How to Cancel BitDefender’s Automatic Renewal

If you’ve subscribed to Bitdefender and want to cancel its automatic renewal feature, follow these steps:

  1. Access Bitdefender Central:
  2. Navigate to ‘My Subscriptions’:
    • Once you’re logged in, look for the My Subscriptions tab or panel on the left-hand side and click on it.
  3. Locate Your Active Subscription:
    • In the My Subscriptions section, you will see a list of your active and expired subscriptions.
    • Find the subscription for which you want to cancel automatic renewal.
  4. Turn Off Auto Renewal:
    • There should be an option or switch for ‘Automatic Renewal’ or something similar next to the subscription details.
    • Toggle or switch off the auto-renewal option.
  5. Confirmation:
    • A prompt may appear asking for confirmation to turn off automatic renewal. Confirm your choice.
    • Ensure that the status changes to reflect that automatic renewal has been turned off.
  6. Email Support (Alternative method):
    • If you can’t find the auto-renewal option or are facing difficulties, you can contact Bitdefender’s customer support via email. Explain that you want to cancel the auto-renewal for your subscription. Make sure to provide them with relevant details to expedite the process.
  7. Check Confirmation Email:
    • After you’ve canceled the automatic renewal, Bitdefender may send a confirmation email to the email address associated with your account. It’s good to keep this for your records.

Remember to cancel the automatic renewal well in advance of the renewal date to avoid unwanted charges. Always keep an eye on your email for any notifications from Bitdefender regarding your subscription status.

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