Can You Get a Verizon Email Address if You Don’t Work for Them?

No, you cannot get a Verizon-specific email address, such as one ending in “,” unless you are an employee of Verizon. Verizon email addresses are reserved for internal use by Verizon employees for company-related communication.

Moreover, Verizon discontinued its email service for customers in 2017. Customers who had a email address were given the option to migrate their accounts to AOL or another email provider, or to download their data. This means that even for existing customers or users of Verizon’s services, obtaining a new email address is no longer an option.

For your personal or business email needs, you would typically look to dedicated email service providers like Google (Gmail), Microsoft (Outlook), Yahoo Mail, and others. These providers offer free and paid email services suited for personal and professional communication. Verizon, primarily a telecommunications company, does not offer such email services to the general public.

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