The 8 Best Watch Winders of 2018

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Best Single Watch Winder
Best Automatic Watch Winder For Rolex
Best Automatic Watch Winder
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Owners of automatic watches will most likely need a capable watch winder if they don’t really wear it every day. Or maybe you happen to own multiple automatic watches and in that case, you are required to get such a device to maintain accurate time. Watch winders are products that handle this job effectively by rotating the timepiece to simulate human motion. They often look like boxes where you place the watch to wind it. You might also be interested in our articles about the best atomic watches and the best solar watches.

If you are determined to make a purchase, perhaps a bit of research will help you make a better investment. The few considerations that you have to be aware are:

1. Motor quality

By far the most important aspect of any watch winder is the quality of its motor. This single factor can make a big difference in reliability over time and to maintain the right accuracy of an automatic watch. More expensive winders have silent and precise motors and don’t over-stress the watch as much.

2. Motion settings

It’s recommended to get a model that offers multiple motion settings for winding your watch. If the watch winder can only execute rotations in a single direction, this can have potentially damaging effects in the long run. This is one aspect where it’s preferable not to make too many compromises.

3. Timer

Every watch has a delicate internal mechanism and an integrated timer from the watch winder can reduce the stress on it. As automatic watches are designed to benefit from chaotic micro-movements as opposed to constant turning, you shouldn’t let the watch inside the winder for an extended period of time. Approximately 30 minutes per day should be enough to stay in time so with the help of a timer, you can make sure that your watch is not wound for too long.

4. Design

Those with expensive watches will probably want a more premium-looking watch winder that can match the look of their timepiece. Some people like to use a winder as a display case so the design of it must be able to bring out the aesthetic appeal of the displayed watch. The market offers models with multiple materials to choose from and one of the most appreciated is kiln-dried wood which has a special, durable coating.

Now that you have a rough idea about watch winders and what to look for before making a purchase, let’s take a closer look at the best watch winders for the money. Many hours of research went into the creation of a comprehensive list of products and they’ve all been reviewed to see if they’re worth the investment.

Best Single Watch Winder

1. Versa g077 Automatic Single Watch Winder

The Versa g077 is a capable single watch winder that offers all the functionality you need. It received certain upgrades over the previous version and it now has a better Mabuchi motor and gearbox. There are many attractive features packed in this model so let’s take a more in-depth look.

This model offers four turns per day and multiple direction settings so that the watch is properly wound. It operates clockwise and counterclockwise as well as bi-directional. In total, you can cycle through 12 different combinations of settings. The winder is set to turn for around five minutes and then, depending on a particular option, it can rest.

It’s important to note that this watch winder is carefully programmed to avoid continuous turns so as to not overwind your watch. It can repeat your preferred cycle while it’s on and won’t cause any harm to your precious automatic timepiece. There’s no need to worry about magnetization as Versa uses high-quality components which prevent that.

As each part has been designed by a machine and then everything is assembled by hand, you can be sure of a reliable level of quality for the construction of this watch winder. The most impressive part is definitely the Mabuchi Japanese motor which is extra silent. The gearboxes are also carefully designed to be as noiseless as possible.

There’s a blue LED indicator for letting you know that the device is currently in motion. A power adapter has been included and spring action pillows with additional attachments, for containing certain larger watch models, are also supplied.

Considering the performance, design, and user-friendliness, the Versa g077 is an ideal single watch winder to have. At this price, you are going to have quite a hard time finding a more cost-effective way to keep your self-winding watch to function correctly. It’s very easy to set up and reliable despite the low cost, so that’s why it’s recommended.

Product Highlights:

  • Mabuchi Japanese Motor and Gearbox
  • 4 turns per day
  • 12 distinct setting combinations
  • Doesn’t overwind your watch
  • Spring action watch pillows included

2. CHIYODA SW01B Watch Winder with Quiet Motor

A more refined-looking watch winder is the Chiyoda SW01B which comes with a stylish handmade wooden box that leaves off a premium impression and feels durable to the touch. The components inside also received certain upgrades and the mechanism is designed to be as noiseless as possible.

This watch winder resembles a piece of art with its elegant piano baking varnished box. The design is fitting for displaying your expensive automatic watch. A high-gloss lacquer finish has been applied to the wooden case creating a remarkable visual impression. With such a compact size, this is also easy to place anywhere you like.

When it comes to quality control, Chiyoda seems to treat the manufacturing process of these winders with a lot of strictness. This exquisite looking unit is fabricated only with high-quality materials and the manufacturer went the extra step to ensure maximum satisfaction even of the more demanding users.

The winder can be operated according to each watch’s specific TPD – Turns Per Day. Almost any watch model can be winded with ease, from lower to higher TPD. On the back of the watch winder, there are the two knobs used for adjusting the settings. One is for the TPD (maximum 4) and the other for the direction adjustments (three types – clockwise, counter-clockwise, both).

The Japanese motor implemented in this unit is designed to be as stable as possible even while it’s running continuously. The level of noise is fully negligible as you can enjoy displaying your watch in the bedroom for example without representing a distraction factor. The manufacturer also promises dual power options, battery, and AC power so you can use this at home and during travels more conveniently.

With such an affordable price, the Chiyoda SW01B is sure to find a lot of fans. It comes with all the essential features of a high-quality watch winder. It’s sturdy, compact, runs quietly, and it will maintain the watch in a stable position inside. This definitely represents excellent value for the money.

Product Highlights:

  • Japanese Mabuchi Motor
  • Multi rotation modesf
  • 4 turns per day
  • Luxurious handmade design
  • Compact size

3. JQUEEN W002 Double Watch Winder

If you are looking for a double watch winder, one of the best choices is the Jqueen W002. It’s powered by a very quiet Japanese motor and it deserves high points for its attractive design which is sure to be a great match for any modern home décor.

Thanks to a beautiful piano baking varnish, this handmade watch winder is the perfect place to display your watches. It’s a necessity to maintain your automatic watches winded but this takes it a step further and makes it a real pleasure to display them. It can also keep them nicely organized as you can hardly misplace them when you know that’s their spot.

In terms of user-friendliness, this watch winder is fairly intuitive to operate. It comes with simple instructions to follow and its entire functionality is straightforward, nothing too complicated. At the bottom-right edge of the winder, you will find the shiny control knob which is coated with a polished layer of stainless-steel.

The knob is used to adjust the winding directions and there are also TPD settings which you can alter for an efficient winding process. To power the device, you will need to plug the AC adapter into an outlet or, if you prefer, you can use some batteries.

This winder motor has clockwise, counter-clockwise, and alternating direction options and can deal with more particular settings like multiple turns per day. You’ve got some program settings which you can use to set the watch through a certain working cycle of the winder. All that’s left is to choose the right one for you and then you can let it do its job.

All things considered, the JQUEEN W002 is extremely well-equipped with powerful features to keep two automatic watches in excellent condition. With a flawless finish, great accommodation for larger watches, and quiet performance, this is a solid winner on the market for dual watch winders.

Product Highlights:

  • Japanese silent motor
  • 100% handmade
  • 3 direction settings
  • 4 program settings
  • Powered by either the supplied AC adapter or batteries

4. CHIYODA CYD-SWI22 Automatic Watch Winder

The Chiyoda CYD-SWI22 is a very interesting double watch winder as it provides many useful features that anyone who’s into automatic watches will appreciate. It brings a lot of versatility when it comes to winding the watches and it’s very easy to operate thanks to an LCD screen.

This unit features a dual quiet motor. The Mabuchi motor system is created for long-lasting use and can handle the winding process of two watches individually, in a very silent manner. The digital touch screen lets you access settings for each watch separately.

The winding options are quite flexible. When it comes to directions, you can have it winding clockwise, counter-clockwise, and bi-directionally. The pillow where your watch will reside can accommodate different-sized watches, even larger ones like those whose cases exceed 50mm. It’s great that the pillows have a reasonable distance between them so there’s no risk of scratching damage caused by two watches touching.

When it comes to the look of the winder, it seems that Chiyoda went very far in providing a stylish design, fit for refined tastes. The piano baking varnish is truly exquisite and the transparent glass window allows for anyone to admire the contents of the winding box.

One slight disadvantage is that this model doesn’t offer the option of powering it up using batteries. You can only have it plugged in a power outlet. If you don’t plan on frequently traveling or moving the winder around, then this shouldn’t be an issue. AC power is more reliable anyway.

Everything about this watch winder deserves praise. From the great looks to the robust construction and the multitude of programming features to fit various watches, the Chiyoda CYD-SWI22 can be considered a smart investment. While it’s not perfect, it represents a convenient option if you’re in the market for a reliable and stylish watch winder.

Product Highlights:

  • LCD display screen
  • Dual quiet Mabuchi motor
  • Versatile winding options
  • Piano Baking Varnish
  • Adjustable pillow for larger watches

Best Automatic Watch Winder For Rolex

5. WOLF 270002 Heritage Watch Winder

Those who own more expensive watches are probably looking for something truly premium to maintain the correct time of their automatic timepieces. This is where the Wolf 270002 Heritage comes into play. With many innovations and features available as well as a premium construction, this is the ultimate watch winder.

To maintain the best accuracy possible, this watch winder uses a specially crafted design. With the help of a patented technology, the unit has the ability to count and record the total number of rotations while the watch is winding.

It can execute 900 turns in a single day and has various pre-programmed rotations options. An interesting ability is the 10-second start delay and you can also use a setting for an optional 12-hour delay. If you select the bi-directional winding setting you can double the amount of TPD.

The smooth faux leather gives this winder an unparalleled level of elegance and combined with the satin lining, you can be sure that this will make a premium display case. Wolf is specialized in the creation of luxurious jewelry cases and that influence is obviously present here.

Virtually all types of automatic watches can fit in this watch winder as this model accommodates many watch brands. It will hold larger watches but the maximum case size is 52 mm. The device is powered by an AC adapter which is supplied in the package but you can also operate it using lithium batteries.

If you want to make a considerable investment in a watch winder, you can’t go wrong with this one. It has all the features that you would need to wind any type of expensive automatic watches. It’s a bit pricey for most users, but it’s certainly worth the sleek looks and the smooth movement of its high-quality motor.

Product Highlights:

  • Counts the exact number of rotations
  • Pre-programmed 900 turns in a single day
  • 3 directional settings
  • Chrome finished hardware
  • Can operate with both batteries or a power adapter

6. JQUEEN W004 Watch Winder

Jqueen offers a great selection of watch winders and another model that may catch your eye is the W004. This one is geared towards those who own multiple self-winding watches and it represents a very well-made blend of performance and design. The price is extremely reasonable too for what it can do.

This device can offer a lot of convenience to any automatic watch owner. Place your elegant timepieces in this watch winder and let it run its program for maintaining them in perfect condition. The Japanese motor works very quietly and it’s great that it can be powered by both a power outlet or a battery.

If you’re worried about magnetization, it’s important to note that Jqueen added insulated PU leather in the interior which acts as a protective barrier for your watch. There’s also an adjustable pillow inside the watch winder which should fit just about any regular-sized or even larger watch models without too much hassle.

The vertical design of this watch winder is especially helpful for those with limited space and can be a good match for either an office or a bedroom. Thanks to a strong construction which received a durable finish, it will not scratch so easily and it’s a safe sanctuary for any automatic watches. The acrylic organic glass allows you to admire your beautiful timepieces.

Like many other models on the market, this one also offers the standard three direction settings and multiple TPD options. There are also 4 operating modes which offer great flexibility for winding your watches. To customize everything, you need to use the two knobs on the bottom of the unit.

When used correctly, the Jqueen W004 is an outstanding watch winder which can also double as a refined display case for your expensive timepieces. Jqueen’s customer service is also impeccable, contacting the buyers to ensure maximum satisfaction. A solid choice, all things considered.

Product Highlights:

  • Quiet Japanese Mabuchi motor
  • Elegant design
  • 3 direction settings
  • Safe to use
  • 100% handmade

Best Automatic Watch Winder

7. LN LOVE NEST Automatic Watch Winder

Great as a gift or for those who value the design in a watch winder above all else is this model from LN Love Nest. The pure handmade watch winder has a very elegant finish and a reliable Mabuchi motor to keep an automatic watch in the right shape. It’s a bit expensive for a single winder but the design alone could be worth it for many.

The brilliant finishing of this single watch winder is really impressive. The high-quality lacquer finish case is not only beautiful but very compact too. You can place it with ease anywhere you’d like to keep your watch safe and have it elegantly displayed. For the glass cover, the material used is a special type of organic acrylic which prevents any dust from setting in.

In the interior of the watch winder, you will find a soft velvet pillow where the watch will reside. The pillow can be easily adjusted for your particular watch model. Make sure that you correctly fasten it onto the pillow to prevent any scraping between the watch and the surface of the glass.

If it doesn’t seem really obvious how you control the watch winder, all you need to do is look in the back. That’s where the power switch and the AC port have been placed. In here you will also discover the mode adjustment knob which makes operating the unit a breeze.

The knob handles the various settings of the quiet Mabuchi motor which powers the winding mechanism. You’ve got three adjustable directions including a combination of clockwise and counter-clockwise turning. There’s CE certification and support for both outlet power and batteries.

In conclusion, the silent, attractive LN Love Nest watch winder works pretty well and the construction quality is decent. There’s some room for improvement in certain regards, the thickness of the box is a bit high, for example. Still, overall this represents good value as it does what it’s supposed to and can also be used as a fashionable display case.

Product Highlights:

  • Deluxe solid wood design
  • Runs without noise
  • 4 adjustable operating modes
  • 3 direction settings
  • CE certification

Best Cheap Watch Winder

8. Watch Buddy WW 2+4 Burl Wood

Even though it’s inexpensive, the Watch Buddy WW 2+4 Burl Wood doesn’t make too many compromises on performance and overall quality. The design is decent, nothing special but it’s worth appreciating the compactness. It can also function as a display case.

Capable motorized turntables are designed for guaranteeing that your automatic watches are always ready to wear. This is a dual watch winder so you can have two watches winded at the same time. Turning the device on or off can be done automatically with the help of a bi-directional timer.

Whether we’re speaking about a Rolex, Tag Heuer, IWC, Piaget, or any other brand, this can handle them all and also beautifully show them off. All watches with a total diameter of maximum 44mm will fit without any special adjustment while others will require for the placement to be modified accordingly.

This model is designed to fit nicely in any environment including your home or an office. It’s very compact and feels durable enough to trust that your watch is safe and sound. The winder can operate using both AC power and batteries which can be considered an advantage by many.

The box of this winder is fairly attractive and the watch performs well but you shouldn’t expect superior quality at this price. The motor used in this model is not the most reliable and the construction leaves a few things to be desired.

Taking into account all the features of the Watch Buddy WW 2+4 Burl Wood the final conclusion is that it’s worth the money. It has a reasonable price and you get what you pay for, more or less. It has a surprisingly nice design and decent winding options with a few quality control issues on certain things like the power cord which doesn’t feel very reliable.

Product Highlights:

  • Built-in IC Timer
  • Clockwise and counterclockwise winding
  • Battery-powered or AC-powered
  • Compatible with almost any automatic watch
  • 6 rotations per minute