The 7 Best Monitor Privacy Screens of 2018

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Monitors are essential for any computers as they provide a visual representation of the information accessed by its user. This is a very important purpose and that is why you should protect your monitor from prying eyes and make sure that you get some privacy and peace of mind when using a computer. The best way to do this is by using a special screen filter that fits directly on your computer monitor and comes with some great benefits to protect the screen and to offer a solid level of privacy for the user. You might also be interested in our articles about the best phone camera lenses and the best android projectors.

If you have an interest in acquiring such a handy accessory for your monitor, it’s recommended to follow some guidelines to ensure that you’ll make a more satisfying decision. The things too look for are:

1. Monitor shape

As monitor filters vary in terms of shapes and sizes, finding the right filter for a specific monitor needs a bit of digging but it’s usually not a difficult task. Before you get your hands on a filter, it’s a good idea to check out the physical aspects of your monitor. There are two basic shapes for any computer monitor – standard and widescreen. Widescreen monitors are a bit different than standard models because they are considerably wider. Check out the monitor ratio because that’s used to better understand the shape of a monitor. The most common ratios are 4:3 for standard monitors and 16:9 for widescreen ones.

2. Monitor size

Once you figure out the shape, the next step is to measure the monitor size to make sure that you’ll get the correct filter. Inches are the measurement unit used and the size is calculated by going diagonally from a corner to the opposite one of the viewing area. When you’re trying to find a screen filter, only check the filter size that corresponds to the one on your monitor.

3. Frame

There are some privacy filters out there that come with frames and they offer an interesting design without physically attaching on the monitor but simply resting on the screen as you attach the frame to the top of the monitor. This makes it easier to remove if needed and it’s more recommended for desktop computers as the monitors are separate.

These are the essential characteristics that you need to check out before you make a purchase for a privacy filter for your monitor. There are more factors to consider, including your budget but if you want to get a good idea about the current state of the market for these accessories, then check out the most cost-effective products assembled on this list below.

1. 3M Privacy Filter for Standard and Widescreen monitors

3M makes some of the best privacy filters for many types and sizes of monitors. Keeping visual hackers at bay can be done in a very efficient manner if you use their filter which has a thin design and comes with all the needed accessories for mounting it correctly on your monitor. The price does depend on the size you choose but it’s quite decent considering the quality.

The manufacturer understands that privacy must be kept at all costs and through a powerful combination of ingenuity and optical science you get a result like this privacy filter. This one offers the gold standard when it comes to keeping information from being seen without your permission.

The way this works is by projecting a vivid shield to side views, effectively blocking the displayed information from being seen outside a 60 degree viewing angle. The person sitting in front of the screen is not affected as they get a crisp and clear view of the things displayed on the monitors. This filter uses the micro louver technology which boasts an incredible thinness rivaling the one from a single strand of hair. Within a single privacy filter, there are thousands upon thousands of micro-louvers though they can’t be detected by the human eye.

When it comes to attaching the filter to the monitor, you’ve got two options provided by 3M. There are optically clear adhesive strips or, if you prefer, you can try the slide mount tabs that can be removed with ease. As with all monitor filters for privacy, it’s essential to determine your screen type and to have the correct measurement to select the right sized filter. There are variants provided for pretty much all types and sizes so finding the correct one for your monitor should be a breeze.

Considering the premium quality and the multitude of variants that can fit many different monitors, the 3M privacy filter is a valuable investment for anyone who wants some peace of mind when working and to get rid of prying eyes. At this price, it’s not really the cheapest option but if you want a reliable product, the filter is certainly worth it.

Key Features:

  • Universal compatibility
  • Black, frameless, lightweight, thin design
  • Effective privacy from side views
  • Includes Attachment Strips and Slide-Mount Tabs
  • Reduces reflections and maintains the image clarity
  • Reversible filter glossy or matte side

2. Akamai Office Products Privacy Screen Filter for Widescreen Monitors

You can often find yourself in need of managing delicate information when in public or anywhere else where there are people so it’s important to have the means to protect your screen from unwanted looks. With advanced microlouver technology set on providing the best level of privacy, the filter from Akamai Office Products is a great product for keeping your data confidential.

Privacy is key for Akamai Office Products as evidenced by superior protection against access to confidential information by strangers. Thanks to a special technology, you can enjoy a limited viewing angle that only allows you, the user who sits right in front of the screen, to see what’s happening on the monitor.

Unlike other filters found on the market, this privacy protector uses 8 layers of film to ensure increased confidentiality and it also comes with some additional benefits. It also protects your eyes by acting as a filter for around 97% of harmful UV and it also reduces the level of blue light by 70%. The latter can be helpful especially at night as it has a more calming effect on your eyes and it feels less stressful.

This monitor filter is reversible offering you a flexible choice between a matte or glossy finish. The matte side is especially recommended if you want to reduce the extra glare. Besides this impressive level of protection, Akamai also added a special layer to protect the screen from dust and scratches so this is definitely a reliable product to have on any monitor. The install process may seem a bit daunting at first but there are bonus adhesives included in the package and each screen filter comes with two different attachment options to simplify this task.

All things considered, the Akamai Office Products screen filter for privacy is the ideal accessory for your monitor if you have lots of curious eyes in your office or wherever you work. A great buy with many size options, this filter is recommended at such a reasonable cost.

Key Features:

  • 8 layers of film
  • Superior privacy
  • Filters 97% UV and curbs blue light by 70%
  • Reversible filter
  • Bonus adhesives

3. Privox Privacy Screen Filter for Desktop Computers and Laptops

If you’re tired of trying to hide your screen from people taking a sneak peek at your confidential documents and private information, then perhaps choosing a privacy screen filter from Privox is the right solution. This is a good model for laptops in particular as it offers a 15.6-inch size which is standard for many laptop models.

Up to a 60-degree viewing angle, you are perfectly fine to see the contents of the monitor and this means that anyone located outside this range will only see a black screen. If you want the absolute best level of privacy, you can try to switch the filter to the other side as this model is fully reversible offering a glossy and a matte side. The glossy one is recommended for the best privacy but if you prefer less glare when using the computer, then going for the matte side is a better idea.

Privox recommends adjusting the brightness of your computer monitor after you install the privacy filter to suit the level of light from your room. Sometimes, you have to increase the monitor brightness if you reside in a well-lighted room.

The technology used in this filter is an advanced micro-replication which makes use of 7 layers of film to guarantee the best level of confidentiality. Besides the ability to filter unwanted looks, the filter can also help to reduce the transmission of blue light from the monitor which is great for a more comfortable experience during your work. Protection is also ensured against UV and the eye strain caused by the LCD screen. Another kind of protection is also implemented, this time for the LCD panel itself. Privox engineered this model to keep scratches and dust away.

A nice fit for lots of monitors, especially for laptop users, the Privox privacy filter works well in all aspects. It’s simple to install and remove and is made of durable polymer plastic that should last you for a long time. Considering that it does exactly what’s been designed to do without any problems, this shouldn’t be missed if you want a reasonably-priced monitor filter that adds some much-needed privacy.

Key Features:

  • Reduces blue light
  • Protects your eyes against UV
  • Less stressful for your eyes
  • Advanced micro-replication technology
  • 7 layers of film

4. VINTEZ Premium Computer Privacy Screen Filter

Another solid competitor on the market for privacy screen filters is the one from Vintez. It’s capable of restricting the visibility of the monitor’s screen to a straight position, in front of the computer, where you sit. It provides anti-scratch, anti-glare technologies and helps to reduce eye exposure to UV and blue light.

Visual hacking and theft can be serious issues in an office environment where you don’t want your colleagues to steal your sensitive information. For this reason, getting a premium screen filter that’s worth the money is a must-have. Vintez offers one that provides the perfect fit for lots of monitor sizes and delivers in terms of quality.

As opposed to other cheap privacy screen protectors, this one has 7 different layers of film that work together to ensure maximum effectiveness in keeping your confidential screen data secure. There are some other benefits too, besides privacy. The filter can double as a screen and eye protector as it filters out 96% UV and minimizes the impact of blue light by 65%.

Thanks to a reversible design, you can choose from a glossy or a matte side so if you want more privacy, get the glossy one and if you fancy less glare, then the matte side is particularly recommended. The installing part of this monitor filter is greatly simplified as each unit comes with two attachment options to suit your preference. The first one consists of adhesive attachment strips that are optically clear and the second option offers slide mount tabs. Both are good solutions for installing and uninstalling the filter without too much effort.

Taking into account all of its features, the Vintez monitor screen filter can effectively deal with all your privacy issues. It does have some extra protection features too so it’s definitely a valuable investment. If you want to get rid of the feeling of others checking out your work or if you feel it’s just not desirable, this filter will make for a satisfying purchase.

Key Features:

  • Superior quality
  • 7 different layers of films
  • Easy to install
  • Eye protector – 96% UV and 65% of blue light filtered
  • Reversible screen filter

5. PrivacyDevil Screen for Monitors Privacy Filter

Your screen can be easily seen from many angles and it’s not always preferable to have others check out your work. If this is an issue for you, there’s another privacy filter for your monitor that can do the trick and keep your important information secure from prying eyes. The PrivacyDevil comes with an attractive price and some nice features to reduce the viewable area of your screen.

Ideal for both desktop and laptop screens, this model is designed for lots of people in need of privacy. Business travelers can surely appreciate this filter as it can keep the screen info safe. People from either of your side will just see a darkened screen while you can see everything clearly. It’s a cool effect that can come be useful in many situations.

The design of this privacy filter boasts a particular thinness which fits nicely on the screen of any monitor, assuming the size is right of course. It’s always a crucial step before you buy a privacy screen to measure your monitor. As it integrates a reversible design, the filter can be used on both sides. There’s one matte side and a glossy one. The matte is recommended for its anti-glare properties while the glossy one has the strongest privacy effect.

Installing this model is done without too much hassle. Choose between two reusable options – slide tabs and double-sided attachment strips. The sticky strips are recommended for frameless screens while the screens with frames should get tabs attached to both sides which enable the filter to slide on and off with ease.

Whether you wish to protect some confidential data or just want a way to surf the web without attracting curious looks, the PrivacyDevil filter is a lifesaver. It doesn’t have any extra gimmicks and it works exactly as advertised. Follow the instructions carefully and you should have a reliable privacy filter in no time.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, thin design
  • Reversible filter
  • Double-Sided Attachment Strips and Slide Tabs included
  • Ideal for both desktop and laptop screens
  • Effective ‘blackout’ effect

6. Tech Armor ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector

The ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector by Tech Armor comes in many popular screen sizes and it represents a capable way to deal with onlookers who ruin your privacy when you use a computer in an office or in any busy setting. This model is a bit pricey but it deserves a spot on this list as it offers a solid quality level for the money.

This filter has the ability to maintain a clear view for the user that sits right in front of the screen but at the same time, it will block the visibility from a side angle. Being visually compromised will be a thing of the past now. But this is not all there is to it. Tech Armor added a special anti-glare coating on this privacy filter to contribute to a reduced eye strain and help you increase your overall productivity.

To install this filter successfully, you first need to be absolutely sure that you’re getting the right size for your screen. When you’re measuring don’t count the bezels, just the frameless screen of the monitor. The manufacturer of this filter provides a few accessories to help you install the filter quickly and effortlessly. There are two simple methods to do that.

The first option you have is by using the included adhesive tabs which should be used for displays with bezels. These will let you slide the filter right over your screen. If your monitor doesn’t have bezels, use the supplied double sided tape to stick the privacy filter onto the screen directly.

Some of the key applications for this model are in healthcare, government, business, education, and any other branch of activity that needs a superior level of privacy.

While it does take some time to adjust to your new screen, at least in the initial phase, after you get used to it, it can offer a rewarding experience. The only one that can see what’s displayed is you so if you work with private personal information this is a solid investment. The Tech Armor ViewSonic Privacy Filter Screen Protector is an ideal solution even if the price is a bit higher than some other models.

Key Features:

  • 60-degree viewing angle
  • Antiglare, antireflective surface
  • Durable design
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High compatibility

7. Fellowes PrivaScreen Privacy Filter

There’s no better way to protect your monitor screen from pesky onlookers than by choosing to install a special filter for privacy. Fellowes provides a very capable one called PrivaScreen. It delivers confidentiality by restricting the view to the front, to your eyes only. The side view is a total blackout which means you can work with sensitive information in peace.

The install process for this type of filters can always be a little complicated but this model comes with improved tabs that will make this operation a breeze. There are six adhesive tabs included in total and twelve double-sided adhesive strips as well as a cleaning cloth for removing dust and debris from your screen. For some extra protection, this filter is designed to handle scratches and can prevent the screen from accumulating fingerprints.

Like many other models on this list, this one also offers a reversible design. The filter can be used on both sides according to your needs. On the matte side, you will notice that glare is reduced while the glossy one should enhance the level of privacy to the maximum. Another important aspect regarding the matte side is that it provides compatibility for touchscreen laptops and monitors, something that other filters don’t have.

The surface of the filter has some anti-reflective properties and is able to reduce some of the eye strain caused by LCD screens. The main blackout technology incorporated in this privacy filter is fully capable of darkening the screen image when viewed from a side angle of 30 degrees while maintaining a crystal clear front view.

Although the Fellowes PrivaScreen is obviously a high-quality privacy filter for monitors the only drawback is the price which is considerably higher without really any justification. Some less expensive models do pretty much the same job so this can be an issue but if you get a good deal on this one, you won’t regret the purchase.

Key Features:

  • Protects screen from scratches and fingerprints
  • Simple to install and remove
  • Reversible design
  • Adhesive tabs and double-sided adhesive strips included
  • Blackout privacy protection
  • Works with touchscreen laptops and monitors