Hexadecimal 0x80 in Binary

The hexadecimal value 0x80 can be converted to binary as follows:

Hexadecimal digits are based on the base-16 number system and can be converted to binary, which is a base-2 number system. Each hex digit converts to a 4-bit binary number.

  • 0x80 in hexadecimal represents:
    • 8 in the first digit (higher-order nibble)
    • 0 in the second digit (lower-order nibble)

To convert each digit to binary:

  • The hex digit 8 converts to 1000 in binary (since 8 in base-16 is equal to 8 * 16^0 = 8 in base-10, and 8 in base-10 is 1000 in base-2).
  • The hex digit 0 converts to 0000 in binary.

So, 0x80 in binary is 1000 0000.

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