The 8 Best Wireless Guitar Systems of 2018

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Best Budget Wireless Guitar System

There are plenty of accessories out there that can make the life of guitar enthusiasts much easier. Among all the available accessories, wireless guitar systems really stand out. The reason why these guitar accessories are so important is the fact that they make using a guitar much more convenient. You might also be interested in our articles about the best electric guitar and the best synthesizers.

Instead of connecting your guitar via a cable, and all the hassle that comes with it, you can do so using one of these devices and enjoy all of the “wireless freedom” that comes with it. With a wireless guitar system, you won’t have to worry about tripping over wires or constraining your movement. All you have to focus on is the music that you’re playing. Despite the fact that there are so many wireless guitar systems on the market, they are by no means equal. Some of these systems are simply of much higher quality than the others, and that’s why we’ve created this list. Before you have a look at the best available wireless guitar systems on the market and choose the right one for you, there are some things that you need to know. By knowing these things, you’ll be able to choose the wireless guitar system that’s right for your needs.

1. The System’s Range

Every wireless guitar system has a distance range within which it’s able to function properly. If you exceed that range, the sound quality will deteriorate until it vanishes completely. With wireless guitar range systems ranging from 50 to 350 feet or even more, which is the right range to choose?

Generally speaking, more range gives you more flexibility when using the system. However, whether its worth it or not depends mostly on your needs. Whether you intend on using it on a large stage or in your bedroom should have a strong influence on the range that you’re getting. If a big range of use is not good for you, it’s probably wise to not spend extra money on something that you won’t be using. Thinking about your use scenarios before you make a buying decision is always the smart thing to do.

2. Sound Quality

Not a very long time ago, using a wireless system often meant a compromise on sound quality. Unless you were buying a really expensive one, cables were definitely king. Nowadays, technology has really caught up and this is no longer the case. In contrary, most wireless systems now provide a sound quality that’s even better than that of cables. However, some of the ultra-cheap models do have crappy sound quality, and that’s why we don’t include any of those here. As sound quality is definitely a crucial factor in something like a wireless guitar system, you should try to get the best quality that your budget allows for.

3. Extra Features

When it comes to wireless guitar features, there are plenty of “extra features” that you can get. Basically, an extra feature is something that isn’t needed by all people. These features can include anything from an interface lock to an automatic frequency selector. Most of the “extra features” are nice to have, however, some of them are things that you’ll never need. Just like it is with the system range, knowing what you need before you day will help you get the best bang for your buck.

Now that you’re familiar with the key points that you should keep in mind while choosing a new wireless guitar system, it’s time to have a look at some of the best available models on the market.

1. XVive U2 Guitar Wireless System Nickel

This is hands down one of the best wireless guitar systems that are currently available on the market. With its incredible performance, portability and incredible design, there isn’t much not to love about the XVive U2.

In terms of range, this wireless guitar system works flawlessly up to 100 ft. By all means, this is a pretty decent range. For an average user, 100 ft is definitely more than enough. Being so portable and easy to install also makes this one of the most user-friendly systems out there. Everything from the installation to using different features is pretty straightforward and intuitive.

Asides from the range and ease of use, the sound quality is really incredible. The delivered audio quality is optimum and the delay is negligible with a mere 6ms of latency. Having such a low latency and high sound quality makes using this wireless guitar system even better than using a traditional cable.

Fast charging is also another thing to love about this product. As you can charge it in around 20 minutes, you’ll never have to sit by it and wait for it to charge. It can also go for about 7 hours with a full charge so that’s one thing that you’ll never have to worry about.

In addition to its top-notch performance, this wireless guitar system comes in a variety of colors. With so many different colors to choose from, there is one for every style.

Product highlights:

  • 100 ft range
  • 2.4-bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital transmission
  • 6 ms latency
  • 4 GHz ISM band
  • Highly portable
  • Excellent sound quality

2. Shure BLX14/P31 Instrument Wireless System

Shure is a brand that is well-known for the quality microphones that it makes. You just can’t talk about microphones without their name coming up, and wireless guitar systems are no different. Just as you’d expect from a typical Shore product, the BLX14/P31’s performance was on point.

The first thing that’s worth mentioning about this wireless guitar system is its range. With a whopping 100 feet range, this Shure has one of the longest range that we could find. Whether you’re playing with your friends in the garage or on a stage with a large audience, the 300 ft range has got you covered.

As it provides up to 14 hours of continuous use, this thing is a beast when it comes to battery life. Unless you play your guitar for more than 14 hours in a single session, the battery life of this system has got you covered!

This system can support up to 12 compatible systems per frequency bands, which makes it perfect for concerts and relatively large scale events. Finding the best frequency won’t be a problem thanks to its 24 MHz tuning range.

The only thing that could be considered as a downside is the portability and the price tag. However, considering the fact that this is inside the professional-level market, these are things that are kind of expected.

However, this is not some cheap wireless guitar system and you really get what you pay for with this one so there isn’t really much to complain about here.

Product highlights:

  • 300-feet range
  • 24 MHz tuning range
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Can support up to 12 compatible systems per frequency band
  • 14-hour battery life

3. Line 6 Relay G10 Digital Wireless Guitar System

Line 6 is another big name in the wireless guitar system industry. With the Relay G10, Line 6 is introducing a wireless guitar system that offers much more than incredible performance. With such a beautiful and intuitive design, this is definitely one of the most elegant and easy to use guitar systems available.

The first thing that you’ll notice about this wireless guitar system is its simplistic design. This is one of the items that are as easy to use as it looks. All you have to to do is to plug in the transmitter and the LED light will turn green, meaning that you’re good to go. The receiver also has this cool LED light effect when you’re playing music which makes the who thing even more awesome.

As for the range, this thing covers 50 feet indoors. Generally speaking, this is by no means an impressive range. This is definitely not the kind of device that you want to be using on a large stage. However, if you’re using it in a small studio or when you’re playing music with your friends, it’s really more than enough.

Another thing that we really like about this wireless guitar system is the charging mechanism. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into the receiver and it’ll charge. With a single charge, the transmitter can last for up to 8 hours, which is definitely enough for anybody.

When the transmitter is in sleep mode, it can last for up to 200 hours with a single charge, which is, by all means, an impressive number.

Product highlights:

  • 50-feet range
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to use
  • 8-hour battery life
  • 200 hours standby time
  • Cool LED lights

4. Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless Guitar System

If you’ve loved the G10 wireless guitar system from Line 6 but want something that is more “heavy duty”, the Relay G50 is definitely what you’re looking for. The only thing that this wireless guitar system has in common with the G10 is the great design and performance. Other than that. It’s a totally different beast.

Unlike the G10 which was more geared towards hobbyist, the G50 is designed to satisfy even the most demanding professionals. First of all, the G50 has a whopping 200 feet range. Unlike the 50 feet range of the G10, this is is more than enough for a stage performance. In addition to the large range, the sound quality was also clear and crisp as what you’d typically expect from such product.

One great feature that we really loved about this wireless guitar system is its pre-configured cable tone settings. By using any of these settings, you can simulate the frequency loss effect that is usually associated with using a traditional cable.

As this wireless system doesn’t suffer from a frequency loss, this is a great feature for users who want to mimic the effect of a cable connection without the physical restrictions.

Using the Relay G50 is as easy as it gets. All you have to do is connect the transmitter and the receiver and set them to the same frequency and you’re good to go. Thanks to having such strong signal protection features, sound interference is something that you won’t have to worry about with this system.

Product highlights:

  • 200-feet range
  • Pre-configured cable tone settings
  • Strong signal protection features
  • Great sound quality

5. Sennheiser EW D1-CI1 Evolution Wireless D1 Digital Instrument System

Known for its high-quality audio devices, Sennheiser is definitely a well-known name in the music industry. With this high-end wireless system, Sennheiser is offering excellent performance for people who are willing to shell out some extra bucks for this kind of quality.

There are many things that make this system excellent for use on a stage. First of all, it’s really easy to set up. Just plug it and you’re ready to go with a touch of a button. As for the audio quality that it provides, it’s simply top notch.

Thanks to the innovative Wireless Link Protection system of the D1, you won’t have to worry about dropouts or interferences of any kind. The result is a crystal-clear sound and an overall smooth experience that lets you focus on your performance instead of your gear.

Another thing that we really liked about this system is its impressive built quality. The all-metal construction feels really rugged and durable. Considering the fact that this is a relatively high-value item, the build quality and ruggedness is definitely good to have.

To make carrying the whole set around even more convenient, this set comes with a premium quality carry case. In addition to making carrying and storing the set easier, it also keeps it even more protected.

Product highlights:

  • Great build quality
  • Wireless Link Protection system
  • Comes with a rugged carrying case
  • Great for stage use

6. Shure GLXD16 Digital Guitar Pedal Wireless System

Another great Shure product that earned a spot on our list. Compared to the BLX14, this is a much more powerful system that belongs to the upper bracket segment of the market. There are a ton of features that make this one of the best available options on the market.

In terms of range, the GLXD16 has a range of up to 200 feet. With such an impressive range, this is a wireless guitar system that you won’t have a problem with using on a large stage. Coverage issues are something that you won’t experience with this wireless system.

Another great feature that makes it excellent for concerts is its impressive lithium-ion battery. With a single charge, this battery can last for a whopping 16 hours, which makes it one of the longest lasting batteries that are currently available.

Thanks to the cutting edge frequency management and interference prevention technologies that this system has, the sound quality is top notch. The LINKFREQ Automatic Frequency Management technology is simply unmatched by any other similar technology in the market. Having this technology on this system really makes a huge difference.

The build quality of this wireless guitar system is also very good. It’s definitely not as good as that of the Sennheiser model on our list but it’s definitely good enough.

Product highlights:

  • Lithium-ion battery
  • 14-hour battery life
  • LINKFREQ technology
  • 200-feet range

Best Cheap Wireless Guitar System

7. Donner Wireless Guitar System

If you’re looking for a wireless guitar system that offers an incredible value for money, this one is definitely worth checking out. This is the one to provide you with excellent functionality, portability and the best bang for your buck.

Using this wireless guitar system is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is plug the transmitter and the receiver and you’re ready to start playing. Thanks to its ultra-portable size, carrying both the transmitter and the receiver with you wherever you go is as easy as it gets.

The range was really a surprise. With its small size, we really didn’t expect it to have a 100-feet range. In comparison to similar offerings, the 100-feet range is very decent. Unless you plan on using this wireless guitar system on a large stage, its range is more than enough for typical use.

Sound quality was really good. With a delay time of less than 2.5ms, there were no latency issues of any kind. The device also supports 4 different devices working simultaneously, which is definitely an advantage if you play music with other people.

As it can rotate with a 180-degree angle, using the receiver and the transmitter is really convenient. Plugging the transmitter into different types of musical instruments and adjusting it is a really smooth and easy process.

The only downside to this product was the battery life. With just 2.5 hours per charge, this product is definitely at the bottom of the list when it comes to battery life. However, you should note that this model has easily swappable batteries, so if you need to play for more than 2.5 hours at a time you could easily swipe out the battery for a new one.

Product highlights:

  • Swappable batteries
  • 2.5-hours battery life
  • Ultra-short delay
  • Easy to use

Best Budget Wireless Guitar System

8. CloudWire – 2.4GHz Rechargeable Digital Wireless System

This is hands down one of the best ultra-portable wireless guitar systems that are currently available on the market. There are many features that make this model particularly attractive when compared to other similar products.

The first thing that makes this model really stand out is its design. The shape of the receiver and the transmitter is designed for more than just good looks. Being able to rotate the receiver and the transmitter with a 180-degree angle means that adjusting it is really easy.

The system also has 5 LED lights to display the battery level, which is definitely a very useful addition. As for the battery itself, it can last for as long as 8 hours with a single charge. Having such a long battery life on such a small device make it an even more attractive option.

As for the range, the manufacturers state it works for up to 98 feet, which is differently a weird thing to say as the system did operate up to 100 feet. However, we’ll consider this in the 100 feet range since the 2 feet thing doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

The sound quality that this wireless guitar system produces is crisp and clear. It also has a very low delay time so we didn’t encounter any latency issues.

There is something that you should be aware of before you buy this wireless guitar system though, which is the fact that it works with passive guitars only. If you use it with an active guitar it will not work.

Product highlights:

  • Works with passive guitars only
  • Great design
  • LED battery indicator
  • 8-hour battery life
  • Excellent sound quality