How to Delete your Google Gmail Account in 12 Easy Steps

How to Delete your Gmail Account

A simple guide for closing your Gmail account

If you’re tired of your Gmail account and want it to be gone permanently, there is a way to delete it without compromising your entire Google account. It’s also important to note that you have another option, to delete the Gmail account only temporary.

Before completing this process, it’s worth considering a few things:

  • Are you using this Gmail account as a recovery account? If so, you should change this because it will no longer be able to help you recover another email account.
  • Before going through with the deleting process, you should watch out if that account is tied up with something important. Some examples are email ID for bank account or a site like Facebook.
  • The conversations on the account will be completely erased so consider doing a backup if you want to keep anything. There will be an option to do so during this process and it’s very simple, so don’t worry about that.

Deleting a Gmail account is not a very difficult process. It’s actually very easy once you follow this step-by-step guide.

1. Access your account settings

2. Find Account preferences

3. Click on ‘Delete your account or services’

4. Select ‘Delete products’ – this is the option for specific Google services

5. Type your password for verification

6. Look for the Gmail account that needs to be deleted

7. Select the trashcan icon to remove that service

  • Optionally, you can download your data to make a backup of your Gmail messages

8. Add another email address to associate with the deleted account

  • Make sure it’s a valid address because it’s needed for completing the process

9. Click the ‘Send Verification Email’ option

10. Find the email sent by Google with the deletion confirmation and follow the link inside

11. Confirm once again on the window that appears

12. Click on ‘Delete Gmail’ after checking the preceding box

  • This is final, when you click on this button, the account will be permanently deleted.
  • Now that your Gmail account is gone forever, you can still view your old messages if you’ve downloaded the data. This is done by using Google Takeout or another similar program.
  • When people send messages on the deleted email address they will simply be notified of a delivery failure. This is why it’s recommended to provide an alternate address to your old contacts.

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