creates an ideal spot for relaxing in the soft breeze.

An interesting design element is represented by the hardwood spreaders. The choice of hardwood is mandatory for such a large frame allowing the user to feel secure as if sitting on a bed. The overall construction of this hammock has been enhanced to be as heavy-duty as possible. The cotton has UV-resistance properties to guarantee that your hammock stands the test of time. The striped color selection is varied enough to help you decide.

All things considered, Best Choice Products did a solid job with this quilted spreader hammock. For a relatively low cost, you can start swinging in comfort using a sturdy and vibrantly colored hammock. There are few better methods out there to get rid of the day’s stress. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Hardwood spreaders
  • Can fit two people
  • Detachable pillow provided
  • Made with soft cotton
  • Metal rings for stability
  • Easy set-up

Best Backpacking Hammock

5. Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock

One very popular hammock that’s considered the best backpacking model is the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest. As its name implies, it comes with enough space so that two adults can sit comfortably together. There are lots of things to be excited about this hammock including the incredibly vast selection of tasteful color combinations.

This is the kind of hammock crafted for those with an adventurous spirit. It’s an ideal way to relax when you’re surrounded by the wonderful joys of nature. The first thing that stands out is its high-strength construction. It can support a maximum of 400 pounds while other models can reach 500, but even so, it’s more than enough for two adults.

With such a capacity you might expect a bulky size, but nothing could be further from the truth. The hammock is designed to compress in its built-in stuff sack which shrinks it down to fit in your backpack without any issues. As the total weight of the hammock reaches just 19 ounces, this is a perfect hiking companion.

To be able to put your trust in a hammock you need to be aware of the kind of material used. Because this model is designed for more active lifestyles, the manufacturer went for a durable 70D Nylon Taffeta. Without sacrificing too much comfort, the fabric is made to provide ample support, dry quickly, and achieve maximum breathability.

Besides the hammock itself, you can expect other necessary tools in the package. To set everything up you are definitely going to need the aluminum carabiners, line, as well as the high-performance snap links. Just find trees with a suitable distance apart (something like 10-12 feet should be good) and then go ahead and install your new hammock.

If you’re planning on sleeping outdoors, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest is a great hammock to pack for your excursion. Besides being comfortable and relaxing, such a well-designed hammock like this one can also help to keep cool when it’s very warm during the day. With such a reasonable cost, this model deserves a spot on this list as the best backpacking hammock.

Product Highlights:

  • Huge color variation
  • Versatile and durable
  • 19 ounces weight
  • Made of 70D Nylon Taffeta
  • Aluminum carabiners included

Best Outdoor Hammock

6. Honest Outfitters With Hammock Tree Straps

Anyone who’s searching for a capable hammock to use outdoors should check out the one from Honest Outfitters. This model is designed to be both practical and comfortable. In just 3 minutes you can have it up and ready to provide some relaxing support. It’s available in both single and double sizes and the price is very affordable.

The hammock’s built with a 210T nylon fabric which is the material of choice for skydivers. Its main quality is sturdiness considering the weight limits of 400 and 500 pounds for the single and double, respectively. The fabric is also breathable and designed to please demanding campers who need mildew resistance. Thanks to the triple stitching you can rest assured that you’ll be safe in this hammock.

Setting up this hammock is a breeze due to the fact that everything required for this process comes in the package. There are powerful hammock straps included, as well as carabiners to firmly attach your new relaxing bed. You can use any suitable nearby trees or poles to install it.

There aren’t that many color options available compared to other hammocks, but the range is generous enough to find something for your preferences. The 55-inch x 108-inch for the single and 78-inch x 118-inch for the double dimensions make this a very portable option. Due to the increased size, the large one can be a little more comfortable, though both of versions are compact and lightweight. It depends on what you’re looking for, but it’s recommended to go for the larger hammock because more space usually translates to better comfort.

Despite the low cost, this hammock made by Honest Outfitters is a quality product. It can easily rival with more expensive models on the market in terms of features such as comfort, looks, and build strength. For its price, this hammock deserves some more attention from camping enthusiasts.

Product Highlights:

  • Double hammock for two people
  • 210T Nylon material
  • Lightweight design
  • Simple set-up
  • Steel carabiners and straps included

7. Legit Camping Double Lightweight Hammock

One solid hammock which encapsulates all the dream features of hikers is this double model from Legit Camping. It’s a lightweight hammock that can redefine your camping experience thanks to its superior construction and reliable accessories. A nice color variation is also a strong point of this model.

One thing that’s particularly appealing regarding this hammock is that it’s so easy to use when you’re on a hiking trip. Take it stuffed in a compact sack which doesn’t occupy too much space in your camping backpack. After you’ve finally decided on a camping spot, take out the required accessories (straps and steel carabiners) and install the hammock almost effortlessly.

The quality of the straps can definitely make a huge difference for a hiking hammock. If you’re frequently relying on the hammock during your trips, you need some sturdy straps that offer you the right safety to sit comfortably. The material choice for the hammock itself can also play an important role in durability.

Thanks to the military-grade 210T nylon, the hammock is perfectly safe to be used as a bed. It has a reasonable 400-pound capacity which makes it a fitting choice if two people want to stay together on it. Despite this decent level of strength, the hammock doesn’t feel bulky. It’s rugged to face tougher environments while maintaining a low weight to be easy to carry.

The comfort is very good for a camping hammock. It’s probably not as great as a cotton model, but it’s more than capable of delivering a relaxing experience during any long trip. As opposed to other hammock manufacturers, Legit Camping seems to be very responsive, which is a sign that they have a strong dedication to guarantee complete satisfaction for their users.

A decent alternative to more expensive hammocks out there, the Legit Camping model can be a lot of fun to use and has enough potential to deliver a comfortable experience in the long-term. That’s assuming you take extra care with it as the material can be more sensitive compared to others. Not something to worry about though. This is a very user-friendly and comfortable hammock considering the price tag.

Product Highlights:

  • Spacious and strong design
  • Lightweight
  • Included nylon straps
  • 400-pound capacity
  • Great for camping

8. MalloMe Double Portable Camping Hammock

With more than 20 colors, heavy-duty straps, and snag-free carabiners, this hammock made by MalloMe shouldn’t slip under your radar if you’re looking for a solid quality per cost ratio. This is a particularly large and strong parachute-style double hammock destined to be used in exciting camping trips.

Floating effortlessly in the air gives anyone an amazing feeling. If you want enough space to sit with your partner and/or pet, you will definitely love this spacious hammock. When fully stretched out, it delivers a great level of comfort which can redefine your camping trip.

The maximum weight supported is 1000 pounds which makes this double hammock one of the strongest you can get. The secret for this level of sturdiness lies in the choice of tear-resistant nylon which has been reinforced with powerful straps. Nap or snuggle someone while having the peace of mind that you’re safe and sound.

To hold so much weight, it’s not enough to use durable materials for the straps and the fabric. MalloMe makes use of a smart design for its webbing connection points of the straps. This is where most of the pressure needs to be supported, so that’s why this hammock can easily handle more weight.

To make the install process a breeze, the hammock comes with handy accessories such as the high-strength carabiners and the quality rope. There’s also a sack to keep everything in one place. Those who are constantly on the move are sure to appreciate this level of convenience.

Whether for taking a nap break or to relax with your camping partner, the MalloMe double hammock with its outstanding weight limit could be exactly what you need. It represents a solid blend of sturdiness and comfort. The install process should also be simple to handle even by those unfamiliar with these products.

Product Highlights:

  • 118 x 79 In.
  • Can hold two large adults with ease
  • Compact design
  • Made using 210T Nylon
  • Easy and convenient set-up

Best Hammock For Sleeping

9. Hammock Sky Brazilian Double Soft Woven Cotton

For the most relaxing sleep possible, the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double could be the perfect backyard addition. It uses a special kind of soft-woven cotton fabric to ensure the kind of comfort that enables you to get away from the day’s stress. It’s a bit more expensive, but the extra quality is here to justify the cost.

It’s difficult to match the level of comfort provided by this beautifully-crafted hammock. It creates a ‘cocoon effect’ characteristic of Brazilian hammocks which together with the tight weave promise an ideal relaxing experience in the backyard. The hammock can also be installed inside the home if you wish to take a nap in a more relaxing style.

The set-up process is easy, mostly due to the reduced weight of the hammock. A carry bag has been supplied in the package, and it can be helpful to move the hammock anywhere you please. An aspect that’s important to mention regarding this hammock is its child/pet-friendliness. The fabric is both durable, to resist some extra abuse, and safely designed. The color options are quite lacking, but there’s a classic natural option which looks very smooth and attractive.

There’s plenty of strength in this hammock’s construction to be able to handle two adults. The bed resting area is fairly large which means a couple can comfortably fit together. One thing to keep in mind regarding the dimensions is that initially, it may not seem as large as expected. It takes a few weeks of use for the hammock to stretch to its maximum capacity.

Taking into account the high-quality materials used, the tightly woven cotton in particular, the Hammock Sky Brazilian Double is an amazing product to strongly consider for relaxing naps both outside and inside. It’s so great for sleeping that many people have successfully relied on this hammock as a bed replacement.

Product Highlights:

  • Classic Brazilian hammock style
  • Comfortable, long-lasting cotton thread
  • Fits two persons
  • Child and pet-friendly
  • Convenient carry bag

10. OuterEQ Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

Another decent camping hammock comes from OuterEQ which boasts many attractive abilities to please fans of more portable models. Easy to fix and clean, this is the kind of hammock you can take anywhere you go without worries. At this price, it doesn’t offer the capable straps found on its competitors, but you can still find some good ropes in the package.

The fabric used for this model is a parachute nylon type that’s durable enough to resist some abuse in the wilderness. It’s also simple to clean and has been selected for its ability to dry fairly quickly. While that’s a great thing, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be careful with its weather exposure. Try to limit the time it’s left in the rain.

In terms of versatility, this hammock has you covered. If you need to pack up and go you can quickly fit this unit in its dedicated built-in sack. When it’s time to camp again, installing the hammock will be the one task that’s done in the fastest time.

You can rely on the binding ropes to quickly tie the hammock to some suitable supports such as trees or poles. This rope system is not as efficient compared to the ENO suspension system, but it can still do a solid job. Just make sure you check them regularly to see if they don’t become too stretched out over time.

As the weight limit is around 330 pounds, it’s a relatively sturdy single hammock. Even bigger individuals shouldn’t have any problems with it. There are many vibrant color combinations to choose from including olive/black, orange/grey, and brown/purple.

The OuterEQ is a well-made camping accessory that shouldn’t miss from your backpack when you hit the road. Set this spacious hammock wherever you like and just enjoy the view surrounded by the tranquility of nature. When it’s time to leave, just pack it up quickly and you’re done. The only disadvantage is that it may not be as comfortable, but at this cost, that’s fully within the expectations for a basic camping hammock.

Product Highlights:

  • Made of strong nylon
  • Easy fixing
  • 275 x 140cm size
  • Simple to clean and dry
  • Two ropes included