The 12 Best Hunting Boots of 2021

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Best Hunting Boots for the Money
Best Boots for Elk Hunting
Best Rubber Hunting Boots
Best Snake Proof Hunting Boots
Best Mountain Hunting Boots
Best All Around Hunting Boots

For those who love hunting, it’s critical to get the right equipment. Hunting boots are important items that any serious hunter should pay attention to when they go shopping for new gear. There are many qualities that the ideal hunting boots need to have and in this article, you will find out how to evaluate different products to make sure you end up with the best hunting boots.

1. Durability

This depends on the material or the type of boot. All-purpose types usually provide the best versatility as they’re not only created with durability in mind but they’re also designed to be waterproof and reliable over time. Other solid choices if you’re concerned about durability are nylon, upland and leather boots. Leather boots in particular are recommended for their affordability though they require some extra maintenance. You might also be interested in our articles about the best rechargeable hand warmers  or the best canopy.

2. Insulation

If you live in colder regions, having insulated boots is essential for a good hunting experience. With properly insulated boots you can track and catch your game more easily, especially considering how nowadays the insulation technologies are more advanced so the boots are lighter and warmer than ever.

Some of the more useful materials to achieve a better insulation are Thinsulate and Thinsulate Ultra. Hunting boots should have some kind of label that explains what’s the insulation level of the product and this is measured in grams. During winter times you would need somewhere around 1,200-1,800 grams to maintain an optimal level of warmth. For mid-season, boots with 600-800 grams are adequate and if you live in warmer areas getting models with 200-400 grams of insulation should be enough.

3. Boot fit

The way the boot fits is important because it needs to match your body and complement it if you walk outdoors for extended periods of time. Quality boots come in different sizes so make sure that you find those that match your foot size. Hunting boots can often be bigger to account for heavy socks so keep that in mind.

These are the main qualities that a solid pair of hunting boots should have to be considered worth the money. There are other aspects to take into account but these mostly come down to personal preference like the weight and height of the boot. Some people like lighter variants for more athletic types of hunting while others would rather wear heavier boots or high models that are better adapted for rough terrains or trekking swampy landscapes. If you’re undecided and want a list of the most cost-effective options on the market right now, take a look at the following individual reviews of the best products in the industry. They’ve been selected to have the best durability, material quality, and ergonomic construction for their cost.

Best Hunting Boots for the Money

1. Irish Setter 2870 Vaprtrek-M

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The 2870 Varprtek-M from Irish Setter is one of the most impressive boots for hunting that you can find on the market. It manages to combine flexibility with durability in a very high-quality package. The price is not exactly low but the features and comfort make up for it.

There are lots of aspects to be excited about in this boot. One of them is the RPM technology. A special material for the sole reduces the overall weight of the boot to create an athletic maneuverability which enhances both traction and balance. It provides extra durability without feeling too heavy.

Scent causing bacteria are a problem that can appear on every hunting boot out there. The smell can be worse if you’re going on extended trips but thankfully Irish Setter designed this boot with the ScentBan technology. From leathers to linings to all the various synthetic materials used in the making of the boot, this process has the ability to kill bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odors.

Another great feature of this boot is the UltraDry waterproofing system. Due to a special construction that blends waterproof components with special moisture management lining, perfect dryness, as well as long-lasting comfort, is ensured. You can hunt more effectively as you won’t be bothered by wet conditions.

The design of this model makes use of the Realtree Xtra camouflage which gives it a nice outdoors look suited for multiple types of terrain. Another thing worth mentioning about this boot is the increased comfort. It supports your foot well and you can move with ease. Despite not being insulated, they are also surprisingly warm.

All in all, the Irish Setter 2870 Varprtek-M hunting boot is an essential accessory for anyone who values durability and versatility. It looks cool and will maintain your foot dry. It’s good to know that the manufacturer made no compromises on comfort either. Highly recommended for hunting enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • UltraDry waterproofing system
  • Rubber sole
  • ScentBan scent control
  • Excellent durability
  • Realtree Xtra Camouflage

2. LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 1600G

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If you’re in the market to purchase a high-quality hunting boot, you shouldn’t miss the Alphaburly Pro 1600G by LaCrosse. With a complex insulated construction, this one’s built for performance in colder climates. It features lots of great abilities for taking your hunting experience to a new level.

The first thing that needs to be discussed regarding this boot is the comfort. Many insulated boots that aren’t well designed will impair air circulation leaving you with feet that can get way too hot. Thankfully, this boot offers a special embossed neoprene liner to boost the ventilation allowing for better regulation of the inside temperature.

Your feet will always stay at a balanced temperature for the optimal comfort with just the right warmth level. This model comes with 1600G of Thinsulate Ultra insulation that should keep the wetness and coldness away. A high-quality rubber envelops the neoprene to create a perfect fit in multiple vital areas. Both the foot and the calf benefit from cushioning comfort delivered by the neoprene core.

In terms of durability, this boot stands out due to its premium construction. For extra support, a shank has been integrated under the arch. The underfoot is protected and extra stability is added for walking on rough terrain. The outsole is designed for performance even if you find yourself on a more demanding surface. There’s plenty of traction as the chamfered edges will keep you steady.

Another solid feature of this boot is the full neoprene gusset found on the back which is suitable for multiple calf sizes. It enables you to tuck your pants in with ease and to simplify the process of sliding the boot on and off.

In conclusion, the LaCrosse Alphaburly Pro 1600G represents the ideal hunting boots to wear during colder conditions. Your hunting sessions will be greatly enhanced considering the premium construction and the comfort provided by this boot. The outsole is excellent for mud and snow and overall, there are no complaints about these boots. They’re well worth the expense.

Key Features:

  • 1600G Thinsulate Ultra insulation
  • Flexible construction
  • Neoprene core
  • Rubber sole
  • Embossed liner

3. Kamik HUNTER-M

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For those more concerned about the budget, the Kamik Hunter-M is a good boot for the cost. It doesn’t offer too many advanced features, but they’re reliable and solidly built. They have a -40-degree Fahrenheit rating and are fully waterproof. The neutral black design might also be attractive for some.

This boot is made primarily for hunters who aren’t afraid to keep going when the weather gets tough. Thanks to a waterproof synthetic rubber, your feet will successfully stay dry for long periods of time. The material quality is decent, nothing too spectacular but it gets the job done.

Freezing temperatures can also be a big inconvenience when hunting but an 8 mm thermal guard liner will help you stay warm and comfortable. Kamik made some efforts to create a boot that can stand harsh weather conditions and the traction is pretty good too. Don’t expect the superior stability of the more expensive models but this is a solid all-around boot.

Regarding the size, make sure that you follow the sizing guide with extra care. Getting the right fit with this one is crucial. If you get a perfect match, the overall comfort will definitely be maximized. Taking these boots on and off is a breeze and this is one aspect that will be very appreciated by those who also need the boots for more than just hunting. They are recommended for everyday usage in snowy or rainy conditions.

If you need a decent pair of hunting boots at a more reasonable price, Kamik’s Hunter-M should fit the bill. The size could be bigger than you’d expect, perhaps to account for the socks. As it offers excellent value overall and considering the pleasant comfort level, this is a recommended product for hunters who want to face the cold and snow.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof knee-high boot
  • Synthetic sole
  • Adjustable snow collar
  • Removable thermal-guard liner
  • -40 degrees F rating

Best Boots For Elk Hunting

4. Irish Setter 882 Elk Tracker Hunting Boot

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If you’re going elk hunting, there’s hardly a better choice out there if you need a reliable pair of boots than the Irish Setter 882 Elk Tracker. It comes with many well-known features that are appreciated from Irish Setter and they have a premium construction that’s difficult to much at this price.

This boot is made of leather and is geared towards those who appreciate this material’s lightness and flexibility. Elks are difficult to hunt so you will need the best traction you can get. The Bulls-Eye Air Bob Aggressive sole found on this boot provides exactly that.

To achieve a new level of comfort, this boot uses a special cork midsole that absorbs shocks while keeping the weight down. To complete the overall package, full-grain leather uppers deliver support and are completely waterproof thanks to the GORE-TEX membrane.

As GORE-TEX contains more than nine billion pores per square inch, water won’t find a way inside and your feet will stay dry every time. The problem of sweat vapor is also solved as the material allows it to pass through. No matter the outside conditions, you will feel optimal comfort without soggy or overheated feet.

Another feature worth mentioning is the ScentBan, an advanced scent control process for making sure that odor-causing bacteria don’t represent a problem. For warmth, this boot comes with a 600 gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation which is thin and durable at the same time. Barely withstanding long hours in harsh weather is now a thing of the past. This boot can keep you warm though it’s not really recommended for extremely cold regions.

Irish Setter has once again proven that the secret to a good hunt may lay in the quality of your boots. The Elf Tracker 882 is recommended considering all its attractive features. It is by no means a cheap boot but it’s completely worth the money. This represents a durable and comfortable choice.

Key Features:

  • Made of high-quality leather
  • 600 gram Thinsulate insulation
  • Goodyear leather welt construction
  • ScentBan technology
  • Comfortable warmth

5. MuckBoots Arctic Pro-U

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MuckBoots is a well-known manufacturer of boots that are highly appreciated in the hunting community. They have lots of models ready to tackle difficult hunting grounds and one of their best boot is the Arctic Pro-U. It comes with double reinforcements in key areas, a waterproof shaft, and a high-performance molded outsole for efficient traction.

This boot has been designed to trap the heat in and offer plenty of protective support. It has been tested at research stations in Antarctica to ensure the best ability to keep its user moving in comfort. Even in -50 degrees temperatures, this boot should still maintain a solid level of warmth. This is possible thanks to a special topline binding that traps the heat inside and keeps the cold out. A good thermal foam underlay helps a lot with the warmth.

Waterproofness is also a requirement for a quality boot. It doesn’t matter if hunting is your main use for the boots or if you also need to work in damp environments, this one is completely waterproof from to bottom. The calf-tight upper portion is designed to prevent any moisture from seeping in.

In terms of design, they have a rather functional look with a few color variants. The boot feels pretty heavy due to the insulation. If you’re not a fan of bulky boots, these won’t be great for you but if you’re hunting in snowy regions, this is a godsend. The ice traction provided by this boot is decent, though not particularly amazing so it’s recommended to avoid icy areas as much as possible.

This is certainly a durable boot as it comes with strong reinforcements at heel and instep as well as the Achilles area. The materials used are not that resistant to wear so the boot can be great for occasional hunting but it’s not really optimal for daily use.

All things considered, the Arctic Pro-U from MuckBoots is a solid choice at this price. It offers a quality fit and decent features for keeping your feet dry and toasty.

Key Features:

  • Double reinforcements
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay
  • Synthetic sole
  • Waterproof shaft
  • Very comfortable

Best Rubber Hunting Boots

6. Bogs Men’s Classic Winter Snow Boot

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Sometimes you only want to rely on classics. The Bogs Classic boots are made for people who need dependable footwear that keep them warm. It comes with more advanced features for the money including an internal shank for better support.

As this rubber boot is rated to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, you can take it with you in the snow without worrying about coldness. Many insulated boots out there don’t offer a method to control the temperature inside but this one does. It provides a moisture-wicking sock liner which also has the ability to remove unpleasant scents.

The grip on ice or various wet surfaces is pretty good thanks to the integration of a non-slip rubber outsole. This is a knee-high boot and it provides excellent waterproofness. Hunters everywhere will appreciate the durability of the rubber used in the making of this boot.

For those who are interested in a pair of boots that can be worn every day, it’s safe to say that this is a good option. The boot is comfortable and fits nicely on your foot. The low weight is definitely going to take you by surprise. A good piece of advice regarding the size – try to get a size bigger if you’re unsure because you are probably going to need heavy socks anyway.

This boot is simple to get on, it’s built strong and despite the amount of rubber, it doesn’t feel cheap at all. It comes in both mossy oak design for those who prefer camouflaging or pure black for people who want something neutral.

Taking everything about this boot into account, it becomes clear that it’s worth the money. The Bogs Classic High is reliable, comfortable, and doesn’t make any compromises on waterproofness. It can be considered a little pricey but if it fits your needs, you can make a very smart investment.

Key Features:

  • 100% waterproof
  • Anti-odor protection insole
  • Allover camouflage patterning
  • Rubber sole
  • Highly durable

7. Danner Pronghorn 8″ Brown-M

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Built with some of the best quality materials possible, the uninsulated Pronghorn 8″ Brown-M by Danner is a great choice for a durable hunting boot. It delivers performance over rugged terrain and in more temperate climates. As it’s made of leather it’s also fairly light and flexible.

The lightweight profile of this boot is one of its main highlights. It will revolutionize the way you’re going hunting as you can quickly move around in total comfort. Danner’s craftsmen paid a lot of attention to details to ensure the perfect boot for protecting your feet.

This is now the fourth generation of boots created by Danner and there have been some vast improvements. The fit is more secure, the collar is softer, the footbed has been redesigned too, and more breathable material has been added.

The combination of CamoHide leather and lightweight 100 Denier nylon is really imposing on the market for hunting boots. This is a fully waterproof boot and the GORE-TEX lining also allows for increased breathability. Both the toe and the heel cap are made of full-grain leather.

For extra comfort, the ortholite footbed received a special treatment with a polyurethane cushioning with three density layers. It’s both a lightweight boot that feels great when worn but it also delivers in terms of performance. The outsole, in particular, is well made, built to handle rugged terrain and to provide excellent traction.

It’s not every day when it happens to stumble upon such a great pair of boots that excel in all regards including comfort, performance, and durability. If this looks like something that appeals to you, it’s very much recommended. It’s not a suitable boot for those with smaller budgets but if the price is not your concern, you can’t go wrong with the Danner Pronghorn 8″ Brown-M.

Key Features:

  • Made of leather and Cordura nylon
  • Rugged and lightweight
  • GORE-TEX lining
  • Polyurethane Ortholite footbed
  • Waterproof and breathable

Best Snake Proof Hunting Boots

8. Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek-M

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Made with some of the best technologies currently used for the creation of hunting boots, the Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek-M is a strong competitor on the market. It’s equipped with a capable waterproofing system, ScentBan odor technology, and ArmaTec protective covering.

One of the most interesting features of this boot is the tough Snake Guard construction. If you’re hunting in areas where you might encounter snakes or thorns, it’s very important to have a way to protect your feet. This construction system is designed to protect the user from piercing fangs. Somehow Irish Setter managed not to increase the weight of the boot with this additional layer of protection.

Anyone who hunts regularly knows that a comfortable boot makes all the difference. The low weight of this model contributes to the overall comfort but the dual-density footbed coupled with the RPM technology for extra endurance is truly worth experiencing. The overall durability is also strengthened while maintaining a balanced weight.

The UltraDry technology takes care of waterproofness so you can enjoy dry and warm feet every time you go out. It also allows for a more efficient air circulation. ScentBan, an Irish Setter exclusive technology is a special component that kills odor-causing bacteria to keep your boots fresh and nice even after extended usage periods.

A protective covering makes the boot more resistant to abrasion. This is the ArmaTec technology and it enhances both the toe and the heel. If you plan on using these boots for snow it’s important to mention that they will probably perform in a sub-optimal manner. They’re better suited for mid-season.

If you are looking for a boot that’s loaded with features to improve your overall hunting experience, then the Irish Setter 2875 Vaprtrek-M is strongly recommended. Those who live in areas where fanged critters are abundant will definitely get some peace of mind when going hunting with these boots. Both durable and comfortable, this boot is a good candidate and this is why it deserves a spot on this list.

Key Features:

  • Leather and synthetic
  • Lightweight RPM technology
  • SnakeGuard construction
  • ArmaTec covering
  • ScentBan technology

9. LaCrosse Aerohead 18-Inch Realtree-M

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Crafted with a durable combination of rubber and neoprene, the LaCrosse Aerohead 18-Inch Realtree-M is a great buy for a hunting boot. The comfort is ensured thanks to a patented AeroForm technology and the neoprene core has been covered with molded polyurethane to create a tight fit.

This is truly one of LaCrosse’s most amazing creations when it comes to hunting boots. The construction is a critical factor when you shop for a quality hunting boot and this doesn’t disappoint. This model is particularly lightweight as the shell enveloping the neoprene core received a special polyurethane treatment, a better choice than rubber as it’s more flexible and insulating.

A relatively thick layer of soft cushion underfoot should add to the overall stability of the boot. Combined with the integrated shank and a rugged outsole, you can walk more confidently on rough surfaces. It achieves an impressive level of comfort and protection for hunters that enjoy chasing after their game for longer times.

An adjustable gusset takes care of the fitting process. The boot is also designed to be significantly quieter than other models on the market. A quick-drying polyester liner will prevent moisture from ever becoming a problem.

At this price, you can expect a very solid level of quality and this boot should be a blast to use during your hunting adventures. Considering everything about the LaCrosse Aerohead 18-Inch Realtree-M, it’s not hard to see how this has great potential for keeping you dry and warm out in the field. The price is reasonable for a high-quality hunting boot but be careful about the size and order a larger one if you’re not sure.

Key Features:

  • Patented AeroForm technology
  • Molded polyurethane
  • Oversized polypropylene shank
  • Lightweight Neoprene core
  • Active Fit

10. MuckBoots Pursuit Fieldrunner

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The Pursuit Fieldrunner hunting boot by MuckBoots makes this list due to its balanced qualities for the cost. It uses a blend of textile and synthetic materials as well as a neoprene mesh lining, nothing particularly impressive but the boot does its job well.

These are boots designed for cold rainy days and they can tackle various slippery surfaces with ease. It delivers in terms of stable footing for both muddy and snowy areas thanks to a waffle style outsole.

Warmth is kept from leaking out thanks to a 5 mm neoprene interior with fleece. It can keep your feet nice and toasty even if you stay still for extended periods of time. A great sock liner technology is also integrated to prevent excess heat generated by friction. A protective Spandura exterior has been designed to resist thorns and briars.

The flex points of the boot have been engineered to align with the natural bending points of your foot so as to offer an optimal level of comfort. For extra sturdiness and protection on rocky surfaces, this boot comes with a rubber cage structure which will keep safe both the toe and the instep.

When it comes to design, MuckBoots opted for a camouflage look which should blend nicely with the rest of your hunting gear. As the boots are fairly tall, they can be used for crossing most streams without getting water inside.

Considering how performant and comfortable are, the MuckBoots Pursuit Fieldrunner boots are a solid accessory that shouldn’t miss from the equipment of any serious hunter. They are easy to slip on thanks to the lack of laces and you can wear them in multiple environments without the fear of getting wet or cold. Highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Real tree XTRA
  • Achilles Reinforcement
  • Neoprene/breathable PK Mesh Lining
  • Synthetic sole
  • Aggressive Waffle High Traction

Best Mountain Hunting Boots

11. Rocky Sport Utility Pro-M

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A high-quality pair of hunting boots like the Rocky Sport Utility Pro-M is a valuable treasure for any avid outdoors explorer. Boasting a 1000g Thinsulate ultra insulation, they should help you never again lose heat and suffer from the major inconvenience of having cold feet.

This boot is completely waterproof and has no issues with any damp or miserably wet environment. The insulation will bring some much-needed warm comfort to your feet in the winter season. To combat the problem of moisture the EVA footbed is mesh lined and can be removed.

The traction of the boot is more than satisfactory thanks to a rubbery multi-directional outsole. A stable footing is ensured during travels through difficult terrain and trekking up the hills.

The manufacturer added certain durability enhancements such as the EVA toe bumper protection. As it’s constructed from top quality leather and tough Cordura nylon, the upper part of the boot can keep you dry and safe from the elements. It’s also designed to stand the test of time as it’s built with toughness in mind.

One of the disadvantages of this boot is probably the customer support from Rocky which is a bit lacking. If you encounter any kind of issues with your boots, be prepared to go through some hassle to come to a solution. Other than that, the quality is solid for the money.

If you have an adventurous spirit, the Rocky Sport Utility Pro-M boot is one of the best accessories to have. It provides a lightweight warmth solution thanks to the Thinsulate ultra insulation and it’s designed for comfort and easy traction. Rainy weather or swampy landscapes will no longer pose a problem if you want to keep hunting.

Key Features:

  • Leather and textile
  • 1000g Thinsulate ultra insulation
  • Stylish Mossy Oak and Camo design
  • Cordura nylon
  • Rubber sole

Best All Around Hunting Boots

12. Arctic Shield Neoprene Outdoor Boots

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Designed with both functionality and user-friendliness in mind, the Arctic Shield Neoprene boots are ideal boots for hunters or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors. As opposed to other models on this list, this one is less costly and not as performant, but it does a satisfying job for less demanding users.

Thanks to a decent insulation, this boot is capable of capturing and maintaining a good warming temperature. It’s also 100% waterproof so it’s perfect for trekking in both cold weather conditions or through damp areas. The secret lays in a dependable 7mm neoprene layer.

There’s extra protection for the heels, arches, and the forefeet and Arctic Shield equipped this model with removable insoles that provide a decent comfort level. For the outsoles, the durable rubber should offer plenty of traction to handle more slippery types of terrain. Slipping these boots on is a breeze too.

The design is fairly standard, but the manufacturer offers two color options. Besides a black version, there’s also a camouflage variant that should be a fitting match for your hunting equipment. They’re quite big – about 1/2 size bigger, probably to account for socks. As long as you double check for the correct size, you will get a great fit.

Considering how these do a solid job similarly to more expensive boots on the market, they deserve a try if you’re concerned about budget. The Arctic Shield Neoprene boots are warm and comfortable though some compromises on durability have been made. Still, overall this represents nice value for the money. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and the rubber is of decent quality.

Key Features:

  • Made of rubber
  • Waterproof neoprene
  • Protective rubber overlays
  • Removable insoles
  • Durable outsoles