How to Combine Multiple Photos (JPEGs) in one PDF

Whether you wish to create a more professional-looking document for a job application or simply need to show multiple photos to someone more conveniently, the solution comes from combining all the .jpeg files in a single PDF file. It’s often more practical compared to attaching the images in an e-mail message or creating an archive. The recipient will simply open the PDF and see all the photos neatly organized in a single document.

If you’re wondering about the easiest methods to combine multiple photos in one PDF, check out our guides for Windows and Mac operating systems.

How to Combine Images in a PDF file in Windows

This guide is for Windows 10 users who can rely on a built-in system feature for combining multiple photos in one PDF. Previous versions of Windows lack this function without the installation of third-party tools.

1. Prepare your files

Before making them appear in a PDF file, the images need to be properly organized. It’s important to rename them according to the correct order preferred in the document.

2. Select them and right-click “Print”

3. Choose the “Microsoft Print to PDF” in the “Printer” drop-down list

NOTE: If you don’t have that option, it’s required to set up this feature in Windows settings. Go to Settings > Devices > Printers & scanners. From there, you will simply add a local printer with manual settings with the existing port “Print to File”. The wizard box will guide you to install the printer driver ”Microsoft Print To PDF” and you should be all set.

4. Make some adjustments

The added images may not look right initially but this only means that you have to make some additional adjustments. Select “Options” in the lower-right corner of the “Print” box to access these settings.

5. Click on “Printer Properties”

Go to the “Printer Properties” link from the “Options” dialog box where you can adjust the orientation of the photos. Check the “Fit picture to frame” box back on the “Print Pictures” box to solve any problems with pictures being cut off.

6. Click the “Print” button

Now that you’re happy with the way the pictures look in the preview box, it’s time to click the “Print” button and create your single PDF file. You will be prompted to save your file in the desired location. This is also where you can give it a name. After clicking “Save”, you can then access your newly created PDF file containing all your images.

How to Combine Images in a PDF file in macOS

The process for combining images in one PDF file is quite similar for Mac users. It’s just as straightforward while including some extra functions that could be useful to create a more professional-looking document.

1. Go to Applications > Preview

This is a handy app that you can use to find your photos and select them to include in the PDF.

2. Use the Preview sidebar for arranging the images

Before going ahead with the conversion-to-PDF process, it’s important to make sure the pictures are correctly arranged in the right order. The sidebar in Preview helps to check the order of the selected files and make appropriate changes.

3. Select File > Print

Similar to Windows systems, you access the ability to combine images in a PDF using the printing function. Before saving your new document, however, it’s important to make sure that photos will appear as expected in the PDF file. Click on “Show Details” at the bottom of the box where you can adjust the orientation and scale. The preview photos appear next to the settings to make it easier to see the final look.

4. Click “Save as PDF”

After you’re happy with the adjustments, the only thing left to do is to save the photos in a single PDF file. Go to the bottom-left corner where the list contains the “Save as PDF” function. Give your new document a name and add any other relevant information. There’s also the option to password-protect the PDF file if you require extra security for the images. If you forget some pictures or wish to remove some, a bit of drag-and-drop required is all that’s required from within the file.

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