The 10 Best HDMI Switches of 2024

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Best HDMI switches reviews

If you want to connect a single device to your TV, you can do it using a regular HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable. But if you want to connect multiple devices to one TV, you need an HDMI switch.

HDMI delivers 1080p high-definition signals and supports eight channels of uncompressed audio. It’s perfect for a 7.1 surround-sound system.

HDMI switches solve a big problem, multimedia devices such as Apple TV, Blue-ray players, DVRs, game consoles, and digital cameras come with an HDMI port. But your HDTV will probably have only one HDMI port. How do you connect all these devices to your TV?

The HDMI switch is the answer.

It is able to cut down the number of cables required to connect components to just one cable connected to your TV.

There are plenty of HDMI switches available in markets. To avoid wasting time and money on the bad ones, have a look at the best and the most useful ones below.

1. Kinivo HDMI Switch 301BN Premium 3 Port

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This switch is our pick for the best HDMI switch box because of the high-quality cable and premium quality material which enhances transmission and improves signal.

The Kinivo Switch is great in terms of features. It comes with three ports and it has a remote control to give you remote access anytime. It also comes with an AC power adapter so you can start using it right after you open the box. Just unpack it and you will have everything you need to start using this switch.

Since this device has three ports, you can easily connect multiple streaming devices to the single port on your TV. You will plug HDMI cables coming from different devices to this switch. Then you will connect it using one end of a cable to the output port on the device and the other end to the HDMI input on your HDTV.

You don’t have to worry about manually switching the HDMI input. You can use the remote to change the signal from one device to another. The device can also switch automatically based on the active device. Relying on the best HDMI switch box makes your life a lot easier, that’s for sure.

The Kinivo Switch supports HD picture, this means you can stream content in 1080p and enjoy the awesome quality picture. You will also love the sound depth with this device as it channels high-quality audio. It supports Dolby and other digital HQ sound formats. This gadget also supports 3D video so you can connect your 3D streaming devices to your HDTV using this switch.

Kinivo has been in business for years. The company stands behind its products. That’s the reason you get a warranty when you buy this switch. You can return the device and ask for a replacement if anything goes wrong within this warranty period. However, be sure to read the warranty terms so you know what’s covered in the warranty.

2. Zettaguard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch with PIP and IR Wireless Remote Control

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The Zettaguard HDMI Switch has four high-speed ports. That means you can easily connect up to four streaming devices with just one TV. You won’t have to change the signal manually as it comes with an IR remote. Lean back on the sofa and just choose the streaming device that you want using the wireless remote control.

There are very few brands that offer as many multimedia accessories as Zettaguard does on the online market. Be it surge protectors, game controllers or Bluetooth speakers, they’ve got a large variety of options that can meet a large variety of needs.

As we have seen them introducing accessories that can be used with almost every source on the market, it only makes sense that they would design an HDMI switch that is convenient to change from one input to another. That’s the reason it is one of the best HDMI switches you can find these days!

This switch from Zettaguard comes with the PIP (Picture in Picture) feature. This lets you make transitions from one device to another with a push of a button, very easily and allows you to watch a football match and check e-mails simultaneously from your laptop, all of it appearing on your single TV screen. It’s easy to move between multiple streaming devices such as game consoles, cable TV input, and more.

Since this device comes with four ports, you can connect your laptop, gaming consoles, and Blue-ray player to your Smart TV simultaneously. The first two HDMI ports on the switch are for gaming consoles, the third one is for laptop, and the fourth port is for Blue-ray players.

This HDMI switch supports 4K resolution. This means you will be able to enjoy a clear picture with high-definition sound. It also supports 3D picture which means you can connect your streaming devices to a 3D TV and enjoy picture like never before.

Zettaguard has developed a very sleek design for this modern-looking HDMI switch. It’s small, which makes it convenient to place it anywhere close to your TV. It reduces the clutter as you will replace a number of cables with just a single HDMI cable going to your TV from the switch. Despite its compact size, this switch has side vents that ensure that the device stays cool even during hot weather and never overheats, however you have to make sure that nothing is blocking the vents.

The Zettaguard HDMI Switch uses a 5V 1A DC supply. It supports Frame packing for 3D formats and it’s ready for 4K displays so you can watch your favorite movies at the best quality. Additionally, this switch supports color depth up to 48 bits per pixel.

You will love the sound quality when streaming from your devices. It can stream DTS-HD and Dolby True HD sound. On top of all these features, it uses minimal power and keeps your energy consumption low. To enter the HDMI world, switch smoothly between electronic devices with the Zettaguard. With a modern design and slim structure, it blends in with the surrounding very easily.

3. HDMI Switch GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3×1

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Practical and inexpensive, the Gana HDMI switch represents a solid option for this kind of accessory. It’s a breeze to operate thanks to status LEDs and key-press switching abilities. The HDMI switch works in a 3-port configuration so you can switch from multiple inputs to your preferred output. The device is compatible with a maximum resolution that reaches 4K quality so you can count on it for all your entertainment needs.

Considering the budget-friendly cost, it’s nice to see the included HDMI cable in the package. The switch is designed for plug-and-play functionality so you can start using it immediately. When it comes to audio performance, the HDMI switch won’t disappoint because it’s fully capable to transmit premium HDCP audio formats without signal delay. There’s no automatic switching of inputs but the manual button press works like a charm.

4. UGREEN 4K HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out Splitter Box

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A simple yet well-built HDMI switch comes from UGREEN. This is a more basic 3-in-1 switcher that could be ideal if you don’t have a lot of input HDMI devices to control on a single output screen. Although it’s quite inexpensive, this HDMI switch includes a convenient remote control to effortlessly swap to a different source without bothering to unplug cables. Automatic switching is supported as well while the switch works in plug-and-play style.

Considering the more basic functionality of this HDMI switch, it’s not surprising to see that it’s only compatible with 4K resolution up to 30Hz. However, the unit still provides great image and audio quality with broad compatibility for different HDMI devices. When it comes to the construction of this HDMI switch, you will notice its lightweight design and sleek appearance that makes it easy to integrate into any modern media setup environment.

5. NEWCARE HDMI Switch 3 in 1 Out 3-Port HDMI Switcher Selector

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If you’re searching for a high-quality HDMI switch at a reasonable price, this Newcare model could fit the bill. It’s a 3-port switch compatible with 4K, 2K, and 3D output videos. The unit works nicely with HDCP 2.2 and arrives with multiple enhancements to ensure a stable connection. It’s crafted using gold-plated connectors that are virtually corrosion-proof for your peace of mind.

The HDMI switch includes an output cable in the package but extra HDMI cables need to be purchased separately. Installing this device is not a difficult process while controlling its functionality requires just a simple key press. Change to your preferred port for instant switching to a different HDMI input. As long as the device has an HDMI interface, it’s safe to say that you won’t run into any compatibility issues.

6. HDMI Switch SGEYR 5×1 HDMI Switcher 5 in 1 Out

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Those with heavy-duty needs for an HDMI switch need to consider the 5-port SGEYR model. This device shows off reliable features like stable signal transmission, wide compatibility, and user-friendly operation. One feature that makes it stand out is the case built from durable metal. It’s quite resistant to wear and overheating while still maintaining a slim and practical design. As a bonus, the unit also looks more attractive compared to basic plastic.

With the help of this HDMI switch, you will be able to connect up to 5 input devices to a single output TV or monitor. You might need a few HDMI cables in case you don’t already have some laying around for the connections. The device doesn’t include any HDMI cable but it features an IR remote for convenient manual switching to the desired HDMI source. There’s support for 3D and 4Kx2K videos while pretty much any audio option should be compatible.

7. Kinivo HDMI Switch 4K HDR 3 Port, 4K 60Hz

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One premium HDMI switch solution, the Kinivo 350BN is an ideal solution for any homeowners who want some added convenience in their media entertainment setup. This is an automatic HDMI switch that simply detects the active input and swaps to it. There’s also a manual switching function that can be handled more conveniently with the help of a dedicated IR remote. Keep in mind that some devices are incompatible with the automatic switching feature.

This is a 3-port switch that lets you enjoy 4K 60Hz content as well as 3D video quality. You can connect a maximum of three input devices which should be sufficient for most people looking to simplify the connections towards their main output display. Construction-wise, this HDMI switch brings some reliable features to make it worth the extra investment. It’s engineered with a hybrid aluminum design that won’t overheat as easily compared to cheaper options

8. 4K HDR HDMI Switch Koopman 5 Ports 4K 60Hz HDMI 2.0

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Anyone searching for a capable HDMI switch with five ports should check out this Koopman model. It’s a reasonably-priced accessory that can easily manage the problem of having multiple HDMI devices to connect to a single compatible display. This handy switch box is designed to support multiple resolutions without quality downgrades. It can work flawlessly whether you prefer 4K or 1080p content.

Switching between the various connected HDMI sources can be done more conveniently through the supplied remote control. You don’t even need to get up from the couch when it’s time to switch. Thanks to the ITE chip, the performance of this model can rival more expensive models on the market. There’s support for HDCP 2.2 and older standards and you can also enjoy excellent audio quality. The HDMI switch can also toggle automatically to an active input or you can simply press a button on the unit itself for a manual switch.

9. Fosmon 3-Port HDMI Switch 4K, 3×1 Switcher (Automatic Switching)

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The Fosmon 3-port HDMI switch is an inexpensive solution to keep all your favorite HDMI devices connected to your main TV or monitor. This little device works well with the latest HDMI standards and can handle automatic input switching. It’s a more basic HDMI switch that lacks an included remote control but you can just press the button placed on its top for manual changing of the source.

When it comes to compatibility, you shouldn’t run into any issues considering the universal design of the HDMI switch. It works nicely with gaming consoles, TV sticks, or projectors. Thanks to its gold-plated HDMI output, you can enjoy fluent transmission performance without delays or interruptions. You don’t need a power adapter for this model but you will probably need to purchase additional HDMI cables. The unit has a permanent output cable attached that can’t be changed to another with a different length.

10. 3×1 HDMI Switch with Optical SPDIF & RCA L/R Audio Out, 3 Port

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This 3×1 HDMI Switch enables you to connect up to 3 source gadgets which may include PC, PS4, Xbox, Blu-ray player, cable box, DVR, Chromecast, Apple TV or Fire TV, that will be connected to one HDMI port on your TV, monitor or maybe a projector.

With its feature of extracting the audio out, it repeats audio embedded in the HDMI source device and extracts it via the Optical SPDIF Output. It Supports up to 5.1 channel Dolby Digital and DTS, and Analog RCA output supports 2CH stereo. Set it to “5.1CH” for Dolby Digital / DTS to output audio via SPDIF out. If incoming audio is multi-channel audio, the RCA output won’t have any sound. SPDIF does NOT support 5.1 or 7.1 Dolby Digital Plus (For Roku, do not set to 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus as it cannot be extracted through SPDIF). 

With its easy switch feature, it supports the auto switching function which can also be turned off. An IR remote is included for manual switching and it also supports Audio Return Channel from the optical output. Did I mention it also has a premium quality? Its durable metal fold ensures quick heat dissipation and brilliant longevity. I definitely recommend it.