The 10 Best Whole House Humidifiers of 2024

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Best Whole House Humidifier Reviews

A humidifier adds moisture to the air in your house, making it much more livable than you would expect at first. Moist air will ease your skin and improve breathing. People with breathing problems and constant sore throat should install a humidifier in their homes to stay comfortable indoors. Since a humidifier removes the dryness of the air by increasing its humidity, the problems associated with dry air will vanish after you install a humidifier in your home.

When it comes to choosing the best whole house humidifier, you have many choices. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when shopping for one.

  • What’s the coverage area?
  • Can you achieve 45% and above humidity level in your home using a certain unit?
  • Does it come with the standard sensors such as temperature and humidity?
  • Does the unit operate automatically by using the data from its sensors?
  • Do you need to manually adjust the humidity?
  • Can you install the unit all by yourself (DIY) or do you need to call in a plumber?
  • How much water does it evaporate in 24-hours?
  • Is it constructed from quality materials?
  • Does the manufacturer offer a warranty?

Keeping these factors in mind, we have compiled a list of the best whole house humidifiers. Pick the one that suits your situation best.

1. Aprilaire Model 500 M Whole-house Bypass Humidifier with Manual Control

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The Aprilaire Model 500 M Humidifier is a smart pick as your next whole house humidifier. It comes with a digital manual control that makes it easy to set the desired humidity level.

It is very efficient thus it can humidify your home in a very even manner. It works great for homes up to 3,000 square feet, which means it’s suitable for most houses. You can expect it to evaporate nearly half a gallon per hour which is again, more than enough for most people.

The Aprilaire Humidifier comes with all sorts of useful indicators that you need to see on your humidifier. You have an outdoor temperature sensor and a humidity indicator. These indicators are available in both the automatic mode and in manual mode. It means you can always keep an eye on the temperature and other useful indicators for your comfort.

This device comes with a 24V transformer and a built-in damper. It’s not huge so you can easily install it anywhere you like. The unit measures 15.62 x 13 x 10.25 inches. With this device, you can easily mount the applications on the left. If you need the plenum bypass connection on the right, you can easily do that with a small modification.

When you try to install this humidifier on your furnace, it may take some time. However, the entire installation procedure is easy, so you may even not need the 24V transformer. Simply connect it to your furnace by following the simple instructions. Once connected, your furnace will turn on the humidifier when it needs to generate heat.

To avoid any complications, simply call in a heating/cooling plumber for installation. If you plan to do it yourself, be sure to grab an extra drain hose, an air duct, and other stuff that you need to connect the unit to the furnace.

This Aprilaire Humidifier comes with a built-in filter. This filter works great as long as your water is soft. If you have hard water, be sure to change the filter every year to keep it working like new and avoiding any damage to the internal components.


  • Perfect for a house up to 3,000 square feet
  • Provides the optimum level of humidity for your comfort
  • Great for tightly constructed homes
  • It evaporates half a gallon of water in an hour
  • Comes with all essential indicators such as temperature and humidity indicators
  • Easy to install

2. Aprilaire Whole House Humidifier

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The Aprilaire 500 Humidifier is a 24V unit that humidifies your entire house. It comes with an auto digital control system that makes it extremely easy to operate. It has a built-in temperature sensor, bypass damper, and a water pad. The company provides the standard 110V to 24V transformer with the unit so you don’t have to buy it separately.

The Aprilaire 500A Humidifier is ideal for a large house. It can cover up to 3,000 square feet. That’s the maximum covered area which I consider to be enough for most of the people reading this. If you have a larger home, opt for another model or simply install multiple Aprilaire 500A Humidifier units in your home for perfect humidity level.

This unit features the standard evaporation rate. That means you can expect it to evaporate nearly half a gallon of water in an hour.

However, it is not so easy to install. It comes with detailed instructions on how to connect it to your furnace but you might find it difficult to follow along unless you know at least a little bit of plumbing. I would be calling in help from a professional plumber to keep the product warranty intact. You don’t want to experiment with installation this expensive as that may void warranty. One advantage is that you can install the unit in a tight space as it measures only 16 x 10 x 13 inches.

This humidifier is versatile. It works day and night without any problems. It provides comfort throughout your home in all seasons. It’s convenient to use and there is minimal maintenance required. This unit effectively humidifies indoor air so it doesn’t make your skin dry or itchy.

Operating this humidifier is also easy. Once you install it, you are going to love it. When you use it for the first time, it may work non-stop until everything in your home has absorbed some moisture. Once your dry furniture and other stuff in the home have gained some moisture, the humidifier will settle down and run normally. It will then run once or twice a day to keep the RH level at around 50%.

It also runs efficiently. This unit may seem a little complex to install but it beats its competitors when it comes to price and efficiency. Definitely one of the best whole house humidifiers in terms of value for the money.


  • Efficient and smooth
  • Comes with an 110V – 24V transformer
  • The unit evaporates 0.5 gallons per hour
  • It can humidify a house up to 3,000 square feet

3. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

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This Whole House Humidifier from Essick comes in a console style that makes it perfect to be installed in modern homes. This stylish humidifier from Essick is perfect for a home up to 3,600 square feet.

The Essick Air Humidifier has a digital humidistat that automatically maintains the desired humidity level in your home. It has the feature to shut off automatically once the optimal humidity level is reached. If the unit is empty and doesn’t have any more water to evaporate, it will shut off to save energy.

This evaporative humidifier is easy to install and maintain. You will only need to clean it occasionally to eliminate the mineral deposit. If you live in an area with hard water, you may have to clean the unit more often to avoid mineral buildup from blocking the pipes. It is also easy to operate. It comes with a digital temperature and humidity sensor that makes it easy to check if the optimal values are indeed as you wish. The unit performs a smooth operation with its unique mechanism that doesn’t involve any belts, pulleys, or wheels. It is smart and it can fit anywhere in your home. Its dimensions are 20.5 x 21.5 x 14.5 inches.

When you install this humidifier in your home, you will be able to have humidity level at 43% or above. Due to such humidity levels, the flu virus particles won’t be able to survive. That means your family will remain healthy throughout the year. Using a humidifier in your home will also reduce the possibility of dry skin when the heating is on.

With this automatic humidifier, you can save on your heating bill as well. Some energy experts have concluded that using a humidifier as good as Essick Air Evaporative Humidifier can easily bring down your energy bill by 10%.


  • Perfect for a home up to 3,600 square feet
  • 3.6-gallon tank capacity
  • Console-style construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Comes with automatic humidity and temperature sensor control
  • Prevents flu and common allergies
  • Relieves dry skin that could be a major problem when heating is on
  • Protects your furniture and wooden floors

4. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Humidifier

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This one has a 4-gallon capacity and it can humidify a home up to 1,000 square feet in area. It makes use of the vortex circulation technique to keep the air inside your home humid.

This unit, though for a smaller area, comes with all the standard features that you find on the best whole house humidifiers. It has an automatic humidity control but also lets you control it using the manual control. You can set the humidity levels to low, medium, or high, depending on where you live and the weather at a certain time.

This small whole house evaporative humidifier has a capacity of 4 gallons of water. This means that you can add a lot of water in this unit to convert it to vapors. These vapors mix with the air and make it humid. Remember, you will need to add water to the humidifier every 24-hours, especially when you are running the device on ‘high’ humidity settings.

The 4-gallon water tank is leak proof. So that’s a plus to save you from some headache in the future. Filling it with water is also easy, especially when compared to other similar units that make it rather difficult to add water every day.

It is easy to operate and simple to clean. You don’t need to follow any special cleaning instructions. The product is assembled in the USA so you get the manufacturing quality guarantee.

The Evap40 Evaporative Humidifier comes with large fan blades that pull in large volumes of air. It treats the air and increases the level of humidity by adding water vapors to it. The humidifier then circulates this air through the room so that all the dry air is sucked in. After an hour or so, you will notice that the humidity level in your house has changed.

This uniquely effective whole house evaporator creates a comfortable and humid living space. It has deep pitch blades that do the job efficiently when it comes to circulating the humidified air. With a 4 gallon capacity, this is a perfect pick in terms of value for the money.


  • Vortex circulation technology
  • Humidifies a house or room up to 1,000 square feet in size
  • Automatic humidity control for easy usage
  • The airlock water tank has a 4-gallon capacity
  • High, medium, and low fan control
  • Easy to clean

5. Venta Airwasher Humidifier & Air Purifier

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The Venta Airwasher Humidifier is an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a 2-in-1 unit with humidifier and air purifier features. This humidifier and purifier from Venta removes dust and allergies from the indoor air and raises the humidity to the desired level.

When you install it, everyone in your home should, in theory, be protected from all sorts of air-carried viruses. There won’t be any allergies resulting from pet dander or pollen. This humidifier is perfect for a large size room or a small house as it can cover an area up to 800 square feet.

This is one of the best humidifiers in the market when it comes to maintenance-free operation. You don’t have to change the filter or replace other parts every year to continue using this device. It uses cold evaporation technology. The only thing that you need to do to keep the unit running is to refill it with water.

This humidifier cleans the air in addition to humidifying it. As a result, there will be no ‘white dust’, which is a common problem with other humidifiers. Due to this problem, other humidifiers require regular maintenance and cleaning.

It delivers excellent performance during all types of weather. It has an auto shut-off feature that ensures that the device works only when it has water in the tank. You can put 3 gallons of water in the tank at once.

The Venta Airwasher 2-in1 Humidifier & Air Purifier is a solid unit and is also one of my top picks in terms of value for your money. It can prove to be a very smart investment in the long run.


  • Cold evaporation technology
  • 2-in-1 with humidifier and air cleaning function
  • No need to change filter as this unit uses water as a filter
  • No ‘white dust’ residue
  • 3-gallon water tank capacity
  • Made in Germany
  • Great option for perfect air quality
  • Good for an area up to 800 square feet

6. AIRCARE Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

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If you are looking for a pedestal style humidifier, then don’t look any further. The Essick Air Aircare EP9 800 is the answer. It’s the ultimate humidifier that is perfect for the whole house. Since it uses the traditional pedestal style, you can move it around and take it to the room where everyone is sitting.

This humidifier is perfect for a house up to 2,400 square feet. It comes with a digital humidistat that makes it easy to use it by everyone. You can easily set the desired humidity level using the digital controls. It requires minimal maintenance and yet delivers unrivaled performance.

The Essick Air Humidifier will let you choose your desired humidity level within a matter of hours. The unit functions automatically so you won’t have to manually adjust anything. The desired humidity level and fan speed are achieved automatically. You have 9 different fan speed options. Choose the one that is suitable for your house size. The humidifier will shut off automatically once the desired humidity level is achieved. Make sure you consider the weather as well when setting up the fan speed.

It can fit into any house. You can remove a 12 x12 inch tile and install this humidifier there. It will fit with your room’s décor without changing its aesthetic appeal.

This espresso evaporative humidifier raises the indoor humidity and makes the indoor air comfortable. It can raise the humidity to 43% and above. Due to the humid air, nearly 80% airborne allergens die out and can’t affect your family members. Raised humidity level also improves skin condition of residents and relieves dry skin and sore throat. This unit will give increase life of your furniture and wooden floors by removing dryness from them.

This humidifier will not only improve the indoor air, but it will also reduce your energy costs. Experts claim that an average household can bring down energy bills by 10% when using it.


  • Pedestal style modern humidifier
  • Automatic humidistat maintains humidity without manual input
  • Comes with 9 speeds fan
  • The unit shuts off automatically once the desired humidity is achieved
  • Excellent option for a home up to 2,400 square feet in size
  • Relives skin dryness
  • Reduces dust, pet dander, and removes allergens from the air
  • This unit has a huge water tank with 3.5-gallon capacity
  • Extremely energy efficient product

7. Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier

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The Aprilaire 700 Automatic Humidifier comes with a digital control that makes your life easier when it comes to achieving the ideal humidity level in your home. This unit will circulate humid air throughout your home in no time. As a result, you won’t suffer from dry skin and allergies.

It is suitable for a house as big as 4,200 square feet. This means you can install it in a large mansion and yet get the perfect result. This humidifier works better in a tightly constructed home. If you have air leaks and vents in your home, close them down so that it can work on the indoor air.

This device is extremely cost effective. It provides more moisture compared to other similar units. It easily beats some of the higher priced units in terms of humidity and coverage area. It also comes with all the standard features that you want to see in your humidifier. These include the temperature and humidity sensor.

The unit is also easy to install. Once installed, it doesn’t require regular maintenance. The Aprilaire Humidifier comes with an installation manual that makes it easy to connect it to your furnace. If you find it difficult to install it, simply call a heating/cooling plumber for the installation. You will only need to change filters and clean the inside of the humidifier once a year.


  • Automatic humidifier that is easy to use
  • Easy to install if you read the instruction manual carefully and watch some plumbing videos on YouTube
  • Easily achieves 45% and above humidity level
  • Comes with outdoor temperature and indoor humidity sensor
  • Perfect for a house size 4,200 square feet and above
  • No more dry air
  • Good price, high performance

8. Aprilaire 400 Humidifier Bypass

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The Aprilaire 400 Humidifier Bypass comes with automatic control and a digital display that makes it extremely easy to use this unit. It is powerful when it comes to evaporation since it can evaporate nearly 0.7 gallons of water per hour. That means indoor air in your home will become humid within a few hours of installing this device.

It is perfect for the whole house. It can humidify air within an area of 4,000 square feet. That means even if you have a large home, you can be sure that this humidifier bypass will work and keep the air humid.

When you install it in your home, you won’t have to live with dry skin. It will even get rid of the flu as it can’t survive in air with high humidity. Your household members will feel healthier and happier overall with the quality of the air. Your furniture and other equipment will also not get dry and age prematurely.

The Aprilaire Humidifier comes with all the standard features that you would expect from a humidifier. For example, it has a temperature sensor that automatically senses temperature to control the humidity function. Moreover, this unit has a humidity sensor that allows it to operate automatically, without human intervention. So, you won’t have to get up at night only to change the humidity level. Your humidifier will do it automatically after collecting data using the sensors.

This humidifier is a drainless unit so the installation should be pretty straightforward. It makes use of the gravity instead of pulleys and wheels to move the water. It then disperses this water and converts it into vapors. These vapors mix with the air. When this humid air is circulated through the house, dryness would go away in a matter of hours. This unit can evaporate up to 0.7 gallons of water, depending on the humidity level inside your home.

According to the manufacturer, this unit doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Instead, you only need to look at the unit once in a while to see if all the water lines are in good shape. If you see any issues, call in a plumber and get it fixed. You may have to replace the water panel once in six months if you live in an area with low humidity.

You can install this humidifier in a gas furnace or in heat pump applications. However, you will only get 100% efficiency when you install it in a gas furnace instead of a heat pump. You can also use hot water instead of normal water to increase the rate of evaporation, especially when you have installed it in a heat pump.


  • Digital display with automatic control
  • Suitable for tightly constructed homes up to 4,000 square meter area
  • Consumes nearly 0.7 gallons of water in an hour
  • Comes with standard sensors for temperature and humidity
  • Easy to install and operate

9. Aprilaire 800 Residential Steam Humidifier

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The Aprilaire 800 Residential Steam Humidifier is a great whole house humidifier. This unit can help you control the humidity level in larger homes, up to 6,200 square feet. However, if your home isn’t tightly constructed, the effective area would be reduced.

It comes with an automatic digital humidifier control that helps you achieve optimum humidity without your manual input. The temperature and humidity sensor will determine the atmosphere’s conditions and set the humidity level accordingly.

This imported unit delivers unparalleled performance as it performs independently of the HVAC system. It works quietly so you won’t have to worry about installing it closer to your living room. The device doesn’t require any maintenance except that you will need to replace the water once in a while. For the best results, it’s recommended to use cold water in this humidifier.

Although this unit comes with automatic control, you can always override it and set the device in manual mode. With manual mode, you will be able to adjust the evaporation rate as your desire. However, it will also mean that you will need to change settings according to weather conditions and the humidity level in the air indoors.


  • Automatic humidity control
  • Possible to install in manual mode
  • Suitable for homes up to 6,200 square feet
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Works independently of HVAC system

10. Honeywell HCM-6009 Humidifier

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The Honeywell Humidifier is perfect for a house up to 2,300 square feet. It operates quietly and doesn’t require regular maintenance like some other units sold in the market in this price range.

It can vaporize up to 9 gallons of water in a day. It depends on humidity and temperature values and the value you want to achieve. It will evaporate more water if you want to achieve 45% humidity in dry weather as compared to when you want to achieve a lower humidity level in different weather conditions.

This unit comes with adjustable humidity control. You can choose between three different moisture settings. It’s quieter than other models and combines air cleaning with a humidifier. That means you will breathe a cleaner air free from dust particles and pollen.

Since this equipment uses water, microbes from mold and fungus could become a major problem. To keep things healthy, the company has installed a special antimicrobial filter that keeps your family safe from these microbes and the resulting infections. This Honeywell unit measures 21 x 17.5 x 13 inches. It’s in tower shape so you can easily install it even when you don’t have a large area available for the humidifier.

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  • Suitable for a room up to 2,300 square feet
  • Uses up to 9 gallons of water in a day
  • Quiet and smooth performance
  • Comes with a special antimicrobial filter
  • Cleans air by trapping dust particles and allergens