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How to Burn an Audio CD With VLC

VLC Media Player itself does not have the capability to burn audio CDs directly. VLC is primarily a media player and streaming media server, known for its ability to play a wide range of video and audio formats, but it doesn’t include CD or DVD burning features.

To burn an audio CD, you would typically use dedicated CD/DVD burning software. However, you can use VLC to convert audio files to a suitable format (like MP3 or WAV) before burning them to a CD with another program. Here’s a general guide on how to do this:

Step 1: Convert Audio Files Using VLC

  1. Open VLC Media Player.
  2. Go to Media > Convert/Save in the menu.
  3. Add the audio files you want to convert by clicking the “Add” button.
  4. Click “Convert/Save.”
  5. Under “Settings,” choose the desired format for your audio files (like MP3 or WAV, which are commonly used for audio CDs).
  6. Choose a destination file and filename for each converted file.
  7. Click “Start” to begin the conversion process.

Step 2: Burn the Converted Files to a CD

Once you have your audio files in the correct format, you can use CD burning software to create your audio CD:

  1. Insert a blank CD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive.
  2. Open a CD burning program. Windows and macOS have built-in CD burning features, or you can use third-party software like CDBurnerXP, BurnAware Free, or Roxio Creator.
  3. Create a new Audio CD project in the software.
  4. Add your converted audio files to the project.
  5. Arrange the tracks in the order you want them to play.
  6. Start the burning process according to the software’s instructions.


  • Make sure the blank CD you’re using is compatible with your CD player. Most players work with CD-R discs.
  • The total length of your audio files should not exceed the capacity of the CD, which is typically 74 or 80 minutes.
  • Some older CD players might not play CDs burned at higher speeds, so consider burning the CD at a lower speed (like 4x or 8x) for better compatibility.
  • Remember to finalize the CD if required. This process makes the CD readable by other devices.

Burning an audio CD is a straightforward process once you have your audio files ready. While VLC can’t burn CDs directly, it’s a useful tool for preparing your audio files for burning.

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