The 8 Best Rechargeable Hand Warmers of 2021

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If you are tired of constantly having to deal with freezing hands in the cold season or if you are an outdoor enthusiast that wants a quick and efficient way to warm their hands, a rechargeable hand warmer is an ideal solution. This little device is battery operated and converts electrical energy into heat to warm your hands effectively. They can be charged from a regular USB power supply and can deliver the much-needed warmth for hours before it needs a recharge.

There are many options to choose from as the market for rechargeable hand warmers is quite diverse. To navigate it more easily, this little guide should lend a helping hand so you can determine more precisely what’s the best electrical hand warmer for you. Also, you can read our articles about the best heating pads and the best electric water heaters.

1. Battery capacity

There’s some considerable variation out there, with most models offering capacities in between 4000 and 8000 mAh. By choosing a higher capacity you not only get to enjoy the warmth for longer before you have to recharge the device, but you can also benefit from the extra power if you have a mobile device, like a phone or a tablet, that needs a charge.

2. Double-sided heat

Many models on the market come with this feature to make sure your hands are more evenly heated. This could be important to get a better overall experience so it’s recommended to get a device that has this capability.

3. Design

This depends more on personal preference as the market is populated with hand warmers with a few different design choices. Some are more ergonomically designed to be more easily held. Others trade off some battery power for extra portability and the ability to fit more comfortably in your pocket. For outdoor enthusiasts who go hunting or ice fishing during the winter, some manufacturers focus on a more rugged construction and shockproof designs.

4. Cost

The cost of a solid rechargeable hand warmer shouldn’t be too high and in accordance with its features. Some of the more expensive models offer a few extras like a built-in flashlight, more heat settings, and accessories such as pouches.

All these aspects have been taken into consideration and a list of the best rechargeable hand warmers has been assembled to assist you in making the right buying decision. These offer the best value for you to make a smart investment. There’s a decent amount of variety in here, a good mix of affordable and more advanced models, so getting the best for your particular needs is going to be a breeze.

1. Human Creations Rechargeable Hand Warmer 5200mAh

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The new and improved Human Creations hand warmer has received a few upgrades and it seems like a very attractive choice for a rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank. This hand warmer keeps things simple in terms of design striking a good balance with the 5200 mAh battery capacity which should offer decent charging as well as powerful heating for a long time.

The shape of this device can be firmly gripped and the size is very portable as you can easily take the hand warmer anywhere you want. One of the aspects which has been reworked over the previous version is the power output. It has been increased to 5W so that it can better face the cold environments and keep its warmth. The unit can heat your hands from both sides so that you’ll never have to be bothered by cold fingers again.

It offers two temperature settings for the heat. There’s a low one that reaches around 107F and lasts for almost 4 hours and a high setting that only manages 3 hours but it also warms up to 117F. Indicator lights will notify you about the remaining energy and can help you distinguish between the heat settings. Besides offering a pleasant warmth for your cold hands, this device will also recharge your phone, tablet, or digital camera via USB. The 5200mAh lithium-ion battery should last for approximately 500 recharges.

Using it is a breeze and you can get a comfortable heat to soothe the coldness away. It should heat up pretty fast thanks to its improvements over the previous model but some limitations are still in place. As with all rechargeable hand warmers, keep in mind that quick heating up is only possible in reasonably cold conditions. If it’s too freezing outside, it will still take some time for the product to become hot.

In conclusion, it is a well made little device that’s set to accomplish its hand-heating purpose effectively. With a decent price for what it offers, this rechargeable hand warmer is one of the top picks if you consider purchasing one.

Key Features:

  • 5200mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Warms on both sides of the unit
  • 107 F and 117F heat settings in room temperature
  • Can charge digital devices

2. The Outdoors Way Electric Hand Warmer

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When you think about the little pleasures in life, you can easily rank the enjoyment of having warm hands pretty high. In this day and age, you can achieve a great level of comfort no matter the weather conditions if you decide to purchase an electric hand warmer. The Outdoors Way provides an excellent model which has lots of benefits for those with a passion for hunting, winter sports or other outdoor activities. Their rechargeable hand warmer manages a solid value per price ratio and this is why it’s worth reviewing here.

Ideal for every adventure, The Outdoors Way hand warmer comes encased in a durable aluminum material which feels really dependable when you’re out in freezing environments. Boasting a battery capacity of 7800 mAh, this one offers plenty of energy for heating and to charge your important devices.

To get a better warming experience, the design of this model provides double-sided heating. This is especially useful for those with Raynaud’s or other circulation problem. This device comes with two settings to adjust the temperature, there’s a warm one that only goes up to 105 degrees and a high heat one which can reach 115 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s up to you to decide which is the optimum temperature but it’s worth noting that the unit won’t last as long on the high heat setting.

Because sometimes when you’re exploring the outdoors you can lose the track of time pretty easily, it comes to the aid of those left out in the dark by providing a 55lm bright flashlight with an additional SOS setting that can come in handy. To complete this solid package, the manufacturer also includes a velvet carry pouch for the hand warmer. The packaging is also great for those intending to give the unit as a gift.

All in all, The Outdoors Way rechargeable hand warmer is a real winner on the market for these practical devices. Specially geared towards outdoors enthusiasts, this model shouldn’t be missed if you value the feeling of pleasantly warm hands.

Key Features:

  • 7200mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Double-sided heat
  • Two heat settings, 105 degrees or 115 degrees fahrenheit
  • Charges any devices
  • 55 lm flashlight with SOS setting
  • Carry Pouch included

3. Human Creations EnergyFlux Enduro Rechargeable Hand Warmer 7800mAh – Currently Unavailable –

The EnergyFlux Enduro is more than just another rechargeable hand warmer. It comes with an impressive battery capacity of 7800 mAh and a flashlight while also sporting a very balanced price. The device is smartly designed to be easy to handle and can be controlled using just a single button. Let’s see why the Enduro is a product worth the money.

Who doesn’t wish to be able to keep their hands warm and comfy for longer? With this handy tool, you can. In the looks department, EnergyFlux made a few upgrades over the previous generation and the Enduro comes in three stylish color variants: blue, green, and white.
The decision to include such a large battery in this hand warmer was a smart one as it can boost the performance of this 3-in-1 device. It can be used to keep your hands well heated but also for powering your digital electronics and to light the path when it’s dark outside. The lithium-ion battery delivers up to 500 recharges without any issues.

Enduro provides full-grip heating with two temperature settings, a more economic low heat option that lasts for 7 hours and reaches 109F and then there’s the high setting for tackling really cold environments. Using this setting you can get 115F heating for approximately 6 hours which is pretty reasonable.

If you leave it in the cold it can take a time until it heats up and it’s worth mentioning that heating times can be extended by using insulation like placing the unit in your pocket, gloves or scarf.

As an electric heat pack, the EnergyFlux Enduro is an outstanding companion for any time where you may find your hands exposed to the cold weather. It can bring back to life your freezing fingers and charge your smartphone when its battery suddenly dies. An excellent investment considering the features and the performance as the unit works like a charm for efficiently warming your hands.

Key Features:

  • 109 F and 115 F heat options in room temperature
  • Charges any digital device via USB
  • 7800mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 55lm LED flashlight
  • Indicator display

4. Enerhandz EH319 4,400 mAh Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer

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Getting a high-quality rechargeable hand warmer is a good idea if you are tired of cold hands. A good example is the Enerhandz EH319, a compact little device which will solve all your warming issues. It may not have a very high battery capacity but it compensates in other regards. It’s a more budget-friendly option but it brings a solid level of reliable warmth to the table.

A reusable hand warmer can be a superior investment compared to getting disposable ones, especially when the cold season is in full swing. This is a very good looking rechargeable hand warmer with some useful built-in functions. You can set the temperature according to your needs using the two heating settings. A full charge should keep you warm for about 4 hours on high and 5 hours on the lower setting.

The heat comes from both sides of the device and the aluminum alloy used in the making of the unit should prevent the waste of heat. It’s especially recommended for people who have circulation problems and constantly find themselves with cold hands. The design is also very aerodynamic, easy to carry anywhere and Enerhandz provides two color options, metallic silver, and pink.

If you’re out of battery, it allows for charging any compatible device via USB. A neat little-LED flashlight is also integrated, to find your way in the darkness. It’s not extremely bright but it’s useful for certain situations and it’s a nice bonus.

With the Enerhandz EH319, you can say goodbye to your freezing hands as the device will soothe away the cold and bring a comfortable warmth to your fingers. The battery could have been bigger but at this price point, it’s still quite acceptable. Considering the nice construction and the efficient heating, this unit could also be very appreciated if you intend to offer it as a gift. It’s overall a decent choice for a rechargeable hand warmer.

Key Features:

  • 4400 mAh battery
  • Double-sided warming
  • Lasts 4-5 hours on a single full charge
  • Can charge most mobile devices
  • Small pocket size design
  • Micro LED flashlight

5. E-TECHING 5200mAh Pebbles Shape Double-Side Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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Offering a good variety of colors and a very ergonomic, pebble shape, the E-Teching rechargeable hand warmer should be strongly considered as a hand warmer and portable power bank combo. It comes with three heating settings and gets warm fast, in only three seconds, in most conditions.

This electric hand warmer is shaped like a pebble and it’s very easy to grip. As it has a small size, you can put it in your pocket or bag and take it everywhere. It can become extremely helpful during sporting, fishing, camping or other outdoor activities unfolding in cold weather. One great aspect of this hand warmer is the robust aluminum construction that’s strong enough to withstand shocks and tougher conditions.

As opposed to other similar products on the market this device provides more temperature settings to better adjust the heat according to the situation and to conserve the energy more efficiently. You’ve got a low setting that gives off heat at only 107F, a medium one offering 118F, and finally, the highest option is the 131F though you can hardly achieve this temperature in freezing cold environments. Still, it’s nice to be able to conveniently toggle between these.

E-Teching integrated an energy saving mode, the heat automatically turns off after an hour to save some juice. Though you can always restart it and keep going. The capacity of the battery is 5200 mAh which is not exactly impressive but it should do a decent job and can provide a good amount of charge for other digital devices via USB. Three indicator lights are installed for getting a glimpse of the remaining battery level and to check the heating status.

Considering how well-made this hand warmer is and the solid functionality, the E-Teching rechargeable hand heater is another solid competitor on the market for these wonderful devices. A cloth pouch is supplied for this unit to help you take care of your little companion. Definitely worth checking out further if you are interested in this kind of product.

Key Features:

  • 2 in 1 Hand warmer and power bank
  • Portable size and compact shape
  • 3 heating settings 107 F, 118 F, 131 F
  • Fast heating in 3 seconds
  • 5200 mAh capacity
  • 3 indicator lights
  • Shockproof aluminum construction

6. BigBlue BBUS3C-OT621 3-in-1 Rechargeable Electronic Hand Warmer USB 6000mAh

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Anyone on the hunt for a multi-functional hand warmer can benefit a lot from a device like the BigBlue BBUS3C-OT621. It delivers that much-needed heat using advanced warm plates which heat up very fast. There are two stylish colors available, black and red, and a good set of features perfect for raising the temperature of your hands. The price is fair too so let’s see how strong is this model as a candidate on the market for hand warmers.

The design is a bit different compared to other models on this list but it’s certainly very ergonomic, the rounded edges contributing to a better holding experience. BigBlue added a smooth aluminum alloy surface with nice heat-conducting properties so it warms up really fast.

The battery that powers this hand heater has a very good capacity of 6000 mAh, enough to fully charge a smartphone after a warming session. There are two heating settings for temperature, low and high, and although the manufacturer promises quite a few hours of heat, it ultimately all comes down to the weather outside. In less than 14F, it can really struggle to resist for two hours. This is to be expected though, so the results are quite acceptable for the price.

The hand warmer is equipped with a little LED light which can be useful during your camping nights or for other nocturnal outdoors activities. It seems that BigBlue configured well this device in terms of safety. In case the unit gets too hot, the built-in chip is set to cut off the current so you’ll never have to worry about getting scald.

With a solid gift potential and thanks to so many reliable warming abilities, the BigBlue BBUS3C can be considered an irreplaceable winter mate. Everything about this device indicates high-quality including the construction, design, and performance when it comes to quickly enveloping your hands in soothing warmth. All in all, this is a relatively affordable hand warmer that works as advertised and is fully worth the little investment.

Key Features:

  • 6000 mAh capacity
  • Aluminum Alloy Surface Material
  • Charges phones
  • Emergency light
  • Up to 90% Rated Temperature in 30 Seconds
  • Ergonomic design

7. Pisen TS-D198 Hand Warmer & Power Bank 7500mAh – Currently Unavailable –

One of the safest and most portable rechargeable hand warmers out there, the Pisen TS-D198 offers great value for the price. It has a very generous battery capacity of 7500 mAh and many features to enhance the feeling of warmth you get from this kind of devices.

The first thing that you can notice is its compact and sleek design. It comes in the shape of a pebble, being simple to carry around and Pisen offers a few color variants to choose from. With a body made of high-quality aluminum alloy, this hand warmer can deliver heat more effectively. The warming effect is enhanced by the way the various parts of the product which keep the temperature balanced.

Besides the ability to charge your phone, this model uses a thermostat technology to warm your hands. Simply press the hot control switch for two seconds to get into the warmer mode. The heating process starts immediately providing a constant temperature of 120F after only 30 seconds of warming up. To save some battery, the device is set to turn off automatically after one hour of heating but you can always restart it to extend your heating sessions.

If you are worried about the safety of this device then you should know that Pisen integrates the best protection technologies for the TS-D198. There are safeguards in place for over-voltage, overcurrent, short circuit and over-discharge so that you can use your equipment safely. With a 2A fast output, rechargeable times for your devices are going to be pretty fast. 4 bright LED lights will indicate how much battery power there’s left. For safety measures, the warming and charging function cannot be used simultaneously.

Smooth to the touch and a true pleasure to use, the Pisen TS-D198 shouldn’t miss from your pack of winter accessories. It doesn’t have a flashlight but considering how comfortable it is to use and how efficiently it works at warming your hands, this one obtains a full recommendation.

Key Features:

  • 7500 mAh large capacity
  • Charges digital devices
  • Safety protection technology
  • High-quality aluminum alloy material
  • Multi-colors
  • 4 LED lights

8. BoneView HotPocket Hand Warmer

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Designed specifically for hunters, adventurers and winter sports enthusiasts, the BoneView HotPocket hand warmer delivers a lot of heat to your hands and plenty of energy to fuel your mobile devices. A led flashlight is also included and BoneView promises a long lasting heating experience for approximately 6-8 hours on a single charge.

The design is quite compact, and it is smaller than most wallets and reasonably lightweight. A rugged aluminum construction can hold up well in the wilderness and the housing transfers heat more evenly to your hands and gloves.

The built-in battery has a solid 7200 mAh capacity which should fully charge approximately three smartphones and can be connected to any USB powered devices. This is nice but the main highlight of this hand warmer is the heating ability. It provides 6 hours of constant 120F heat with two settings for low and high warmth. The integrated flashlight can be useful at nighttime or in case of an emergency.

A standard micro USB charging cable is supplied in the package and the manufacturer designed the HotPocket to recharge in 4 hours which is a decent value. The operation is silent and the heating works pretty much as expected. If you want to make a great gift for any outdoors enthusiast, this is a decent choice. It’s an excellent companion for anyone who loves ice fishing or snowmobiling and stuff like that.

This is a fantastic product all around. Although BoneView promises a compact hand warmer, it’s a bit larger in real-life, but considering the performance and the large capacity of the battery, there aren’t any major complaints. The fact that you can both use the heating ability and the charging feature is also an added bonus. Overall, the BoneView HotPocket is a worthy investment at this price.

Key Features:

  • Provides 6 hours of 120-degree heat
  • 7200 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • LED Flashlight with strobe function
  • Rugged aluminum construction
  • Charges in 4 hours
  • Compact design