The 8 Best Phone Camera Lenses of 2021

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Best iPhone Camera Lens
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Even though few of us possess a high-quality camera, almost anybody has nowadays a smartphone with a decent camera. In case you are thinking about getting to the next level with your phone photography, buying some powerful new lenses could be an amazing upgrade for a stock phone camera. There are lots of kits on the market right now which contain various types of lenses, one of the most common being the fisheye lenses for capturing a 180-degree field of view and the wide-angle lenses to immortalize expansive landscapes or scenes. For getting more close-up details, many manufacturers also include macro lenses. Some can even add telephoto and CPL lenses. You might be interested in our articles about the best smartphone microphones and the best portable projector.

How to find the perfect smartphone camera lenses for your needs?

If you intend to add some extra optics on top of your smartphone’s existing camera, you’ve got quite a wide selection of lens attachments to choose from. To make your job easier, we compiled a list of the best phone camera lenses that money can buy. A quality lens should always enhance rather than deteriorate the image and there are a few more aspects to consider before you jump in and purchase a brand new kit of phone camera lenses for your smartphone.

1. Ease of use

This is important, lenses that are difficult to use quickly are simply not worth it. There are some models which offer special rubbery designs to keep the lens from slipping and an easy to use clip which glides onto your smartphone.

2. Materials and durability

There are some great lenses on the market that offer premium optical glass and other solid quality materials which add to the overall durability. Some kits contain sturdy storage cases for transporting your lenses, to safely hold all the components together.

3. The price

Even a die-hard enthusiast of phone camera photography probably won’t be willing to spend more than $100 on lenses for their smartphone. You can find some good image quality in more affordable options. Keeping the balance between features and cost is important after all.

The picture quality is obviously the most important factor to consider but it all depends on which type of lenses you prefer to use more in your photography sessions. In this list, you can find some solid choices for phone camera lenses that have the potential to truly expand your possibilities without spending too much money. Let’s see which are the best phone camera lenses currently to be found on the market.

Best iPhone Camera Lens

1. Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Pro: Macro Lens Wide Angle Lens Kit

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Made of premium optical glass, the Xenvo Pro Kit for iPhones is guaranteed to add a new level of excitement to your photos. This kit offers a potent combination of lenses. You’ve got a wide angle lens for capturing more objects in your photos and a macro lens that delivers a stunning 12.5X level of magnification to achieve some really amazing close-up shots.

The wide-angle lens is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum for increased durability and Xenvo only uses high-quality glass for achieving ideal levels of clarity. To minimize ghosting, reflections, and other artifacts, the manufacturer coated the lenses with a special multi-element layer. Due to an impressively wide angle (0.45X), you can capture more elements in your photos and as opposed to cheaper lenses, you won’t have to deal with vignetting, those dark corners that may appear on lower quality products.

If you wish to be able to capture those particular details and jump into the unexplored world of small objects, the macro lens from this kit should be a huge help. They offer 12.5X magnification to capture all those intricacies with precision-focus for crisp macro photos.

The clip used to fasten the lenses to your smartphone comes with some strong gripping power but it has soft rubber pads to protect your device from scratches. A rechargeable led light plugs into your phone and is used for brightening the surroundings with a pleasant continuous light which is superior to the built-in flash from your device. The flash often does more harm than good as it blinds people and yields unnatural photos in very dark settings but this LED light should reduce the number of photo retakes and make it so you get the right photos every time.

For safely transporting the lenses, Xenvo offers a very sturdy storage case that holds all the components together. There’s also a special clip provided for hooking the case to a laptop bag or backpack for quick access to your lenses. Quite a convenient solution.

Although Xenvo’s lenses kit is geared towards iPhone users, these should basically work with any smartphone that can fit them. All things considered, they did an excellent job with this little set of quality lenses. You can see the difference clearly but the price is also a bit higher than other kits. Still, if you want to be able to take more professional photos with your iPhone, don’t hesitate to purchase these lenses because they are absolutely worth the money.

Key Features:

  • Truview 0.45x wide angle lens
  • Trugrip Lens Clip
  • 12.5x Macro Lens
  • Rechargeable led fill light
  • Sturdy storage case

2. MACTREM 9-in-1 Phone Camera Lens Kit

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If you plan on expanding the photographic capabilities of your smartphone, these high-clarity lenses from MACTREM are ideal to try. The construction of each accessory stands out on a market populated by cheaply-made products. These phone camera lenses are crafted with durable housing based on aluminum alloy. Each lens has a reliable 10-layer coating for superior light transmission. The kit provides compatibility with virtually any smartphone out there thanks to easy clip-on installation.

One of the most impressive lenses included is the 20X telephoto lens which makes it a breeze to shoot great pics of distant targets. If you want to capture crisp close-ups, the best solution is to attach the 25X macro lens. When you want to capture more scenery, you can rely on the 0.5X ultrawide angle lens. Finally, there’s a fisheye lens provided to obtain a cool effect in your photos. The eyecup can also work as a monocular with a lens attached. All the accessories are neatly stored in a dedicated bag that’s included in the package.

3. AUKEY Ora Phone Camera Lens Kit

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The AUKEY Ora premium camera lenses are designed to meet the needs of smartphone owners that aren’t happy with their camera’s capabilities. With the right lens, you can enhance the picture-taking potential of your powerful smartphone’s camera. While this kit doesn’t contain lots of lenses, it’s focused on high-quality pieces that will truly make a difference for your photos. Just a wide-angle lens and macro lens can be found in this set.

The wide-angle lens can help you capture breathtaking pictures as it considerably expands the camera’s view. Its 140-degree angle works best for extended selfies and large landscapes. When dealing with really close targets, it’s time to switch to the macro lens. This one features a 10X magnification power that allows for capturing hidden details in any close-up. The lenses included in this kit are interchangeable thanks to the provided lens clip that’s compatible with various smartphone models.

4. Godefa Phone Camera Lens Kit

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Packed together with a tripod and shutter, the Godefa phone camera lens kit is a more complete set to consider. This model contains lots of helpful accessories to take smartphone photography to a new level. The kit comes with all the lenses you could possibly need such as telephoto zoom, wide-angle, macro, fisheye, CPL, and kaleidoscope lenses. You can use each separate lens to add some creative effects to any picture.

Thanks to the practical clip-on design, it’s simple to switch between lenses. Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iOS model, it doesn’t matter as the camera lens kit offers almost universal compatibility. Instead of asking random people to help you with group selfies, this set provides a handy tripod that facilitates this task. Find the right place to take the picture and then you just need to sit back and press the Bluetooth camera shutter.

Best iPhone Lens For Video

5. KNGUVTH Phone Camera Lens Kit

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Built from premium quality materials, the KNGUVTH phone camera lenses stand out in this crowded market. Besides the advanced optics used, the pieces in this set feel more durable thanks to the aluminum design. This is a 9-in-1 kit that offers all the usual lenses such as wide-angle, telephoto, and macro. Apart from these, the set also brings some extras like the kaleidoscope and CPL lenses for mesmerizing effects.

Similar to other phone camera lenses you can buy, this one features the same convenient clip-on attachment style that should be compatible with the majority of smartphones. With the help of the powerful lenses from this kit, you can add a more professional touch to your photos. The kaleidoscope lens can create an overlapping vision while the starburst lens adds a dramatic star flare effect. You will also appreciate the vivid colors captured through the CPL lens.

Best iPhone Telephoto Lens

6. Anazalea Phone Camera Lens Kit

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If you don’t really need a large kit with many individual lenses, maybe it’s better to invest in a smaller set equipped with more high-quality optics. This is what the phone camera lenses from Anazalea have been designed for. The set contains just wide-angle and macro lenses but they’re crafted with better attention to details for a superior photographic experience. The use of German optical glass makes this a more durable option to consider.

The optical elements have been covered with special coatings for reduced reflections. Both hobbyists and professional photographers can appreciate the way this little kit can bring out the true potential of your phone’s camera. When you attach the super wide-angle lens, the camera seems to resemble a DSLR unit as it can fit more objects on the screen while maintaining perfect clarity. The same great experience can be enjoyed when switching over to the 15X macro lens engineered for crisp close-ups.

7. AOMAIS Phone Camera Lens Kit

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Compatible with lots of popular smartphones, the AOMAIS phone camera lens kit is designed for users who want some extra high-quality lenses. The 0.45X wide-angle lens that boasts 4K light path design is definitely the standout item included. It’s ideal for taking stunning photos of landscapes or to obtain memorable group selfies. This is a fairly small kit but it also contains a powerful 18X macro lens.

Thanks to the high-end coating technology, the lenses boast superior capabilities against ghosting and reflections. This translates to crystal clear photos that aren’t lacking in detail. The multi-resistant coating shows off its true performance when taking close-up photos. The addition of an LED light glow clip makes the phone camera lenses better suited for different lighting conditions. It may seem like a small accessory but the rechargeable glow clip can make a huge difference for many photos. In the package, you will also find a lanyard and storage box.

8. ANGFLY Phone Camera Lens Kit

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Delivering DSLR-grade quality, the ANGFLY phone camera lenses shouldn’t be missed if you want to make a better investment for your smartphone photography. Thanks to the particularly high-quality of its aspherical wide-angle lens, this model doesn’t create dark corners while capturing more elements into your picture with utmost clarity. The macro lens takes the quality of your close-ups to a new level as well.

The secret for the amazing performance of this lens set lies in the custom construction relying on carefully engineered layers of cinema-quality glass enveloped with durable metal. With the help of the aspherical lens design, you can benefit from less glare and reflections bringing the smartphone’s camera capabilities to resemble those of a DSLR. Although this little kit from ANGFLY is more expansive compared to those that offer more lens attachments, it’s worth considering if you value optical quality above all else.