git stash pop Specific Files in Git

In Git, when you use git stash pop, it applies the changes from the most recently stashed state to your current working directory and then drops that stash. However, git stash pop doesn’t directly support applying changes to specific files; it operates on the entire stash.

To apply changes from a stash to specific files, you can follow these steps:

List Your Stashes: First, list all your stashes to find the one you’re interested in.

git stash list

Show Stash Changes for a Specific File: If you want to see what changes will be applied to a specific file, use:

git stash show -p stash@{n} -- path/to/file

Replace stash@{n} with the identifier of your stash (e.g., stash@{0} for the most recent stash), and path/to/file with the path to your file.

Apply Stash to Specific Files: Unfortunately, there’s no direct Git command to apply a stash to specific files, but you can work around this limitation using the following steps:

a. Create a Temporary Branch and Apply the Stash: This ensures your current branch’s state remains unaffected.

git checkout -b temp-branch
git stash apply stash@{n}

b. Stage and Commit the Changes You Want: Add the specific files you want to keep from the stash.

git add path/to/file1 path/to/file2
git commit -m "Applying specific files from stash"

c. Cherry-Pick the Commit to Your Original Branch: Go back to your original branch and cherry-pick the commit.

git checkout original-branch
git cherry-pick temp-branch

d. Clean Up: Delete the temporary branch, and optionally drop the stash if you no longer need it.

git branch -d temp-branch
git stash drop stash@{n} # Optional

This method is a bit roundabout, but it allows you to selectively apply changes from a stash to specific files. Remember that working with stashes and branches can potentially alter your repository’s history, so it’s a good practice to ensure your working directory is clean before you start this process.

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