The 8 Best Laser Levels of 2024

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Lasers levelers are extremely handy when you want to line up your projects perfectly. Line lasers can help you level objects horizontally as well as vertically. Place them on any surface and you will have a straight line that will indicate the accurate level for your work.

Finding the best laser level can make your life so much easier. You can use it for your DIY projects or simply suggest it to your boss if you already work in the construction industry. The best laser level will always give you the highest level of accuracy. Check out my other articles about the best plasma cutter, best laser cutter, and best whole house humidifiers.

To find the best laser level, read our guide and then make an informed decision. Here, we review the top devices that we consider are both offering a great value for the money and also are of the highest quality.

1. DEWALT DW089LG 3 X 360 Laser Line

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This DeWalt Line Laser is an ideal unit for many applications of leveling and layout. You can use it for beaming green cross lines in the both directions. It is equipped with an amazing feature called the Green Beam Laser Technology that delivers four times brighter lines than other ordinary lasers. The green laser diodes are better in terms of ease of spotting them than the red ones so you will find the lines clear whether you are working indoor or outdoor.

It comes equipped with some great features like water resistance and a magnetic bracket for securing internal components from hazards. And it is also compatible with 12 Volt batteries which can provide a long operating time.


  • 3 laser lines aid
  • Green pointers that produce brighter lines
  • Magnetic brackets for easy fixing to steel and metal track
  • IP65 certification
  • Works with 12 Volt rechargeable Li accumulators

This unit generates 3 360 degree lasers so you can perfectly accomplish square or level jobs. It is very portable because of its low weight and small size. You can carry it around everywhere, but be sure to place it in its carrying case.

It offers double indoor visibility range when compared to red line lasers. Red line lasers generally offer a 15-meter indoor range whereas green lasers have an indoor range of about 3o meters. This unit offers 3 full spherical coverage laser lines so you can fully layout the entire room. You can also use it with a detector thanks to the Full-Time Pulse Mode feature. It is an ideal unit for electricians, carpenters, and people who want to rapidly line up any area from a defined point on the desired axis.

This Dewalt model has an IP65 rating that ensures great water resistance against dust, water, and shocks. This rating guarantees its durability and efficient performance for a long time. If you want to take your business to higher levels, then the Dewalt DW089LG Laser level would be the right choice.

2. DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

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The Dewalt DW089K is one of the best lasers levels which offer better productivity on the construction sites. It is a great unit for advanced workers who want to complete every task without any error or time wasting. You can use it for installing doors, windows, and all other tasks that require a precise layout.

Unlike other line lasers, it offers a plumb line for the intersecting line on the floor, walls, and ground. This line help contractors and other people involved in the construction business to use this unit for layout applications without using any other line laser.


  • 90-degree layout with three beams
  • Increased visibility range
  • Magnetic pivot base for easier stick to metal

What I like the most about this laser level besides the fantastic value for the money is the quality of materials and the reliability that it offers. It is just what I’d be using daily if I had to choose from all of these models. It is sturdy, well made, fantastically easy and intuitive to use, and even if it costs a little more than other levelers, it still isn’t a fortune for what it brings to the table.

The metal roll cage ensures added durability and keeps it safe from damages caused by shocks, water, dust, and other tough conditions. It features a pivot bracket and a wall mount which make the ceiling installation easier and quicker.  It delivers an accuracy of 3.17 mm within 9 meters. The knob helps you adjust the 90-degree layout lines quickly and easily. This knob doesn’t require the laser to mark a certain point for adjusting to 90-degree lines.

This way, all the work is completed without making any error as well as with a fast speed. This unit has the power to make the hard work of the construction as easy and productive as possible. There will be no need of extra accessories on the construction site to produce more laser lines.

3. Compact Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

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HAMMERHEAD offers a Compact Self Leveling Laser for people such as carpenters, electricians, and others, who want to quickly line up the surfaces. The self-leveling feature allows auto adjustment when it is positioned at 4 degrees from the level. It features an LED light signaling when it is not positioned at the right level or placed out of the self-leveling range.

Some of the most dominant features of this Compact Self-Leveling Line Laser include:

  • Bright Laser Lines
  • Accuracy rate 1/4 inches at 30 feet range
  • Three laser line modes: cross, plumb, and level
  • Auto Self-Levelling capability
  • Easy-to-adjust clamp for various surfaces

This Compact Laser is ideal for wall studding as well as for the alignment of windows, tiles, doors, etc. You can use it in numerous situations for acing your projects.

To explain the self-leveling feature, as the name suggests too, it was created so you would not require wasting time on finding the right plumb or level line. It is among the best laser level units available in the market due to its Self-Leveling capabilities and other amazing features. It uses an internal pendulum to ensure the projection of an accurate plumb or level line. The pendulum adjusts the difference when it is placed around four degrees out of the level. It takes approximately five seconds to set into the right position after its placement.

The manual lock mode allows to position it at the desired places according to your job requirements. It includes an adjustable mounting clamp that can be attached to all types of surfaces, which makes it even easier to use. It may be mounted on threaded tripods screws whenever needed.

4. PLS Laser PLS-60521 Laser Level Tool

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If you are looking for a portable and possibly the best laser level, then this one would be an amazing addition to your collection of tools. It saves time and effort as compared to working with ordinary bubble level instruments. It is a simple solution for most applications and it can definitely make your life easier.


  • Bright square, plumb level lines
  • Perfect for horizontal and vertical layouts.
  • Works for over 30 hours on 3 AA batteries
  • Assembled in the USA

The PLS is a square, level and plumb laser line tool made for the people who want to complete your work accurately and quickly. It is named among some of the cheapest but brighter lasers on the market.

However, it encompasses the features that ensure a money and time-saving performance. It works perfectly well even on the toughest job sites. You can entire rely on this laser tool due to its easy-to-use, durable and compact features. Two bright laser lines help complete level and plumb related jobs in no time.

Due to low weight and dimensions of only a few inches, you can carry it along easily. To protect it from any damages on the construction sites, it comes with a carrying and a pouch. The SLD Laser Detector expands utility for exterior applications as well and it can run for over 30 hours on three AA batteries.

The PLS180 is one of the best laser levels for completing a quality task in a short time. These tools that also deliver excellent performance are the essential components of all projects. You can use the PLS180 whether you are an electrician, plumber or do any job where perfect layouts are required.

5. DEWALT DW083K 3-Beam Laser Pointer

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The Dewalt DW083K projects very bright lines to help complete the layout and leveling jobs efficiently. The lines offer clear visibility and more range so you can complete the tasks without making any errors. The quality of DeWalt is showcased very clearly with this product, where you can easily see the attention to details and value for the money. It comes with a sturdy build as well as IP54 certification for added resistance.


  • Bright Crossing Lines
  • High-quality build, easy to carry
  • Magnetic Pivoting Bracket Mounts

The Dewalt DW083K is an essential tool for the people who want to upgrade their construction business level. It helps to complete the leveling and layout related jobs quickly, easily, and free of errors. The great build quality and IP54 rating ensure its protection against damages caused by dust or water. You can easily mount it on various metal surfaces because of an integrated magnetic pivot bracket.

A lot of line lasers come with 50 feet indoor visibility but this one offers a range of 100 feet. It is easy to carry around everywhere on the construction site thanks to the small dimensions and lightweight. It is an ideal tool for electricians, carpenters, construction contractors and for everyone who wants to line up from a point to any axis.

Due to the IP54 rating, it remains protected even if you are using it in bad working conditions. It contains an integrated magnetic base for mounting it on various types of metal surfaces. It auto self-levels itself when it gets a position outside of 4 degrees.

6. Bosch GLL 3-80 3 Plane Leveling Alignment Laser with Positioning Device

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The Bosch GGL 3-80 Degree Line Laser is a complete solution to alignment and level applications without using any other complicated tools. It helps the electricians and other people who want to quickly line up the level, plumb or square. It generates three 360-degree lines and the Cone mirror technology from Bosch ensures brighter laser lines. Due to less moving parts, it is overall a sturdier option than other line lasers available on the market.


  • Two 360 degree vertical and one 360 degree vertical planes
  • Self-Leveling technology
  • Laser receiver extends the range to 80 meters and brighten laser lines

The Bosch GLL 3-80 provides 360 degrees lines, two vertical and one horizontal to cover the entire room with all of its parts. Vertical lines make a cross whenever they intersect so that you square the layout quickly and accurately. It is very simple to use because it allows operators to press a button and employ the required planes.

It comes with a secure transport lock that keeps the pendulum safe when the unit is not working. The small dimensions and light weight allow operators to carry it along with them on the job sites.

It automatically locks when switched off so its accuracy remains preserved. The lock also fixes the pendulum in place when moving from one place of the construction site to the another. It allows employing three 360 degree planes together and independently. It will enable you to align shelf, cabinets, doors, and windows by pressing a button.

7. Bosch GLL 30 Self Leveling Cross Line Laser

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The Bosch GLL 30 is perfect for a multitude of level and alignment applications. It is more capable than most other products available on the market. Bosch is known for providing top notch features and a high-quality build so that there will be no problems in the quality department. It features a pendulum technology for leveling the unit so you can adjust it correctly and get an accurate layout.


  • Pendulum Technology for self-leveling
  • Cross-Line Mode
  • Manual Mode for making lines at any angle
  • Easy to use and carry due to small dimensions and weight

The flexible mounting feature assures that you will be able to position it at your easiest operating position, thus saving time and eliminating the hassle. I definitely prefer laser levelers having a flexible mount on that matter

You can also use it at any angle and lock the cross lines thanks to its manual mode and complete the tasks without making lots of efforts by using the simple one switch operation. The compact and soft grip design allows to carry it with ease. You can lock the laser lines at any angle according to requirements of the job. Moreover, the pendulum technology is fixed in place automatically when switched off so you can transport it securely.

Hence, this line laser is for people who want to increase productivity to get the maximum possible profit from the construction business. It ensures precision and accuracy on the sites making good use of your time. You do not have to waste time on leveling this unit because it self-levels itself with the smart pendulum system.

8. STANLEY STHT77340 Cross Line Laser

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This STANLEY is an ideal tool for common leveling applications on flat surfaces. It is a self-leveling line laser which means it is a time-saving unit since you don’t need to spend time on each time installation.

It also projects a 90-degree line so you can get a reference line for multiple tasks. It is easy to mount with the quick link brackets on a large variety of surfaces. The range of bright lines is 50 feet with a pretty good accuracy.

Top features of the Stanley are:

  • Quick-Link Mounting System
  • 50 Feet Range with 3/16-inch accuracy
  • Locking Pendulum keeps the internal parts safe
  • Molded grips for comfortable handling

The Stanley STHT77341 is an ideal line laser for perfectly completing common alignment and leveling applications. It projects bright horizontal and vertical lines on flat surfaces. A 90-degree line provides an extra reference point that helps operators complete multiple tasks at the same time.

You can mount it on various slots thanks to the Quick Bracket and Mounting feature. The Locking Pendulum ensures the protection of internal parts from damages due to transportation shocks. A higher accuracy of 3/16 inch at 50 feet makes it a fantastic product. It is trusted by electricians and other people who want to quickly complete leveling or alignment jobs without any error.

The molded grips make its portability even better, it can work for 15 consecutive hours thanks to its strong battery life. It features a standard tripod thread so you can easily attach it with the majority of tripods present in the market. Tradesman and common applications become easier due to accurate performance of this unit.