The 8 Best Range Hoods of 2024

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Venting smoke and fumes is an essential process for any stove so getting a capable range hood should be a top priority whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or need one for a new house. The market has quite a lot to offer and range hoods come in various styles and with different features so before you buy one you should check out a few things. You might also be interested in our articles about the best whole house humidifiers and the best electric knife sharpeners.

1. Ducted or non-ducted

This might be the most important aspect to consider because it can narrow your search very much. All range hoods are made to circulate air and you can get a vented or ducted hood depending on the way your stove is placed. Vented models pull air out of the house by connecting them directly to ductwork in the walls or ceiling.

2. Airflow

The greater the airflow of a ducted hood the better the fans will transport the air through the filtration system. Getting a model with powerful airflow is especially recommended if, for example, you often cook meat on an indoor griddle. More than 400 cubic feet per minute are generally better airflow values.

3. Filtration

If cooking is a big part of your life but you need to get a ductless hood, then try to find a range hood with a charcoal filter. These can pull particles out of the air more efficiently and maximize filtration. Mesh filters are not that reliable but they’re reusable and washable.

4. Design

For stove situated under cabinets, you’re pretty much required to get under-cabinet range hoods. In the same way, if you own a kitchen island then you must get an island hood or a convertible model that takes the air through the ducts placed in the ceiling above the kitchen. Regarding the size of the range hood, it’s important to make sure that you get a unit that amply covers the area of the stove so that it can eliminate grease and smoke better.

If you are an active cook then you should probably pay attention to these aspects when you go on the hunt for a new range hood. In this list, you can find a good variety of products that should fit most budgets well. The most important factor in assembling it was if the range hood is worth the cost. So you can go ahead and take your pick only from the best products right now.

1. Broan 413004 ADA Under-Cabinet Range Hood, 30-Inch, Stainless Steel

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Broan is a leader in the industry of ventilation solutions for providing healthier home environments with better air quality. The 41000 series of non-ducted under cabinet range hoods are made to the highest standards to bring the most effective filtration and overall value. If you want a top quality range hood for the money, their 413004 model is a very attractive choice.

The unit features a charcoal filter to maintain a much cleaner indoor exhaust recirculation of the air. Broan designed the fan with reliability in mind, to last you for years of trouble-free service. A protective lamp lens is provided and it’s capable of distributing light evenly and more pleasantly over the whole cooktop.

Controls for the fan are installed on the front panel for switching the speed to a desired level of intensity (there are two settings available) and for activating the light you just need to press a button. For the bulb, a 75W is needed which is not included in the package.

This range hood comes with a solid variety of colors and widths to match any appliances. This is a 30-inch stainless steel version but you can also opt for black, almond, or white colors among others and there are a few different sizes available.

The non-ducted filter is quite efficient at taking care of smoke and odors and eliminates the grease from cooking. For safety and aesthetic reasons, the sides are mitered and the bottom is hemmed.

All in all, the Broan 413004 is a pretty basic range hood, without any special features worth mentioning but the unit is well built and designed to fit nicely in most kitchens and, most importantly, it does a solid job at filtering the air from any airborne cooking contaminants.

Considering the low cost, it’s a more economical model but it’s definitely worth the money as Broan offers a good level of quality for this range hood.

Key Features:

  • Protective lamp lens
  • Non-ducted filter
  • 75-watt cooktop lighting
  • Rocker-type fan and light control
  • 2-Speed Fan

2. Broan QS130 220 CFM Under Cabinet Hood

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The QS130 is one of Broan’s best options in terms of cost-effectiveness for those wanting a decent range hood that’s built to last. This model is part of the QS1 Series which is represented by under cabinet hoods that have a lot to offer in terms of value and style. They are designed with a unique axial blade technology which delivers a very quiet operation.

This range hood is meant for electric or gas cooktops with a maximum of 22K BTU. On normal speed, it operates at 1.5 sones reaching 110 CFM while at 5 sones on high speed goes up to 220 CFM. Besides ventilation efficiency, the QS130 is quieter than similar models.

The fully enclosed design coupled with the large filters made of dishwasher-safe mesh permit a more convenient cleaning of the range hood. Having two light settings can be really convenient and it provides one that’s focused, a bright light perfect for cooking and another light that’s softer and better suited for nighttime. The halogen lamp looks very nice but the bulbs need to be purchased separately. There are two rocker-switch controls contoured to stand out and for quick fan speed and light selection.

An HVI 2100 certified unit, this range hood packs quite a lot of performance and versatility. It can be used for both ducted or ductless operations and four-way convertibility is also possible for any setups which require some accommodation. Compatibility with off-center ductwork is ensured by adjustable duct connectors of the range hood.

Delivering the brilliance of halogen lighting and a quiet operation, the Broan QS130 is an excellent choice if you are looking to buy a high-performance range hood. At this price point, you won’t be disappointed by the features and looks of this range hood. It comes in multiple colors and overall it’s highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Two-speed fan
  • 220 CFM high setting
  • Four-way convertibility
  • Two level light setting with dual halogen lamp design
  • Fully enclosed design
  • Adjustable duct connector

3. Kitchen Bath Collection Stainless Steel Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

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If you are shopping for a wall-mounted range hood, the Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED is an ideal choice if you want something stylish that performs well. With high-end LED light bulbs boasting three times more brightness than its competitors and a fancy touchscreen control panel, this is more than just a simple range hood.

It has an adjustable chimney made of two pieces with sleek curved edges. Combined with the rest of the unit’s components, it makes for a very stylish impression that’s bound to be a perfect match for any modern decor. Something worth mentioning is how there is no visible welded seam on the faces of the chimney which will satisfy everyone concerned about the design.

The manufacturer equipped this model with two aluminum micro-cell grease filters which are safe to be put into the dishwasher and includes charcoal carbon filters. With a powerful UL-certified motor offering three-speed settings, you can breathe clean air even during the most intense cooking sessions.

Two high-end LED lights with 49 individual bulbs should nicely take care of lighting over the cooktop. You can switch them on or off using the touch screen panel that’s also used for adjusting the speed of the fan. This is a good design choice from Kitchen Bath Collection because a touchscreen is more simple to clean than protruding buttons or other options and it definitely complements well the look of the range hood.

This model is also capable of vent-less installation optionally without any extra kits and the flexible aluminum duct permits convenient attachment to a wall or ceiling. Easy to use, with lots of practical features and geared towards users with a more refined eye for stylish designs, the Kitchen Bath Collection HA75-LED is strongly recommended for anyone with a medium to high budget for getting a new wall-mounted range hood.

Key Features:

  • LED lights with 49 individual bulbs
  • Touch screen control panel
  • 3-speed settings
  • Two-piece adjustable chimney
  • Flexible aluminum duct
  • Charcoal carbon filters

4. Broan F403023 Two-Speed Four-Way Convertible Range Hood

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Part of the F40000 series of range hoods from Broan, the F403023 is a very simple two-speed four-way convertible unit. Those with lower budgets who don’t want to invest into a fancier model can benefit a lot from this range hood as it maintains a solid balance between features and cost.

This range hood is designed to be simple to install to the bottom of any cabinets. It can be installed as 3-1/4-inch x 10-inch ducted opening with either vertical or horizontal ducting. There’s also the possibility to install it as 7-inch round vertical ducting or, if you prefer, as non-ducted with air recirculation. The fan of the hood is designed to keep working for a long period of time and there are other interesting features worth taking a look at.

A dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter is included and the protective lamp lens offers uniform lighting over the cooktop. The design is nothing special but the machine looks sturdy and practical with mitered sides and hemmed bottom. The F403023 is rated 2.5-Amps, 120-Volts and with the 7-inch round discharge, it reaches 190 CFM. As it’s HVI 2100 certified and UL listed, it’s good to see that Broan made no compromises on safety and efficiency. Removing smoke and odor is done with decent performance, pretty much what you’d expect at this price.

Broan offers a good selection of colors for this model even though it’s an inexpensive unit. You can opt for contemporary styling in white, black, almond, biscuit, and stainless steel.

Taking these aspects into account, it’s safe to say that Broan did a good job with the F403023. If you’re in the market for a cheap but quality four-way convertible range hood, you should try looking at this model because it’s one of the best units for the money.

Key Features:

  • Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter
  • Two-speed fan control
  • Four-way convertible
  • 160 CFM, 6.5 Sone or 190 CFM for 7-inch round discharge
  • Protective lamp lens which distributes light evenly

5. Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED Wall-Mounted Kitchen Range Hood

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Another interesting addition from Kitchen Bath Collection on the market for range hoods is the STL75-LED, a 30-inch stainless steel wall-mounted unit delivering high-end features at a reasonable price. The lighting is one of the main attractions as it provides excellent brightness compared to similar models thanks to having more bulbs per light.

Made from top quality 304 stainless steel that’s resistant to corrosion, this model was built to last for a long time. Featuring no visible seams on its two-piece chimney, this model has the potential to seamlessly blend in any kitchen. Attaching the range hood to the wall or ceiling can be done easily with the help of a flexible aluminum duct. This range hood includes charcoal carbon filters that are needed for optional vent-less installation.

The LED lights are really worth the extra cost as you’ll never have to deal with poor lighting ever again. Good visibility is important in any kitchen and that’s why Kitchen Bath Collection equipped each light with 49 bulbs blowing away the competition with an average of just 15 bulbs per light.

The UL-certified motor will provide all the power needed to get rid of smoke and cooking smells. With a suction capacity of 412 CFM, it should be enough for most stoves. There are three-speed settings that can be conveniently switched from the touch screen panel from where you can also activate the light. Quality aluminum micro-cell grease filters are supplied and can be washed without any problems in the dishwasher.

The noise levels could have been a little quieter but apart from this, the Kitchen Bath Collection STL75-LED represents a great value range hood for any modern kitchen. Taking into account the price combined with the features and the simple installation, this is a very recommended unit if it fits your budget.

Key Features:

  • High-end LED lights
  • 3-speed settings
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Two-piece adjustable chimney
  • Flexible aluminum duct
  • Aluminum micro-cell grease filters

6. Broan 423004 ADA Under-Cabinet Range Hood

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Broan seems to have a great variety of range hoods suitable for different demands and budgets. Their 42000 series provides one of the most reliable under-the-cabinet hood solutions on the market. With 190 CFM, 75-Watt light, and a very efficient aluminum grease filter, this model proves that you can still get a quality product even if you don’t want to spend too much.

The first thing that captures the attention is the ease of installation. It’s designed to fit 7 inches round ductwork and the process for getting this to work goes very smoothly. Just connect all the electric components, apply damper and vent and finally secure the hood in place. Even if you aren’t that knowledgeable about this kind of stuff you should be able to do it.

The performance is nothing to brag about but it’s solid for the price. Equipped with a 190 CFM blower, it can handle some demanding venting jobs, quickly removing cooking odors and smoke leaving clean air behind. There are only two fan speeds but they should be enough for most venting tasks.

Safety is important for Broan and that’s why this model is UL listed and HVI-2000 certified for your protection. The sides are mitered and the bottom is hemmed, design choices which also contribute to an aesthetically pleasing look of the range hood.

A metal mesh grease filter is included and it’s completely removable and safe to be used in the dishwasher. The built-in rocker switch helps with controlling the lighting which supports any 75-Watt incandescent bulb that unfortunately, has to be bought separately.

Sporting a quality construction, decent performance, and a very affordable price, the Broan 423004 is an excellent choice for a range hood. If you are looking to make a good pairing for your stove this should be strongly considered as it offers adequate lighting, acceptable noise levels and it overall does a good job at venting.

Key Features:

  • Installs as 7-Inch round ducted only
  • 190 CFM, 6.0 Sone
  • Dishwasher-safe aluminum grease filter
  • 7-Inch adapter
  • Up to 75-Watt light

7. Tatsumaki 30″ TA-S18 Contemporary Design Range Hood

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For those with bigger budgets that want something really premium to match a modern kitchen well, the Tatsumaki TA-S18 is the best option. It’s a very sleek under-the-cabinet hood that provides superior power to capture virtually any odor and most grease from your cooking environment. There are lots of capabilities that you definitely shouldn’t miss if getting a high-quality range hood is your top priority.

The main highlight of this hood is obviously the suction power. Thanks to efficient twin motors which provide a staggering 860 CFM, you’ll never again have to worry about making a smoky mess in your kitchen. Besides raw power, Tatsumaki equipped this range hood with intelligent abilities like a delay auto shut-off function which takes care of the rest of unwanted smoke and cooking odor before automatically shutting off.

Controlling the speed of the fan is obviously important because you don’t always need full power when you’re cooking something. It comes with six fan speed settings to adapt the ventilation accordingly. A touchscreen control panel is integrated on the front panel and it shows the clock while also being used for controlling the speed settings and to activate the light. This range hood comes with halogen lamps that provide the much-needed visibility for cooking.

Construction-wise, the range hood feels extremely durable and it’s nice to see that Tatsumaki tried to find the right balance between reliability and a beautiful design. The modern looks are complemented by a stainless steel baffle filter which can be washed in the dishwasher.

The weak point would be the installation which can be pretty difficult but this shouldn’t be an issue if you use the services of a handyman. All in all, the Tatsumaki TA-S18 range hood is a solid product when all its features are considered. The price is not exactly small but if you want a more premium unit that performs way above average and has a stylish design, then this one will fit you like a glove.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-remove, stainless steel baffle filter
  • Touch screen control
  • Clock and auto delay shut-off function
  • 6-speed setting, 860 CFM
  • Grease container and halogen lamps

8. Perfetto Kitchen and Bath Convertible Wall Mount Range Hood

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Another product worth your attention is the Perfetto Kitchen and Bath PKB-RH0230, a convertible wall mount range hood designed for modern kitchens who need a decent amount of ventilation power. It makes use of an extra slim fan hood and delivers that stunning European design to protect your home from unwanted smells.

This hood is undeniably eurocentric as the glass canopy spans the entire width of the unit. It looks great in any high-end kitchen so if you’re concerned more about the design, this seems like a solid choice. This is fine and all but let’s see how does this model accomplish its primary purpose, keeping a clean air in your cooking environment.

The 400 CFM of airflow is more than decent for this price. There are five simple push controls which enable the fan to take away any steam or smoke in no time. For superior filtration, two mesh filters are supplied which also help to keep any unwanted grease and oils only in your cooking environment. The brushed stainless steel machine has 2X2W LEDs which take care of all your lighting needs.

As it offers a convertible system, this unit is adequate for vented or ventless installation and ducted or ductless air recirculating. Carbon charcoal filters are not included but Perfetto Kitchen and Bath added lots of items to help you with the install process which can be a bit daunting especially if you are a novice. There are a DIY installation kit and a guide provided but if you are still having issues, YouTube videos can be a huge help.

Considering the premium design, you’d expect this range hood to easily go over your budget but fortunately, that is not the case. The Perfetto is priced fairly for what it offers and it’s definitely recommended as it does an excellent job in terms of performance too.

Key Features:

  • Brushed stainless steel
  • European Italian design
  • 400 CFM, 193W motor
  • 2 Mesh filters, 3-speed fan
  • Push button controls
  • DIY installation kit