The 8 Best Smart Power Strips of 2023

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There are different definitions of smart power strips. For some people these are basically power strips that work in a smarter way, they’re able to reduce the amount of wasted electricity. But others might stumble upon smart power strips that would be a great match for an automated home. These are the power strips that can work with voice control smart devices for increasing your productivity. No matter what type of ‘smart’ you’re looking for, the following list should help. The most relevant smart power strips on the market have been assembled based on their cost-effectiveness. In here you will discover a solid selection of both power strips that can make your whole home smarter through automation, but you should also find power strips that work in a more intelligent manner for energy-saving. Before buying it’s recommended to consider some features first. You might also be interested in our articles about the best outlet timers and the best voltage converters.

1. Number of outlets

When you need to buy a power strip it’s a good idea to consider the number of outlets. Whether it’s smart or not, the power strip has to be able to accommodate the items that you plan on using with it. As transformer plugs are bigger than standard plugs, it’s also recommended to choose a power strip that can account for this so as to not block the adjoining outlets.

2. Equipment

Think about the kind of equipment do you need to plug into the power strip. It’s strongly recommended to choose the power strip according to both your environment and application. You will most likely need to make a larger investment if you wish to get a reliable power strip to be used with some types of more demanding equipment.

3. Safety

If your application has an increased demand for extra safety, perhaps it would be a good idea to consider models that offer superior system overload protections and more high-quality fireproof constructions.

4. Cord length and outlet configuration

Lastly, it’s recommended to plan for the way your power strip is configured and how far from the grounded AC outlet do you wish to place it. Select a model that has enough cord length to handle the job. There are different outlet configurations to take into account such as standard, front-facing, right-angle, and rear-facing.

With these characteristics in mind, let’s navigate the diverse market of smart power strips and see which one would be the right match for you.

1. BESTEK 8-Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protection

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Those who are looking for a different kind of smart power strip should orient towards this model from Bestek. It’s an 8-outlet power strip which has some smart features integrated such as the two independent switches and the photosensitive LED indicator. This is a great device for saving energy and to ensure a superior level of protection.

The first thing that will stand out regarding this unit is the exclusive tower-style design. It’s created to nicely fit in a compact area without taking up too much space making it an ideal solution for home, office, and school. The 8 outlets are widely spaced so you no longer need to worry about oversized adapters covering your other sockets. The unit is equipped with two independent switches for the rows of outlets so you can turn either the bottom or the top row on or off.

Besides the generous number of outlets, there are also a total of 6 smart USB charging ports which offer a smart charging technology. They deliver the maximum speed when it comes to charging any USB-compatible device and the adaptive technology automatically recognizes the best charging method for a particular device.

Another great thing about the USB ports is that they come with special photosensitive LED indicators. You can often stumble upon charging indicators that are way too bright and can represent an issue at night. These indicators provide a very comfortable level of brightness that’s automatically adjusting itself.

One of the best abilities of this power strip is its ability to offer complete protection against many electrical dangers. It boasts an impressive 1500 Joules of surge protection and it’s crafted only using the best fireproof materials.

This Bestek power strip is a very reliable piece of hardware. It has an incredibly convenient design, a sturdy construction with many safety features and offers effective control over the outlets. For this price, this represents a very smart investment if you want more out of your power strip.

Key Features:

  • 8 outlets
  • 6-foot heavy duty power cable
  • 6 USB smart charging ports
  • 1500J Surge Protection
  • Desktop Tower Design
  • Two Independent Switches

2. Iron-M 4-Outlet Smart Power Strip

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One of the most impressive smart power strip solutions comes from Iron-M. This 4-outlet model allows you to remotely control the four sockets using a smartphone app. For extra automation and productivity, there’s also the possibility to use voice control as this unit is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Besides the 4 included outlets, you can also find some handy USB ports that are used for charging compatible devices. On the front panel of the power strip, there’s also a power light. The rest of the design is nothing that stands out but the plain white look of the power strip looks modern and it’s obvious that the unit was built with utility in mind.

The smart power strip supports a 2.4 GHz wireless frequency and can bring a lot of convenience in your life. The first step is to download the corresponding free app which is compatible with both iOS 8.0+ and Android 4.1+ devices. There are a lot of things that you can do once the initial setup is done and you obtain complete wireless control over the sockets.

One of the most important features of any smart device like this one is the ability to schedule various events for individual sockets to turn either on or off. You can set a custom time to charge a particular device, for example, allowing it to avoid overcharging as the outlet will switch off automatically when the device is fully charged.

Another great aspect is the real-time feedback received on your smartphone. In the app you can monitor the status of your appliances as long as you’re connected to the wireless network. An extra layer of convenience is added by the inclusion of voice control. This feature is available for the Amazon Alexa assistant and will require a compatible device and some extra setup.

A very convenient smart power strip in all regards, the Iron-M model with its four outlets and four USB ports is a solid solution if you’re looking for increased automation in your home. Make sure you rename the sockets when you’re using it with Alexa. Everything being equal, this is a capable smart power strip for the money.

Key Features:

  • Remote wireless control
  • 4 outlets and 4 USB charging ports
  • Specific scheduling options
  • Real-time feedback
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control

3. Amtake Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip

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A particularly effective way to make your home smarter is by choosing a Wi-Fi smart power strip such as this model by Amtake. The built-in wireless capability enables a new level of control for the appliances that you plug into the power strip. Some of the highlights of this unit are voice control, surge protection, and convenient timer settings.

As this power strip is operated with the help of a smartphone app, you won’t need something like a hub or any additional setup to get it to work. Simply connect the power strip to the Wi-Fi network in your home and use the app’s features to control and monitor the outlets, independently.

There are 4 outlets included in this power strip but you also have the same number of USB ports all in the same place. While the outlets are independently controlled, the USB ports will be treated as a whole unit. It’s still great to have the option to activate the outlets exactly according to your needs.

Through the smart app, you will have the option to set up automated schedules like you would do if you had a timer outlet. Voice control can also be enabled if you pair the smart power strip with a compatible device. You can have an assistant like Amazon’s Alexa receive your vocal commands related to the activation of the outlets.

In terms of safety, this power strip has you covered thanks to its capable surge protection. Abnormally high voltages will be effectively absorbed so that your equipment avoids any danger. The material used is a fireproof type of ABS which is also fairly durable.

Overall, the Amtake smart power strip is a great option and a good investment if you want more out of your outlets. It’s fun to use the timing controls in the app and after you get over the initial setup, it works nicely with voice control too. When you also take into account the surge protection, the support for USB devices, and the reasonably long power cord, this is an ideal solution for the cost.

Key Features:

  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Wireless control via a smart app
  • 4 smart outlets and USB ports
  • Surge Protection
  • Various Timer Settings
  • UL, CE, and RoHS certification

4. Weton Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip with 4 AC Outlets

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Having a Wi-Fi smart power strip is essential for anyone who’s into home automation and another fine example on the market for these products is this unit created by Weton. This model delivers in terms of performance as it’s compatible with Alexa and has some decent energy saving and safety features.

If you own a smart voice control device, this model can be connected to it, so it can work with Alexa or the Google Assistant. A whole new world of convenience can be opened up as you’ll be able to activate a specific outlet just by commanding it with your voice. Depending on what you’ve got plugged into the power strip, the possibilities for automation are extremely vast.

With the help of the free smartphone app which you will be required to download and install, you will be able to set up some time settings. Get the toaster working before you’re out of bed or make the fan turn on when you get home. You can come up with some creative schedules for a more comfortable life at home.

If you have high safety standards rest assured because this unit is capable of meeting your expectations. There’s built-in leakage, overload, and surge protection. Your equipment will be protected at all times from damage. It’s also worth mentioning the energy-saving potential of the power strip. With the app, you can set the outlets to power off automatically so you won’t waste energy for example after a device has finished charging.

Getting an individual smart plug doesn’t look like a great investment. It’s better to choose a smart power strip like this model from Weton as it offers more bang for your buck. The outlets are easy to control and voice commands with Alexa work flawlessly too. All in all, this model is highly recommended for any home automation enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • 4 AC Outlets + 4 USB ports
  • Connects with Amazon Alexa
  • Convenient app control
  • Built-in leakage and overload protection
  • Scheduling settings for individual outlet control

5. Tripp Lite 12 Outlet Power Strip with Surge Protection

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The Tripp Lite power strip comes with a total of 12 outlets with different functions and a very advanced surge protection system. This is the type of smart power strip for people who need to power up a lot of valuable devices either at home or in a professional setting. Let’s see what are some reasons to consider this power strip.

By far the most important ability of this power strip is to eliminate phantom loads which are known for causing wasted energy which means a bigger energy bill. The way this power strip handles this issue is through the energy-saving outlets which cut off the electricity supply of the phantom loads.

Another solid feature of this power strip is the superior level of protection against surges thanks to its 3600-joule surge suppression rating. This will prevent your devices from being harmed by even the strongest surges. There are 12 outlets which provide safety covers that are built-in and are designed in such a way so as to permit the addition of up to three bulky transformers without blocking the rest.

An interesting ability of this power strip is regarding the disruptive interferences that can appear on the AC line. While this is usually not a cause for concern to your hardware, it can affect the audio/video performance or even damage your equipment. To help you with this, the surge protector comes with full EMI/RFI filtering.

If AC line protection is not enough to justify the cost, you will be pleased to find out that this unit comes with a set of RJ45 jacks to extend the surge protection to network or phone connections. A network cable is supplied and there’s also a coax cable provided because this power strip can prevent the damaging of your cable and satellite equipment too.

For those looking for the ultimate peace of mind, there’s not a better protective choice out there than the Tripp Lite power strip. It will save you a lot of money on energy bills too because it’s smart enough to cut down on sneaky phantom loads. There are so many great abilities in this unit and you will need to be prepared to make a slightly larger investment if you decide to go for it.

Key Features:

  • Superior protection against power surges, spikes, and line noise
  • ‘Master’ outlet for energy saving
  • Three ‘always ON’ outlets
  • Built-in modem/coax/ethernet protection
  • Two diagnostic LEDs and four status LEDs
  • Conforms to high safety standards

6. iClever BoostStrip IC-BS01 Smart Power Strip

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Although the iClever BoostStrip IC-BS01 is a fairly basic power strip, it has some smart features that make this a potential solution to your needs. It’s more compact than other models as it’s designed for travel and offers excellent surge protection and smart USB ports which provide efficient charging.

The combination of a compact design and global voltage compatibility turns this into a solid competitor for anyone who wants to take a reliable power strip overseas. There are only two outlets available but with its 4 USB charging ports you should have enough space for recharging devices while on-the-go.

The USB ports are equipped with a powerful technology for automatically recognizing the charging needs of any device you connect. It provides the maximum charging efficiency as it delivers up to 2.4 amps per port. Compatibility with virtually any USB powered devices is also ensured.

When it comes to construction quality, this unit doesn’t disappoint. The 94V0 fireproof material that’s used has been designed to withstand high temperatures without any issues. The copper wire delivers a solid electricity conductivity and enhanced heat dissipation thanks to its premium design.

Internal safety hasn’t been overlooked. There are multiple protections integrated including for overcurrent, short circuits or overheating. The outlets are surge protected capable of transferring power and maintaining a stable voltage when delivered to your connected equipment. The total of 4320 Joules surge protection is quite impressive so you shouldn’t have to worry about durability in the long term.

Ideal for travel or home use, this power strip is a great accessory to have considering its reasonable price. It provides superior functions for your protection and convenience, rising above the competition. The portable design and the construction quality create a nice mix which renders this power strip a worthy candidate if you’re looking for more than just a simple power strip.

Key Features:

  • Portable and compact travel-friendly device
  • Two surge-protected AC outlets
  • 4 smartID USB ports
  • Great safety features
  • Unibody shell with 94V0 fire-proof materials

7. Tonbux Wifi Smart Power Strip

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Another Wi-Fi model to check out is this one made by Tonbux. As it boasts a premium heat-resistant construction and a reliable PVC copper cable, this smart power strip seems to have good potential. Some its other highlights are voice control, IFTTT compatibility, and a very straightforward installing process.

This power strip may look intimidating to operate at first, especially for those new to smart technologies. The good news is that you can go through the installing process very smoothly. Make sure you properly connect the right appliances that you wish to automate and then add the power strip to your Wi-Fi network via the free Smart app.

For those who want to make this work with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, it’s worth the extra step required to set everything up. You will be capable of individually controlling each of the four AC outlets using only your voice. There’s also the option to do some configuration in the app for turning appliances on or off according to a particular schedule.

There are four smart plugs and a total of four USB ports that can be handy for charging various USB devices. The cord has a decent length of 5 feet which should work nicely for most professional and home office workstations. A red LED can be found next to each outlet which is convenient for seeing the current status of the power strip.

Considering its versatility and performance this smart power strip from Tonbux represents a good choice if you wish to make your home smarter. Even if you experience some reliability issues with the power strip it’s worth knowing that the manufacturer’s customer support is quite responsive and will offer a solution. Overall, this is a good buy for this cost.

Key Features:

  • Alexa Echo compatibility
  • Smart Life control app
  • 4 AC outlets + 4 USB ports
  • Surge and overload protection
  • Simple to operate

8. Mengyasi Wi-Fi Smart Power Strip

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The final smart power strip that needs some attention is this Wi-Fi model from Mengyasi. At a very reasonable price, it offers multiple smart outlets, remote wireless control, and a set of capable safety features. Whether you want to automate your coffee maker, air conditioner, or a lamp, this power strip can help.

If you were thinking about making your home smarter, getting a smart power strip can be a huge improvement in your overall productivity. This model comes with four individually controlled outlets and a set of four USB charging ports designed to handle any kind of smartphone or tablet.

A big problem for charging many devices is overcharging, a danger you can avoid if you use the timer function of this power strip. To control when the power strip will stop, you need to adjust some settings in the included app. In the smartphone app you can customize lots of things about your smart power strip so even if it takes a while to get used to it, you won’t regret it afterward.

The app needs to be downloaded from the Play store on Android or the Apple store on Apple devices. You can also add Amazon Alexa voice control so you can work in a more productive manner with the outlets. There’s also some great potential to save some energy if you’re using the timing function of the app to program the outlets to turn off at specific times.

Compared to other similar models, this smart power strip is less reliable and you might experience some difficulties when you’re trying to pair it with the smartphone app if you’re a novice. Still, considering everything about it, the Mengyasi power strip could be a solid option at this price. It has some capable features once you manage to properly sync it with the app.

Key Features:

  • 4-outlet and 4-USB power strip
  • Wireless app control
  • Multi-protection safety features
  • Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Individually controlled sockets