How Can You Check the Class on Your MicroSD Card

Checking the class of your microSD card is quite straightforward. The “class” of a microSD card refers to its speed classification, which indicates the minimum write speed of the card. Here’s how you can identify it:

Look at the Card Itself

  • Speed Class Symbol: Turn the microSD card over and look for a number inside a circle. This symbol represents the “Speed Class.” Common classes include 2, 4, 6, and 10, which correspond to minimum write speeds of 2MB/s, 4MB/s, 6MB/s, and 10MB/s, respectively.
  • UHS (Ultra High Speed) Class: If your card is a newer, high-speed type, it might show a UHS class. This will be represented by a number inside a ‘U’ symbol. U1 (for a minimum of 10MB/s write speed) and U3 (for a minimum of 30MB/s write speed) are common UHS classes.
  • Video Speed Class: Some newer cards might also have a Video Speed Class, indicated by a ‘V’ followed by a number, like V6, V10, V30, V60, or V90. This number represents the minimum write speed in MB/s necessary for recording video.

Research the Product Online

  • If the symbols on the card are unclear or worn off, you can look up the model number of the microSD card online. The manufacturer’s website or retail listings should provide detailed specifications, including the speed class.

Using a Computer or Device

  • While devices and computers typically don’t directly tell you the class of a microSD card, they can help you test the card’s speed, which you can then compare to the class specifications. There are various tools available for PCs and smartphones that can test read/write speeds of memory cards.


  • Compatibility: Check your device’s compatibility with the card’s class. Higher class cards are generally backward compatible with devices that support lower classes, but for optimal performance, matching the card to the device’s capabilities is recommended.
  • Fake Cards: Be wary of counterfeit microSD cards, which may label a higher class than they actually support. Purchasing from reputable sellers and well-known brands is advisable.

By checking the symbols on the card and potentially cross-referencing with online information, you can easily determine the class of your microSD card. This class is an important factor in determining the card’s performance, especially for tasks that require high write speeds like HD video recording.

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