The 10 Best Portable Washing Machines of 2023

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The industry of portable washing machines experienced a significant surge in popularity over the recent years. There are many applications for them so it’s no wonder that they’re highly sought-after machines. Finding the best portable washing machine depends on some important factors. The following aspects are critical when researching them:

1. Size

If you weren’t concerned about the size, you would probably just get a regular washing machine. Because portability matters a lot for these machines, it’s important to check how big of a footprint the machine has. Ideally, you’d want to get a model that provides easy maneuverability and plenty of room to install the hoses. You might also be interested in our article about the best portable ice maker and the best electric can openers.

2. Cycle settings

The more cycle settings, the better choices you can make when using the washing machine. Your clothes need to be treated right, so if you don’t want to wear out the fabrics, wash them with the optimal amount of force.

3. Energy use

Anyone who uses this type of washing machine should be aware of how much energy it consumes. If you purchase a more energy efficient model, this translates into considerable cost savings over a longer period of time.

4. Design and construction

This is more of a personal preference but some portable washing units come with certain features which will improve the usability of the machine. For example, handles on the sides of the unit will make it easier to maneuver around. Some models have rolling wheels to simplify the moving process from a place to another. Getting your laundry done can be a noisy experience but some washing machines offer noise reduction plates which will make the whole process quieter.

To make the task of finding the best portable washing machine for your needs easier, this article contains a selection of the best units you can find on the market. The main criteria used was cost-effectiveness but a lot of research went into finding the most compact, well-designed, and performant machines. People have different needs but they also have different budgets. For this reason, the list contains models that have a fairly wide range of prices. Without any other introductions, let’s go over each individual review for the best portable washing machines for the money.

1. Giantex EP21684

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If you’re tired of hand washing and you’re in need of a capable washing machine that doesn’t take too much space, the Giantex EP21684 is one of the best choices on the market. It comes with a twin tub washing design, timers for washing and spinning, and it’s very easy to use.

The rated capacity for this model is 11 pounds, which is plenty enough to avoid the need to go to a laundry service. The spinner dryer has a smaller capacity of 6.6 pounds, approximately half of the capacity for washing so you will need to do the spinning twice if you’ve used the washing capacity to the fullest.

This unit comes with precise 15 minutes washing times and 5 minutes per spin so you can choose the fitting option for your needs. Standard washing machines aren’t usually as flexible when it comes to this kind of settings so this will offer you a bit more freedom.

Convenience is an important aspect for Giantex. The washing barrel comes with a special filter net for taking care of the dirt when washing. Cleaning the tube is much simplified in this way as you can just pull the filter out.

Because this machine is fairly compact, it’s designed to save space in a multitude of environments. From dorms and apartments to RV’s or camping, this unit is definitely on the lighter side when it comes to weight and you can move it without too much hassle compared to a non-portable model.

The wash motor is quite powerful at 300W and the 110W spinner is not too bad either. The machine has a gravity drain so it needs to be placed on an elevated surface to work as it should. Operating this model is a straightforward process. Just remember to watch the water after you turn it on as this unit doesn’t automatically stop when it’s filled.

Taking into account all these features, the Giantex EP21684 could be considered one of the best portable washing machines you can find. All the convenience brought by this unit comes at a balanced price so this mini compact machine is highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Portable and compact
  • Transparent lid
  • Simple operation
  • Twin tub
  • 1300 RPM Motor

2. Haier HLP21N

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For those who want more performance, the Haier HLP21N has great potential. It comes with more complex electronic controls, smooth-rolling casters, a quieter operation, and can handle efficient washing without occupying a lot of space. As it’s also designed from solid stainless steel, it feels more durable and strong.

Getting your items cleaned correctly shouldn’t be hard if you have a machine like this one. It comes with three settings for both water levels and wash cycles to obtain the desired load every time you use it. The capacity of 6 pounds doesn’t sound too impressive but for those in need of a quick delicates wash, this is not an issue.

To get through the installation process more easily, Haier offers a comprehensive kit with a sink adapter that can be connected without too much hassle. No need to buy additional hoses because the package contains everything needed to be able to start washing right away. Make sure that you install the back wheel as they will not only help with the moving process but they add a good layer of stability.

The manufacturer promises a less noisy experience when using this model and this more or less true. It does get a bit loud if it’s loaded to its maximum capacity but this is only during the spinning cycle. During its normal washing routines, you can barely hear it even if you’re living in a smaller apartment.

When it comes to performance, this machine does a very solid job. Even though it’s such a small unit, it cleans your clothes in a very thorough manner. Thanks to a plate positioned on the bottom of the tub, this model is gentler on your items compared to a machine that uses a center agitator. The spinning cycle is quite powerful, virtually no different than a full-size washing machine.

Considering all these aspects, the Haier EP21684 is a compact, easy to install unit that delivers in terms of performance and efficiency. It does have a premium price tag compared to many other models on this list, but it’s certainly worth it if you want to make a better investment in a portable washing machine.

Key Features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Three water levels
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Three wash cycles
  • Straightforward installation process

3. Best Choice Products SKY2767

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Portable washing machines can be both affordable and performant and a good example of that is the SKY2767 model by Best Choice Products. It comes with a decent capacity, a twin tub design, and is so lightweight and compact that you will find a spot in your home for it very easily.

This unit makes use of a twin tub design which means that you’ve got one side dedicated to washing and the other for drying by spinning. Finishing a batch of laundry can be done quite fast as you only have to move the clothes from one side to another. You also have the option to run both the washer and the spinner at once if you have a bigger quantity of laundry.

As this model was created with space-saving in mind, the weight of just 24 pounds ensures that you can move it around with ease. It’s a convenient product to be taken on road trips or during camping adventures while also fitting for small apartments.

The performance is on par with the portability. Thanks to a strong 1300 RPM motor, your clothes will be clean in no time. The tasks of washing, rinsing, and spinning are taken care of in a reasonably quiet manner too. With a capacity of 8 pounds for washing and 5 pounds for a single spinning session, this machine should satisfy the needs of most users.

Because this machine has been designed to take care of your laundry fast, it’s able to run up to 15 minutes for a washing load, and up to 5 minutes for a spinning dryer load. Sometimes, depending on the load, you can discover that you’ll need even less time.

The Best Choice Products SKY2767 will save you a lot of water and time in the long run, even if you need to deal with smaller loads. It’s worth noting that the build quality is not amazing but this is a good compromise at this price if you consider the exceptional performance. Once you learn how to use it, this portable washing machine will become a must-have anywhere you need it.

Key Features:

  • Twin tub design
  • Large capacity (13 lbs. in total)
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 1300 RPM Motor
  • Fast cleaning performance

Best Portable Washing Machine And Dryer

4. Panda Compact Portable Washing Machine XPB36

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The Panda Small XPB36 is a compact combo machine offering both washing and drying features. This is the 8 pounds capacity model which is more affordable and compact. It can be an ideal machine to have in apartments with reduced sizes or for RV camping.

Although this is a small machine, don’t be fooled by its size. It can pack a serious punch in terms of performance, delivering a washing power of 240W and a spin power of 120W. Your clothes will be clean in no time with surprising effectiveness.

Installing is almost as simple as operating. You can add water directly into the washing tub or you can use the included inlet hose to connect it to a water source. With the help of a water pump inside the machine, the draining process goes very smoothly as you only need to hang up the hose used for draining onto a sink.

Thanks to an intuitive control panel, setting up the right functions and timers is a breeze. You have the option to switch between the included wash, spin, and drain functions. Another useful feature of this washing machine is the built-in lint filter that’s handy for catching lint during washing, preventing it in this way from accumulating on your clothes.

Using the spinning function is also fairly easy. Just introduce the spin disc and place your clothes as tight as possible all the way down. If you do this, the spin effect will dry the items more effectively as the gap between the clothes is reduced. There’s also the danger of flying clothes as the centrifugal force is very strong.

Due to its light build, a single person can move the machine when it’s empty. The size is really convenient for someone who lacks the space in their home or if they need a way for washing clothes during long road trips.

Factoring in all these great features, the Panda XPB36 seems like a solid choice for a washing machine with increased portability. It can impress with its effectiveness as it cleans well whatever you throw at it. The only thing that’s a bit lacking is perhaps the lint filter which can struggle with certain items but all in all, this is recommended at this price.

Key Features:

  • Small and portable
  • User-friendly operation
  • Two sides, one for washing and one for spinning
  • Multiple capacities available
  • Transparent lid

5. Panda PAN50SW

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Panda is a very appreciated manufacturer of portable washing machines and another compact model worth your time is the PAN50SW. It operates in a very quiet manner and comes with more advanced wash cycles, touchpad controls, and a durable stainless steel tub. The price indicates that this is not exactly on the more affordable side, but the quality completely justifies it.

This machine has a quick connect adapter kit and all the necessary hoses to start washing your dirty clothes right out of the box. Two inlet holes are placed on the back of the unit, one for cold and another for hot water. You can use only the cold inlet hole if you want to make the connection to just one faucet.

This machine accommodates approximately 11 pounds of clothes which is enough for most people. It’s quite compact and very simple to move around thanks to the rollers placed on the front. The tub created from stainless steel seems to be of high-quality and the addition of a see-through viewing lid allows you to watch the washing process.

A flexible pulsator creates both strong and weak types of water flows. The machine offers a total of six wash cycles that are fully automatic. Adjusting the settings is done by using the touchpad controls. A delay start function is also available and LED indicator lights provide quick visual information. You can run the machine’s functions in a full cycle or just select the right one separately.

For those concerned about noise, you can rest assured that this model is surprisingly quiet despite its impressive power. Even if you’re not familiar with these machines, the automatic functionality makes this a breeze to operate. Just adjust the settings and you’re done.

Considering everything about the Panda Panda PAN50SW, the conclusion is clear. This is worth the extra investment when you look over the high-quality materials used, the solid washing/drying performance and the convenient way to operate it. The clothes come out with a very fresh smell and you will get to enjoy this benefit even in places with limited space thanks to its portability.

Key Features:

  • 11 pounds capacity
  • Noise levels under 72 decibels
  • Transparent lid
  • Touchpad controls
  • Six automatic wash cycles

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6. Midea MAR30-P1501G

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Buying a portable washing machine in this day and age can be a tough job if you don’t know what you’re looking for. A nicely balanced option like the MAR30-P1501G from Midea can be a satisfying choice for those looking for nice value for the money.

This is a very compact model, an attractive unit for anyone with limited space. With the addition of two wheels, it can be rolled to the sink in a hassle-free manner. The noise levels are decent, nothing that stands out in terms of loudness, you can successfully drown it out with other noises.

With only a 6.6 pounds capacity, this is obviously not a machine intended for handling a large number of clothes at once but it does its job quickly and efficiently. There are 5 cycles and a total of three settings for the water levels so there’s plenty of room to customize your washing sessions correctly.

It’s also important to note the savings you can make on water with this model. The machine can work in different water temperature combinations for more versatility. If you don’t need a particular cycle and only need the spin function, for example, you can make the selections however you like just like on a regular-sized washing machine.

The install process is quite straightforward. There’s no need to use the pressure from tap water through the inlet hose though you can also use such an attachment to provide water. Another option is to manually fill it if, for some reason, it would be more convenient than hooking it up to a sink.

Midea did a great job with this portable washing unit and you can clearly see that when you take out the clothes after it’s done. The price might be higher than a more affordable model like a twin tub washer for example. Still, considering how quiet it runs and how easy and convenient it is to operate, this product is strongly recommended if you’re tired of taking trips to the laundromat.

Key Features:

  • Ultra compact
  • 3 water temperature combinations
  • 5 cycles
  • 3 settings for the water level
  • Mounted on two wheels

7. Della 909564-01L

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A portable and compact washing machine can be a real timesaver in any studio apartment or wherever the available space doesn’t permit the installing of a full-sized washing machine. In this review, we will take a look at the Della 909564-01L which seems to be a very attractive model for its cost.

The washing process goes very smoothly. Put in your clothes, fill the machine with water, adjust the right settings and patiently wait for your load to get clean. With the addition of a clear lid, you can even monitor the condition of the water and see how the washing is proceeding.

As this comes with an 8.8 pounds capacity for the washing tub, it’s more recommended for doing small loads. Delicates in particular can benefit from a cleaning treatment from this machine. A spinning function allows for drying of your washed clothes and the spin capacity of 4.4 is quite reasonable.

This washing machine works in dual function, managing both washing and spinning simultaneously for a more efficient operation. When it’s time to drain the water you can do it without too much effort thanks to a powerful built-in drain pump.

Controlling the washing time is done by using a timer system. It takes 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning. Lots of smaller places like dorms and condos can take advantage of such a compact model like this one. It works nicely for people who enjoy camping or need a portable washing unit for their RV.

A slight disadvantage of this unit would be the initial smell of the machine. That “new” smell is very persistent initially but it fades away in time so it shouldn’t be a problem. The built-in lint filter is also not very effective, so you should probably invest in capable floating lint trap.

All things considered, this can be a viable option for anyone in the market looking for a portable washing machine. It’s easy to use and light enough to maneuver without too much effort. Factoring in the decent performance, this one is a great product that will save you plenty of time from handwashing and a lot of money in the long run.

Key Features:

  • Clear lid
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Easy to operate
  • IPX4 waterproof rating
  • 8.8 pounds wash capacity

8. Magic Chef MCSTCW21W3

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Another great option for a portable washer is the Magic Chef MCSTCW21W3, a model that provides a solid range of features to make your life easier. This one puts more emphasis on durability as the quality of its construction resembles the one found on conventional washing machines.

If you feel the need to downsize from a full-size washing unit, this one can be an ideal solution. It’s light enough that with some effort you can even lift it by yourself. The installing process is not particularly difficult despite some confusing instructions on the manual. If you’re familiar with this type of machines, it shouldn’t pose a problem.

The inner tub is made of stainless steel and overall the machine feels sturdier than the cheaper models you can find on the market. It’s equipped with a transparent window to monitor the washing and to facilitate the operation, it provides a LED display with electronic controls.

Performance-wise this machine doesn’t disappoint. The construction certainly makes it more stable and helps with the noise but to deliver results that are more similar to ones obtained from full-size units, Magic Chef worked on some efficiency improvements. Thanks to the 3D waterfall and the capable filter, the washing performance is top-notch, making it a valuable choice for any small apartment.

You’ve got six programs at your disposal and a total of six water level selections so making the right adjustments for a particular load of laundry is a breeze. There’s also a powerful air dry feature and the machine is amazingly easy to drain. One drawback of this washing machine is the size of the wheels. They’re a bit too small and this makes it harder to roll on some surfaces but it’s still more portable than a conventional unit.

In conclusion, the Magic Chef MCSTCW21W3 is more than capable of taking care of your washing needs. Despite the compact size, it’s highly performant and will save you time and money in the long run as it’s also fairly economical. The higher price makes it a suitable choice for those with bigger budgets so if you can afford it, it’s recommended.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel inner tub
  • Six cycles
  • Air Dry
  • Transparent lid
  • Six water levels

9. Della 048-GM-48216

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Della makes some of the best portable washing machines for the money and another model from them that’s worth your attention is the 048-GM-48216. Suitable for small apartments and compact environments, this is one of the newest models from Della and it looks very promising.

One of the most stand-out features of this unit is its large capacity. At almost 20 pounds just for the washing tube, you will be able to fit way more clothes than other models. It also has a decent 7.7 pounds capacity for the spin tube. Although it may seem attractive to dump a very big load, be careful not to overload the machine as it can experience difficulties during the washing process.

In terms of noise, this is definitely a bit on the louder side though you can cut the noise somewhat if you place the machine on a rubber mat. Using this model is a straightforward process, the only time-consuming task is filling the unit with water. After you set the timer and add your laundry, in just a little time it will provide clean clothes.

Draining is done with the help of a strong pump that works similarly to an automatic unit. If you have a batch of clothes ready for spin-drying, you can activate the function and the machine will wash and spin at the same time. The timer control is 15 minutes for washing and 5 minutes for spinning, fairly standard for a portable washing machine.

The performance on this unit is decent, nothing impressive but the machine does its job without any issues. The washing power of 300W is quite good for the price and the dry power of 140W should ensure that your clothes come out almost fully dried.

With such a large capacity and so many convenient features, the Della 048-GM-48216 is a worthy candidate for anyone wishing to acquire a reliable portable washing machine. It may have its quirks but once you get the hang of it, it’s a pleasure to use.

Key Features:

  • Twin tubs
  • 115V outlet
  • Built-in drain pump
  • Straightforward operation
  • Time control

10. Costway Mini Washing Machine

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With lots of interesting features and a very low price, the Costway Mini Washing Machine is the perfect unit for those on a budget. It’s very easy to maneuver thanks to its compact form and provides a user-friendly operation and a low power consumption.

The 6.6 pounds capacity is decent considering the mini size of this washing machine. It’s a great helper for cleaning small batches of laundry and it works especially well for delicates. It doesn’t come with a drying function but that’s expected at this price. The timer control is helpful to set the time of washing.

Operating this unit is simple enough, one thing that you need to be wary of is when you fill the water as this model doesn’t stop by itself when full. This is a more basic washing machine and it lacks certain automatic features. For example you will need to take the wet clothes and wring the clothes by hand.

One of the strongest aspects regarding this washing unit is definitely the portability. With a weight of only 11.5 pounds this can be moved and placed almost anywhere with ease. The appearance of the machine is also quite stylish thanks to the blue accents. It can fit nicely in motorhomes like RVs or a small apartment. A clear lid allows for convenient monitoring as you can see how your clothes are washed.

With minimal soap and water consumption, this model does a very good job at washing your laundry and helping you be more economical. It’s a bit too basic for some users but if you want the most affordable model, the Costway Mini Washing Machine is worth every penny. It does have its flaws as it’s a bit more difficult to use than a fully automatic model but it’s still recommended.

Key Features:

  • User friendly
  • Small and compact design
  • Timer control
  • 6.6 pounds capacity
  • Low power consumption