The 8 Best Zero Gravity Chairs of 2018

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The relaxing feeling of weightlessness and long lasting comfort delivered by zero gravity chairs are two of the many reasons why they have become a must have piece of leisure furniture. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, avid pool goer or enjoy the little things in life like opening a great book under a shady tree, the zero gravity chair offers a superb dimension of relaxation that you won’t find in plastic loungers or metal folding chairs with no lumbar support or reclining capabilities. Inspired by the sitting position of astronauts when they blast off into space, the name “zero gravity chair” was coined to reflect the sensation of free falling and remaining comfortable for hours. You might also be interested in our articles about the best massage chairs and the best hammocks.

Zero gravity chairs are healthy for your body and mental state and it’s easy to find yourself drifting away to the sounds of your surroundings. Instead of having to manually make adjustment to find your sweet spot, zero gravity chairs allow you to effortlessly transition from an upright seated position to reclining for the full zero-gravity effect. The bungee fastened fabric on every zero gravity chair evenly distributes your body weight to relieve back pressure and if you ask anyone who owns one this is most likely the first remark they will make. Even though all of the zero gravity chairs on the market pretty much share the same engineering principles and are not that diverse from one style to the next, the thousands of options available can easily be overwhelming. Before we take a deep dive into the best 8 gravity chairs let’s first understand the most important features of the product.

1. Weight Capacity

When shopping for a zero gravity chair it’s important to make note of the total weight capacity for the chair. These chairs do a great job at evenly distributing weight, and the eight chairs below range in capacity from 200lbs to 350lbs.

2. Comfort and Materials

Zero gravity chairs are designed with the promise of relaxation no matter what position you sit, but the materials will determine the longevity of the product. Some models feature rust resistance steel frames that prevent rusting. This is an important feature to consider for people who won’t alway use their chair in a sheltered area and risk it being affected by the outdoor elements. Speaking of weather, some anti gravity chairs feature durable and breathable fabrics that don’t stick – a great feature if you plan on lounging on your chair on hot summer days.

3. Weight of The Chair

A few extra pounds may not seem like much until you’re trekking out to a campsite on a mile long portage. Before purchasing a zero gravity chair just to own one of the most comfortable and relaxing chairs on the market, you should consider where you will use it most often. Lighter anti-gravity chairs are more suitable if you plan to take it on camping adventures or to the neighborhood baseballs games. There’s an anti-gravity chair for every budget and the primary factors that were considered when making this list were ease-of-use, comfort and value.

1. Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Chair With Padded Headrest

The weightlessness feeling of laying in a zero gravity chair is hard to match and one of the best products that accomplish it is the Timber Ridge Patio With A Padded Headrest. Timber Ridge is a market leader in outdoor products and this chair is packed with a lot of the best features that a zero gravity chair can offer. The fabric features a soft touch and durable polyester padded foam that takes the zero-gravity effect to the next level keeping you comfortable for longer than the thin fabric canopy versions. The entire chair is 24.3lbs which is on the heavier side compared to the other zero gravity chairs, but this adds to the secure and solid structure that prevents the chair from wobbling. Mud and debris can easily be removed with a dry rag and water and the heavy duty frame can withstand up to 350lbs. You’ll notice right away that convenience, style and comfort were considered in the product design and manufacturing of the Timber Ridge XL. A large plastic cup holder can be attached onto the right side that can hold every size beverage can or drinking cup. The aesthetics of the wood grain armrests complete the look and pair nicely with every color variation. Their curved shape does a great job at propping up your forearms and the texture is smooth.

The removable pillow can also be used as a lumbar support for your lower back and is made of a firm polyester foam. The length of the full chair when fully reclined is 72 inches and it’s a piece of cake to lock in to any position you prefer to achieve a comfortable zero gravity experience. The price is a bit higher than the average cost of zero gravity chairs but the features and high quality of the product justify the extra money you spend.

It’s very sturdy and wider than the standard model which gives you more space to relax and you can choose from three colors to match your patio furniture or blend in to the outdoors. It’s also available in a smaller size that is just as sturdy, but the XL version is made for the most spacious and relaxing zero gravity experience. All in all this chair is our top recommendation for the best zero gravity chair.

Product highlights:

  • Padded foam cushion backrest
  • Extra large design
  • Steel Frame with Powder Coating
  • Large cup holder
  • Easy lock system for adjustable reclining

2. Westfield Outdoor XL Zero Gravity Chair

Our next pick is the popular Westfield Outdoor XL chair manufactured by the Westfield Outdoor Company. This is a solid and durable zero gravity chair and as the name implies it offers a spacious seating environment that you can simply transition into the full-length on your back mode which is the most comfortable. However, the chair is only available in one color variation featuring a cool blend of blue steel and charcoal grey.

The first thing that stands out is that it can support up to 350 pounds. This is instantly noticeable by the sturdy construction of the materials and total weight of 22.5 pounds. You want a zero gravity chair that remains sturdy and balanced in every position and the Westfield chair does just that. One of the coolest features of the chair is the handy side table with a built in cupholder. You’ll always have a nice surface on the side to place anything that fits and won’t have to store things on the chair and risk them falling on to the ground as you transition through sitting positions.

A major bonus for this zero gravity chair is the adjustable Trac pillow headrest that simply slides up and down to support your head. This is a convenient perk so you are able to set the pillow exactly where your head is rather than scoot up or down to find the most relaxing position. The fabric is fastened into place with strong bungee cord that holds your body and evenly distributes weight from head to toe on a soft padded polyester material.

The only assembly that is required is fastening on the cup holder tray. The entire zero gravity chair comes assembled and ready to rid your back pain the moment you unpackage it. No special tools are required. This comfy chair can fit nicely into any home or office space thanks to the bold aesthetics and the rugged frame makes it one of the most recommended options on the market. If you’re ready for the complete zero gravity chair sensation that is both easy to clean and transport, then the Westfield Outdoor XL is a perfect pick.

Product highlights:

  • Adjustable slide Trac headrest pillow
  • Sleek and bold design
  • Effortless reclining mechanics
  • Super soft polyester padding material

3. Just Relax Oversized Zero Gravity Chair With Canopy

The Just Relax brand has been in the business of producing high quality leisure products for quite some time and the name of their popular zero gravity chair says it all – Just Relax. This Oversized model comes in a variety of cool colors from green and blue that boast a beachy vibe to the brown, taupe grey and grey that fit nicely in any patio or office environment.

The fancy and easy to adjust sun blocking canopy on this zero gravity chair makes it one of the best outdoor models on the market. This unique feature separates it from the other chairs on our list and provides plenty of coverage to block out the sun while relaxing. It simply flips back so you can let the sun in as you wish and the canopy can be removed altogether from the back of the chair. The durable fabric is non-slip and makes it easy to flex into that perfect ‘zero gravity’ position these chairs are all about. It’s suspended by a double bungee system for extra support and is double stitched at the seams for added durability. The Just Relax zero gravity chair is rust resistant and features a powder coated steel frame with a waterproof textured vinyl. This chair fully supports your entire body in any position you desire thanks to the simple twist and lock knobs.

Whether you’re lounging before a TV set, soaking up the rays in the sand or enjoying a book, the clip on table makes life all the easier. It simply clips on and off and features an anti-slip surface to prevent your things from shuffling around while you transition on the chair. Plus, there’s a handy slot that is big enough to fit most smart phones and a cup holder to keep your beverage just an arms reach away.

Sturdy, durable and easy to fold up, this zero gravity chair is a bit heavier than other models at 24.4 pounds, but it makes you feel as light as a feather. Just Relax designed and manufactured this zero gravity chair for the ultimate relaxation experience and the soft pillow adds the special touch to keep you comfortable in every position.

Product highlights:

  • Sun blocker canopy
  • Easy-to-adjust lock in place knobs
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Clip on table with mobile phone slot

4. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Chairs

The fourth zero gravity chair on our list is the perfect purchase for couples who enjoy relaxation and are looking for a high quality product built to last. This Best Choice zero gravity chair is a 2-set and the price is extremely good for the value this purchase brings home. The variety of colors range from black, brown, grey, burgundy, light blue to navy blue and the chairs come in a matching set of two. Perfect for backyard parties, salons, camping trips and even reflexology offices the chair is heavier than most zero gravity chairs, weighing 37.4 pounds. It’s really a rock solid frame, but carrying it long distances can be just a bit of a hassle due to the heavier weight. The chair has a maximum load of 250 pounds and emulates weightlessness for body sizes of all shapes and sizes.

A key advantage of this set of zero gravity chairs is the applied UV-resistant sun protection that prevents color fading and gross mildew from developing on the fabric. It has a double bungee cord that provides maximum comfort, connecting a high grade all-weather material that reduces heat transfer and keeps you cozy even during the hottest days of summer. The chairs fold up into an easy-to-carry portable mode by simply closing the two ends together and an accessory tray connects to the right side for you to stash your magazines, mobile phone and other small items. Each chair also comes with a removable backrest pillow that aids to relieve back pain in the lumbar and neck areas.

The minimalist design adds a refreshing touch to any environment both indoor and outdoors. This set of zero gravity chairs is a must have for the couple on the go, and the price is right. The only disadvantage is the weight, but it makes up for it by being extremely sturdy and durable. The lock mechanisms allow you to quickly rotate back and forth to set your ‘zero gravity’ position.

Product highlights:

  • Large clip on accessory tray
  • Soft and removable headrest
  • UV protected
  • Easy to fold for portability

5. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

With six beautiful colors, only 18.85 pounds in weight, a removable and adjustable headrest with a quick and easy adjustable system, the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is comprised of the most popular characteristics that people look for when shopping for a chair of this kind and the price is astonishing for the value you get. Elevate your legs and reduce back pressure in a ‘feel like your floating’ position on a durable textilene fabric suspended by a double bungee system.

An accessory and drink holder tray can actually be clipped on to the right side of the chair, but it does not ship with the tray when you purchase the chair. Caravan Sports is known for engineering one of the easiest to use locking mechanisms – the dual fingertip locking system. Instead of having to rotate knobs on the chair to transition into a new position, you just need to pull the finger lock down to lock into your position.

The headrest doubles as a lumbar support that easily slides up and down the back frame making it easy to position directly behind your head or slide to any location on your back. You will find that the Caravan Sports Infinity zero gravity chair is painless to transport thanks to the small width of the chair when it folds up at all 6.3 inches in width. At the end of the day, the only thing this zero gravity chair is missing is a canopy to block out the sun and an accessory tray to fasten to the side, but the variety of colors, strong and durable lightweight frame and dual finger tip locking system make it an all round great chair to chill out in for hours for a very decent price.

Product highlights:

  • Dual finger tip locking system
  • Folds down to only 6.3 inches wide
  • Durable powder coated steel frame
  • Ergonomic and smooth recline functionality

6. Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Chair With Utility Tray

At the intersection of value, variety and versatility is where the Goplus Folding zero gravity chair makes the biggest impact on the market. The Superbuy manufacturer designed a durable and affordable multipurpose chair that is ideal for sinking into a comfortable posture and easing the mind. This zero gravity chair comes in seven colors which provides plenty of choices for pairing it with patio or office furniture, and the light blue version is perfect for beach trips and the poolside. It’s very ergonomic from the moment you sit down and the sturdy frame ensures a smooth transition into the reclining mode. There are two knobs conveniently positioned beneath the arm rest and all you have to do is rotate them to lock in your desired position.

It can be folded up into one third the original size and fits in the majority of car trunks making it perfect to take on a star gazing adventure. The accessory tray is a great feature that includes a large surface, two cup holder and both a large and small slot for your mobile phone and a book. Many of the best zero gravity chairs come with a clip on side tray but the Goplus Folding model is one of the largest we’ve seen. Plus, this chair can hold a huge amount of weight all the way to 300 pounds to deliver a sturdy and safe experience. The textilene fabric makes for a nice ventilation, allowing the cool breeze to pass through. In this regard, it makes for the perfect summer chair compared to the model that have a cushioned fabric material. This is by far one of the most basic and great value zero gravity chairs on the market so don’t think the nice price tag is telling otherwise.

Product highlights:

  • 7 cool colors
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support cushion
  • Extra large accessory tray with two cup holders
  • Replaceable double bungee cord design

7. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair

The light 16.5 pound Amazon Basic zero gravity chair is just that – a simple, straightforward and basic chair that provides a weightless feeling for the ultimate relaxation. 16.5 pounds is still a hefty amount of weight to carry around, but compared to the other models it’s on the lighter side. It balances a classy-look with a weather resistant fabric that is woven for added breathability. Zero gravity chairs have a ‘springy’ and comfortable feel that’s similar to laying down on a trampoline, but much more ergonomic. The Amazon Basics model comes with two bungee cords that connect the fabric through durable eyelet holes to give you a free falling sensation in every position – just twist the knobs away from you to lock the chair.

The padded and removable headrest has an elastic strap that slips over the parallel back frame. This allows you to slide the padded cushion along the entire backside of the chair into the position of your choice. As previously mentioned, the chair boasts a classic look thanks to the bold navy, burgundy and beige shades and the arm rests feature a contour that supports your forearms for a true weightless feeling.

The chair has a loading capacity of 300 pounds and the durable frame delivers a strong foundation so you can swing back and forth into whichever ‘zero gravity’ pose you desire. There is no assembly required and the price point is one of the most attractive parts of the chair.

Product highlights:

  • Easy-to-rotate locking mechanism
  • Full length, adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Weather-resistant Textilene fabric

8. Sunnydaze Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Chair With Pillow And Cup Holder

The Sunnydaze Outdoor zero gravity chair is a trendy, durable and large frame option that comes in a huge variety of 10 colors. This manufacturer of outdoor leisure equipment is known to produce great products using the latest design and ergonomic trends on the market. If having many colors to choose from is an important criteria as you shop, then this zero gravity chair will please. It’s gained popularity for being a lighter type of chair at only 15 pounds which makes it easy to transport around the backyard or take it on road trips. The weather resistant textilene fabric is breathable and delivers a comfortable and weightless touch for a very relaxing zero gravity experience. The fabric is easy to clean with a rag and water and you can also spray it down with a garden hose if it gets too dirty.

The removable back pillow features an elastic strap the hooks around the back of the chair, making it easy to slide into your favorite position. When you’re fully extended on the chair the headrest supports your neck for a complete weightless feeling and you can position it behind your lower back to release pressure on the spine. This zero gravity chair features a sturdy side tray to place your smart phone and keep your favorite beverage just an arms length away. Fold it up, toss it in the trunk to relax on your next wilderness adventure or decorate your patio with an accent of style and ergonomic joy. The price point reflects an all-round fabulous zero gravity chair that’s made to last.

Product highlights:

  • Breathable, easy to clean fabric
  • Cup holder and accessory tray
  • Variety of color options