The 8 Best Smart WiFi Light Switches of 2020

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The market for smart devices is constantly on the rise and one great item to turn your home into a smarter one is a Wi-Fi light switch. It’s similar to a normal switch but you can control it more conveniently with your Wi-Fi enabled devices allowing you for more complex functionality like setting schedules. This means that you can cut down on energy costs and overall make your life simpler. You might also be interested in our articles about the best WiFi radios and the best smart sprinkler systems.

Installing a smart light switch isn’t a difficult task. It depends on the model, as some switches can be installed over your old ones while others require the usual process like you’d install a normal light switch. If you don’t really know what you’re doing or if it seems too complicated, it’s recommended to use the services of a qualified electrician.

There are some particular features which could be essential for you so let’s take a look at some important characteristics of smart Wi-Fi light switches to help you make a better-informed decision:

1. Pairing with other smart devices

If a Wi-Fi light switch is just a simple component of your whole smart home, perhaps it’s important to check to see if the model you choose can easily pair with other smart devices that you already own. Many Wi-Fi light switches are compatible with Amazon Echo for example.

2. Electricity usage monitoring

If energy saving is an important factor for you, it’s recommended to get a smart light switch that offers to monitor for electricity usage which can be very helpful to figure out which particular areas in your home represent the main culprits for wasting energy.

3. Design and safety features

Getting a Wi-Fi light switch which blends nicely with the rest of the décor in your home can be a very welcomed feature by some. Choose a model with elegant and discreet control panels if you favor subtlety in your home. These devices will come with certain safety features like overload protection so if this is a concern of yours, get a light switch that minimizes the risk of blowing your circuits from an overload.

4. App user-friendliness

One last thing that can have an impact on your purchasing decision is the intuitiveness of the included mobile app. Take a look at the way the app’s designed to see if it’s easy enough to use.

With these features to evaluate in mind, let’s take a look at individual reviews for the best smart Wi-Fi light switches offered on the market right now. Expect only cost-effective products that have been thoroughly researched before being included in this list.

Best WiFi Light Switch

1. TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch HS200

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For anyone looking to obtain the most reliable smart Wi-Fi light switch, the HS200 from TP-Link can be the right solution. It comes with a comprehensive installation guide and many advanced features for making your home smarter. The price is also within a reasonable range so let’s see what it can do.

The install process goes very smoothly. If you have electrical wiring knowledge you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. You will need certain things such as a neutral wire and a single-pole switch but if you want to save yourself the trouble, you can always rely on a qualified electrician to handle this process. Setting up the Wi-Fi light switch is done through an app that will guide you through the initial steps to have everything connected and ready.

Controlling and managing your lights remotely is a breeze with the help of the Kasa app which works with all the smart TP-Link devices in your home. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS devices and it’s also designed to integrate with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to take the managing of your lights to the next level with Voice Control.

You have the ability to assign a name to every smart Wi-Fi switch in your home so making voice commands is easier. If you prefer, you have the option to group all the smart devices so that all of them listen to one command. Any Wi-Fi router should work for this light switch and the fact that you don’t need a separate hub or an expensive subscription service brings a lot of freedom in your new smart home.

When you consider how fast you can set up this light switch, it’s fair to say that TP-Link did a solid job with the HS200. One reason why this model is better than the competition is thanks to the higher level of energy efficiency. The app controls are decent and overall the smart Wi-Fi switch is recommended if you’re looking to automate your lights.

Product Highlights:

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Free Kasa smartphone app
  • Away-Mode
  • Simple setup
  • Schedules programming and energy management

Best Smart Light Switch

2. Wemo Light Switch F7C030fc Works with Amazon Alexa

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Wemo is one of the most appreciated manufacturers of this kind of light switches so if you’re in the market for making your lights smarter, check out their F7C030fc model. It works without any issues with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant while it’s also compatible with Nest and IFTTT.

There’s no subscription or hub needed for making this work. After you download the free Wemo app and go through the initial setup, it’s time to have some fun as you can now start switching the lights on and off or setting schedules remotely. The app is very intuitively designed, with more configuration options than its competitors.

This light switch is fully compatible with various types of lights including outdoor lighting fixtures or lamps. There are lots of scheduling possibilities but one of the coolest features of this smart light switch is the ‘Away Mode’ which basically is a way of creating the illusion that you’re at home to detract any potential burglars from breaking into your home while you’re not present. It turns the lights on and off using a series of randomized patterns.

Pairing this unit with voice control devices like those using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is a very simple process. Using only your voice you can control the lights. There’s also compatibility for Nest and the IFTTT web-based service.

Nest allows for more automatization options as it detects your presence and syncs with the switch. You can, for example, have the lights turn on automatically when you arrive. ‘If This, Then That’ or IFTTT enables you more advanced programming for your lights than you thought would be possible.

Taking into account how smoothly the Wemo F7C030fc works and the reliable settings to adjust from the app, this smart light switch is fully worth the money. The setup process can be a bit difficult initially but if you follow the instructions carefully, you’re going to have smarter lights in no time. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Works with Nest and IFTTT
  • Away Mode
  • Timers and schedules can be set
  • Quick install

3. Leviton DW15S-1BZ Decora Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch

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The Leviton DW15S-1BZ smart Wi-Fi light switch can be a solid addition to replace your old light switch and make your home smarter. There’s voice control enabled so you can use it with Alexa or Google Assistant while the installation is very straightforward and the app controls are very intuitive.

After you get your Decora smart device installed either by a professional or by yourself, simply download the free My Leviton app and go through some final steps to configure the connection. You will have access to a suite of powerful functions within the app to control your lights in a smarter way.

One great feature is the integration with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible devices. You can basically take it to another level by shutting off or turning on the lights by using only your voice. The app allows for the creation of customized schedules to manage your home more efficiently. You can create various activities and make the lights respond accordingly.

Having ugly hardware like a hub that needs to be hidden away is a thing of the past with such a smart Wi-Fi light switch. No gateways, controllers, or other systems, apart from a Wi-Fi router, are needed. The manufacturer designed this unit with a certain level of refinement in mind but without making the switch stand out. The operation is also very straightforward not allowing for any kind of confusion.

The IFTTT integration takes the functionality of this smart light switch up a notch. It allows for convenient recipes for IoT services and products and smart homeowners should be familiar with the automatization possibilities. Leviton has a solid technical support team ready to assist you via multiple connection paths, so this is certainly another thing worth considering, especially if you aren’t familiar with smart devices.

If you’re looking for making the leap towards home automation, having a reliable Wi-Fi light switch like the Leviton DW15S-1BZ could be a great solution. It both looks and works without any flaw but the instructions are maybe a bit too complicated for non-electricians who want to treat this as a DIY job. Overall it makes your life easier and more convenient so that’s why it’s recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible
  • Free Leviton app
  • IFTTT integration
  • Simple installation
  • Can create schedules

4. Markevina Smart WiFi Light Switch

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The Wi-Fi light switch made by Markevina is a powerful model which ensures smart control for your lights. It comes with reliable safety features and promises a hassle-free installation experience in just three steps. Let’s take a more in-depth look at this switch to decide if it would be a good choice for your needs.

This light switch has integrated compatibility with voice control devices so you can control the lights more conveniently with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The app for this model is fully compatible with the most recent versions of Android and iOS and it has some solid scheduling and countdown options.

With a smart Wi-Fi switch like this one, you can automatically turn off or on the lights but that’s not all. You can set them to synchronize with the sunrise for example. There are lots of possibilities. It’s good to know that when it comes to safety this unit has overload protection licensed by ETL.

Installing this smart light switch is a fairly easy process. The user manual is reasonably comprehensive and the app will also offer step-by-step guidance to make everything work in the smoothest manner possible. No hub is needed to manage this smart device, just your smartphone and a Wi-Fi connection are all that’s required.

The wiring instructions could be difficult to follow for those without electrical experience. If you are familiar with these things you will be pleased if you patiently work your way through the install process. It details the proper hookup methods and how to confirm that your electrical connections work correctly.

Considering how nicely Markevina’s Wi-fi light switch works, this represents a solid product in all regards. The looks are also very modern and aesthetically pleasant. For an accessible price, you can have your lights automated and conveniently controlled using wireless technology. This is certainly a pleasure to use and a worthy investment.

Product Highlights:

  • Works with Google Home and Alexa
  • App control
  • ETL Licensed Overload protection
  • Straightforward install process
  • Timing scheduling

5. KYGNE Smart Light Switch WiFi

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With a durable and reliable construction, the Kygne smart light switch delivers in terms of performance and convenience. It comes with voice control for the best compatibility with Google Home or Amazon Alexa and it provides a nice LED indicator to be able to quickly check the status even in the dark.

This model provides a high-performance design with a handy LED indicator. Touching this switch when you have wet hands is possible without worrying about safety as it’s completely waterproof. Overall the touch control is more sensitive than other models on the market which is a great thing.

If you plan on using voice control devices then you will be pleased to find out that this unit has compatibility for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. When it comes to scheduling, this Wi-Fi light switch comes with an app that provides plenty of options for increased automatization in your home.

One great feature is the power saving ability, created for saving money in the long run as it avoids wasting standby power but it can also extend the life of the product. Overcharging and overheating issues are taken care of through this method.

Controlling the lights from a distance is much more comfortable. Get the free app on any compatible device like a smartphone or a tablet, and enjoy the freedom of turning off and on the lights from virtually anywhere. No monthly fees are needed as you won’t have to install any hub or gateway for this to work properly.

The Kygne smart light switch appears to have great potential. It pairs without too much hassle with the Smart Life app and it’s controlled by voice easily. If you’re looking to convert your home into a smarter one, this is a must-have. It’s very simple and intuitive to use and you will obviously appreciate the convenience of turning the lights off from a distance.

Product Highlights:

  • Alexa and Google Home voice control
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Remote control included
  • Convenient scheduling
  • LED indicator

6. MEAMOR Smart WiFi Switch Compatible with Android and iOS and Alexa

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Another solid addition to the market for smart Wi-Fi light switches is this one from Meamor. It comes with a free app for your smartphone, convenient voice control, a capable timing function and power saving feature. This unit is definitely crafted with quality and reliability in mind.

The free Tuya app supplied to manage this Wi-Fi switch is quite reliable. It will work without issues with iOS 8 or higher devices and Android 4.1 or higher models. If you use Amazon Echo, Dot, or Tap you can have Alexa handle the operation of the lights through the voice. To activate the voice control setting, you will need to turn on the ‘Smart Life’ feature in Alexa app.

If you’re worried about difficult set-ups and installation procedures, then you can have some piece of mind as this unit is incredibly convenient providing the exact steps for connecting the switch to the network in your home. Thanks to the power saving and overload protection features, you will also save some energy and enjoy a safer environment as overheating issues are prevented.

Regarding timing functionality, this light switch can be set according to your precise preferences so the home lighting can activate in certain moments automatically. One great feature is the Away Mode which lends a helpful hand to the security system of your home considering the ability to randomly turn on the lights to appear as if somebody’s home when you’re away.

With such an impressive collection of features, this light switch from Meamor is recommended if it fits your budget. Installing and configuring this unit is a breeze and the high-tech design is sure to be appreciated by anyone looking to transform their conventional home into a smart one.

Product Highlights:

  • Free app for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Voice command through Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Timing function
  • Power saving
  • Easy to use interface

7. Lausatek Smart Light Switch No Hub Required

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The Lausatek Wi-Fi light switch is designed for maximum comfort and convenience. You can use it for making your home smarter as you can fully control your lights in a more efficient way. It has extremely sensitive touch control and a stylish LED to complement the look of any room.

This model works without problems after you make the pairing to the home network through the helpful smartphone app. It’s free to obtain from any app store on both iOS and Android devices. This is definitely a huge advantage over having to use a subscription service and install a hub.

If you wish to buy a smart Wi-Fi light switch, convenient lights control is probably the main thing you’re interested in. This model allows for setting up the lights to turn on or off at specific times saving you considerable money and energy in the process. If you want your home to become more automatized, this is obviously a must-have item.

Compared to other models on the market, this light switch features an elegant button with smart Touch Control. On its surface, you will discover a pleasant LED light which can fit nicely in any living room and complement the modern look of your house.

One interesting feature of this model is the Away Mode that conveys the appearance of your home being active while you’re gone. This can positively contribute to the overall security, discouraging burglars to break in.

All things considered, the Lausatek smart light switch will take home automatization to a new level. It pairs nicely with voice control devices and the setup process is fairly smooth. Just make sure that you already have the right wires for it to work and double check the measurements. Overall, this is a solid model to consider for a Wi-Fi light switch.

Product Highlights:

  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Free app available to control the lights
  • Smart touch control button
  • LED lighting
  • Safety schedule timer

8. GE Z-Wave Plus 14291 Wireless Smart Lighting Switch

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A reliable wireless light switch you should consider is the GE Z-Wave Plus 14291. It works with lots of different types of lights enabling you smart control using any compatible mobile device. It requires a certified Z-Wave hub for Alexa voice control support while the installation needs to be done in-wall with hard-wired connections.

This unit will work well with all certified Z-Wave devices and it can handle LED, CFL, Halogen, or Incandescent light bulbs. You can manage and program specific times for all of them and it doesn’t matter if they’re wall or ceiling lights.

Some of the gateways that this light switch accepts are SmartThings, Nexia, Honeywell, HomeSeer, and Vera. Depending on the controller or specific gateway, the functions can be different but any mobile device should be able to operate without issues with this light switch.

This model comes with an enhanced flexibility level as you can create scheduling events to activate while you’re away or custom scenes that automatically play out without having to do any work yourself. Compared to the previous model, there have been certain improvements in terms of wireless range performance and energy efficiency.

A great thing about this model it can be installed without having to completely change your existing wiring. The switch can be utilized in both single- or multi-switch applications and is UL listed. The hub requirement could be a problem but this still offers a smarter home control that’s hard to match for its class.

If you factor in what it can do, the GE Z-Wave Plus 14291 could be a solid option especially if you already own a compatible hub. It represents a relatively inexpensive way to turn your old light bulbs into smarter ones. All in all, this smart Wi-Fi light switch responds quickly and can be programmed with ease so it’s highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Works with Alexa
  • Requires a Z-wave hub
  • Compatible with all LED, CFL, and other types of lights
  • Responsive switch
  • Easy wiring