The 8 Best Teleprompters of 2021

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Best iPad Teleprompter
Best Teleprompter for DSLR
Best Affordable Teleprompter

Having a reliable teleprompter will help you to transmit your ideas better, without vocal filler speakers usually say like “um’s” and “aah’s”. It’s a known fact that all TV news people use these devices and the reason for that is very simple. It allows you to keep eye contact with the viewer and at the same time to speak with them fluidly. The lack of a prompter can reduce the effectiveness of any delivered message and this is understood by lots of people who speak to an audience like those who make YouTube videos for example. You might also be interested in our article about the best portable projectors and the best phone camera lens.

If you wish to be able to improve your video communication and remove the need to be constantly thinking about what you have to say or excessively edit your videos, then a teleprompter is an essential investment. These devices are now available for reasonable prices so many video bloggers and web personalities make use of them even when streaming live. In this article, you will find some of the most appreciated products on the market right now in terms of cost-effectiveness. This selection will definitely help you make the right decision if you need a teleprompter. But before you check them out, let’s see which are the most important aspects that you need to be aware of before you actually buy one.

1. Beamsplitter glass formulations

Every teleprompter uses a beamsplitter for displaying text on one side while the camera’s on the other side and doesn’t see the text during the recording. You can find coated beamsplitter glass in various formulations for light transmission and reflectance including 60/40, 70/30, and 50/50. The 60/40 formulation usually reflects the text more brightly than 70/30 glass and both of them are more common for teleprompter beamsplitters.

2. Compatibility

Some teleprompters are more accommodating for the particular size of the camera that you want to use. You should keep in mind the fact that other devices are not that flexible and may not work well with larger cameras. Affordable products are usually designed for small to mid-size cameras.

3. Ease of operating

Not all teleprompters are intuitive to use or work straight out of the box. Some may need a bit of assembling work before you can set them up properly. This is an important aspect if you are a beginner and aren’t very familiar with this type of devices. If this is the case, it’s probably best to stick to products geared towards more casual users which are simpler to use.

This is pretty much the gist of it so without any further introductions, let’s look at the best teleprompters found on the market today.

Best iPad Teleprompter

1. Glide Gear TMP100

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Another interesting option on the market for teleprompters is the Glide Gear TMP100, a very easy device to work with. It requires no assembly and is collapsible to a much more compact form making it an ideal choice for video creators on the go. The price is not very high for what it offers so this is probably the primary factor for why this teleprompter belongs on this list.

The 70/30 beamsplitter glass reflects the scrolling text from up to a 10 feet range which is a decent value for reading comfortably. A protective hood will eliminate any unwanted light from your lens and the prompter comes outfitted with the right tripod mount threads to make the set-up process less troublesome.

Because of the fact that this teleprompter is designed to work specifically with a tablet or phone, you need to install a prompting software. There’s no dedicated app for this model but the Apple App store or Google Play store have plenty of choices that should be compatible with your device.

As this model folds flat and includes a nice carrying case, it’s well worth the extra investment. It comes already assembled and the glass is quite clear offering a minimal impact on camera exposure and striking the right reflective balance to be able to read the script more clearly.

Finding a flaw with this teleprompter is not an easy task but the only slight issue you might encounter is regarding the process of attaching a tripod. It can get a little tricky as the head of the screw is not found in exactly the right position for anchoring the teleprompter but it’s not a big problem. The good news is that it doesn’t require a special tripod like many of its competitors.

Overall, the Glide Gear TMP100 is a solid device for those looking for a very flexible teleprompting solution. As it can be set up in just a few simple steps and delivers presentations that look natural and reasonably professional, this is a model that can help you save a lot of time. Finding better value than this is quite difficult at this price point so this is certainly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Accommodates smartphones or tablets up to 10.5 x 9.5 inches
  • Collapsible teleprompter
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • 70/30 Beamsplitter Glass
  • No Assembly Required
  • 10 ft Reading Range, Carry Case

2. Ikan PT-ELITE-PRO Teleprompter For Universal Large Tablet

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For those with bigger budgets who want a more premium teleprompter, the PT-Elite Pro by Ikan seems to fit the bill. It delivers a quality teleprompting experience through almost any tablet. As it’s designed according to the 15mm rod system, it provides a more durable set-up and achieves a nice balance in terms of weight which is surprisingly low.

The teleprompter glass on this model is scientific grade 70/30 and the beam splitter is manufactured according to the highest standards and it definitely shows. The clarity and sharpness are superior to cheaper teleprompters. This unit offers an adjustable glass frame to make it more convenient for transporting though it still feels a bit bulky. The design is virtually tool-free and a magnetic hood is included in the package.

A great aspect of this teleprompter is the EV3 quick release baseplate that allows you to add or remove your camera very fast and it can also adjust for various camera sizes. For better balance, the base plate provides multiple mounting points and it has a wider base that adds more stability for your tripod. In terms of compatibility, this model accepts Apple, Android or Windows tablets even some models that are bigger than 10 inches in length.

Something that worries a lot of people who buy this type of delicate equipment is discovering a broken teleprompter when the package arrives. Ikan took extra measures to ensure that your teleprompter will reach its destination safely. The unit ships with a custom cut high-quality foam packaging so you can worry less about receiving a broken product.

The Ikan PT-Elite Pro is very robust and the reflector glass is of an exceptional quality offering a clear reflection from the tablet. Considering all the features including the amazing versatility of this device, the verdict is clearly leaning on a highly positive note. The only slight drawback is regarding the bigger size when fully assembled that makes it a bit difficult for transporting but all in all, this is a valuable investment if you need a more professional teleprompter.

Key Features:

  • Supports Larger iPad, Android, and Windows Tablets
  • Quick Release Baseplate
  • Foldable Glass Frame
  • Solid Aluminum Construction
  • 15mm Rod Based

Best Affordable Teleprompter

3. Parrot Teleprompter

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The Parrot teleprompter is the result of exploring possibilities for a simple way to record a script without relying on expensive and bulky conventional teleprompters that can be difficult to work with. Although it comes with a surprisingly low cost, don’t be deceived as this model is still offering professional-grade teleprompter features. It’s also easy to carry, a breeze to use, and doesn’t require some complicated setup.

This is an extremely compact starter prompter that works with almost any smartphone. It’s designed to directly attach to the filter thread from the camera lens and is compatible with DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and other smaller cameras. The design has been enhanced to help with a more comfortable teleprompting experience and the materials are top-notch for this price.

As it only weighs 0.4 lbs, it’s a highly portable unit and the front and back covers will protect the device from dust and scratches to the glass. It can be easily carried in a case or bag as one self-enclosed unit thanks in part to the efficient slide-and-lock covers.

Setting up the teleprompter is done quickly and without too much hassle. There are nine included filter thread adapters and you’ll need to use one to connect your camera lens. After mounting the camera on a tripod, you have to screw the thread adapter tightly onto the camera lens and finally attach the teleprompter onto the adapter. As it fully covers up the rear, the adapter blocks out all the light.

The only thing left to do after the Parrot teleprompter is mounted is to install your phone. Placing into the bottom section is a breeze thanks to the fact that it’s spring loaded and it easily makes room for any common smartphone out there.

Designed to offer a helping hand when speaking in front of a camera to achieve proper eye contact, the Parrot Teleprompter is a highly portable system that works as advertised. It may not be comparable to more advanced teleprompters in terms of build quality but considering that it’s a lot less expensive, and it’s so much easier to use and more convenient, it can be an attractive option for anyone making videos where they need to interact with an audience.

Key Features:

  • 30r/70t teleprompter glass
  • Quick setup
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy to use free app
  • Compatible with most smartphones

Best Teleprompter For DSLR

4. Caddie Buddy Simple Professional Portable Teleprompter

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With the help of a quality teleprompter, you can start making more professional videos no matter your skill level. A solid example is this one from Caddie Buddy which enables you to look into the camera directly when reading text from the screen. The price is fairly balanced and this model works with any standard tripod and nicely fits any size tablet or smartphone thanks to its adjustable tray.

The rail system of this teleprompter is adjustable both vertically and horizontally so it should fit well most cameras as long as they aren’t too big. Regarding the beam splitter glass, the quality is on par with what you’d find on some of the more advanced teleprompters on the market.

It can be attached to any standard tripod and your camera will be attached directly to the metal stand and the adjustable tray should accommodate any size tablet or smartphone. The reading distance of 12 feet is quite decent and a teleprompter app can be obtained from the app store and enables you to customize the teleprompting experience. The text font size can be changed as well as various options like the background colors and the scrolling speed of the text.

One reason why this is clearly a superior product when compared to its competitors is regarding the build quality which isn’t as basic as similar models. The teleprompter feels sturdy and well constructed but a proper carrying case would have been a nice addition to simplify the transporting.

Taking everything that’s been said about the Caddie Buddy teleprompter, it’s safe to say that this represents a solid investment. The fact that it folds flat is a critical feature for anyone wishing to move the teleprompter around. If you have a stable tripod, you can fully benefit from this unit’s potential. It’s a great entry level teleprompter that’s easy to setup and use. For anyone on the hunt for a cost-effective teleprompter, this device is one of the best options as it’s solidly built and works flawlessly.

Key Features:

  • 70/30 Beam Splitter Glass
  • No assembly required
  • 15mm aluminum rail system
  • Compatible with cameras up to 9 lbs
  • Works with most Apple and Android tablets or smartphones
  • Custom Hood
  • Black background cloth and phone adapter

5. Glide Gear TMP 50 Adjustable Smartphone Mini Teleprompter

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A small and portable mini teleprompter, it comes with a capable 70/30 beamsplitter glass and it is a good teleprompter solution overall. It features a clamp that accepts smartphones and tablets with a maximum width of 6.7’’. This product has great potential to help you if you have a bad memory and it takes you way too long to shoot and edit videos.

The collapsible design of this mini teleprompter facilitates the storage and transport aspects. With this device, you can opt for two operating modes as you can either handhold or tripod-mount the set up while you read from the scrolling text. Optionally, you can try using a hand grip to handhold.

The hood provided in the package is fully removable and can be connected quickly by using a hook-and-loop strip. It can be a bit complicated to work with the hood as initially, it feels very stiff right out of the box but after using it for a while it starts to loosen up. The included carry case is a nice bonus considering the low price of this teleprompter.

Compatibility-wise, the TMP 50 accepts any smartphone with a maximum width of 6.2″, DSLRs that have a physically short lens, and even GoPros set in a narrow angle. This is for the camera but the device accepts many devices for the monitor too. You can use any smartphone or tablet whose width doesn’t exceed 6.7″. The unit offers a captive 1/4″-20 mounting screw to be used with a mirrorless or DSLR camera. The smartphone camera mount attaches to a 1/4″-20 screw.

If you’re on a budget and need an inexpensive teleprompter, the Glide Gear TMP 50 is a good choice but you will have to get used to the small size. All in all, this device seems solidly built even though the materials aren’t exactly premium. You can’t expect too much at this price but this teleprompter gets the job done. Just make sure you take good care of it because it feels like it has the potential to be a reliable product in the long term.

Key Features:

  • Made for Smartphones
  • 1/4 20 and 3/8 Tripod Mountable
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 70 / 30 Beam splitting glass
  • Adjustable and Collapsible
  • Can also accommodate DSLR/ Mirrorless with prime lenses

6. Ikan PT-Elite iPad Teleprompter Kit

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The PT-Elite is a powerful way to integrate your iPad into your daily video production workflow. It represents a full out-of-the-box solution for turning your iPad into a teleprompter ready for video production work. There are some great features packed in this device though the price is also a bit higher than some other models on this list.

The installation process for this teleprompter goes very smoothly as the mount is simple to adjust for your particular iPad. DSLR and most small to mid-size cameras are compatible with this device and Ikan provides a durable prompter hood and some of the best 30/70 prompter glass in the industry.

Attaching this unit to a camera tripod is a pretty straightforward job. You will find a machined plate with a series of threaded holes on the bottom, right between the rods. With the help of a balance point, screw in the tripod mount. The entire device is intended to mount on standard 15mm rails.

Construction-wise, the extra cost shows its marks as this teleprompter is sturdily built and focused on reliability in the long term. The EV2 adjustable camcorder baseplate is another interesting addition that completes the quality package of this product. It’s compatible with all the major teleprompting apps for iPads and there’s even a special app that you can use for this model but it costs a bit extra. It could still be worth it though, taking into account that it has lots of features and is more easy to use.

Considering the durable prompter hood, the adjustable camcorder baseplate, the simple installation, and the compatibility with lots of small to mid-size camera units, the Ikan PT-Elite is a decent choice for anyone with the desire to improve their speaking videos. The mount is only compatible with iPads but it does a great job overall and it’s highly recommended as a teleprompter.

Key Features:

  • Designed for small to mid-size cameras
  • Lightweight & adjustable
  • 30/70 prompter glass
  • Easy set-up
  • iPad Mount Compatible with most iPads

7. Ikan PT-ELITE-U Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter Kit

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Another Ikan teleprompter that’s worth your attention is the PT-Elite-U which has a fully adjustable mount to accommodate multiple tablet devices and comes with improved 30/70 prompter glass that offers a premium quality for the price. Due to the fact that it’s lightweight and the set-up is done without too much hassle, this unit deserves a spot in here.

The prompter glass used is of decent quality, improved over the previous version and there’s also Ikan’s EV2 adjustable camcorder baseplate. Compatibility with any teleprompting apps for iOS and Android tablets is ensured so you’re pretty much set right out of the box.

Setting up this teleprompter is a rapid process considering how lightweight and simple to break down the device is. It’s compatible with various tablets as long as they fit the maximum size of 8 x 10.5″. This model is based on the popular Elements camera support system and it uses a robust 15mm rod-based one. It can be a portable addition to your video production toolbox.

If you experience any trouble when you install this teleprompter or during operating, is worth mentioning that there are lots of helpful YouTube videos out there to guide you. The glass and the tablet mount are pre-assembled so you’re already almost done because the rest of the assembly is the easiest. Try to be careful with the glass because it can be very expensive to replace if you break it. When all is set and done, reading from this teleprompter is quite a pleasure.

A well-built piece of equipment with solid features for the money, the Ikan PT-Elite-U is definitely worth the cost. Mounting the camera on the rail system is not very straightforward. It would have been better if Ikan added a slightly longer screw and something like a rubber plate to simplify the mounting process but all in all, this is a decent buy.

Key Features:

  • Universal Tablet Mount
  • Lightweight & Easy Set-Up
  • High-Quality 70/30 Teleprompter Glass
  • 15mm Baseplate and 12″ Rods
  • Min / Max Tablet Size: 5 x 7.5″ / 8 x 10.5″

8. InteractMedia Mini Teleprompter R810-10 for iPad – Currently Unavailable

The InteractMedia R810-10 is one of the best teleprompters for improving your video presentations or YouTube videos. It allows you to save a lot of time and money by eliminating the need to memorize your lines. This model comes with many powerful features for a reasonable cost, allowing you to compete with large companies in the industry in terms of how professional videos look.

The first thing you might notice about the teleprompter is its flexibility. It can hold a small hand camera, a DSLR, or a larger format video camera. The 6.75-inch slot found on the top platform allows you to connect the camera fairly close to the reflective glass. What’s nice about this device is that if you own more than one camera, the teleprompter can be adjusted to fit it.

On the bottom of the teleprompter, there’s a 2.25-inch slot for connecting the metal frame to a tripod.There’s plenty of flexibility in this setup and the slot provides a good balance to the unit. On the front of the bottom piece, you can put a variety of projection devices including iPads of any generation, Android tablets or most smartphones. They can be used to project scrolling text on the reflective glass.

Besides the teleprompter, InteractMedia includes in the package a background cloth, a wing nut and screw for connecting the tripod and camera. Keep in mind that some assembly has to be done initially though it’s nothing complicated. The black shroud does a good job preventing reflections but it needs to be adjusted correctly with smaller cameras as it can sometimes flop down in front of the lens.

Considering how easy to use and how great the set of features of this teleprompter is, the final conclusion is a highly positive one. InteractMedia also has a very responsive customer support so if you have any issues with the delicate glass, they will make sure that you have a working teleprompter in no time. If you want something that works well but also leaves a bit of room in your budget, the Mini Teleprompter R810-10 is an excellent solution to enhance such an essential aspect of any video.

Key Features:

  • Works with iPads as well as other tablets and smartphones
  • Can be used with various handheld or DSLR cameras
  • Beam splitter glass
  • Black background cloth and connectors
  • Solid construction