The 8 Best USB Car Chargers of 2018

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Best Buy USB Car Charger
Best Dual USB Car Charger

Having a USB charger for your car can be a solid idea. With the help of a small and compact device, you will be able to keep at least two smartphones charged while you’re on the go. It’s hard to beat their convenience and especially their performance. It’s a well-known fact that most built-in USB car ports are terrible at providing enough power to charge a modern smartphone or a tablet. They’re also under abundant making it difficult for those with multiple power-hungry devices to get full-speed charging all at once. Thankfully, you can get an inexpensive USB car charger that can take care of this job. Selecting the right one depends on certain factors but the most important ones are:

1. Amperage

Smartphones these days require high amps to get charged more efficiently and the best value is 2.4A per port. Keep in mind that many chargers could offer a high-speed 2.4A port but not a sufficient output overall to handle multiple devices charged at the same time. This could often be the case with chargers with multiple ports.

2. Number of ports

USB car chargers come with two ports but if that’s not enough for you, it could be worth investing in a multi-port model. Many units even offer longer cables to reach users on the backseat of the car. You can solve all your battery problems when you’re on the road with a capable USB charging station with more high-speed ports.

3. Safety

It’s recommended to try to get a charger that’s fabricated by a reputable manufacturer in the business. A charger needs to have all the certifications and electrical protections in place to be considered safe. Don’t settle for cheap chargers of dubious quality which might compromise on certain safeguards that other models provide for handling the fluctuations in voltage or for taking care of overheating problems.

4. Quick Charge

If you own a very high-end smartphone, it’s likely that it supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature which enables a much faster rate of charge. In that case, having a charger with at least a Quick Charge port is very important to ensure compatibility. Make sure the charger has the right certification for this option.

These are the most important aspects to consider in a USB car charger. Let’s have a look at the following selection of cost-effective models which only made it into this list if they could be considered truly worth the money. Without any further introductions, here are the best USB car chargers. You might also be interested in our articles about the best usb wall charger and the best usb hubs.

Best Buy USB Car Charger

1. Anker Power Dual USB Car Charger

Anker gained a lot of popularity in the industry of charging products and another segment that they seem to have a firm grasp on is the USB car chargers. Their PowerDrive 2 dual charger uses the most advanced technology in the industry and delivers great performance in a compact design.

A car charger needs to be compact enough so as not to make it too difficult or inconvenient to use on the road. This unit is particularly slim and offers two ports, each offering 2.4 amps of power to fully charge any demanding smartphone or tablet as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the capable combination of advanced charging technologies, VoltageBoost and PowerIQ, your device can safely charge in the fastest way possible. The charger comes with a LED that glows gently without being distracting when you wish to find the charging port at night.

The USB charger is compatible with pretty much any smart device or any other USB device. It’s important to use your original cable or a certified one so you can enjoy the best results. It’s also powerful enough to charge your 12” MacBook though it’s recommended to do it while in sleep mode or when the device’s turned off.

When it comes to safety, there’s hardly a manufacturer more rigorous than Anker. The unique MultiProtect system incorporated into this charger is designed to offer complete protection against any electrical dangers including surges and short circuits. There are also CE and FCC certifications to ensure the best reliability.

A very high-quality and versatile product, the Anker PowerDrive 2 is easily the top choice for a USB car charger. It doesn’t get too hot even if you plug two power-hungry devices and charge them simultaneously. The design is simple and stylish and the internal components are premium-grade. Highly recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • 2 ports with 24W power supply
  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies
  • Multiprotect safety system
  • Up to 2.4 amps per port
  • Compact design
  • LED light

Best Dual USB Car Charger

2. Maxboost 24W Smartphone USB Car Charger

The Silicon Valley-based Maxboost is a leading manufacturer in the USB car charging industry and their model is very appreciated by both drivers and passengers everywhere. It packs two 2.4A outputs for charging virtually any USB-compatible device and a smart technology for optimizing the performance.

As this unit has a reasonably low-profile design, it shouldn’t be difficult to take on the road whenever you need. An internal LED enables you to use the charger even if it’s dark outside without having to turn on the car’s lights. The blue glow of the LED is bright enough without being a distraction which is a great feature.

You can take this charger to its full potential by plugging in two devices simultaneously. The charger can deliver 4.8 amps in this case and it does that in an optimized manner. You can charge two power-hungry devices according to the best specifications for obtaining the quickest charging time for both of them.

In terms of construction quality, this charger is designed with a double-injected framing for extra strength. It should be able to last for a long time and it can handle many different USB powered devices. A great thing about this unit is that it also doesn’t get too hot compared to some cheap models on the market.

Reasonably priced and delivering adequate charge to your devices, the Maxboost charger for your car is an excellent product, all things considered. If your phones need a lot of power and you need a reliable charger for your car, this unit does the job without any issues. It’s solidly built and compact so it’s an excellent tool to have on the road.

Product Highlights:

  • Two 2.4A outputs
  • LED charging light
  • Double-injected framing
  • Compact low-profile design
  • Intelligent circuit design
  • Optimal charging efficiency

3. Aukey CC-T1 Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger

For those who wish to keep up the energy levels of their Quick Charge devices, a car charger like the Aukey CC-T1 seems like a solid choice. It’s certified by Qualcomm for one of its ports to accept Quick Charge 3.0 devices. The other port offers a standard 2.4 amps output. Let’s see what other features this USB car charger has in store.

The outside of this charger doesn’t stand out in any way but the unit is fairly compact and easy to use. Inside the device is where the magic of high-speed charging happens. The manufacturer integrated some top-quality components such as the AiPower IC which adapts the power output for each device and the Quick Charge 3.0 IC.

Some advanced components with safety roles have also been added. There’s a high-performance inductor which manages the temperatures so the charger doesn’t overheat. You’ve got an MCU controller for keeping in check the output current and providing protection against the danger of short circuits. Another useful feature is the advanced circuitry for protecting against surges.

There are two ports packed in this charger and both of them can charge well with the slight difference that the orange one accepts Quick Charge 3.0 devices. The green port works with Aukey’s AiPower adaptive technology to deliver consistent 2.4 amps of power to any device that needs a reliable charge. It almost goes without saying that the Quick Charge port is also compatible with all other USB-powered devices but it will charge them at a normal rate.

Considering the potent charging and the efficient design, the Aukey CC-T1 is strongly recommended to anyone who owns Quick Charge-compatible smart devices. The build quality is fairly good, no loose connections or stuff like that. The compact size can also take you by surprise. All in all, this is a solid USB car charger for the money.

Product Highlights:

  • Dual ports of which one is a Quick Charge 3.0 port
  • AiPower Adaptive Charging port
  • Universal compatibility
  • EntireProtect safety system
  • Dedicated 2.4 amps output

4. Anker 48W 4-Port Car Charger

Anker’s lineup of USB car chargers has many capable candidates for this list, but one stood out in particular. It’s a multi-port charger that provides four ports for charging the devices of everyone during a road trip. To ensure the fastest speeds for all the connected devices, its power supply reaches 48W with 9.6 amps overall.

As with many other Anker products, this one too comes with The PowerIQ intelligent charging function for adapting the power output accordingly so that anyone can get their device charged in no time. It’s capable of delivering 2.4 amps per port which is the fastest way to charge a compatible device.

The construction is geared towards those who value safety and reliability. You can feel the quality of the materials to the touch and there’s plenty of premium circuitry inside to prevent any overheating or short circuit issues. There are also enough certifications such as from CE, FCC, and RoHS to gain some extra peace of mind.

To benefit from the maximum level of performance that this unit’s capable of, it’s essential to only use the original cable or a certified one from a third-party. Considering the 48W of power, this device should be able to charge multiple power-hungry smartphones or tablets at the same time without a drop in speed. With so many ports, now you can rest assured that everyone’s phone will be fully charged.

Delivering a fast charge in a compact and sturdy package, the Anker 4-port USB car charger is completely worth the extra expense. Even if you run into some issues you can be sure that Anker takes customer service very seriously and will go to great lengths to make sure that you’re satisfied. You’re definitely not going to be disappointed by this one.

Product Highlights:

  • 4 USB charging ports
  • Up to 2.4 amps per port
  • Premium construction and circuitry
  • PowerIQ technology
  • 9.6 amps overall
  • CE, FCC and RoHS certification

5. Aukey CC-01 USB 4-Port Car Charger

Another great candidate for those who prefer a multi-port USB car charger is the Aukey CC-01 which boasts lots of performance and safety features. It’s compatible with a wide range of USB powered devices, has been engineered to charge them adaptively, and promises a nice 9.6 amps of maximum power over its four ports.

Having two ports can be limiting for some and this is where a charger like this one comes into play. With a total of four high-speed ports, it can charge 4 devices at the same time and without making any compromises on performance. If this doesn’t seem too safe, it’s worth noting that Aukey uses some of the best safeguards in the industry.

Thanks to advanced circuitry inside, the charger won’t be plagued by excessive current, overheating, and over-charging, problems that can appear on low-quality models. Despite iPads being power-hungry devices, this model can charge four of them at the same time without the performance suffering from degradation. That’s quite impressive.

Besides safety components, it’s worth mentioning the premium AiPower technology integrated into the charger’s chip. It automatically recognizes the input current for any USB device that you connect so you can rest assured that you will only experience the fastest charge rate. There’s a maximum of 2.4 amps per port which is perfectly adequate.

The full black design contrasts nicely with the glowing green color of the ports which is also helpful to get a confirmation that the device is connected correctly and getting charged. It’s usually recommended to use the original USB cable for optimal charging.

Those looking to get their hands on a multi-port charger with great potential shouldn’t miss the Aukey CC-01. It’s reliably built and the ports are very responsive and ready to charge any device in a quick manner. The power output is large enough to handle multiple demanding devices so if you want a charger that really works as advertised, this fits the bill.

Product Highlights:

  • 4 USB ports with 48W/9.6A total output
  • 2.4 amps of dedicated adaptive power per port
  • AiPower charging technology
  • Universal compatibility
  • Advanced circuitry and safeguards

6. Jelly Comb Multi-port Car Charger

Some people might not be satisfied by having four ports and demand even more. A very large multi-port USB car charger is this one from Jelly Comb which offers you 65W of power with a total of six ports. It also comes with a 3.3 feet adapter cable to reach the back seat more easily. The charger is quite inexpensive too so let’s see what it can do.

This unit boasts a smart identification technology for automatically adjusting the power output according to your device’s input. It distributes the quickest charge possible and the good news is that you can use all the ports together and still not feel a drop in charging performance.

In terms of compatibility, this charger shouldn’t have problems with any device as long as it’s USB-powered. Both Android and Apple smart devices can be charged as well as others like power banks, cameras, or smart watches. With six ports, there will always be an empty spot ready to charge your various devices.

Something that could be an important aspect for many is the durability of the charger. This model promises a long-lasting life thanks to its solid ABS material which has been designed to withstand wear and tear. The corded connection also helps a lot to ensure that everyone in the car can reach the charger.

One strange drawback of this model is the slight potentially disruptive FM interference caused by the charger. This is probably because this unit is a high-power charger so this aspect needs to be taken into consideration. Still, the interference shouldn’t be very noticeable and for this price, you can work your way around it. All in all, the unit is well-built and can easily charge multiple devices without any issues. It’s an ideal tool for long trips as you can keep all the tablets and smartphones safely charged.

Product Highlights:

  • 6 charging ports
  • 65W/13A
  • 3.3 feet adapter cable
  • Universal compatibility
  • Smart identification technology for optimized charging
  • Industry grade materials

7. Anker PowerDrive 2 Elite 2-Port Car Charger

The PowerDrive 2 Elite is an Anker USB charger for your car which comes with a more premium finish and nicer looking blue LEDs inside the ports. Although internally there’s hardly a difference between this and the PowerDrive 2, it could be worth the extra cost for the more comfortable to use design and attractive looks.

The main reason why you should consider this car charger is the beautiful and more reliable construction. It has a premium finish that resists against wearing and thanks to the carbon-fiber design, it provides a much better grip so it’s easier to handle.

Another great feature is the addition of special non-disruptive LEDs which discreetly help you locate the charging ports during night-time road trips. It’s a reasonably compact unit so it doesn’t stick out too much when you’re having it plugged in. You can also store it in a small compartment without difficulty.

One of its most prized abilities is the charging technology used. The charger can identify the connected device and supply an optimized charge for it thanks to the PowerIQ technology. This works for any Android or Apple device as well as many other USB powered devices.

The number of smart technologies doesn’t end here. There’s also VoltageBoost which is designed to face the issue of cable resistance and delivers consistent power output to your device. A total of 10 safety features work together to create a MultiProtect system that guarantees a safe experience when using this charger. There’s no risk of overheating or short circuits.

Anker is clearly committed to excellent quality in all of their products and the PowerDrive 2 Elite is a shining example of that. It’s durable and elegantly designed for a smooth charging experience. The performance is also on par with what you pay for it and overall, there are no complaints. This is an all-around solid option for a dual USB car charger.

Product Highlights:

  • 2.4 amps per port
  • PowerIQ and VoltageBoost charging technologies
  • Compact design
  • MultiProtect safety features
  • Dual USB ports with 24W of power
  • Soft LED light

8. RAVPower RP-VC006 4.8A Metal Dual Car Charger

The final dual USB car charger that deserves a spot on this list is the RP-VC006 by RAVPower. It stands out on the market thanks to its metal design as it’s crafted using an aluminum alloy that gives it a very elegant finish. It’s also available in three color options and it doesn’t seem to have any issues in terms of performance either.

With the help of its iSmart technology, this charger can automatically recognize the energy requirements of the inserted device and deliver the correct charge for efficient charging in the shortest time possible. You’ve got two 2.4A ports available which can both work at the same time delivering uncompromising charging performance.

A car’s battery input is standard and you should expect it to be within the 12-24V range. Because there are times when the standard can be exceeded, you can sometimes discover that the input goes from 8V in the lower range to 30V in the higher one. This could be a problem for a charger but this one is designed to handle the voltage changes and adjust the charge rate to ensure the best level of stability for the charging process.

One area where this charger seems to have solid potential is the size. It’s incredibly small and compact, you can easily take it in the palm of your hand. The aluminum alloy casing also gives off a pleasant feeling to the touch, but that’s not all. The coating is scratch-proof designed to maintain the charger in perfect shape even after prolonged usage.

Other notable features include the visible LED light and the MCU controller and the special internal circuits that offer protection when charging. Considering everything, the RAVPower RP-VC006 is reasonably performant and looks like it’s actually more expensive so it’s worth the money.

Product Highlights:

  • Slim and compact aluminum alloy design
  • 2.4 amps per port
  • iSmart technology
  • Automatic voltage adjustment
  • Safety-oriented circuit design
  • Black, red, and gold color variants