The 10 Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2024

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Portable computers can often struggle with the problem of heat due to the way they’re designed which doesn’t really allow for efficient air circulation. Manufacturers try to make laptops similar in terms of processing power with desktop computers but when it comes to taking care of the excessive heat, sometimes some extreme measures are imposed. When the fans fail to cool down heated components, the machine can shut down to prevent damage or it will have to be throttle its processing power to control the temperature. Gamers or anyone working with demanding applications on laptops usually suffer the most from this. You might also be interested in our articles about the best laptop docking stations and the best wireless hard drives.

This is where cooling pads come into play. They’re providing an effective solution to bring that much-needed cool air through a laptop’s heated components. To improve the rate of cooling of a laptop, it’s important to choose the right pad as there’s quite a large variety found on the market. To help you with the decision, take a look at the following tips:

1. Cooling efficiency

By far the most important feature of a laptop cooling pad is its ability to cool down your system. A good indicator of a pad’s cooling efficiency is the cubic feet per minute (CFM) rate. This measures the effectiveness of air circulation blown by the cooling pad’s fans.

2. Air vents location

This is strongly related to the cooling efficiency because if the chosen cooling pad is a great match with the location of the air vents from underneath your laptop, a better cooling job can be done. It’s important to check some basic compatibility aspects like the size of the pad which has to suit the laptop, but it doesn’t hurt to take a closer look at the design of the pad and if it seems like a solid choice for covering your particular cooling needs.

3. Noise level

The fans from a cooling pad can be very noisy especially if we’re talking about models with a high CFM rate. If this is an important factor for you, it’s recommended to look for quieter models which may come with some performance compromises. These are basically the most important factors to take into consideration before shopping for laptop cooling pads. If you’re undecided and unsure where to start looking, the following list contains a selection of the best products currently on the market. To make it into this list, the most important feature for a laptop cooling pad is its cost-effectiveness. If it’s performant, well-designed, and overall provides excellent value for money, then you can be sure that it’s found in here.

Best Laptop Cooling Pad for Macbook

1. Cooler Master NotePal X-Slim

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An exceptionally good solution for those with slim and compact laptops, the NotePal X-Slim from Cooler Master is an effective cooling pad that delivers in terms of both reducing excessive heat and portability. It has a large and silent 160 mm fan and the sleek design pairs well with MacBooks. The fan installed on this pad is able to generate 70 CFM, a decent amount of airflow which any heated laptop should benefit from. The perforated metal mesh surface looks very well built. Cooler Master doesn’t cut any corners on quality here to ensure the best airflow possible and a greater level of heat displacement.

In terms of comfort, this unit can be easily adjusted in two height options to accommodate different viewing and typing angles. The ultra slim profile is certainly a key feature of this model. As it weighs only 1.5 pounds and combined with a thinness of just 46 mm, this cooling pad would make for a great companion during your travels. This cooling pad supports many different kinds of laptops including bigger models. MacBooks and Ultrabooks, in particular, are ideal matches for it. Some additional features include the passthrough functionality of the USB connector from which the pad takes its power. There are also built-in cable grooves to keep the cables hidden away and retain a clean look.

The unit is fairly minimalistic in terms of construction and there are no advanced features like controlling the speed of the fans or stuff like that. This is a non-issue for those who don’t need those things anyway. If you’re the type of person who prefers a laptop cooling pad without frills, this is certainly recommended. It has a beautiful slim design, is powerful enough to make an impact on your laptop’s temperature and is very affordable.

Product Highlights:

  • Mesh surface
  • 1 160 mm fan with 70 CFM
  • 1500 RPM
  • Slim and durable profile
  • Simple cable management

2. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad for 11 to 17 Inch Laptops

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This laptop cooler is a powerful device which provides effective cooling for multiple laptop models. It comes with four fans that spin in a stylish blue LED color. The aerodynamic design and the various customization and comfort features render this cooling pad an ideal solution for anyone with a heated laptop. If you’re a gamer, this laptop can definitely be considered a solid choice. It reduces the heat coming from your hardworking components and the design has been specially created for enhancing the airflow and improving the performance of your laptop.

A total of four strong fans deliver 75 CFM of airflow which is enough to circulate excess heat away from any laptop. As a visual cue that the device is working, the manufacturer installed neon blue LEDs. To customize your cooling experience, there’s the possibility to adjust the speed of the fans for finding that sweet spot between quietness and performance. One advantage that you probably didn’t expect it would come with a laptop cooling pad is the ability to create a more comfortable viewing angle when using your laptop. This model has an ergonomic design which also helps with typing and it won’t strain your neck or back in case you’re working for extended periods of time.

The design is quite attractive, fitting especially for gaming laptops. A cable organizer is found underneath to maintain a neat look. One extra USB port is also included so that the cooler won’t take any valuable space from your laptop’s ports. Two anti-skid arms are integrated to make sure that your laptop stays firmly on the pad even if you tilt the cooler.

In conclusion, the KLIM Wind gains a spot on this list thanks to its many capable features that are offered at a reasonable price. It has everything that you could ask for in a cooling pad. It’s reliable and performant easily taking care of a laptop affected by overheating and it’s recommended for a wide category of users.

Product Highlights:

  • 4 fans with 75 CFM
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Neon blue LED
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • 1200 RPM

Best Buy Laptop Cooling Pad

3. HAVIT HV-F2056 Cooling Pad

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The Havit HV-F2056 is another great option for a laptop cooling pad that manages to find a good balance between cooling efficiency and a slimmer design. There are three USB-powered fans that will prevent your laptop from overheating. A thin body and the compact design are also excellent features for those who value portability.

This model comes with a LED light that serves as a visible indicator of the cooler’s status. It makes for a nice design, especially at night. It would have been nice to be able to turn off the LEDs but that’s a non-issue. Using this cooling pad is very straightforward as you only need to plug it into a USB port and turn it on. An extra USB port is provided so you can connect one more peripheral. The performance of this cooler is decent considering that it manages to achieve an airflow of 65 CFM. One great design choice made by Havit is the implementation of multiple ventilation sections on the bottom of the pad to increase the efficiency of the cooling.

When it comes to comfort, this unit presents two shield holders which are used to adjust between two height levels and create an optimal viewing experience. Portability is another aspect taken into account by the manufacturer who managed to design a lightweight product that you can carry with ease anywhere you go. It’s nice to be able to keep your laptop protected from excessive heat when traveling. Those who value quietness are sure to appreciate this cooling pad as its fans won’t create a noisy environment. Another great feature is the durability of the construction as the multi-directional metal mesh proves. It’s anti-wear and offers a stable surface for your laptop.

All things considered, the Havit HV-F2056 does a good job at taking away the excessive heat generated by your laptop so it’s worth the investment. It’s quiet, lightweight and constructed with high-quality materials to keep your laptop stable. You can really feel like you can count on it.

Product Highlights:

  • Slim and portable
  • Very quiet
  • Two height levels
  • 65 CFM
  • Blue LED light

4. TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad FBA_49498

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If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Tecknet FBA_49498 is a very fitting solution for all your laptop overheating problems. It’s compatible with a diverse range of portable computers, ranging from 12 to 17 inches, and one of its main strengths is the quietness of the fans. Some reliable ergonomic features are present as well.

The build-up of heat inside your laptop can be a serious problem and despite this being an inexpensive cooler, it still offers good cooling performance. The pad is designed with a curved shape for better air circulation and there are two intake vents in place. This is called AirFlow Wave Design and another advantage of it is the quietness of the fans which shouldn’t bother you when working. There are two USB powered fans which measure 110 mm each and they come with a power switch. An additional USB port is also supplied for connecting one extra device to your laptop. There’s a LED indicator which will give you a clue regarding the status of the cooler.

Thanks to an angled top and a raised rubber rim, your laptop is secure on any surface and it can be positioned with ease in the most comfortable spot. The grip pads on the bottom will offer some peace of mind if you’re worried about sliding. Those who enjoy traveling with their laptop can also benefit from the boost in performance provided by the cooling ability of this pad when they’re on the go. It has a lightweight and thin design which ensures maximum portability.

Factoring in all these great features, it can be said that the Tecknet FBA_49498 can be a reliable companion for your sleek laptop. It’s fairly silent and well-designed without making you compromise on the cost. This is an excellent product for keeping your laptop cool so this is why it’s recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Metal mesh surface
  • 2 110mm fans
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extra quiet fans

5. Targus Lap Chill Mat AWE55US

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Those wishing to obtain a great chill mat for their laptop are sure to appreciate the neat looking Targus AWE55US which is specifically designed for users who work on their lap. Thanks to the addition of a soft neoprene exterior, this cooling pad transforms the uncomfortable sensation of keeping a laptop in your lap for a long time into a pleasant experience.

The most striking aspect of this cooling pad is the design which has been fine-tuned for achieving a comfortable experience while using it for long periods of time. Dual fans integrated into this model disperse the heat and offer much-needed ventilation when you’re using the laptop on your lap. It’s understandable that you don’t always find a solid workspace so this can really help. Thanks to an open design, the fans promise a good level of airflow and there are also some improvements in terms of noise which you’ll barely even hear. To ensure that your laptop stays firmly on the surface of the cooling pad, Targus added four rubber stops which prevent it from sliding.

Both fans are powered through a standard USB connection and that’s about the only thing required to make this work. Due to an ergonomic tilt, you can also type more easily and if you combine this with the large design of the cooler, it becomes quite clear that this is a particularly comfortable cooling pad for working pretty much anywhere. The rubbery neoprene also adds a lot to the overall comfort.

The subtle soft-touch design and the sleek dark gray look of the Targus AWE55US turn this one into a powerful candidate on this overcrowded market. While other models are focused on providing the maximum performance and eye-catching designs, this cooling pad keeps it simple and efficient and is more geared towards users who value comfort and ergonomics. If you’re into more minimalistic coolers, this one’s for you.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual fans
  • Comfortable due to the soft neoprene exterior
  • Great for lap use
  • Ergonomic tilt
  • Four rubber stops

Best 17 Inch Laptop Cooling Pad

6. AVANTEK Laptop Cooling Pad CP_02

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With two heavy duty fans measuring 160 mm, the Avantek CP_02 cooling pad can handle the elimination of heat from almost any laptop including larger 17-inch models. Besides the impressive performance, this pad runs quietly, is reasonably slim and provides a sturdy metal panel with thick mesh for enhanced durability. Optimizing the airflow of your heated laptop can only be done with a powerful cooling pad. This one provides dual fans that run at 1000 RPM and combined with the specially designed mesh panel it can keep your laptop cool easily as it evenly dissipates heat.

For improved aesthetics, Avantek added blue LEDs to illuminate the fans. In terms of noise, this cooling pad seems very promising. It’s rated at 26 dB which is very quiet, similar to the sound of whispering. The repetitive sound of the fans is so subdued that it won’t bother you. This model is powered through a USB port and it also offers an extra one so you gain some space for one extra device. There are also adjustable feet with reliable non-slip pads which offer customized height settings and are designed for the maximum level of support and stabilization.

Portability is also a factor that the manufacturer took into consideration. The thickness of 1.1 inches and the weight of just 1.76 pounds allows you to slip it into a laptop bag without feeling like it drags you down. This could be important for those who need to carry the laptop around and want to maximize the performance with the help of a cooler.

An essential accessory to have for your laptop, the Avantek CP_02 will impress you with its silent operation, heavy-duty fans, stylish design, and user-friendliness. This is a high-quality product that effectively takes care of your overheating problem. The price is also reasonable considering everything it offers.

Product Highlights:

  • Full range metal mesh
  • Dual 160 mm fans
  • 1000 RPM
  • 26 dB operating noise
  • Adjustable height settings

Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

7. TopMate Gaming Laptop Cooler

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Laptop gamers are one of the most affected categories of users by excessive heat generated by demanding video games. If you want to get rid of the lag and maintain your laptop in peak performance even when it deals with demanding games, a solution is this TopMate gaming cooling pad. This futuristic looking device comes with 5 high-speed fans which manage to reach a speed of approximately 2500 RPM. Together with the mesh texture, this cooling pad has been crafted for delivering the best airflow to cool even the most heated laptops.

Where this truly excels is the customization. It’s well known that gamers like the ability to configure everything according to their particular needs, and this cooler offers a small LCD screen with a little control panel to facilitate that. On the screen, some relevant info about the status and the operating modes of the pad are displayed. The device comes with six speed modes in total. The controls are also placed on the front and not in the rear of the device like you’d find on similar models. A great feature is the height adjustability of the cooling pad. There are five settings to choose from so you can position the laptop at the best viewing angle for prolonged use. A nice little bonus is the addition of two USB ports for plugging in some extra devices.

An eye-catching blue LED light is also synchronized with the speed of the fans so it gives you a clue about how fast the fans are spinning. The LED lights are pretty cool looking but for some people might be too distracting and it’s a shame that you can’t turn them off.

As this works well for its intended purpose, it represents a valuable investment. The price is a bit higher than other models on this list but if you want superior cooling, this is probably your best bet. The fans seem to line up very well with many laptop vents and are doing a solid job cooling the heated components. All in all, this one is highly recommended for gamers and demanding users everywhere.

Product Highlights:

  • 2500 RPM
  • One 120 mm fan + Four 65 mm fans
  • Metal mesh
  • Small LCD screen
  • Fan speed control panel

8. Thermaltake Massive CL-N001-PL14BU-A

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Thermaltake is a well-known maker in the computer cooling industry and one of their best cooling pads for laptops is the Massive CL-N001-PL14BU-A. Two performant blue LED fans promise fast speeds of 1200 RPM and coupled with a hexagonal shape mesh, this machine is capable of a boosted airflow. Your overheating problems will become things of the past with this one. The two fans on this model are truly massive measuring 140 mm and allowing for extreme cooling of a wide range of laptop sizes. The manufacturer added a simple controller for the speed of the fan as well as a LED switch for the blue lighting. This is great for creating a more customized experience and to obtain a more balanced cooling performance.

When it comes to ergonomics, this cooling pad provides an excellent design for increased comfort. There are three ways that the user can try to position the cooler and achieve the optimal height position for the best visual angle. Dual laptop levers are installed for preventing the laptop from slipping and you can also take advantage of the cooling pad to use it as a docking station.

The hexagon shape mesh is fairly large and has been engineered for reducing wind resistance and minimize the noise of the wind. On the side of the device, you’ll also discover two USB ports for some added freedom to connect additional USB devices. Something that’s a bit disappointing about this cooler is the plastic construction which gives off a cheap feel. You’d expect more for this price but this is not a big issue.

If your laptop gets uncomfortably hot, perhaps investing in a reliable cooler like this one would be a smart thing to do. It’s now without its flaws, but the fans actually make a difference when it comes to cooling a heated laptop. There are some neat little features like the ability to turn off the LEDs which complement well the overall attractive abilities of this cooling pad.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual 140mm Blue LED fans
  • 1200 RPM
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • Hexagon cooling system
  • Secure mounting


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As most options for laptop cooling pads on the market are made of plastic and metal, materials which some people consider unsightly, it’s quite refreshing to see a cooling pad made of bamboo wood like this one from Nnewvante. Besides offering decent cooling features, it also acts as an easy-to-adjust stand for a more comfortable working experience. The material of this cooling pad is better at achieving a nice level of heat dissipation. As the manufacturer uses a hollowed out design and combined with the USB fan, the final result is an effective way to cool your heated laptop. The construction feels pretty solid so this can also be considered a durable product.

There are 5 slots to adjust the height of the cooling pad. It basically can act like a nice stand for a comfortable viewing experience. It’s recommended to keep the cooler on a hard surface. There’s a reliable stopper to hold your laptop firmly on the cooling pad. Due to the low weight of this bamboo cooler, you can enjoy the benefits of a chilled laptop even during travels. This is quite a portable and environmental-friendly way to cool your laptop. If you’re worried about the size, it’s important to mention that this unit accepts laptops with a maximum diagonal of 15.6 inches.

One drawback of this model to take into account is the relatively weak performance of the fan. It’s clearly not the main attraction in this cooler. If you value the design of a laptop cooling pad above all else, this is a product focused on that as it’s not made out of cheap plastic.

Considering everything about this cooler, it seems that NNEWVANTE paid good attention to details regarding the construction and the design. The large fan is quiet and decent even if it won’t have a large impact on the temperatures of your laptop. The fact that it’s portable and user-friendly are also great advantages of this model so all in all, you shouldn’t miss this one if you want a unique cooling pad to get rid of excessive heat generated from your laptop.

Product Highlights:

  • Bamboo material
  • Anti-skid design
  • Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Large and quiet fan

10. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad LCP04

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The last option that deserves some attention is the Kootek LCP04, a cooling pad which uses a system with one big fan and four smaller ones. This is an ergonomic unit as it permits adjustability in six height settings. There are some good qualities in this cooler so let’s see if it’s worth the money.

The construction of this cooling pad is above the competition as it blends durability with a low weight. A metal mesh front is great for maximizing the airflow. A total of 5 fans can work together to cool down a heated laptop and it’s nice that the manufacturer included some options for customizing the process. For a more modern design, Kootek provides bright LEDs. You can have all the fans working at once or just the large fan and there’s also to option to have only the 4 smaller fans running. The independent control is also available for the blue LEDs which is a welcomed feature. Overall you can have some uniform cooling with this model.

The fans are reasonably powerful yet they maintain an acceptable level of noise creating an interference-free working environment. A dual USB hub has been integrated so you won’t need to sacrifice the USB port of your laptop for the cooler as you’ll gain it back. The only slight drawback is the USB cord which is not of a great quality and seems prone to breaking. A total of six height settings provide a good variation for the viewing angles and a set of sturdy stoppers should keep the laptop in place without any issues. It can keep cool various models of portable computers as long as they fit within the 12” and 17” diagonal sizes.

The price for the Kootek LCP04 is quite high but it’s justified if you factor in all its solid features. It does a satisfying job cooling any heated laptop so it’s worth a shot if you’re in the market to get a good all-around laptop cooling pad.

Product Highlights:

  • Durable construction
  • 5 built-in fans
  • 2000 RPM
  • Independent control for speed and lights
  • 6 adjustable heights