The 8 Best Wireless Microphones and Systems in 2018

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Wireless products have become commonplace and you can discover more and more areas where people enjoy the freedom from cables. One popular device that has gotten many wireless options is the microphone. Performing music on stage is just one of the many activities that can benefit from having a wireless microphone. Lots of events, seminars, conferences or karaoke parties could benefit too. Basically, any project in need of a voice will always work better by having wires removed. Because the market has become flooded with multiple wireless microphones and systems, it’s difficult to make the right choice and the best investment. You might also be interested in our articles about the best smartphone microphones, the best USB microphones and the best vocal processors.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the result of many hours of research to find the right wireless mic or system for you. Narrowing down your selection might seem to limit you but there’s no need to worry about that because these devices are varied enough in terms of features and prices to find the one that matches your particular needs and budget. Before going over the reviews for these products, check out this little shopping guide if you want to know more about what to evaluate on wireless microphones and systems.

1. Number of channels

This aspect is important if you need to use more wireless mics because you must have enough channels. The number of channels determines how many compatible systems you can use simultaneously.

2. Range

The importance of range depends on the desired use for a wireless microphone. If you are going to face quite a few obstacles, like when you’re moving through a crowd of people, it’s probably best to get one with a more generous range. Keep in mind that manufacturers advertise the range of their microphones for the line of sight.

3. Receiver frequency

If you have other wireless systems nearby, make sure that you check which frequencies they operate on so that you can get a mic system that uses a different frequency range. This is important for avoiding interferences.

4. Price

The reality is that you will need something more professional for lots of more demanding applications as cheaper microphones can’t handle them that well. Again, it depends on your particular needs, but generally, for less intensive tasks, there’s no reason to spend too much as you can obtain good audio quality even on a budget if you choose the right products.

Without any further introductions, let’s see the wireless microphones and systems that are truly worth the money. You are almost guaranteed to find a suitable device if you get a high-quality and reliable product from this list.

Best Wireless Microphone System

1. GTD Audio G-622H 200 Channel UHF Professional Wireless Microphone System

With lots of features suitable for professional users, the GTD Audio G-622H is one of the best wireless microphone systems considering its price bracket. The sound quality really makes this one stand out and together with the 200 selectable channels and an automatic frequency scanner, it quickly becomes clear that this unit will appeal to lots of people as it’s excellent for a good variety of applications.

The device has a backlit LCD display which shows some relevant info like the RF and AF levels, the mute status or the channel frequency. On each channel, you can select up to 100 frequencies and a maximum of 30 units can be used at the same time.

RF interference can be a problem for this kind of systems, but thanks to the built-in tone lock squelch circuit protection, you don’t need to worry about it. The unit can be placed right next to speakers without experiencing any feedback or distortion.

Finding the best available channel quickly is possible with ease as it provides automatic frequency scanning. Another useful feature is the automatic transmitter setup for synchronizing more conveniently the channel of the transmitter and receiver. There are two microphones provided in this system and due to the fact that this is a dual channel receiver, both can be used simultaneously. In terms of connectivity, there are two XLR individual outputs and a 1/4″ mixed output. The battery life is decent and the microphone system is excellent for a solid variety of events.

The audio quality is definitely going to take you by surprise if you are familiar with expensive wireless microphone systems. It sounds like it should cost more so this is still the primary reason why the GTD Audio G-622H is the top pick in this list. This is a no-brainer if you want to get a professional sound at a very good price.

Key Features:

  • 100 Selectable frequencies on each channel
  • Automatic frequency scanning and transmitter setup
  • Up to 15 Receivers & 30 Mics simultaneously
  • 2 XLR individual outputs and 1 1/4″ mixed output
  • 450 feet range
  • UHF 610MHz – 680MHz frequency

Best Wireless Karaoke Microphone

2. Fifine K036 Dual Channel Wireless Handheld Microphone

Fifine is a very appreciated manufacturer of microphones, and the K036 is one of their best wireless microphone systems. It has a solid operating range, a very reliable signal, and permits some nice flexibility connectivity-wise. As it’s priced very fairly for what it offers, you shouldn’t miss it if you are in the market for wireless microphones.

The operating range of 80 feet is pretty good, fitting for most events and quite reliable considering the price. As it’s a UHF microphone, it is not as susceptible to interference when compared to a VHF model. The sound doesn’t get cut in and out during use because the signal is much more reliable.

A total of three vocalists can sing karaoke together using this microphone system. There are two wireless microphones provided but Fifine added a 1/4’’ input for connecting an extra microphone if you get one. Each wireless mic has separate volume control which is a nice feature. The echo effect is adjustable and it allows the mic signal to be mixed with the music signal without having to rely on a mixer.

This is a compact device and the metal casing of the receiver has some strong anti-interference capabilities. If you want a good system for on the go use, this mic seems like a good solution due to its portable design which enables you to save some space. In the package for this system, Fifine supplied three audio cables for flexible connections. Instructions are also very user-friendly and generally, the customer support is doing a solid job.

It doesn’t matter what purpose you need to meet, the Fifine K036 has got you covered whether you need a wireless microphone for karaoke or public speaking. With a solid audio quality for the money and generous features, this wireless mic system easily earns a full recommendation. Especially for karaoke, this seems like an ideal choice.

Key Features:

  • 80 feet operating range
  • 1/4 input for extra wireless microphone
  • Adjustable echo effect
  • Suitable for both karaoke and speaking
  • Compact metal receiver

Best Wireless Microphone For Singers

3. VERKB Wireless Microphone Karaoke Pro

The VERKB wireless microphone is geared towards children and adolescents with a talent for singing who want to have some great karaoke fun and also look stylish while doing it. There are many features that make this wireless mic a solid option for singing but the most prized feature is definitely the design. It comes in three attractive colors including Purple, Jet Black, and Rose Gold.

This portable karaoke handheld microphone is essentially like a toy microphone but don’t be deceived as it uses a Bluetooth connection to obtain its wireless capabilities and it’s fully compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. VERKB is using a unique international patent for their wireless microphones so these are authentic products for karaoke.

Perfect for showing off your voice, this unit uses a good quality chipset with two-channel stereo headphones for recreating an impressive KTV live-sound, crystal clear music rhythm and nice echo reverberation. On the front of the microphone, you will find all the dedicated controls for echo, bass, and treble.

Equipped with a 2200 mAh battery with good safety protection in place, it can last approximately four hours on a full charge. The wireless mic supports microSD cards with a maximum capacity of 32 GB for enjoyment without a Bluetooth device. Song switch is also another handy feature.

The aluminum alloy hull of the device gives off a very pleasant tactile impression. This microphone was clearly designed to be an excellent addition to parties, or for any other event that includes singing. A small issue that you can stumble upon is regarding the loudness which is not too spectacular.

A cool gift for any children or teens who are into singing, the VERKB microphone can have some reliability issues, but for its intended purpose, it works very nicely. It doesn’t cost too much and it provides hours of fun for parties as it can turn any room into a portable KTV. If you get the hang of it, you can benefit from a very good quality product.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • 2200 mAh Li-ion battery
  • Two high-quality inner-magnet loudspeakers
  • Treble, echo, and bass effect
  • microSD cards up to 32 GB

Best Buy Wireless Microphone

4. Fifine Wireless Microphone System K035B

Fifine makes some of the most affordable and good quality wireless microphones out there and the K035B is proof of that. It doesn’t really stand out in the market for wireless microphone systems but it accomplishes its intended purpose well without breaking your budget and that’s enough for most people.

The construction is durable, the microphone feels comfortable to the touch like it’s made to last prolonged speaking or singing sessions. Selectable UHF channels sport a very stable reception minimizing dropouts. Setting it up is a breeze as well as changing the mic channels. With only a 50 feet range, this isn’t exactly recommended for large events that require a considerable distance, but it’s acceptable for the price.

Performance-wise, the mic uses a superior dynamic mic capsule which offers a surprisingly good audio quality. It’s suitable for public speaking but also for entertaining vocal performances. One important aspect is the sensitivity to the main source, there’s no need for keeping the mic close to your mouth for obtaining a loud and clear voice. The distinctive cardioid pick-up pattern of the microphone comes with noise canceling features to limit the background noise.

The K035B operates using batteries, two AA batteries for the microphone and two AAA batteries for the receiver. A little LCD display on the mic offers at a glance useful info like the battery life and frequency. To plug the receiver into a speaker, Fifine provides a 1/4’’ (6.35mm) interface. Packed in the contents box with very intuitive instructions, this system is also very easy to figure out even by a novice.

Even though the range is not very great, the Fifine K035B offers a better wireless experience with fewer interferences than models that advertise extended ranges so this is definitely something to keep in mind. With a natural sound, a solid frequency response, and built with reliability in mind, this wireless microphone system is an amazing choice for the cost.

Key Features:

  • Durable metal construction
  • Selectable UHF channels with stable reception
  • 50 feet range
  • Dynamic mic capsule
  • Battery operated
  • Perfect for church service, karaoke parties, weddings and other events

5. IMMOSO Portable Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Another stylish wireless microphone that’s a little bit more advanced is the Immoso portable karaoke mic. It has a very colorful LED light design that can really light up the party atmosphere. There are many things to get excited about, but one of the real highlights of this microphone is the price which is surprisingly low for what it offers.

The chipset integrated by Immoso is of a good quality boasting two channel stereo headphones for recreating a remarkable KTV echo effect. The reverberation sounds really pleasant and the audio is clearer than you’d expect at this price point. Noise reduction is ensured by the professional three-layer high-density system and the audio processor which gives off some hints of quality tuning.

Bluetooth connectivity allows for pairing the microphone with many supporting devices. It’s very simple to make the connection and then simply press record on the phone and get started with your karaoke night. The only issue is with the loudness which is not very great even at the highest setting.

Constructed out of durable aluminum-magnesium alloy, this microphone was built to last and look cool at the same time. The size of the unit is fitting for comfortably holding it in your hand and to carry it anywhere with ease. The shiny LED lamp bead contains 48 pieces and is particularly fun for children. There’s also a flashlight function with four high-brightness LED lights. The battery capacity of 2000 mAh is not very impressive but decent for the cost. It can keep you going for almost 5 hours.

All in all, Immoso did a solid job with this wireless microphone. It’s nice to know that the product performs just as expected. With a reasonable price and fully loaded with capable karaoke features, this is a blast to play together with your family and friends. Highly recommended.

Key Features:

  • Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell
  • Three-layer high-density noise reduction
  • KTV Echo effect
  • High-quality dual speakers
  • Colorful 48 pieces LED lamp bead
  • Flashlight function

6. GTD Audio G-380H VHF Wireless Microphone System

GTD Audio is known for making some of the most high-quality and reliable wireless microphone systems and another interesting model that’s strongly recommended is the G-380. It’s a 4 channel VHF wireless handheld microphone system that uses Surface Mounted Technology and it works well for many applications like church services or home karaoke.

The range of 350 feet is very generous but in real-life conditions, you can still experience some loss of signal if there are too many obstacles around. For most purposes, you shouldn’t have too many signal drop-outs. It’s said that VHF microphones have some troubles with outside interferences but this one doesn’t really have any issues.

For this kind of microphones, the sound quality is the main point that you should worry about and the good news is that this one won’t disappoint. It is comparable in terms of audio quality with more expensive models so this is great. The only downside is that the mics can suffer from sound quality drops as you move away from them more frequently.

This is an excellent system and very simple to install and get started right away. It’s powered by batteries which can be easily replaced and last a long time. The placement of the antennas is a bit strange looking but it doesn’t matter because the performance is hard to match at this price.

Overall, the GTD Audio G-380 wireless microphone system is a great buy. It’s not flawless but for this cost, it will make you really glad if you decide to get your hands on it. It can handle lots of speaking and singing with ease as it has a good range, a decent frequency response, and a clear sound quality.

Key Features:

  • 4 Channel Receiver with 4 Microphones
  • 230 feet range
  • Individual volume controls on each channel
  • Mixed output and 4 XLR individual outputs
  • Surface Mounted Technology
  • Ideal for professional church and karaoke performances

7. ELEGIANT VHF Wireless Microphone System

Gaining a lot of happy customers thanks to its solid features for the money, the Elegiant VHF wireless microphone system is ideal for casual and slightly professional use in many events. Boasting a unique and scientific design, this 2-channel VHF system will impress anyone with its extended range and automatic frequency tuning abilities.

This is an intelligent dual wireless microphone system that can adapt to avoid interference from nearby devices. It automatically selects the best frequency to operate in. The sound quality is actually better than expected, rivaling some more expensive systems. In terms of range, it can handle around 50 feet indoors with ease but it mostly depends on the surroundings.

Two handheld mics are included in this package. They feel great to the touch and seem to have the right weight to them. Switching them on or off is very simple and convenient with just a press of a button.

One of the greatest aspects of this Elegiant mic system is how easy it is to set up and use. Although it comes with instructions, you’ll most likely not even need them as the microphones are basically plug-and-play. To get an awesome wireless microphone set up, just plug them into your favorite PA system or mixer.

Both microphones can be heard quite distinctively even when two people sing together. The sound remains loud and clear and when you speak, due to the high sensitivity of the mics, you don’t have to raise your voice or sing loudly to be heard.

Considering everything that’s been said about the Elegiant VHF wireless microphone system, the overall conclusion is a highly positive one. If you’re planning to have some cool karaoke parties or need to organize an event that requires public speaking, this unit shouldn’t be missed, especially as it has such a low price for its features.

Key Features:

  • 2-channel VHF system
  • Individual front-panel volume controls
  • Equipped with professional receiver
  • Noiseless on/off switching
  • Perfect for any events such as karaoke, church, and conferences

8. BONAOK Updated Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Bonaok’s wireless karaoke microphone received a welcomed update that brings some performance tweaks for guaranteeing the best karaoke experience. Without spending a fortune, you can enjoy great noise reduction, louder sound and a heavier sense of singing creating the impression that you’re carrying a tune in a KTV.

This is a wireless device, offering a hassle-free pairing with a wide variety of devices thanks to Bluetooth integration. After the connection is made, just find your favorite songs and get started right away. Fit for lots of applications including KTV singing, family singing, interviews, and more, the Bonaok is extremely popular, especially among younger audiences.

One reason why it is so well-received among teens is due to its stylish design. The mic is available in gold, black, and silver and the shiny look should be a huge hit for youngsters concerned about fashion.

The three layers of filter head combined with the powerful denoising technology which filters the wind noise and the air flow more effectively will greatly reduce the pesky noise produced when singing. You can sing with optimum clarity every time. The bass diaphragm cavity benefits from some upgrades to provide a better sense of shock. Together, the two speakers of the microphone create a strong 12W sound with an acceptable level of quality.

Setting up the two-way connection is not hard at all. After turning on the microphone, you should see a blue light which will indicate that Bluetooth is ready to be used. Pairing it with your smartphone is done almost instantly. The next step is to open a karaoke app or just select a music file from your music player. After you have adjusted the volume, echo, bass, and treble settings accordingly, you can start to sing along.

With big selling points like being so simple to use and delivering impressive sound quality for the price, the Bonaok wireless microphone is a clear winner in the market for these devices. It does, occasionally, have some reliability issues, but all in all, it’s an excellent investment for any karaoke fans.

Key Features:

  • Three layers of filter head
  • Updated Bass Diaphragm Cavity
  • Two 6W speakers
  • Aluminium Alloy construction
  • Bluetooth