The 8 Best Pilates Reformers of 2022

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Finding the time to go to Pilates lessons in this day and age seems very difficult. If you’re one of the people who enjoy this amazing way to keep your body fit then you’ve probably considered to shop for a machine that you can use more conveniently in your own home. The Pilates reformer is the ideal piece of equipment created to provide an effective workout by making use of a suspension-based design that facilitates body-weight exercises. It’s basically a big machine that’s made of a sliding carriage rigged with certain elements like springs, bars, and straps. The reformer isn’t like some fitness fad that will fall into obscurity anytime soon. It not only endured well the test of time but it’s actually more popular than ever as prices get lower and the technology gets more advanced. Just be sure not to fall for the myths of pilates before you start exercising.

What’s great about a reformer is that it allows you to work your muscles with a minimal impact on the joints and bones and most routines can significantly contribute to your overall flexibility and strength. Some great exercises will strengthen your core and allow for groups of muscles often left out of traditional fitness workouts to benefit tremendously from this. One of the most fundamental aspects of a Pilates reformer is the resistance of it which can be manipulated according to your desired results to speed up the training process. Adjusting the tension of the springs on the moving carriage allows for setting different levels of difficulty. In time, as you start to make progress you’ll want to become stronger and for achieving the highest level of proficiency you will have to raise the difficulty. With constant work, you can expect to see some impressive definition in your abs, arms, and legs in just months of dedication. Accomplishing your fitness goals doesn’t seem like such a difficult task if you get a reliable companion like a Pilates reformer machine.

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Having to wade through many different options with various prices can become exhausting and confusing. Thankfully, we’ve decided to help you in your quest for reaching your ultimate fitness potential and so we’ve selected the best Pilates reformers on the market. Only the most valuable ones for the price got a spot here so you can browse safely knowing you are sure to find something worth your time and money.

Ok, now let’s see which is the best pilates reformer on the market!

1. STOTT PILATES Merrithew Home SPX Reformer Bundle

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One of the world’s famous brands in Pilates, Stott is offering products reliably designed to respect the highest standards of quality. Their SPX reformer bundle is pretty much a complete package rarely found on the market for Pilates workouts that will increase flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core strength. It doesn’t come cheap though but considering the amazing features, it is well worth the money.

If you are serious about getting toned and fit without even the need to leave your home then the Stott SPX Reformer package can cover the workout needs and provide challenges suited for users of all fitness levels. It can facilitate over 250 Pilates exercises and thanks to the two instructional DVDs provided you will be able to go through a studio-quality workout at home.

The SPX has a durable construction and is equipped with 4 full tension and one half tension reformer springs. These will provide various levels of resistance during your routine which can help you build core strength while at the same time develop leaner muscles without bulk. A padded platform extender lets you perform certain standing and seated exercises. For regulating hip and knee flexion, this reformer includes an adjustable foot bar with four positions that drops easily into the cradles. Because comfort during exercising is essential, the SPX features extra-thick foam cushioning with double stitching on both the reformer and the extender.

A diverse range of useful Pilates accessories is included. Among them, we can count the reformer box with a foot strap, a metal roll-up pole, double loop straps and a handy Easy-Start Poster guide. If you are a beginner in Pilates always remember to follow the guides and instructions provided with this machine correctly because otherwise, it can do more harm than good.

Taking into account the benefits offered by this amazing machine along with all the handy accessories, this reformer is a Pilates enthusiast’s dream come true. Saving money for this is definitely a great idea as the Stott SPX is one of the smartest investments you can possibly make. Highly recommended for the best Pilates results.

Specifications list:

  • Includes 4 full-tension and 1 half-tension reformer springs
  • Padded platform extender
  • Adjustable 4-position foot bar
  • Extra-thick foam cushioning
  • You get a reformer box, a metal pole, and 2 DVDs for a smarter workout
  • Reformer measures 22 by 97 inches Width by Length
  • Carriage measures 22 x 38.5 inches

2. Stamina AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer

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Ever since their creation, Stamina worked hard to create the perfect fitness equipment for their consumers. One of their greatest achievement is making Pilates reformers affordable enough to be used at home and the AeroPilates line is continuing to grow in popularity.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer which gives any Pilates enthusiast many reasons to consider buying one. Despite having ’Premier’ in its name that doesn’t mean it will strain your budget too much. This reformer comes together with many essential additions as Stamina offers a complete value bundle that provides everything to get you started in the process of fully maximizing your workout.

The AeroPilates 700 Premier Reformer features a taller, patented Cardio Rebounder which allows for plenty of flexibility during your workout and as a nice bonus you will get all the benefits of running without suffering the painful impact. For even more variety, Stamina added a wider foot bar which can be used comfortably with either your feet or your hands with no compromise in stability.

The large stand of the AeroPilates 700 will simplify the process of getting on and off and adds more exciting exercise possibilities to be performed than simply having the reformer on the floor. Comfort is one aspect where Stamina doesn’t mess around. They provide a nice adjustable head and neck pillow for efficient and sustained support during intense workouts. The furry hand and foot straps are in turn providing much-needed comfort no matter the type of body work you’re engaged in. Another convenient feature is the adjusting of the height of the ropes using pulley risers with four height options for an optimal fit. For a better clarification on why you should use a pilates reformer instead of a mat read this article.

It will help you achieve that strong, flexible body that only Pilates has the means to attain. It offers so many convenient features in one package and all for a low price considering the potential to transform your body so radically. Of course, workouts take time so it’s better to get a comfortable, sturdy and performant reformer that does the job for you. The only complaint some people have about this model is a slightly unpleasant smell initially but that shouldn’t last too long.

Specifications list:

  • Larger, trapezoidal carriage and cushion for extra support
  • Curved, wider foot bar (24 inches wide)
  • Oversized patented Free-Form Cardio Rebounder
  • Head and Neck Support Pillow attachable to the headrest for increased neck support
  • 4 heavy-duty, elastic cords provide 4 levels of workout resistance
  • Quiet, ultra-smooth carriage rollers and gliders
  • Metallic gold, heavy steel frame construction
  • Adjustable ropes, straps and hand grips to fit any user

3. Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower with Pilates and Barre

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Established to provide high-quality, exclusive home fitness options for customers around the world, Beverly Hills Fitness has become a force in the market for Pilates reformers. Their reformer was designed to be the ultimate body transformer combining a Cadillac Trap Table with Barre and an overall trainer. That means it is perfect for your day to day exercises.

This is a great Pilates reformer that doubles as a Barre exerciser. Its steel frame is sturdy but the overall structure is actually surprisingly lightweight. The reformer is small, folds easily and can be set-up immediately without any hassle. Maneuvering it is also a breeze. To fully set it up it only takes tightening the bar and correctly placing the pins in before using it.

A great all-around tool for many workouts, the Supreme Toning Tower also comes with two DVDs that should help you make the Pilates exercises right. Beverly Hills Fitness has crafted an essential product for toning your body and getting fit exactly in the way you prefer. Considering the amazing versatility enabled by it, there is no reason to pass up on this one.

Overall you will definitely love this reformer if you are looking to incorporate Pilates into your practice and use it as a home product to give your body an efficient workout. The DVDs are useful but you can also look up more exercise routines on YouTube. For this price, you really get a flawless machine that should last for many intense workouts and satisfy completely all your fitness needs and therefore it is highly recommended.

Specifications list:

  • Comes already assembled & folds for easy storage
  • High-Quality Steel Frame with Luxurious Wood Barre
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • 2 DVDs for instruction & motivation
  • 2 tension coils
  • 2 Hand/foot straps

4. Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP Home Pilates Reformer

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Stamina is one of the most trusted manufacturers of Pilates equipment on the market and this one is one of their most revered reformer called XP 557. Fans of the Pilates workout system will absolutely love this exercise machine as it features over 100 different exercises and it comes with four springs to conveniently adjust your routines difficulty according to your fitness level.

This is an incredible feature-laden gym machine built for home use and the greatest aspect of it is the ability to fully customize it to your workout needs. The Pro XP 557 was designed four inches longer than other reformers to fit better with all heights throughout all Pilates exercises. Rails have also been modified to be much longer to accommodate taller users. Due to its oversized free-form cardio rebounder, you can get the remarkable benefit of cardiovascular fitness to complement the traditional Pilates routines. As a consequence, this will expand your overall fitness potential tremendously.

Durability and reliability are the key words for the Stamina as it can be observed from the sturdy oak-finished wood construction and the aluminum rails. The wheels are commercial-grade quality ones for the smoothest carriage glide possible. A slight drawback that needs to be addressed is the foot bar which is a bit too narrow. The ropes, straps, and hand grips are crafted in such a way to be able to adjust them at your leisure.

All in all, this is a valuable pick that will give you a capable reformer from a respected company in the business. Your satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP 557 is an outstanding piece of equipment ready to get put to intense use by anyone who enjoys doing advanced routines.

Specifications list:

  • Comes with free-form cardio rebounder
  • Rails are 8-inches longer than standard reformers
  • Most parts are adjustable for your comfort
  • High-density foam shoulder pads
  • For gentle and safe cardio workouts as effective as a treadmill

5. Pilates Power Gym ‘Pro’ 3-Elevation Mini Reformer System

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Pilates Power Gym is a brand focusing on functional performance and their love for designing quality exercise equipment has been the main contributor to their capable fitness machines. A superb example of their engineering is the ‘Pro’ 3-Elevation Mini Reformer Exercise System which comes with three useful Pilates workout DVDs and the Advanced Power Flex Cardio Rebounder.

Replacing over 17 weight machines, this reformer is truly a strong ally for accomplishing incredible workout goals. It’s built with a solid carbon steel frame and can hold a person up to 300 lbs. Getting a serious piece of equipment for Pilates routines doesn’t only mean you’re investing in durability but also in comfort. The Mini reformer features padded handles and comfortable foot straps. For adjusting the gym to your fitness level, there’s the possibility to change the resistance level of the cords to your liking. My only complaint is that the foot straps although enjoyable to use felt a bit cheap.

Providing power for professional caliber strength training, the quick-change height is another great option of this reformer. If you are a seasoned Pilates veteran or a complete novice won’t matter because this machine can fit your needs accordingly. By combining smooth resistance to organic motions you are able to tone and tighten any part of your body such as calves, hips, abs or shoulders by exercising in relaxing moves that will easily become instinctive after some practice. This system also includes Pilates Power Gym’s own Cardio Rebounder to expand your workout even further.

Kristin McGee’s most popular instructional workouts can be found in the included DVD including the famous Cardio Blast routine. She is a celebrity Pilates instructor from New York City and has gained acclaim and respect from many yoga and instructors today.
Looking at the price of this reformer I can safely say that this is spectacular considering the overall quality of the reformer. It may not be as advanced as the more expensive Stamina models for example but it’s still a worthy investment and fully recommended to take your Pilates workouts to a new level.

Specifications list:

  • Self-contained home gym system
  • No additional weights or spotters needed
  • Can be used for any fitness level
  • 3 DVDs with the famous Pilates instructor, Kristin McGee for a fantastic workout
  • Sturdy steel frame;
  • Comfortable design;
  • Compact and portable with built-in wheels for simple mobility
  • Simple 2-Step Assembly

6. Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Pilates Pro

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Pilates has become extremely popular nowadays and the reason is simple: through a combination of technology and dedication you gain the ability to completely tone, sculpt and reshape your whole body. If you’re looking for a good machine then you should check out this folding trap table from Beverly Hills Fitness that brings you studio quality training in your own home.

Getting Pilates lessons is a good idea to increase your overall fitness but they can be expensive in the long run. For that reason, a smarter investment would be to get a reformer, a gym machine that you can comfortably use in your own home. Getting the basic moves right is easy thanks to the included DVDs that should instruct you with everything you need to know.

Built to last, the Supreme Pilates Pro can support weight up to 300 lbs and its adjustable toning tower has a high-density foam pad which is helpful for yoga poses too. It has luggage-style wheels for increased mobility and it can be folded to 8 inches high to store it with ease in a closet or under a bed. The Manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty for the frame and all its parts.

Beverly Hills Fitness includes in the package useful accessories that create an outstanding value bundle. An upper body wood bar for Pilates workouts is provided along with two lumbar pads for comfort, two sets of coils for varying levels of resistance, one body ball to aid in the Barre Toning Tower workout complete with an air pump. Also, the Supreme Pro comes with hand and foot straps and one handy strap for safe storage of the machine.

In conclusion, this is a very affordable gym system that will help you correctly execute many Pilates routines and others. Don’t expect it to offer support for some more advanced workouts as this one is rather more beginner oriented. For more intense Pilates routines I would recommend looking elsewhere on this list but if you want to get the hang of the basics than this one is excellent for the price.

Specifications list:

  • Pilates trap table with a base pad that can be folded
  • Toning tower also adjusts for Ballet Barre workouts
  • 5 DVD with Barre, Pilates, Yoga, Cardio among others for an intelligent workout
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Exclusively designed by Beverly Hills Fitness.

7. Stamina AeroPilates Pro XP Home Pilates Reformer

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Stamina has many interesting products for achieving your desired body through Pilates and another one that offers a lot for the money is the AeroPilates Pro XP reformer. It’s able to deliver a vast array of options for invigorating the body and relaxing the mind at the same time.

This Stamina Pilates reformer is designed to work just like a trampoline though there is one key difference. You lie on your back which is an ideal position for doing low-impact exercises no matter the age or the skill level. Like with using a treadmill, you will be able to hit your target heart rate as well as maintaining it without dealing with the wear and tear of your joints and lower back. It’s definitely a win-win situation as this one is an incredible gym system for Pilates.

The XP 556 offers a customized resistance workout experience. It enables tweaking four heavy-duty elastic cords in accordance with your fitness level. For even more personalization you’ve got adjustable straps and hand grips to guarantee a comfortable fit. To accommodate taller users the rails are manufactured 5″ longer and the foot bar is adjustable to three different positions.

For a commercial-grade product, the steel frame is quite sturdy and should last years of varying routines. It has an oak wood finish that gives it a premium feel and for portability, there are rolling wheels built into the frame. Some assembly is required and initially, this part can be quite tricky but once you figure it out, the process flows smoothly and you are rewarded with a robust system that you can use to perform over 100 Pilates exercises. The owner’s manual is pretty detailed to help you in this regard. Included in the package are also two workout DVDs handy for trying out new routines.

There’s hardly a better option currently on the market in the Pilates reformer department that can encapsulate so many essential features for improving your flexibility, cardiovascular fitness and strength. Enjoying these benefits is one thing but there is also worth keeping in mind how low-impact workouts with this machine are for your joints and sensitive body parts like the lower back.

Specifications list:

  • Removable, adjustable foot bar
  • Silver Cardio Rebounder (14″ x 14″)
  • High-density foam shoulder pads
  • Adjustable bungee resistance
  • Elevated built with oak wood trim
  • Padded, flared, black platform
  • 5″ longer aluminum railing (compared to standard reformers)
  • Performs over 100 exercises to tone and shape the entire body

8. Bayou Fitness Total Trainer Pilates Pro Reformer

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One of the most promising Pilates reformers on the market comes from Bayou, a company trusted for their excellent quality, competitive pricing, and efficient service. The Bayou Total Trainer is incredibly similar to other much more expensive reformers endorsed by celebrities in the industry but it comes with a more affordable price tag.

This reformer has some interesting advantages over its competitors. One great aspect of it is that it comes fully assembled so you can start toning and strengthening your body right away without any hassles. It features oversized rollers that contribute significantly to a smooth movement, heavy side rails for greater stability and a power bar with resistance-boosting capabilities. For more versatility, there is a biceps curl bar. A redesigned Pro AB crunch strap allows for extra comfort in the shoulders and neck area while helping you define your abdominal muscles better.

Bayou’s paid a lot of attention to details and that’s emphasized by many Pilates attachments that improve your overall fitness experience. Included in the package there are resistance bands, a toe bar along with dual leg cuffs and shoulder pads that add some extra comfort during routines. An instructional Pilates video is also provided to give you some direction for the routines.

The device works efficiently as it utilizes the body’s own weight for resistance training and because of that, your flexibility will improve substantially. It’s also an ideal way for both men and women to radically enhance their strength workouts. This basically eliminates the need to clutter your room with heavy weights and helps you attain a lean physique quickly if you put in enough effort.

The Total Trainer Pro Pilates reformer has 21 levels of resistance, chrome-plated side rails, and ball bearing rollers of solid quality. Its maximum weight capacity is 400 lbs and one convenient feature of it is how easy it folds and rolls for practical storage. Considering the overall package, this is a great reformer for Pilates and is fully recommended especially when taking into account Bayou’s fair pricing.

Specifications list:

  • Comes fully assembled, folds and rolls for convenient storage
  • Pro AB Crunch Strap, biceps press bar, pull-up and push-up, power weight bar, squat board, sit-up cuff strap, twin handles, 3 and 4 point pulley system, and dual side glide board pulleys
  • Accessories like shoulder pads, resistance bands, toe bar, & dual leg cuffs are included