The 8 Best Projection Alarm Clocks of 2018

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Projection alarm clocks not only create a great experience in your bedroom as they make your ceiling look cooler but they can be very practical too. Seeing the exact time immediately can be a convenient thing for anyone that needs to go through a routine. Showing up late for work or missing appointments are things that can be better avoided if you own such a clever little device. You might also be interested in our articles about the best wifi radios and the best geiger counter.

Alarm clocks with projection features come in different shapes and have various abilities and prices. If you want to make sure that you get the right one doing a little research never hurts and is actually recommended. These devices can fit well in many homes and in different environments and the projection can help to balance the overall design of a room. The most important things to understand before you make the purchase are the following:

1. Accuracy

Most projection alarm clocks offer basic daylight savings time adjustments and can keep the time fairly accurate. There are some products that use atomic clocks which set the time via radio and they are extremely accurate so they should be strongly considered even if they’re a bit more expensive.

2. Temperature monitoring

Some alarm clocks have temperature monitoring features besides projection abilities. If you want to be able to see this helpful bit of information, buying a more advanced model is essential. These models aren’t only capable of figuring out the indoor temperature but some can make use of a wireless weather station to monitor the outdoor temperature as well.

3. Other handy features

Manufacturers try to offer more interesting functions to stand out on a market that’s crowded with lots of products capable of the basic job of projecting the time and acting as an alarm clock to wake you up. Some examples of these features that are integrated into some models are the USB charging port for smartphones, the ability to listen to your own favorite music through an AUX input or a battery backup to save your personalized settings even if there’s a power failure.

Considering all these elements, it’s safe to say that choosing a projection alarm clock is not as easy as it may seem initially. To make the correct decision this article presents the best projection alarm clocks for your convenience. This selection was made by careful research considering the cost-effectiveness of the product. It doesn’t matter in which price bracket a product belongs as long as overall it can be considered worth the money. Check them out if you wish to be satisfied with your purchase no matter what.

1. Electrohome EAAC601 Projection Alarm Clock

Featuring lots of powerful abilities beyond what a basic projection alarm clock usually offers, the Electrohome EAAC601 is the top pick on this list considering how affordable it is. It comes with a large 3.6” LCD dimmable display, 180-degree swivel projection, AUX input, and Advanced SelfSet technology to bring you a more enjoyable experience each day.

This clock radio is quite advanced in the sense that it’s capable of setting the time and date automatically and if the power goes out, it will save all your important alarm settings. The clock comes preconfigured with the correct time and all that remains for you to do is to specify your particular time zone and it will maintain accurate time even after a power failure.

A large 3.6” blue display lets you view the time and date as well as the temperature more clearly. If you decide that it’s too bright for you, there are three dimmer options to set the brightness according to your personal preference. The auto dimmer feature can also disable the screen completely if it bothers you at night.

When it comes to projection, this little clock does a good job always showing the time in full view no matter if you choose to project on the ceiling or on a wall. You can tilt a full 180 degrees and the adjustable focus is there to ensure that you will always have a crystal clear projection.

A dual alarm feature is integrated and you can set two separate wake times in case you and your partner need to. The alarms can automatically be disabled on weekends so you can set the right alarm schedule once and then you won’t have to deal with it again. An AUX audio input together with the digital AM/FM radio, offer a bit of entertainment and there’s even the option to wake up to your preferred radio station.

The face of the clock can be quite bright even on the lowest dim setting but it shouldn’t be a problem as the main focus is the projection which is very reliable. If you want a highly performant projection alarm clock that has pretty much all the features you’d need to bring some extra convenience in your life, the Electrohome EAAC601 is clearly the answer. Overall, this product is recommended considering how relatively inexpensive it is.

Product Highlights:

  • Large and clear 3.6” blue LCD display
  • 180-degree swivel projection
  • Pre-programmable daily dual alarm option
  • 3.5mm AUX input, AM/FM radio
  • Advanced SelfSet technology

2. Mesqool AM/FM Digital Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock Radio

Modern clocks have become commonplace but if you are tired of looking at ordinary screens and want something more exciting, a projection alarm clock is the way to go. This Mesqool projection clock seems like a good solution if you want to project the time on any wall and see it clearly. Packed with lots of features and with a stylish design, this device is sure to be a big hit.

By repeatedly pressing the projection button you can make the time appear vividly on your wall and see it without issues. Even if you put the alarm clock in another angle you can enjoy a solid reverse projection. Mesqool integrated a dimmer feature for the smooth 1.8-inch display which can be a bit too bright at night. A dedicated button takes care of the problem.

When you just can’t be bothered to look for your charger or if you’re out of charging spots, this unit allows you to connect your smart device and charge it with its incorporated USB port. It’s suitable for Android devices but iOS users will need the appropriate cable switch.

There’s a dual alarm function for your convenience and it can be set to wake you up using a radio station. The buttons for controlling the radio and all the other features of the device are intuitively placed on the top and can be easily accessed even when you’re feeling extra sleepy.

Looking back over the rich features from the arsenal of this Mesqool projection alarm clock, you can be sure that this is a solid device for the money. It’s a breeze to set up, the digits are large and visible, and the projection is adjustable. Topping it off with such a fair price, this projection clock is really a no-brainer.

Product Highlights:

  • 180-degree swivel projection
  • Digital AM/FM Radio
  • 1.8 Inch Ultra-Large Display LED display
  • Dual alarms
  • Can use a radio station as an alarm

3. Electrohome EAAC475

Another interesting model from Electrohome is the EAAC475, a projection clock that comes equipped with powerful abilities and extra features like the high-speed USB charging port for smartphones and the battery backup. It delivers a decent projection experience, a pleasure to look at on any wall or ceiling. The digital AM/FM radio, SelfSet, and the programmable dual alarm complete the attractive package of this clock.

Fast USB charging is provided in this unit and this could be a very convenient option to have. If you leave a USB cable plugged into the clock’s USB port you can turn the alarm clock into a powerful nightstand USB charger for lots of compatible devices.

If you worry about a power failure that could disrupt your morning routine, the WakeUp technology has been specially developed by Electrohome to fix this problem. When the power outage happens, the built-in battery backup activates itself automatically so that the alarm will still sound according to the correct settings and the right time and date are maintained.

This projection clock comes with a 180-degree swivel and delivers a pleasant viewing as you just need to open your eyes to check the time in the morning. Always knowing the time without making unneeded compromises to your comfort zone feels pretty nice.

Another useful feature is the SelfSet technology that makes the set-up process a breeze. Just plug in the device and the preconfigured date and time will instantly appear on the large LED display that has four dimming options. If your partner has a different schedule and needs to wake up early you can use the intuitively designed dual alarms and adjust the settings to fit both of your routines more conveniently.

A nice clock with plenty of options, the Electrohome EAAC475 will enhance your nights with a beautiful projection that won’t light up the room despite its brightness. The alarms are quite fancy too and even if it’s a little difficult to set up initially you can get the hang of it fairly quickly. All in all, this device has great potential and is recommended to anyone in the market for a high-quality projection alarm clock.

Product Highlights:

  • High-speed USB charging for all smart devices
  • SelfSet technology
  • Battery backup
  • Large 1.2 inch LED display
  • 180-degree swivel time projection
  • Digital AM/FM radio with phase-locked loop tuning

4. Ambient Weather RC-8401 Projection Clock

Getting a projection clock can be a very good idea if you want to check the time more conveniently but why settle for a basic device when you can get lots of features in a single package? This colorful projection clock from Ambient Weather called RC-8401 is a capable wireless weather station that can do more than just project the time.

Outfitted with an elegant display, the projection clock can display many things besides just the date and time. It shows indoor and outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, and historical data over 72 hours. Additionally, it presents daily highs and lows and even provides a forecast icon for knowing the weather 24-48 hours in advance.

To be able to measure the outdoor temperature, this projection device uses a wireless sensor and can support a maximum of three remotes. Besides the time, the clock also projects the indoor and outdoor temperatures and they scroll automatically. A focus adjustment dial has been integrated to fix a blurry projection and for optimal viewing throughout the room, you can also reverse the projection 180 degrees.

As this unit is equipped with an atomic clock, the time is always accurately set via radio to get synchronized with the U.S. atomic clock. It also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time which makes this clock very practical.

A cool feature of this projection clock is the alternating colors that change according to the current temperature detected. When the display is white it means that the temperature went under 0 degrees Fahrenheit, light blue signifies that the temperature is somewhere between 20 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit, light green indicates a temperature of 60-70 degree Fahrenheit. Finally, a red color of the screen means that the temperature is pretty hot, over 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Worth just for the outdoor temperature monitoring alone, the Ambient Weather RC-8401 is an excellent product. It displays the relevant information you want clearly projected on the ceiling and there are lots of configurable options to get the right settings for you. This projection clock is highly recommended for those with bigger budgets who want to invest in something that’s doing more than just projecting the time.

Product Highlights:

  • Atomic clock
  • Measures indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Color Changing Outdoor Temperature Display
  • Automatic daylight savings time
  • Relative and Absolute barometric pressure
  • Three wireless remote sensors can be added

5. OnLyee Digital LED Dimmable Projection Alarm Clock

If you’re not willing to make a big investment into a projection alarm clock and just want an affordable product, this one from OnLyee seems like a very good choice. It comes with adjustable projection angle and allows you to control the focus. The large display can have its brightness turned down if you prefer and the manufacturer included an AM/FM radio tuner with 20 channels preset memory, a smartphone charging port, and a battery backup.

Convenience is key for this unit as it provides a solid projection on any ceiling or wall with a 180-degree swivel. A focus ring is used to make some adjustments when the clarity is not optimal. The display is not of the highest quality and only comes with three levels for adjusting the brightness.

If you enjoy listening to the radio, there are some good news for you as this device integrates an AM/FM built-in digital tuner with an automatic scanner. It can save up to 10 AM stations and 10 FM stations in its memory. The traditional buzzer that most of these alarm clocks offer can be annoying for some so OnLyee includes a handy feature to be woken up to your favorite radio station. You can also take advantage of the convenient snooze function if you feel like sleeping just a few extra minutes.

This model includes USB charging which is a bit surprising to find at this price point and it’s a welcomed feature for those times when you forgot your charger. You will require batteries for back-up that ensures the settings are safe even during power outages. Dysfunctional power lines will never again affect your morning routine.

Taking into account the easy setup, the reasonably clear projection, and all the other features that are more or less useful, the OnLyee is a decent option if you want a low-budget projection alarm clock. It may have some reliability issues but all in all, it can surprise you with the performance of the projection providing a better experience when you need to check the time in the morning.

Product Highlights:

  • 180-degree swivel projection
  • Dimmable 1.8 inch LED display
  • Digital tuning AM/FM radio
  • USB charging port
  • Wakes you up to your favorite radio station

6. Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA

If keeping the time as accurate as possible is an essential aspect for you, maybe the Oregon Scientific RM313PNFA would be the perfect solution if you want to get a new projection clock. Besides the ability to maintain atomic time which is considered extremely accurate, it can also monitor the indoor temperature and comes with two powering options, a battery mode or a continuous projection mode by hooking the device to a power outlet.

This is a great device as it comes with many useful features for everyone who wants more than just a simple projection clock. It monitors indoor temperature and provides the best accuracy thanks to the atomic clock. It has automatic self-correction for daylight saving time to make sure you’re never behind.

When the clock is under battery power it can project with a single touch of a button just for an interval of a few seconds and it can conserve some energy this way. If continuous projection sounds better to you, you’ll have to hook up the AC power supply that’s included by the manufacturer. The projection can be seen relatively easy but the room has to be very dark otherwise the visibility will suffer.

In terms of looks, the design looks like it would fit well in almost any home. Maybe it’s not for everyone’s taste with its clunky elements but there is some good variation if you prefer a particular color. It’s small and compact and a nice improvement over the previous model is that the buttons no longer beep which was a bit annoying when changing the settings.

The clock has a flip feature for the projector which strangely is not noted in the instructions but it can be accessed by pushing either the plus or minus buttons. It may not be very useful but it’s nice to have this option for certain situations.

Oregon Scientific designed a solid product that can satisfy many users who want to look at their ceiling at night to check the time without lighting up the whole room. The device looks very stylish and seems well-built and there’s hardly any flaw about it, maybe the alarm sound is a little strange but that depends on personal preference. It is a very capable projection alarm clock, all things considered.

Product Highlights:

  • Maintains accurate atomic time
  • Measures temperature indoors
  • LED Backlight
  • Battery powered mode
  • Automatic self-correction for daylight saving time

7. Ambient Weather RC-8427 Radio Controlled Projection Alarm Clock

Ambient Weather makes some of the most interesting projection alarm clocks on the market and another great model is the RC-8427 which comes with radio controlled time and also projects the indoor temperature on your ceiling or wall. It sports a very balanced price for what it offers, so let’s take a more in-depth look at it because it seems to have excellent potential.

Measuring only 5 inches wide, this is a very compact model that comes equipped with a nice atomic clock to handle the right time adjustments via radio controlled signal for the utmost accuracy. It also automatically adjusts for daylight savings time so you have some peace of mind that your clock is always correct. This radio controlled clock provides a signal strength indicator.

Projecting both the time and temperature on the wall or ceiling is a breeze with this unit. A focus dial to make some calibrations and get rid of blurriness is incorporated and, additionally, the clock’s projection can be reversed 180 degrees to ensure optimal viewing throughout the room. Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius from within the display console and can also be displayed on the screen. As an alarm clock, this device doesn’t disappoint as it features a crescendo alarm with snooze making it an ideal bedside companion.

The Ambient Weather RC-8427 is the perfect travel alarm clock considering how small and compact it is. The fact that it’s equipped with a powerful atomic clock is a nice bonus for everyone who appreciates accuracy above all else. It can be powered by both an outlet and a battery so it’s also a versatile unit. Overall, this projection clock is recommended if you want a capable device in a small package that just does its job like it’s supposed to.

Product Highlights:

  • Atomic clock
  • Projection can be reversed 180 degrees
  • LED backlight
  • Alarm with snooze
  • Adjustable backlight intensity
  • Small and compact

8. Ambient Weather WS-8365 ClearView Projection Clock

Ambient Weather specializes in the creation of advanced devices that take the concept of projection clocks a bit further. The WS-8365 ClearView delivers a crystal clear projection for the current time but that’s not all. It also shows the indoor and outdoor temperature which scrolls automatically so you’re always ready to get up in the morning and prepare accordingly.

This ClearView projection clock is loaded with great abilities to guarantee that you’re satisfied with the projection. It has a focus dial which you can use to calibrate the beam and obtain a crystal clear projection. A 180 degrees reversal for the projection is also possible potentially increasing the viewing experience throughout the room.

A bright backlit screen shows some relevant information including the indoor and outdoor temperatures. This model doesn’t have an atomic clock, so you are going to have to set the time manually. The manufacturer made this decision because it can interfere with the RF receiver of the remote sensor. It’s not a huge trade-off, to be honest, the clock is still very accurate and it’s great to be able to know the outside temperature at a glance all the time.

The wireless sensor included in the package has a good range and can be placed wherever you would like to measure temperature remotely. It has a degF or degC switch. The projection clock supports up to three remote sensors.

Another interesting feature is the dual crescendo alarm that also includes a snooze feature for those times when you want some extra sleep. It supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time and the display also shows the calendar date and the day of the week.

With so many features for the money, the Ambient Weather WS-8365 won’t disappoint anyone fascinated about these convenient devices. It’s a projection clock that takes the basic capabilities of this kind of device further with the help of a wireless remote sensor that gives you a nice indication of the temperature outside your home. For this reason, and all the other solid features of this unit, this projection clock is strongly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Projects the time, indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Focus adjustment dial
  • Bright backlit screen
  • Projection can be reversed 180 degrees
  • Alternate battery power source