The 8 Best Mechanics Tool Sets of 2018

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Best Mechanics Tool Set For The Money

Mechanics or DIY enthusiasts who want to jump quickly into the action need reliable toolsets that contain everything required to work comfortably. Some experts will probably recommend you to analyze tools one at a time and build your set slowly over time according to the current needs. While that can be great for some, it’s not really a good strategy to consider for most people who just want to quickly get their hands on a solid starter set. The market has a generous selection of mechanics tool sets, all-in-one kits made by very reputable brands in the industry. It’s way more convenient, and usually a better deal too if you purchase this kind of toolset as opposed to the challenging task of buying various tools separately. You might also be interested in our articles about the best multi tools and the best detail sanders.

Making the right investment in a mechanics tool set depends on some factors that you need to be aware of, especially if you’re not familiar with these products.

1. Durability

The durability of a tool set should definitely be your top priority when analyzing the market. To be sure you’re getting your money’s worth, it’s always a smart thing to invest a little extra in a more durable tool set. Budget considerations are important, but think about how will your tools last after heavy usage. Make sure you select stronger alloy or steel materials which should be more durable.

2. Tool options

Not all mechanics tool sets contain the same types of tools. A good rule of thumb is to try to get a more inclusive toolkit which boasts superior versatility allowing you to get more out of the set. Some essential tools that shouldn’t miss from your toolkit are screwdrivers with bits, extension bars, pliers, ratchet extenders, and pry tools. Most automotive work requires a comprehensive set of tools so be sure to include exactly the options you need.

3. Case quality

The quality of the case that contains all your tools shouldn’t be overlooked. As many people work in dangerous environments, it’s important that your case can protect the valuable tools inside. It also needs to be ergonomically designed, ensuring convenient transporting. Another aspect to keep in mind is if the case allows for efficient organization of the tools.

These are the main characteristics to consider in a mechanics tool set. The following part of the article contains the best products which need to be part of any mechanic’s arsenal. All these toolkits have been individually analyzed and reviewed for your convenience. This is a selection of the most durable, versatile, and cost-effective tool sets. Pick the best match for your needs and budget.

Best Mechanics Tool Set For The Money

1. DeWalt DWMT81534 205Pc Mechanics Tool Set

If you’re trying to get the most out of your investment, the DeWalt DWMT81534 should be among your top considerations for a mechanics tool set. This is a 205-piece set with a great variety of tools packed together in a durable case which can be taken anywhere.

To make sure you’re prepared for any kind of job you need a versatile set of tools. There are too many tools in here to name each and every one of them, but some of the highlights contained here are the 72 tooth count ratchet and the specially crafted screwdriver with anti-slip properties. Other interesting things you will find here are the hex keys and combination wrenches.

The ratchet comes with a 5-degree arc swing to reach even those difficult spaces. One of the most appreciated technologies from DeWalt is DirectTorque. It allows for the sockets and box end wrenches to obtain superior fastener contact. A direct effect of that is the simplified tightening and loosening process.

Your tools are safely protected by a robust blow mold case. Whether you’re storing them in the garage or in your house, everything should stay in proper order for a long time. When you’re moving the case sockets won’t fall out thanks to the padding that keeps everything secure. The tools themselves are built to withstand the test of time and they come with a shiny chrome finish which should deal with corrosion.

All in all, this is an ideal mechanics tool set that can be easily considered a best-buy at this price. The tools sound and feel heavy duty. Many solid enhancements have been done for the case as well, which makes it feel on par with the durability of the tools. Portable and easy to use, this is a set that can represent a great addition to a little shop or at home.

Key Features:

  • 205-piece set
  • Durable blow mold case
  • Anti-slip screwdriver
  • DirectTorque technology
  • 72 tooth count ratchet

2. Apex Tool Group Crescent CTK170CMP2

A very comprehensive set of tools that will enrich any mechanics shop is the Crescent CTK170CMP2 by Apex Tool Group. This is actually the updated version of the previous generation of CTK170CMP tool sets. Certain new features include a sturdier case and improved screwdrivers.

There are lots of quality tools included here. Three types of drive tools are supplied and come in both SAE and Metric flavors. A 72-tooth ratchet drive, two spark plug sockets, 12 combination wrenches, and 4 screwdrivers, as well as many other useful tools can be discovered.

Everything from the wrenches and ratchets to the screwdrivers and sockets went through a careful chrome polishing process. There are 170 pieces included in total here and there’s a good mix of tools, balanced for usage in multiple environments such as various industrial applications and consumer needs.

The material used for the construction of all the set’s elements is a special chrome vanadium steel alloy. It has received a heat treatment for durability and the alloy has been formulated for achieving the right levels of resistance to corrosion. A lot of attention to details went into this set to make sure that the tools will have a long life.

This reliable assortment of tools comes with its own folding plastic case. It has received an extra durability treatment and makes transporting a breeze. All the tools in the set are designed to meet the latest ANSI and ASME stringent specifications to ensure the best quality and uncompromising satisfaction.

Taking into account the durability, versatility, and overall value for the cost, it can be said that the American Crescent brand has done it again. The CTK170CMP2 is a winner on the market for mechanics tool sets considering its solid range of well-constructed tools. You can always count on it to find the right tool for the job.

Key Features:

  • Chrome vanadium steel alloy material
  • Versatile assortment of tools
  • 170-piece set
  • Sturdy plastic case
  • ANSI and ASME compliant

3. Stanley STMT71653 145-Piece Tool Set

The Stanley STMT71653 is a balanced mechanics tool set in all regards. It offers 145 pieces for a reasonable cost without making compromises on durability. A fairly comprehensive selection of tools can be relied upon if you choose this set, so let’s take a more in-depth look at it.

Whether it’s a hex key, ratchet, socket, or a specific extension, this tool set boasts a good variety of useful elements to pick from. All the hand tools are easily accessible thanks to the tough carry case that maintains them in perfect order to be transported from a job to the next.

In terms of construction, this model comes with some decent durability features. The tools have a chrome finish to prevent corrosion issues and their steel body is built using a strong chrome vanadium alloy for taking torque and durability to a new level. The set has been designed not only to meet the important ANSI specifications, but it can even exceed them.

Operating with these tools is a fairly straightforward process. Extensions and sockets can be taken off using just one hand thanks to a quick-release button. The handles of the ratchet are crafted ergonomically with a reverse-switch mechanism that’s easily operated using your thumb.

An interesting ability of the sockets from this set is their Max-Drive design which enhances the torque. This is possible thanks to a unique radius corner design making the process of turning rounded corners simpler. Life expectancy of the fastener is also increased using this design as contact and excessive wear is minimized.

For general automotive work, the Stanley STMT71653 is a highly reliable set of tools which shouldn’t miss from any mechanics’ shop or DIY enthusiasts’ garage. At this price, this kit is a real bargain enabling anyone to maintain their car in perfect shape as long as they have enough dedication. Considering the solid mix of durability and versatility, this is definitely a recommended tool set.

Key Features:

  • 145-piece tool set
  • Chrome vanadium forged body
  • Quick release switch
  • Durable case
  • Meets ANSI specifications
  • Anti-corrosion protection

4. Craftsman 50230 Mechanics Tool Set

When buying a mechanics tool set it’s important to make sure that it contains all the required elements to handle different jobs with ease. One versatile option is the Craftsman 50230 which offers an impressive array of 230 pieces made from the strongest steel alloy to go through various tasks quickly and efficiently.

There are lots of different sockets included in this set, as well as combination wrenches and ratchets among others. A total of 116 sockets are provided and they can satisfy both users who use inch measures as well as those who favor metric ones. Other great components are the 40 hex keys, 2 extension bars, and the magnetic handle.

Organization is critical for anyone who uses many types of tools. Whether you go under the hood or simply wish to quickly tighten some bolts, this toolkit comes with all its elements neatly arranged in a carrying case which you can transport anywhere you need to work.

When it comes to construction, the tools have been crafted using high-quality materials as evidenced by the feeling of durability that comes from the alloy steel. A smooth silver finish gives a nice texture making the tools feel dependable in any situation.

There’s a truly wide range of uses for such a well-constructed set of mechanics tools. It’s obviously an excellent option for automotive repair jobs, but the kit is versatile enough to be used for other purposes including small jobs around the house.

Craftsman is a company that respects their promises delivering superb quality for the cost. To conclude, the general impression regarding the 50230 tool set is highly positive. Everything from the ratchets to sockets seems durable enough to last you a lifetime. The case is pretty nice too, so all in all, this one is a recommended buy.

Key Features:

  • Durable alloy steel
  • 230-piece set
  • Two extension bars
  • 6 combination wrenches
  • Magnetic handle

5. STANLEY STMT73795 Mixed Tool Set

A more extensive tool set from Stanley is the STMT73795 model which seems to have great potential at its cost. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with more complicated automotive repairs or just doing odd jobs in your home, this one’s a very versatile and durable kit as it comes with both common hand tools as well as mechanic ones.

One essential aspect regarding any type of tool set is the kind of tools it provides. There’s a very long list of mechanic tools that await you here including different sockets, drive bits, hex keys, combination wrenches, and ratchets. Looking at the hand tools we can count some useful additions.

There are 4 cushion screwdrivers designed for the best comfort and superior control thanks to their bi-material handle. Other helpful hand tools you can discover here are pliers, 16 feet tape rule, utility knife, and a 6-inch adjustable wrench. It would be really difficult to stumble upon a job that can’t be tackled with a tool from this set.

The body of these tools is constructed using a special combination with added chrome and vanadium to boost the strength and to prolong the lifespan. As with other high-quality toolkits out there, this one too offers a full chrome finish to guarantee protection against corrosion. All the tools in this mixed set should meet ANSI requirements.

When it comes to storage, Stanley went with a nicely designed blow molded case that facilitates portability and enables you to keep stuff organized. While other tool sets are plagued by the issue of tools falling out, this one seems to solve that by incorporating a center locking mechanism which keeps all the elements together.

Overall, the Stanley STMT73795 is an excellent tool set recommended for those who value versatility above all else. All the pieces in the kit are well crafted and the case has been smartly designed compared to the competition. The price is quite balanced for what you get, so this set is worth a shot for any mechanics or DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • 210-piece set
  • Chrome vanadium forged body
  • Chrome finish
  • Blow molded case
  • Mixed tool set

6. DeWalt DWMT75049 Mechanics Tool Set

For those who want to make a great long-term investment and get their hands on a truly premium set of tools, the DeWalt DWMT75049 is the obvious choice. 192 pieces are neatly packed in this beautiful set whose tools have deep laser etched markings and a striking polished chrome vanadium finish.

Many impressive tools have been selected for this tool set and the list is so long that only the most relevant ones will be mentioned. There are multiple sockets in various sizes as well as hex keys, universal joints, and adapters. Thanks to the DirectTorque technology, the sockets maximize your grip and prevent the issue of fastener rounding.

To add to the durability of the construction, all the tools have been created with a polished coating which should keep corrosion away. Besides the laser markings to identify the correct size more easily, the pieces also offer knurled rings to enhance the gripping surface.

Maneuverability in tighter areas is essential for a mechanic so the tools come with a 5-degree arc swing and are designed to be as slim as possible. For superior ratcheting, the set comes with a 72-tooth gear system. An easier one-hand operation is achieved with the help of an ingenious directional lever. The best thing about these tools is how they all perfectly fit in a sturdy case which truly protects everything inside.

Considering how well this mechanics tool set has been designed and engineered for toughness, it’s safe to say it’s worth the money. The DeWalt DWMT75049 is more expensive than other models, but the difference in quality is quite obvious, and it’s not only when it comes to the tools themselves. The case too is constructed better than cheaper alternatives that are simply not suitable for professional use.

Key Features:

  • 192-piece set
  • Deep laser etched markings
  • 72 Tooth gear system
  • Simple operation with one hand
  • 5-degree arc swing

7. Craftsman 38165 Mechanics Tool Set

One mechanics tool set that deserves more attention is the Craftsman 38165 which includes a total of 165 pieces. Lots of useful sockets and bits are found here, as well as rugged combination wrenches, extension bars, and hex keys. Let’s see if Craftsman can live up to its reputation with this powerful kit of tools.

With a total of 92 sockets available in this set, you should always be able to find the right one for your particular need. They can all be found in three drive sizes. Other important elements which can be handy for mechanics are the combination wrenches, hex keys, and the ratchets among others.

The uses for this type of tool kit are fairly vast. Mechanics are usually the main users, but other people can benefit too. If you need to assemble a bicycle or do any type of DIY project around the house, you can surely count on a set like this one which provides everything needed in one place.

One small drawback to consider regarding this tool set is the short length of the two supplied extension bars. Some projects might require longer ones, but in most cases, that’s a non-issue. A small design flaw of the case is that it can’t be really opened on any surface. Sockets do have a ‘falling out’ tendency if you place the kit on an uneven surface, so this is something to keep in mind.

While it’s not a perfect tool set, Craftsman still managed to create a solid product considering the price bracket where this model belongs. The 38165 set of mechanics tools contains lots of well crafted items that are nicely assembled in a durable case. Despite some falling out issues, the whole set is solid overall and shouldn’t miss from your list of potential options.

Key Features:

  • 165-piece set
  • 92 sockets with 3 drive sizes
  • 2 extension bars
  • 12 combination wrenches
  • Durable construction