How to Add Tickemaster Ticket to Google Wallet/Pay

Google Play Services provides the “Passes API” that allows tickets, loyalty programs, and other types of passes to be saved to Google Pay/Google Wallet. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Purchase Your Ticket:
    • Start by purchasing your ticket from Ticketmaster as you normally would.
  2. Access Your Ticket via Email:
    • Ticketmaster usually sends an email confirmation for your purchase. This email might contain a link or attachment for the digital ticket.
  3. Save to Google Pay:
    • In the email, look for an option like “Save to Phone” or a Google Pay logo. By tapping on it, you’ll be given the option to save the ticket to Google Pay.
    • If there’s a barcode or QR code for your ticket in the email, sometimes there’s an option directly underneath or near it to “Save to Google Pay.”
  4. Ticketmaster App:
    • Alternatively, you can use the Ticketmaster app on Android.
    • Log in to your account and go to “My Events” or “Tickets.”
    • Select the event, and there should be an option to save or add the ticket to Google Pay.
  5. Accessing from Google Pay:
    • Once you’ve saved the ticket, open Google Pay on your Android device.
    • Navigate to the “Passes” tab or similar section, and you should find your ticket listed there. Tapping on it will display the barcode or QR code that can be scanned at the event.

Note: As with Apple Wallet, not all tickets or events on Ticketmaster might offer compatibility with Google Pay. The steps might also vary based on regional differences, specific app updates, or other changes. Always make sure both your Ticketmaster and Google Pay apps are updated for the best experience.

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