The 8 Best Selfie Lights of 2024

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If you wish to take selfies like a pro, it’s highly recommended to invest in a ring light accessory for your smartphone. With the help of a selfie light, you will be able to enjoy clearer photos taken in low-light conditions. Lighting plays an essential world in photography so it makes sense to invest in this kind of useful accessory if you want to obtain amazing-looking selfies. A selfie ring light is designed specifically to work with the front camera of your smartphone and provide adequate illumination in the area. There are lots of portable models on the market so you can enjoy clear selfies both indoors and outdoors. Figuring out which selfie ring light is the best match for your needs can be a difficult process. This is why this article has been created to help you select a high-quality accessory to elevate your photo sessions.

Most selfie ring lights come in two design styles – clip-on and freestanding. Clip-on units are usually more convenient to use as they’re lightweight and portable. If you want a more performant selfie light tough, you will most likely have to invest in a freestanding model to take advantage of some extra adjustability features. Compatibility is another important factor to take into account regarding selfie ring lights as many products work only with iPhones while others fit best Android smartphones. Take a look at the following selection of selfie lights. After a lot of research, you can confidently choose from a list of the best models in terms of design, performance, and overall quality for the cost.

Best Selfie Light With Tripod

1. Ubeesize 8″ Selfie Ring Light

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If you want to take your selfie photography to the next level, investing in a quality selfie ring light like this 8″ model from Ubeesize seems like a smart decision. It comes complete with a tripod stand and holder for your smartphone. The selfie ring light is geared towards users who do a lot of live streaming from their mobile device or those who need adequate lighting for makeup.

The ring light has three dimmable settings – white, warm, and yellow. Each color can be further adjusted to find the best brightness level for your current need. Power comes from the USB port of another device such as a laptop. The tool features an extendable tripod for ideal placement. It can be positioned on the floor or on a table and you can also transform the tripod in a selfie stick if required.

Best Clip-On Selfie Light

2. Auxiwa Clip-On Selfie Ring Light

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Anyone searching for a clip-on style selfie ring light should check out this sleek model from Auxiwa. With the help of its powerful 36 LEDs, this unit will enable you to look your best in any selfie, regardless of the light conditions in the area. It’s designed to be easily attached to multiple devices, and the rechargeable battery ensures a solid level of portability.

Instead of using the incorporated flashlight of your phone that can have a harsh effect, this selfie ring light delivers soft illumination for professional-looking selfies. Take your pick from three brightness levels to suit different situations. The flexible design of the light allows you to use the accessory with the rear camera as well. Another great detail is the scratch-resistant sponge to keep your phone safe and guarantee a firm hold.

Best Budget Selfie Light

3. QIAYA Selfie Ring Light

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Reasonably-priced, lightweight, and easy to use, the QIAYA selfie light represents a highly attractive product to consider. Those looking for a portable selfie ring light will be delighted by the capabilities of this model which promises a soft and even light diffusion wherever you need it. This selfie light works with two AAA batteries that need to be bought separately.

Similar to other clip-on selfie lights, this unit features three levels to adjust the brightness. Struggling to find the best illumination conditions will become a thing of the past if you rely on this selfie ring light. The accessory is simple to position on your device and remove when needed. It comes with its own pocket-sized box. All in all, QIAYA did a solid job with this model and we highly recommend it.

Best Selfie Light With Phone Holder

4. B-Land Ring Light & Phone Holder

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In case you’re looking for a quality selfie ring light to use at your desk, this functional model from B-Land seems like a great solution. The light is paired with a phone holder to take the flexibility of the tool to new heights. You can live stream or take selfies much more conveniently as the holder and light provide excellent adjustability features.

The accessory is designed for secure attachment to your desk with the help of a clamp. Thanks to its universal design, the phone holder accepts most Apple and Android smartphones without issues. You can toggle between three colors for the selfie light and dim it to multiple brightness settings by using the incorporated little control panel. The illumination is powered via USB and it needs to be always connected to a USB port for the selfie light to function.

5. Rovtop Selfie Ring Light & Phone Holder

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Good lighting plays an important role when it comes to taking great-looking selfies. Another element that you always have to take into account is the stability of your device. This is why this kind of helpful accessory from Rovtop could be a gamechanger. The selfie ring light offers a phone holder with both elements firmly attached to the desk. This ensures superior stability and optimal illumination to suit any circumstances.

A durable carbon steel clamp acts as a replacement for the classic tripod. It’s a very convenient design given the better use of the available space and overall secure attachment. The phone is held by a rotating arm and the selfie light has its own flexible arm as well to obtain the best photos possible. You can also use this practical setup for live streaming or for your makeup sessions. The 48 included LEDs provide a great level of illumination with different color and brightness settings.

6. SRL l191 Selfie Ring Light

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Coming with a really affordable price tag, the SRL l191 selfie ring light is one clip-on model that you shouldn’t miss. It packs a total of 36 LEDs in a sleek and compact design. The selfie light is equipped with a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to bother with disposable batteries. Using this model is a breeze thanks to its clip-on functionality that allows it to be attached to pretty much any smartphone or tablet.

The little gadget can brighten up your selfies when you don’t have enough light in your surroundings. By pressing one button you can change the illumination intensity so you can obtain the desired effect for your photos. There are three settings available – low, medium, and high brightness. Aside from the unit itself, the package for this selfie light contains a USB cable and a silicone bracelet.

7. Bcway Selfie Ring Light & Phone Holder

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Whether you plan on making some professional-grade selfies or just plan on live streaming more comfortably, this selfie ring light from Bcway seems like a great solution. This is a 2-in-1 product that features a special design which combines the ring light with a holder for your phone. By relying on this combination, you can take advantage of a superior level of flexibility.

The phone holder can be adjusted to fit even wider models – up to 3.4-inch wide. As this selfie light and phone holder combo is designed for desk mounting, you will need to install it with the included clamp. Performance-wise, the selfie light offers multiple color modes and different brightness levels to help you take the best photos and to shoot clearer videos. It’s easy to operate with the help of button controls and the selfie light can also function as a reading lamp.

8. Meifigno Selfie Ring Light

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Available in multiple colors including more stylish options such as green and pink, the Meifigno selfie ring light is another solid clip-on model to take into account. With its 3-level adjustable brightness, this unit has a wide range of uses. Besides taking selfies, you can also improve the look of your live streaming sessions or deal with your makeup more conveniently.

Thanks to a lightweight and portable design, this selfie light is a perfect accessory to pack during your trips. At night you can also use it as a reliable flashlight and it even has a full-flash mode. Charging this device is done using the included USB cable. There’s no need to purchase disposable batteries. One thing to keep in mind is that the battery life isn’t very impressive but that’s a small compromise you need to make for a lower cost.