The 5 Best Robot Mowers of 2018

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Best Robot Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn can be a time-consuming task, but thanks to the newer technologies, you can now enjoy the benefits of having a robotic mower do the job for you. The process for using such a machine is quite straightforward. Get it charged, set up the boundaries and program it then you can watch it work. Some units can even return to their docking stations once they’ve finished cutting the grass or if the battery is getting low. You might also be interested in our articles about the best zero turn mowers and the best smart sprinkler irrigation systems and controllers.

If you’re worried about your weirdly shaped garden or obstacles, the good news is that many robot mowers can deal with these problems. Another aspect that’s great about these machines is that they cut up the grass into very fine clippings. The result is fed back to the soil as the mowers engage in a systematic scattering process across the lawn. This is good for the environment and if you cut the grass very often it will also make for an attractive lawn.

Some features of a robot mower are more relevant to consider than others, so this is why the following little guide has been created. Let’s see what are the essential abilities to factor into your purchase.

1. Suitability for your garden plot

When you want to get a brand new robot mower, the most important aspect that needs researching is if the machine is a good match for your particular garden. Unless you have a very large plot, it’s probably not worth it to invest in a very expensive unit. If your garden has a strange shape or difficult slopes, it’s a recommended to look for the mower’s abilities to cope with the more difficult terrain.

2. Charging time

If a robot mower lasts for a long enough time it will make your life easier as you won’t need to take it back for recharging very often. This could be an important quality for many, as well as the ability to charge more quickly.

3. Construction quality

Do you value durability in a lawnmower? If that’s the case, then it’s worth looking over the way the robot mower is constructed or to see what kind of materials were used for its critical components such as the blade. More expensive models offer better reliability in the long-term thanks to a more high-quality construction.

4. Extra features

While not everyone has a requirement for a quiet robot mower, for some this could be a deciding factor. Robot mowers can be equipped with various extra features like the ability to handle wet grass for example. In the end, you’re the only one that can decide if some extra abilities are needed or not.

These are the most important considerations regarding robot mowers. With this guide out of the way let’s take a look now at the following selection of the best robot mowers, those units that are truly worth the money.

Best Robot Lawn Mower

1. WORX WG794 Landroid Robot Mower

The Worx WG94 Landroid is a fully programmed robot mower which boasts many intelligent features such as a rain sensor and safety shut-off. For a very reasonable price, it seems to deliver just the right balance of performance, construction quality, and user-friendliness.

Getting robot lawn mowers ready to do their work is in most cases a pain, but not when it comes to this one. This unit comes fully pre-programmed to simplify things up considerably. In the box, you will find everything needed to install and get started with your new robot mower. The interface is also more intuitive compared to other models, enabling the user to customize the whole experience.

Flexibility is key, especially for this type of machines. You wouldn’t want the mower to get lost in difficult areas of your plot. For this reason, this machine operates using an advanced intelligence algorithm that guides it through more intricate areas with great responsiveness. Intelligence needs the right amount of power to do an effective job so this is why this unit is equipped with two strong independent motors.

One aspect that often poses problems to robot mowers is the unevenness of the terrain. This mower can cut grass even if your lawn has inclines and declines to a maximum of 20 degrees. Speaking of cutting grass, it’s important to mention that this model can handle various types of grasses. It should be able to work with thicker grass with varying heights.

If it starts to rain, the mower’s sensors will send the machine back to its charging dock. This also happens if a low battery is detected. The 28V rechargeable battery should be able to last for a good time and is more environmentally friendly.

Taking everything about the WORX WG794 Landroid into account, it can be said that this is a very cost-effective option for a robot mower. Mowing the lawn, this difficult and time-consuming task can be resolved automatically without too much hassle and complicated setups. As long as you follow the directions correctly, you can expect long-time service from this solid robot mower. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Comes pre-programmed
  • AIA technology
  • Shock sensor system
  • Returns to base automatically
  • Handles hills up to 20 degrees

2. Husqvarna Automower 430X

For those with more demanding needs, the Automower 430X  large robot mower from Husqvarna looks like a very attractive choice. It uses GPS to navigate around your lawn area, can handle fairly steep slopes, and has some reliable smart technologies to help it deliver excellent lawn mowing results.

One of the most important features of a robot mower is navigating around your lawn. This unit uses the onboard GPS system to map your whole garden. After this is done, it’s simply a matter of checking which parts have been covered and which ones still need to be mowed. This system ensures great cutting results and uniform coverage.

With the help of its large coarse-tread wheels, this machine shouldn’t have too many problems with slopes up to 45%. Traction is important but power is too. The blades of this unit are razor-sharp and can cut from all directions to achieve that elegant carpet-like look for your lawn. The use of sturdy carbon steel makes for a powerful cutting system.

The charging stations can be placed anywhere you like and the mower has the ability to get back to it when its energy reserves are starting to deplete. Thanks to an efficient energy management, the mower can operate at a significantly lower cost when compared to conventional lawnmowers.

Programming the unit can be done using the integrated settings panel which allows for enough customization to handle multiple preferences and various lawns. You can also assign profiles to sets of configured settings so that you can easily switch between setups in the event of using the mower on other locations.

Considering the navigation system, simple programming, energy efficiency, and the overall great mowing results, the Husqvarna Automower 430X is worth a look if you have a bigger budget as well as a larger area to mow. There are many patented features that make your life easier and all in all, this is a very reliable and performant robot mower.

Product Highlights:

  • GPS navigation
  • Suitable for areas of maximum 34,000 square feet
  • User-friendly display
  • Handles steep slopes
  • Advanced programming

3. Robomow RS622 Robot Lawn Mower

If you want a very reliable lawn mower, the Robomow RS622 seems to fit the bill. It boasts an ability to work even in areas with a 36% incline and has a very intelligent method to operate for providing superior lawn mowing results. The price is not exactly low, but this could be a very good investment in the long run.

As it offers 400W of power, the job of mowing the lawn is a breeze for it. There are multiple configurable mowing zones that the machine uses to handle the entirety of your lawn. On a single charge, the unit can mow the lawn for approximately one hour. To recharge the battery you will need to wait for two hours on average.

One solid feature is the modular design of the mower. You can change parts if you need to. If the mowing blades need a replacement you can take them out without the need of tools as they easily snap off and on.

Rain can be an issue for robot mowers so this is why this unit is equipped with a rain sensor to automatically return the mower back to its charging station when it starts to rain. Water can be damaging to the machine, but keep in mind that you should still keep an eye out for sudden showers because it can’t return to the base in time for this kind of event.

Another interesting feature is the app integration of this robot mower. With the help of the available iOS and Android apps, owners of the machine can remotely control it, as well as check out some relevant information like how much battery’s left. Some of the customizing options include adjusting the cutting setting and changing the mowing zones.

It’s understandable that some people might be a bit reluctant to make such a large investment in a robot mower. You can rest assured though because the Robomow RS622, with its set of reliable features, works surprisingly well. It can bring you to a new level of convenience as you’ll no longer have to manually mow your own lawn again.

Product Highlights:

  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Deals with steep slopes
  • Low noise
  • Simple height adjustment
  • Integrated rain sensor

4. Robomow RS612 Battery Powered Lawn Mower

Another Robomow unit worth taking into account is the RS612, which is not as fit to handle large lawns as the RS622, but it comes with the same solid features that you can expect in the more expensive model. The setup is straightforward and the functionality of this robot mower appears to be extremely reliable.

If your lawn has some slopes it’s important to note that this mower can work with more difficult terrain inclinations, up to 36%. For the best mowing results, this unit provides very sharp blades that cover multiple zones in your lawn with great efficiency. Different grass types are handled with ease as the cutting height can be adjusted accordingly.

The cutting power is an important aspect of any robot mower but another thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the movement speed. To be able to deliver better mowing performance, this unit promises seamless maneuverability covering areas faster than conventional units. One feature that contributes to the overall maneuverability is the large width of the wheels.

In terms of safety, this machine comes with a special system designed to automatically stop the blade’s rotation if the unit is lifted from the ground. The bumper is equipped with a sensor for detecting obstacles so the mower changes the direction and stops the blades. There’s also a Child Lock function which you can activate it if you have children who might try to operate it.

As with the RS622, this model too has all the great app features to be able to control the mower from a distance. You can stay relaxed and simply get a summary of the status of the mower. The app can also be useful if you have issues as it provides quick technical fixes through online assistance.

One slight drawback of this model is that the Bluetooth range is quite poor. Wi-Fi connectivity would have been a better choice. Still, considering everything, the Robomow RS612 offers a solid lawn mowing experience free of frustration and time-consuming effort. While it may seem expensive at first, the investment is sure to pay off in the long run and you’ll actually be surprised with the money savings.

Product Highlights:

  • Premium drive wheels
  • Rain sensor
  • 60-90 minutes charging time
  • Robomow App
  • Unique edge mode

5. McCulloch ROB 1000 Robot Mower

This small list of robot mowers is completed by the McCulloch ROB 1000, a machine that promises to make your lawn mowing problems go away forever. It’s relatively easy to install and program and can handle slopes at a maximum of 25% incline, which is reasonable enough. There are also lots of security features integrated.

The machine can be programmed in various ways. You can configure it to mow your lawn when it’s most convenient for you whether you’re at work or when you’re sleeping. The only thing that you need to be worried about is to ensure that the mower has successfully returned to its charging dock when the battery’s low.

If you are thinking about the problem of leaving the robot mower to work while you’re not present, it’s worth mentioning that the unit comes with some powerful anti-theft features. A loud alarm should greet anyone who tries to lift the machine but that’s not all. The only way to stop it is to insert a PIN code. The protection is in place for changing the settings too.

Slopes won’t be a problem for this robotic mower. It comes with powerful wheels that offer enough traction to handle inclines up to 25%. It may be a bit more limited compared to other models that can handle steeper slopes, but it’s still performant enough for all-around lawn coverage.

Another great aspect about this lawn mower is that it doesn’t leave tracks or ugly-looking patches. It’s designed to adapt to different surfaces when cutting the grass so as to not leave off an uneven impression. The use of a guide wire is handy though it will require a bit of work initially to set up its boundaries.

All in all, the McCulloch ROB 1000 offers a very decent mowing experience. It depends on certain particular lawn elements but for most users, the unit could be a solid choice considering the coverage, the programming, and the overall grass cutting performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Easy to Install
  • Cuts up to .25 acres of grass
  • 3 durable metal cutting blades
  • Can handle inclines of maximum 25%
  • Fully programmable
  • Loud audible alarm