The 9 Best Rolling Backpacks of 2018

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Backpacks can easily become uncomfortable if you frequently need to lug around heavy weights. Your body, particularly back and shoulders, can suffer in the long term as the increased weight from regular wearing causes a lot of strain on the body. This could be damaging to children and teenagers who are required to carry lots of books to school. A great way to solve this problem and make it more comfortable for your back is to get a rolling backpack. You might also be interested in our articles about the best backpacks for college and the best tactical backpacks.

Backpacks that come with wheels can simplify your life tremendously as they allow for carrying all that weight without the bad effects of straining. The market is full of great choices if you’ve finally decided to change the way you or your children deal with a heavy backpack. Instead of putting all that stress on your back you can stand tall and confident and wheel your backpack around with minimal effort. Some of the most important features that need to be considered regarding rolling backpacks are:

1. Bag materials

Not all backpacks are made from the same materials. Rolling backpacks are typically made from either polyester, canvas, or nylon. More expensive models are usually made from materials of a higher quality. One way to ensure that your future backpack will last better in time is to check if the bag was made with tight weave lightweight nylon fabric. These are also usually reinforced with stronger fabrics on the backs and on the edges where usually the most wear happens.

2. Wheels quality

This is a critical point for any rolling backpack. Having high-quality wheels that are larger and made of polyurethane which is stronger than plastic, means that you can use it on various surfaces without worrying about breaking. Another aspect that contributes to the overall sturdiness is a more rugged undercarriage.

3. Size and weight

Make sure that you get a rolling backpack in complete harmony with your needs. Lighter bags can be more comfortable to use but it’s essential to get a backpack with an adequate size to fit all the items you plan on carrying. Rolling backpacks are designed to handle weights better than conventional backpacks. If you’re traveling very often, getting a larger wheeled backpack could be worth considering so you can fit more items with ease. There are probably other factors that matter when it comes to the purchase of a rolling backpack, but these are the essential ones. Let’s see the individual reviews for the best options available right now on the market. These are the wheeled backpacks that manage to strike the optimal balance of features per cost.

Best Rolling Backpack For Kids

1. J World New York Fashion Rolling Backpack

If your kids need a reliable rolling backpack, this model from J World New York could be one of the best fits. It comes with an impressive variety of colors and patterns and hardly makes any compromises in terms of construction quality. It’s crafted using strong polyester and offers just the right size for school. The handle used for this rolling backpack is a T-shaped telescoping model crafted out of PU and aluminum pipes. It ensures a firm grip but the coating also has high density to help with the comfort. There are different height adjustments available as the handle provides multi-stage locks at certain intervals.

Like any other rolling backpack out there, the quality of the wheels can make a critical difference. This model features soft noiseless wheels that focus on a better control compared to in-line skate wheels. They’re also fairly durable when you consider the solid bottom mold which protects the wheels from daily wear. When it comes to the way the backpack is designed inside you can discover that it allows for convenient organization of any personal belongings. The first compartment that stands out is the main one which delivers a zipper-finished inner lining that enables simple access to larger items.

For sorting out smaller items more efficiently you can use the front pocket organizer. Besides the zippered pocket inside there’s a key fob and holders for pens and cards. The manufacturer also recognizes the importance of safety at night. For this reason, the rolling backpack includes a reflective tape which boosts the visibility when you’re walking at night. Taking into account its features, this rolling backpack made by J World New York could be an outstanding gift for any children. It looks gorgeous and it doesn’t suffer from the common problems found on other rolling backpacks. The wheels, in particular, seem to be big and stable enough to handle some daily abuse.

Product Highlights:

  • Ideal school size
  • Air mesh cushion pad
  • Slip-in system for the shoulder straps
  • Reflective tape
  • 600D water-resistant polyester material

Best Rolling Backpack For Travel

2. High Sierra Powerglide Wheeled Rolling Backpack

Those who frequently travel and want a way to ease the strain on their backs should check out the High Sierra Powerglide, a wheeled model that can handle plenty of gear. It has inline skate style wheels that are reliable on most terrains, but if the surface doesn’t permit, you can always access the hidden straps and carry it like a usual backpack. Organizing your gear is a breeze with this rolling backpack. On the front of the bag, there are various pockets integrated. Some of the included pockets are a zippered mesh one and pen pockets. If you want to keep your phone safely, you can try the lidded media pocket and for securing smaller items, there’s a convenient key fob hook.

When you’re traveling for a longer period of time you will probably need to pack a laptop. This is why this rolling backpack offers a dedicated laptop pouch within the main compartment, large enough to fit even larger 17-inch models. Safety is taken quite seriously too as the compartment provides a fully padded cushioned zone for some reliable protection. Because traveling can sometimes take you to places with a more difficult terrain, it’s important to have a rolling backpack with sturdy wheels that can face multiple types of surfaces. This model features exactly such a pair of corner-mounted wheels that are also protected by a reliable kick plate molded right underneath the bag.

There’s a telescoping handle placed on this backpack which feels really dependable to the touch. When it’s time to pack it up and transform the rolling backpack into an ordinary bag, you can neatly hide the handle under a special zippered cover. On the back of the backpack, there are straps which lie hidden behind a back panel that can be opened using zippers. A very professional product in all regards, the High Sierra Powerglide manages to get a top spot on this list of the best rolling backpacks. It’s durable and provides superb organization options inside due to its multi-compartment design. When you take into account the all-terrain style wheels, this looks like it would be worth the money for any traveler.

Product Highlights:

  • WaffleWeave
  • Premium multiple pocket organizer
  • Inline skate-style corner-mounted wheels
  • Special padded cushion zone for laptops
  • Double-tube telescoping handle
  • Zippered side pockets

Best Rolling Backpack For College

3. JanSport Driver 8 Core Series Wheeled Rolling Backpack

Students who need a reliable travel companion to handle lots of heavy textbooks and other items should look no further than the JanSport Driver 8 Core Series. This one’s a rolling backpack that comes equipped with large wheels, two main compartments, and various other storage capabilities. Construction quality is on a level you’d expect from a reputable brand like JanSport. Durability is key when it comes to purchasing a high-quality rolling backpack. This model feels very well-made overall but the main attraction is the set of inline skate wheels which are large enough to handle most surfaces without too much effort. The handle is retractable in two height stages and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to sturdiness and comfort.

Inside the backpack, there’s a special padded sleeve which accommodates most 15’ laptops and keeps them safe. There are two main compartments in this bag and they both provide plenty of space to carry more than just the essential items you need. On the front of the bag, you’ve got a special compartment destined to a more precise organization of your smaller items and there’s also a side water bottle pocket.

The strain from your shoulders is taken care off through large action wheels which provide excellent traction on various types of surfaces. The wheels are large enough to control even a fully loaded backpack with ease. They’re mounted on the side and measure 3.15 inches. A retractable handle offers the perfect way to maintain control over the rolling backpack. Another thing that will be appreciated by anyone in need of a trusty backpack is how quickly you can transform it into a simple backpack by taking out the shoulder straps. Enjoy a comfortable sensation when carrying it on your back thanks to the large padding there.

Considering what it can offer at this price, the JanSport Driver 8 Core Series is a fitting choice for students and anyone else looking to ease their burdens through a well-made rolling backpack. The workmanship on this model is top-notch and there’s more than enough room to handle all your important items.

Product Highlights:

  • Multiple attractive designs
  • 600D polyester/420D Velocity
  • 32″ shoulder drop
  • Versatile storage
  • Can be converted to a normal backpack

Best Rolling Laptop Backpack

4. High Sierra Freewheel Laptop Backpack

Another great rolling backpack from High Sierra is the Freewheel model which is geared towards laptop users. It will envelop your portable computer in a special cushion zone and you can take advantage of a powerful combination of quality bag materials and smooth rolling wheels. Let’s see more precisely what this model has in store. As this is a rolling backpack geared towards laptop users you can expect to find a dedicated place just for the computer. Most 15″ notebook computers should feel like home in the padded sleeve from the main compartment. It should be safe from any potential shocks during travel.

The skate-style wheels used for this rolling backpack have special wheel housings for a longer service life. There are bumpers directly stitched onto the bag’s corners for ensuring the best protection against wear and tear. A kick plate is also added for maximum abrasion protection. Maneuverability is important for a rolling backpack and there weren’t any notable compromises on the quality of the handle which locks tightly in place when extended. If you sometimes find it more convenient to carry the backpack on your shoulders, you can rely on the padded straps which are stored when unused behind a hidden padded back panel.

There are lots of interesting compartments provided by this backpack. You can store media in the dedicated pocket which also comes with a headphone port. There’s a side pocket where you can place your beverage and if that’s not enough you can always attach extra gear using the triangle clip.

If you’re tired of carrying lots of items with your back, the High Sierra Freewheel could be a welcomed upgrade. This wheeled backpack has everything you could possibly need and the best part is that High Sierra is known for their reliable customer service. Even if you experience issues, they can quickly assist you. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Large design
  • Corner-mounted wheels
  • Duralite Ripstop
  • Hideaway telescoping handle
  • Deluxe media pocket
  • Cushion zone for laptops

5. Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter

While technically not a rolling bag, the Olympia Deluxe Fashion is a capable wheeled overnighter which boasts many interesting features. It’s made of RipStop polyester, has a fully imprinted interior lining, and plenty of padding for protecting your valuables. Let’s see how reliable is this model for those looking for rolling bags.

Storing your items can be done easily when you have multiple compartments and pocket options. Besides the roomy main compartment, there are side closure pockets that can be quickly fastened or unfastened. Additionally, there’s a handy front zipper pocket making this an ideal bag for both work or leisure travel.

Laptops can be added in the special heavily padded zone so this bag is also ideal to carry portable computers. There’s an elastic strap which protects the laptop against moving around. In the front compartment, you can store any valuable accessories as this area acts as a solid organizer.

In terms of durability, this rolling bag received certain enhancements such as the ripstop polyester and the recessed metal wheels. You can travel pretty quick with such a reliably built bag like this one. A hideaway handle has been included and to control the motion more conveniently it has a push button.

A great feature that this model offers, particularly handy for longer trips, is the ability to attach it to the luggage. Then you can close the zipper found underneath the strap and make use of it as an extra pocket with access from the rear.

Factoring all of its abilities, it can be said that Olympia did a solid job with the Deluxe Fashion rolling overnighter. The bag is crafted with particular attention to details in both terms of looks and overall durability. A very functional model to consider if you’re tired of straining your back and need a more convenient solution to carry your items.

Product Highlights:

  • Multiple great-looking designs
  • Ripstop polyester
  • Spacious main compartment
  • Heavily padded laptop area
  • Sturdy wheels

6. J World New York Sundance Rolling Backpack

With an incredible number of colors and designs, the J World New York Sundance is a multi-purpose rolling backpack that seems like a great investment. This model can meet different personalization preferences, but it’s also capable to efficiently organize your items, provide ergonomic comfort, and an ingenious combination of a telescoping handle and durable wheels.

One of the main reasons why people decide to make the switch to a rolling backpack is because of increased comfort. It’s so much easier to roll the bag after yourself wherever you go. Still, there are moments when the terrain doesn’t allow for smooth wheeled movement. This bag comes with a cushioned back panel so when needed, you can wear it on your back while still feeling comfortable.

This is a backpack that can fit nicely in a school setting considering the convenient front pocket organizer. There are pencil and card holders to keep track of them more easily. When it comes to smaller items, there’s also a zippered pocket and a key fob for efficient organization of your belongings.

Bulkier objects can fit in more easily in the main compartment which delivers enough space even for multiple textbooks. You can fit a laptop safely as there’s a second compartment with a padded sleeve and a protective strap that prevents the laptop from moving around during transport.

A telescoping handle with a T-shape has been added to this rolling bag to facilitate the overall control when you’re using the wheels. It’s coated with high-density PU for making it easy to grip and to prevent sore hands if you’re using the rolling backpack for longer periods of time. Height can be adjusted for the handle thanks to its locks situated at different intervals.

Whether for school or travel, the J World New York Sundance is an excellent choice for making your life easier. This rolling backpack looks great and the quality matches its cost. It’s a superb mix of functionality and design without compromising on durability and spaciousness. Strongly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • 18″ shoulder drop
  • Durable Polyester material
  • Slip-in system for the shoulder straps
  • Solid capacity and storage versatility
  • Aluminum locking single handle

7. Jansport Superbreak Wheeled Backpack

Another well-made wheeled backpack from JanSport is the Superbreak model. It has stable wheels for ensuring better control and lots of space to carry everything you need. This is basically the classic beloved backpack from JanSport which now comes with wheels to significantly ease your burden.

Whether you plan on using this backpack for weekend trips or daily school activities, it seems to be versatile enough to handle various environments. The combination of a molded rubber handle with a solid pair of wheels makes this a great travel companion even for smaller children.

In case the surface becomes too difficult for controlled wheeled movement, the rolling backpack can be easily turned into a regular bag you wear on your shoulders. There are padded straps for that purpose as they can boost the comfort. The wheels are retractable and the handle can get pretty long to accommodate users of different heights.

Because having reliable protection for the underside of the backpack is important, this rolling model comes with skid rails. The inside of the backpack is fairly roomy, enabling its user to carry lots of valuables with minimal effort as you leave the strain on the wheels instead of on your back.

In terms of pockets, this model comes with front stash, side beverage, and utility pockets. The utility one provides a convenient organizer to keep all those little items in order. As there’s a separate compartment with a padded sleeve, you can also accommodate most laptops with screens measuring 15 inches.

As it’s both light and sturdy, the JanSport Superbreak deserves a mention on this list of rolling backpacks. It doesn’t have a huge amount of patterns and designs available, but it’s extremely functional and the construction quality is on par with what you’d expect from JanSport. The only exception is the plastic handle, but other than that, this is a well-made backpack.

Product Highlights:

  • 600 Denier Polyester
  • Convertible to a normal backpack
  • Corner-mounted inline skate wheels
  • Front utility pocket
  • Large main compartment

Best Rolling Backpack For Middle School

8. Tilami Multifunction Rolling Backpack for Kids

If you have children that are required to carry way too many heavy books for their lessons, perhaps it would be a great idea to invest in a solid rolling backpack like this one from Tilami. What makes this stand out over similarly-featured models is the particularly robust armor installed underneath the backpack to withstand abrasion and heavy everyday use.

This is a great rolling backpack for cruising around town with minimal effort. There are times when you prefer carrying it on your back because you didn’t pack that many items. There’s a special wheel cover which helps to make the conversion from rolling to a regular backpack. You can, therefore, avoid getting clothes dirty from touching the wheels.

A durable rolling backpack needs to be able to resist abrasion and various daily abuse. For ensuring a longer life, this backpack has solid armor underneath and not just around the wheels and the corners but on the front and back too. It’s nice that you no longer have to worry about damaging the backpack.

At closer inspection, you will notice that this backpack is designed for meeting the needs of those who prefer good organization in their lives. There are multiple compartments to fit items according to the required space. You can put a larger object such as a laptop in the main compartment while an iPad can fit better in the medium compartment.

In the side pockets, you can fit longer items such as umbrellas or you can add your favorite beverage. From dots and hearts to camouflage patterns, there are lots of attractive designs to choose from. This is an ideal backpack for those who love items with a more personal touch.

Taking into account the value per money, the Tilami rolling backpack represents a nice option, especially recommended for those who value durability. Keep in mind that it’s still an inexpensive product so the quality of the materials overall it’s only up to what you pay for. For normal usage, it should be more than enough.

Product Highlights:

  • Aluminum alloy rod
  • Large storage capacity
  • Ideal for children or students
  • Concealed pockets
  • Armor Protection System
  • Multiple patterns available

9. Outdoor Products Sea-Tac Rolling Backpack

A solid all-purpose solution for those who need a great travel companion is the Outdoor Products Sea-Tac rolling backpack. It packs multiple attractive features including a large interior, retractable telescoping handle, and 420 Polyester material which boasts the reliability you’d expect from ripstop fabric. Let’s see if it’s worth considering.

For smooth rolling on a multitude of surfaces, the manufacturer went for a reliable combination of large skate-style wheels and a telescoping handle that’s flush-mounted. The bag received a nice treatment when it comes to overall durability mostly due to the strong ripstop fabric.

The way the bag has been designed inside allows not only to store lots of personal belongings but also enables efficient organization. You’ve got five subdivided pockets in the large main compartment. There’s also a deluxe organizer with keychain. This is the compartment where you can place various items such as pens, business/credit cards, and other portable accessories in better order.

One advantage of this model is that it can be used in different ways. It can cover the needs of travelers who swiftly navigate airport terminals with the help of the sturdy wheels. At certain times it can also be converted into a normal backpack. There are shoulder straps with anti-slip properties and to maintain a decent level of comfort, the bag has a padded panel on its back. To enhance the overall look you can also tuck the handle away from view when you wish to wear the backpack on your shoulders.

While it does have some flaws, namely the plastic wheels that give off a cheap feel, the Outdoor Products Sea-Tac is a decent candidate on the market for rolling backpacks. It has lots of handy features fitting for anyone who needs to carry around a considerable weight making your daily trek a much more relaxing experience.

Product Highlights:

  • 420 D Polyester
  • Convertible to a normal backpack
  • Large main compartment
  • Versatile organization potential
  • Retractable telescoping tow handle
  • Smooth spinning wheels